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Tommy Soeharto Prabowo Timess Trustee Board, Research Board

-The Head of the Berkarya Party, Hutomo Mandala Putra (Tommy Soeharto) entered the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno National Winning Body. The older brother who is also Chair of the Working Board of Trustees, Siti Hediati Hariyadi (Titiek Soeharto) also participated in the Prabowo-Sandi timess.

Based on information compiled by AFP on Thursday (09/20/2018), Tommy became a member of the Board of Trustees. While Titiek is a member of the Steering Board.
Following details of the Board of Trustees and Steering Board of Prabowo-Sandiaga's winning team:

Board of Trustees
Prabowo Subianto (Chair)
Sandiaga Uno
Amien Rais
Salim Segaf Al-jufri
Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
Hutomo Mandala Putra (Tommy Soeharto)
Steering Committee
M Sohibul Iman (Chair)
Siti Hediati (Titiek Soeharto )
Mulfachri Harahap
Moekhlas Investigates
Fadli Zon
Amir Syamsuddin
Ahmad Heryawan
Ust Yusuf Martak

The total number of Prabowo-Sandiaga timses members is 800 people. The team will be led by a member of the Gerindra Board of Trustees Djoko Santoso.

Djoko said that the timses structure will be registered with the KPU tonight.

"Later we will try to finish sunset because they (KPU) are in a meeting," Djoko said in front of Prabowo's residence, Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (20/9).

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Says Rasa Syukur, Jepara Farmer Kirab 1,000 Ingkung

- The carnival tradition of a thousand ingkung Kendengsidialit Village, Welahan Subdistrict, Jepara Regency today was festive.Thousands of farmers took ingkung from the village hall to the rice field area about one kilometer away.

The procession of the procession was also enlivened with a contest of wong-wongan rice fields paraded along with the procession.The carnival features soldier troops, village heads and devices, buffalo replicas, tambourines, and thousands of chicken carrier farmers.

The activity grew lively with the presence of Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo.The main stage at the end of the bridge area is full of farmers.

"Agriculture here is jos, in one year can be three times the planting period," said Ganjar Pranowo, Thursday (09/20/2018).

It should be appreciated by the farmers, he continued, so that the thousand-thousand caravan activities could become a tradition that is carried out regularly every year.

"Yes, this activity is a form of gratitude.In addition, it can establish harmony between farmers and between residents, "he explained.
Kendengsidialit Village Chief, Kahono Wibowo added that although it has become an annual event, but according to him this tradition has not been maximally packaged.

"In this case we try to give space that this tradition can be owned by every citizen.So that a kind of cultural degree was made.In fact they (farmers) welcomed, "he said.

Kirab 1,000 ingkung itself is a series of activities at Kendengsidialit Village Culture Degree.Several other events including art performances, tracing the ancestral tomb, the nine gunungan and the puppet show five puppeteers five stages in one story.
"This Culture Degree takes place from September 13-27 2018.The goal is to establish harmony among the people and raise the potential of the village, "he added.

Suyanti, a resident of Kendengsidialit Village, said she was happy with the fun of the thousand thousand people.

" During this time agricultural thanksgiving was only carried out by small farmer.But this time it was crowded, until it was attended by the Governor, "he said.

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Story of High School Girls in DKI Awaits Certainty of Asian Games Dancers Honor

-The news about the honorarium that has not been given to the Ratoh Jaroe dance students at the opening 2018 Asian Games got excited.Now students from several schools finally get certainty about the honorarium.

One of Ratoh Jaroe's dance participants told the news about the disbursement of the new honorarium he got.One of the high school students in Jakarta asked her identity not to be mentioned.

"He said tomorrow (honorarium)," he said to Thursday (09/20/2018).

He received news from outside the school that the amount of funds provided by INASGOC is US $ 15 per person per day.According to him, the amount should be around Rp. 3.3 million.

The school explained the operational costs, so that every student who took part in the event received Rp. 500,000.He also mentioned that there were facilities in the form of buses that were obtained during training outside of school.

"Same is given a shirt.But that is not an option other than honorarium, it was made, "he said.

He also told me how the selection process was to become Ratoh Jaroe's dancer at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games.The school gets a quota of 150 people.Each school is given a different quota.

"The first meeting was given an agreement letter which explained more or less if the event was confidential and could not be published.The selected children were from the student council, the child of the Saman Dance and who took part in the extracurricular activities in the school, the rest registered themselves. "The practice was immediately selected for those who were the Ratoh Jaroe fix dancers," he said.The initial training procession was in the school environment, then moved to the field near the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SU-GBK), and finally at the SU-GBK.

In addition, detikcom also received news from one of the high school students in West Jakarta that they would also be given the honorarium.He got word from his friend about the news.

A mother whose niece became a dance participant in Ratoh Jaroe also told similar things.His niece goes to one of the high schools located in East Jakarta.

