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BMKG: Rainy Season in East Java Early November

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Juanda in Sidoarjo said that parts of East Java will enter the rainy season at the beginning of November.This is based on the results of data analysts and takes into account the physical conditions and dynamics of the ocean atmosphere.

It is estimated that a weak El Nino condition will be formed in the fourth quarter of 2018 with a 70 percent chance.Indonesia's SST anomaly is also predicted to gradually warm up from October 2018.Meanwhile, Asian Monsoon is expected to start strengthening from the end of October 2018.

"The above conditions will have an impact on the early fall of the 2018/2019 rainy season in the East Java region," Nurhuda, East Java BMKG Coordinator told reporters on Tuesday ( 09/25/2018).
Nurhuda said that in general the forecast of the 2018/2019 rainy season in East Java Province will begin in early November 2018, with the most forecasts occurring in September, especially in the area around Mount Bromo and Semeru, Southeastern Malang and Lumajang southwest.

"The latest in the rainy season was in December in the northeastern part of Probolinggo, Situbondo / Bondowoso in the north, Situbondo in the northeast and east, and Banyuwangi in the northeast and Banyuwangi in the south," Nurhuda added.
Still said Nurhuda, the peak of the rainy season is expected to occur in January and February 2019, with the nature of rain occurring generally relatively normal.

"However, at the beginning of the rainy season it is estimated that there will be tornado around Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Gresik.Meanwhile, it also predicted the occurrence of landslides and flash floods, "explained Nurhuda. regions, especially the Java Sea, the highest waves only reach two meters.That happens to be estimated in the Bawean, Gresik and Ketapang, Banyuwangi regions, "he concluded.

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Worrying Football League Hostility

-Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin, Secretary of the National Campaign Team (TKN), Hasto Kristiyanto, said he was concerned about the events of the death of supporters Persija Harirl Sirla .Harlingga was killed persecuted by Bobotoh before the Persib versus Persija match at the GBLA Stadium.

"We are very concerned and regret this event.We condemn the perpetrators of the beatings and ask the police to thoroughly investigate the case, "Hasto said in a written statement on Wednesday (9/26/2018).

The PDIP secretary general said football should be a unifying force.Because, sports are closely related to the values ​​of sportsmanship and humanity.Hasto hopes similar events will not occur.

"Because the essence of sport is related to sportsmanship and strengthens human values, we hope that this event will not be repeated in Indonesian football," he said.

He considered the chain of hostility between Indonesian football supporters had reached an alarming stage.Hasto emphasized that this hostility must be abolished because it inhibits the progress of domestic football.

"The chain of hostility between football supporters has been manifest and alarming.The chain of hostility must be immediately decided because it is a barrier to the progress of Indonesian football, "Hasto said.

" Stakeholders related to the progress of football must be able to create football that is fun for all parties."The rivalry between supporters has made football matches trapped in unpleasant and unpleasant situations," he added.

The incident took place at the blue gate of the GBLA Stadium in Bandung before the Persib Bandung fight against Persija Jakarta was held on Sunday (23 / 9) then.Victims who wanted to watch were known to Bobotoh, a Jakarta citizen.

Police immediately move to hunt down the perpetrators.The case developed until the police secured 16 people.Of the 16 people, 8 of them were named as suspects.

As a result of this incident, PSSI stated to stop League 1 until an undetermined time.

"PSSI temporarily stopped senior League 1.For the time being I can't determine, "said PSSI General Chairman Edy Rahmayadi at a press conference held at the Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (9/25).

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Sabu Confiscated from DPRD Members Arrested at Tamansari

- The West Jakarta Police Team arrested a member of the Southwest Sumba DPRD, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) with the initials OH related to a drug case at Tamansari. One methamphetamine package is secured from OH.

"There is evidence of a package of methamphetamine but do not know how many it is," said Head of Public Relations of the Jakarta Police Public Relations Commissioner Argo Yuwono when asked for confirmation on Wednesday (9/26/2018).
The arrest was carried out on Monday (9/24) night. OH was secured at a hotel in the Taman Sari area, West Jakarta.

In addition, the police have also examined urine from OH. As a result, OH positively consumes methamphetamine.

"Urine is positive," Argo said.