"Still waiting for Friday.Poor children, tired of training, my nephew had dropped fatigue."It's unfair if schools take advantage of the tiredness of these children," said the mother.

Meanwhile ,comcom visited one of the schools in West Jakarta whose students were also involved in being Ratoh Jaroe's dancer.But the school official refused to give an explanation because he was asked by the DKI Jakarta Education Agency (Disdik).

Previously Acting Head of DKI Disdik, Bowo Irianto, also gave an explanation about the problem of this honorarium.According to Bowo, the school was not informed that the money transferred by INASGOC was for participants' honorarium.

"That's right into the school account.Well, the school doesn't know yet, because perhaps there is also no notification from Inasgoc that your school is accepting.Yeah, right.That's why we are requesting data from Inasgoc, "Bowo said.

INASGOC through the 2018 Asian Games Organizing Secretary General Eris Herriyanto has explained, his party has channeled 'appreciation' to the participants.There are 4 thousands of participants at the opening of the 2018 Asian Games, including among them 1. 600 dancers Ratoh Jaroe who are high school students.Meanwhile there are 2. 113 dancers who are high school students from 18 schools in Jakarta.

"The committee is very grateful to the dancers, teachers and their parents who have contributed greatly to Indonesia.The hard work and performance of the dancers cannot be judged by anything, but what has been done will always be eternal in the hearts and minds of all the people of Indonesia as well as the world, "Eris said in a written statement on Wednesday (9/19).

In the statement, it was written that the payment process was carried out 3 times, namely in April, June, and finally on September 17, 2018.The statement stated that INASGOC had channeled operational money to the school account where the dancers came from.

They call it operational money as a form of appreciation.It was also stated that some of the operational money was used to support the preparation and training of the dancers.

Meanwhile there is also a petition on the Change site. org entitled 'Indonesian Student Rights to Asian Games Fee'.The petition was initiated by the 2017-2018 MPK OSIS FORUM.

The petition was made yesterday (19/9).Until today at 17. 11 WIB, there have been 4. 068 people who signed this petition.

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KPU Sets Jokowi and Prabowo Presidential Candidates 2019

- Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Prabowo Subianto was designated as 2019 presidential candidate. The determination was made by KPU after holding a plenary meeting.

"The results of the meeting determined that 2 candidates who registered with KPU Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno were declared eligible," KPU Chairperson Arief Budiman said at a press conference at his office, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Thursday (09/20/2018).

KH Ma'ruf Amin and Sandiaga Uno was also determined by the KPU as a vice president. At 2019 Presidential Election , Ma'ruf accompanied Jokowi and Sandiaga to accompany Prabowo.

After the determination, KPU will take the serial number for presidential and vice presidential couples. This collection will be carried out the next day, namely September 21, 2018.

The KPU requires Jokowi-Ma'ruf and Prabowo-Sandiaga to be present when taking the serial number in the KPU building. After taking the serial number, the presidential election stage entered the campaign which began with a peaceful campaign on September 23, 2018. The campaign will be completed on April 13, 2019 and the voting period will be on April 17, 2019.

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The Prabowo-Sandi East Java winning team is scheduled to be announced tonight

- The composition of the Jokowi-Ma'ruf National Campaign Team (TKN) Amin in East Java was officially announced. Tonight, the plan for the Prabowo-Password Winning Agency will be announced.

Gerindra East Java DPD Secretary Anwar Sadad said later that afternoon, his party would hold a meeting to finalize its names.

"Yes later the plan will be around 5 o'clock in the afternoon," Anwar Sadad said when contacted by AFP in Surabaya on Thursday (09/20/2018).

When asked if the meeting was over, the names on the Prabowo-Sandi winning body would be announced immediately, Sadad admitted that it was most likely tonight. However, it is also still waiting for the Decree (SK) to come down from the center.

"Yes today, maybe tonight or so. But we are still waiting for the decree to go down," he added.

Mentioned regarding the name of the chairman of the winning body to be elected, Sadad claimed he could not divulge. However, this winning body will be filled by people from the bearer party.

"The names are from the representatives of all parties, the Gerindra party, the Democratic Party, PAN, PKS and the Working Party," he added.

For example, from the representatives of Gerindra will be filled by Chairman of the DPD Gerindra Jatim Soepriyatno until there are several names from PAN namely PAN East Java DPW Chairman Masfuk, Secretary of PAN PAN East Java A Basuki Babussalam and PAN DPW Treasurer Agus Maimun.

"The new night was finalized (names), but yes it was predictable, if there was from Pak Gerindra Pak Soepriyatno, there was me from PAN, there was Pak Masfuk, there was also Pak Basuki, there was Mr. Agus Maimun, "continued Sadad.

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Prabowo-Sandi spokesman 2-fold from Jokowi-Ma'ruf

-A total of 17 people became the spokesperson for the National Winning Agency Prabowo Subianto -Sandiaga Uno for Presidential Election 2019 . The spokesman was chaired by Muhammadiyah Dahnil Anzar, PP Youth Head.

From the names collected on Thursday (09/20/2018), former cagub Jabar Sudrajat, PD Dede Yusuf politician, until PAN politician Desi Ratnasari was assigned to become a spokesman for Timses. Here is the composition of Prabowo-Sandiaga's timses:

1. Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak (coordinator)
2. Maj. Gen. TNI (ret) Sudrajat
3. Al-Muzzammil Yusuf
4. Dede Yusuf
5. Ferry Juliantono
6. Viva Mauladi Yoga
7. Rachland Nashidik
8. Desi Ratnasari
9. Andre Rosiade
10. Rahayu Saraswati Djodjohadikusumo
11. Memed Sosiawan
12. Ledia Hanifa Amaliah
13. Faldo Maldini
14. Rico Rustombi
15. Putu Supadma
16. Irene
17. Sugiono

The names that entered timses will be deposited tonight by Djoko.
"The plan is we want to go there, but there is a meeting at 16.00 WIB about the determination of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. Later we will try to finish sunset because they (KPU) are in a meeting," Djoko said in front Prabowo's residence, Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (09/20/2018).
Prabowo's timess number is more than double the number of Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's camp. Jokowi's timses spokesman includes:

1. Ahmad Basarah (PDIP)
2. Abdul Kadir Karding (PKB)
3. Ace Hasan Syadzily (Golkar)
4. Irma Suryani Chaniago (NasDem)
5. Arif Budimanta (PDIP)
6. Arya Sinulingga (Perindo)
7. Lena Maryana Mukti (PPP)

The 8th name was originally filled with Johan Budi, but he withdrew from the team spokesman. At present, Jokowi's team is still looking for a replacement for Johan.

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The Ministry of Finance's Allegations Block Rp. 23 T Decreased, Ratna: I Have Evidence

- Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance) has stated that Ratna Sarumpaet has accused the the government blocked aid for the development of Papua in the amount of Rp. 23.9 trillion is incorrect.The Ministry of Finance said it had contacted the World Bank to relate Ratna's statement.

Ratna < / a> stated that he did not just believe the statement made by the Ministry of Finance.Ratna stated that she had proof of reporting from the World Bank that Reforestation aid funds for Papuan development assistance had been received.He also claimed to have checked with the Director of the World Bank.

"There is also evidence from me that it has been transferred to Ruben.BNI has reported to the World Bank.This is a letter from the World Bank.So don't talk to the World Bank.I have also spoken with the director of the World Bank who replaced Ibu Sri Mulyani, "Ratna said when contacted on Thursday (09/20/2018).
" I just checked. 'Right (Ministry of Finance has contact)?' 'No, there's no phone'.Indonesian people are also the ones who replace it, "he continued.

Ratna also answered the question of the statement
Ministry of Finance and the World Bank does not take care of personal accounts.He said as Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani must be responsible for the management of the bank.

Ratna also called the interest from the blocked aid fund then traded.On this day Ratna sent evidence that she had received to the House Commission XI.He wanted a hearing with the Ministry of Finance facilitated by the House Commission XI.
"This has been transferred for a long time.Proof of the transfer has been sent by BNI to the World Bank that the money has been transferred.But here, Ruben's bank account is Rp. 0, "he said.

" So after tracing in international reports, it turned out to be traded.And that's all there is evidence that there is in the sister's house that it's traded.So don't Sri Mulyani talk a lot.I mean no need to answer.And that, please just be accounted for in the DPR, "continued Ratna.

Ratna said that she is currently waiting for a response from the House Commission XI regarding a letter submitting a hearing with the Ministry of Finance.On the other hand, Ratna said preparing legal steps.
"We will still go to court.We will sue the Ministry of Finance and BI, BNI bank.We are putting together a team of lawyers, again we learn right.My commitment will question this legally.But if this can be resolved politically, through the DPR for example, we see, "he said.

Previously, a man named Ruben PS Marey visited Ratna Sarumpaet Crisis Center (RSCC) and suspected that funds in his account for Papua assistance had been blocked. unilateral.Ratna suspected that the government had blocked the blocking through one of the banks where Ruben put the funds.

"This fund is for self-help development in Papua.This case has a tendency to also commit financial violations, "said Ratna at the DPR RI Building, Senayan, Monday (17/9).
Ruben explained, this problem stems from him receiving funds from donors. to build Papua.Funds totaling Rp. 23.9 trillion have been saved since 2016 in his personal account.

However, said Ruben, suddenly the funds in his account were lost.When checked at the bank where Ruben saved the money, there was no record of money in his account.

"Then we get our account and the facts are empty but the report is World Bank has been entered into our account, we see irregularities," Ruben said, Monday (9/17).

Ruben said, it was then checked back to the World Bank.However, the World Bank said, which had been successfully sent to Ruben's personal account.

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