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Subversion charges against Polish citizens in Papua are considered weak

-The legal authority Jakub Skrzypski assessed the evidence submitted by the police as "very weak".The National Police itself admitted that the defendant was "impossible" to trade arms as alleged.

For the Indonesian government, the 39-year-old Polish factory worker who likes adventure is the enemy of the country who are planning a plot by supplying weapons to Papuan separatists.

But for some others, Jakub Skrzypksi is just a poor tourist who sympathizes with the right-wing movement and liberation.Even the Indonesian police admitted that Skrzypski was unlikely to organize arms trade as alleged.

Even though the Poles are threatened with a 20-year sentence if proven guilty.His detention period was extended for 40 days on September 17 while the police prepared a lawsuit.Skrzypksi was arrested in Wamena at the end of August with four Papuans whom the police claimed had ammunition and connected with "armed criminal groups."

"The original forest is in Papua and I've been there, with lizards, mosquitoes and leeches, "wrote Skrzypksi in his Facebook account for two visits to eastern Indonesia in July and August 2018.

Police claim Skrzypski has been in contact" for a long time "with Papuan separatist groups.He was accused of participating in planning a social media strategy and promised to supply them with weapons. "We have strong evidence that he is guilty of helping armed criminal groups in Papua," Papua Police Chief Martuani Sormin said.

"No one can interfere with the integrity of the Republic of Indonesia, whether it's a foreigner or a resident himself.Anyone who violates the rules in this country will be dealt with, "he added.

However, the evidence presented by the police regarding Skrzypksi's involvement in attempted treason was considered weak.

One of the evidence used by the police is a photo of Skrzpyski while holding a gun in a shooting range in Switzerland which has been his domicile country since 2008, said his attorney Latifah Anum Siregar and a Polish friend, Artur Sobiela.Siregar said the case alleged by the police was "very weak."

A number of human rights organizations also criticized the arrest of the Polish man, including a 29-year-old Papuan student, Simon Magal, who accompanied Skrzypski. "Although his actions can be irresponsible and regrettable, his case tends to indicate a naive and idealistic attitude of tourists rather than criminals," writes the human rights group, Tapol.

Police spokesman, Dedi Prasetyo, said Skrzypski had free access to "armed criminal groups" in Papua who planned to hold meetings and escort him during his trip in Papua.He also promised weapons, something "impossible" he did, said Prasetyo admitted.

Two old friends say Skrzypksi is only a tourist who likes to travel the world.On an online profile he recorded 50 countries he had visited.

His Facebook account does indicate his support for the European nationalist right-wing movement.But he was also interested in foreign ethnicities who faced persecution or the threat of genocide, including Armenia and the Kurds.In 2017, he visited an area controlled by both ethnicities in Iraq.While on Facebook, he followed the leadership of the Papuan separatist movement.

Artur Sobiela, a friend of Skrzpyski in Poland, said he was not "on one side of the Papua and Indonesia conflict." According to him, it was "unreasonable" that Skrzypski was accused of treason. "He has no money or supports political groups anywhere in the world," said Sobiela, who has known Skrzypski for the past two decades.

"He worked all year in Switzerland as a factory worker near Lausanne and saved some of his wages for travel," he said. "In Switzerland, he has no home or car.His only belongings are books and music albums. "

rzn / hp (Associated Press)

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TNI Commander: Our Duty to Ensure Safe Election, Reject Practical Politics

- TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto emphasized the neutrality of his ranks. At Election 2019 , The TNI is tasked with helping to ensure security.

"Our task is to ensure that the election is safe and successful. We will work together with other national components to maintain national stability during, before and after the election. Therefore we will reject practical politics, we will reject efforts what drives us is not neutral, "said Marshal Hadi in a gathering with TNI veterans at Balai Sudirman, South Jakarta, Wednesday (9/26/2018).

In his remarks, Marshal Hadi mentioned the role of the TNI in the nation's journey. This role has also been done by TNI veterans.

"The TNI has recorded the dedication of its personnel to this nation and country in gold ink. The veteran mothers are witnesses, a record of war being the great record of the nation that is Bhineka Tunggal Ika, the mother of selfless reflection, "he added.

Veterans called Hadi are a source of inspiration for soldiers who are still on duty.

"Give your blessing and pray that we can give the best to our beloved country," he said.

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Eni Riau-1 PLTU Bribery Suspects Continue to Drag Golkar Elite

- Suspected case suspect bribe PLTU Riau-1 Eni Maulani Saragih talked about the task of 'escorting' the project. He reiterated that the task was an order from his superiors in Golkar.

"I will tell you the chronology from the beginning I was assigned by the party to escort this Riau-1 PLTU until I was here. Because I am a party officer, my boss gave me the assignment," said Eni at the KPK building, Jalan Kuningan Persada, South Jakarta, Wednesday (09/26/2018).

However, he was reluctant to mention who the boss was. Eni only said that his boss gave the task of overseeing the Riau-1 PLTU project.

"The point is my boss in his day. I was given the task of escorting this," he said.

Eni previously talked about orders to oversee the Riau PLTU project-1. However, he did not mention the order giving party.

"Because I am a party officer, I certainly have an order," Eni said, Wednesday (8/29).

This case originated from the KPK's hand arrest (OTT) operation. Eni was appointed by the KPK as a suspect for allegedly accepting bribes from Johannes B Kotjo as a shareholder of Blackgold Natural Resources Ltd. The company is one of the companies in the Riau-1 PLTU project consortium.

In its development, the KPK also determined Idrus Marham as a suspect. He allegedly received the same promise as Eni, which was USD 1.5 million from Kotjo, if the Riau-1 PLTU project was to be done by the Kotjo company.

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GNPF: Habib Rizieq Interrogated by Saudi Arabia for 5 Hours

- GNPF-U and FPI refer to Habib Rizieq Shihab prevented the Saudi Arabian government from going to Malaysia.Rizieq also interrogated Saudi Arabia about five hours at his house.

"It's from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (interrogated).If we are not mistaken at home, we get the information, "said Rizieq's legal counsel team, Damai Hari Lubis, when contacted on Tuesday (9/25/2018).
Interrogation of Rizieq, Peace said it was included in the report to the Deputy House Speaker Fadli Zon.This event occurred before the Ulama Ijtima II was held.

Peace says Rizieq had asked the Saudis.But there is no answer that can explain the prevention of Rizieq to Malaysia.

"(Requested) 'While returning first'.Directly from Habib Rizieq asked the Ministry of Home Affairs (Saudi Arabia).They can't explain. (Answered) 'Just order it'.Continue to immigration as well, they don't know.That's a violation huh.Someone who has no mistakes, how come they can't be prevented.They cannot answer, "said Damai who is also a member of GNPF-Ulama . He said that when he was about to go to Malaysia, only Rizieq was prevented.Even though Rizieq wanted to go with five of his family.

This prevention makes Rizieq together with GNPF-U confused.Because a few months ago, Rizieq could still visit Turkey, Yemen and Morocco.Peace says Rizieq's immigration administration is still complete and not.

"Instead, we are confused.All this time there.The proof can go abroad.Maybe it's part of visa regulations.What is clear is given out first.About what and why there is certainly great power so that he can be prevented, "he said.
" We hope he can come out as before.Previously I had been to Turkey, Yemen, Morocco.How can it be prevented.We hope as before.Especially in the near future he will return.This is detrimental to him and the people too, "added Peace.

Peace says Rizieq wants to go to Malaysia to meet his lecturer to complete his dissertation.He said Rizieq attended a university in the neighboring country.Regarding prevention experienced by Rizieq < / a>, he hopes not to have an impact on the plan for the completion of the dissertation.

"You can still (take care of the dissertation).They also know emergency matters.God willing.Not because of negligence.Lecturers and universities in Malaysia.If the lecturers are in Indonesia, it could be possible to go back to Indonesia, "said Damai. The editor has sought to respond to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Indonesia regarding the statement
GNPF-U .The Saudi embassy public relations staff said the embassy was on holiday on Tuesday (25/9), so it could not respond.The staff also suggested that the editor ask directly to the Saudi Ambassador to Indonesia on Wednesday (9/26).

While the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh has not received a notification about the prevention of Habib Rizieq.Normally, the Indonesian Embassy will be notified by the local government if an Indonesian citizen is prevented.

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