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Until When Will Rupiah Fight US Dollar?

- The rupiah exchange rate returns after the Lebaran holiday. United States Dollar (US) is now re-perched above the level of Rp 14. 000.

Despite making business circles and investors, but Indosurya Securities analyst William Surya Wijaya this condition is believed only temporary.

"It should be if we look more towards the temporary later in the future may be more stable," he said when contacted on Sunday (24/06/2018).

William sees weaker Rupiah is more due to a strong US dollar index. One of the reasons the US central bank plans, the Fed that signaled it will raise interest rates several times this year.

The rise of the dollar index from the moment of the initial news increase FFR (Fed Fund Rate) .Of course, will be impacted back toward a stable, "he added.

William believes in the short term the Rupiah could stabilize again. Especially if the decision to increase FFR has been done.

"If the estimate should be in the short term, it does not mean to be sure when," he said.

For next week, William predicts US dollar against Rupiah will be in the range of Rp 13. 880-14. 160.
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This Cause Rupiah Cock Post Longer Holiday

- The rupiah exchange rate weakened after the long holiday. United States Dollar (US) re-perched above the level of Rp 14. 000.

According to Indosurya Securities analyst William Surya Wijaya weakening the current Rupiah is more influenced by the strengthening US dollar index.

"I am more looking than the US dollar index, because so far the US dollar index still looks strong between 90-95," he said when contacted on Sunday (24/06/2018).

The strengthening of the US dollar strengthening index is still influenced by some sentiment from the land of Uncle Sam. Starting from the plan to increase the interest rate of the Fed to the effects of US trade war.

"So it should be more influential, but not just Rupiah, other currencies are also affected by the strengthening dollar index," he added.

Some currencies in the region are also experiencing a weakening of the US dollar. Investors prefer to place their funds in safe currencies like the US dollar.

Reuters, ahead of the weekend yesterday the US dollar against the rupiah was at the level of Rp 14. 070.

In the previous day, Thursday, June 21, 2018 the dollar even rose 173 points to the level of Rp 14. 103.

Prior to the Idul Fitri holiday, the US dollar against the Rupiah was at the level of Rp 13,930. Also weaker than the position of the beginning of the month at Rp 13. 895.
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Rupiah Fight Against US Dollar After Lebaran Holiday

- The Rupiah exchange rate is again helpless in the presence of the United States dollar (US). In the first week after the Lebaran holiday the US dollar again broke above Rp 14. 000.

Reuters on Sunday (24/6/2018), ahead of the weekend yesterday the US dollar was at the level of Rp 14. 070.

In the previous day, Thursday, June 21, 2018, the dollar even rose 173 points to the level of Rp 14. 103. Before the Lebaran holiday, the US dollar against the Rupiah was at the level of Rp 13,930. compared to the initial position of the month at Rp 13. 895.

If drawn further, at the beginning of the year the rupiah has improved. On January 1, 2018 the US dollar has weakened to the position of Rp 13. 568.
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All sorts of LRT Palembang Prabowo Overpriced

- Politician and Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto accused the mark up or enlargement of funding value in the light rail transit (LRT) project in Palembang, South Sumatra. According to Prabowo, based on LRT development index research in the world, the development cost for LRT is only about US $ 8 million / km. While LRT in Palembang which has a track length of 23.4 km, it costs nearly Rp 12.5 trillion or US $ 40 million / km.

Really? Check out the complete explanation of the following Palembang LRT project.
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Got Your Own Trademark and Want to Get Known Fast? Here's how

- For entrepreneurs certainly have their own products for sale. To sell the product must have a brand name. Without a brand or brand, the product will be hard to recognize by many people.

Make a brand or brand name on a product is one of the most important thing for a company. A trademark will also protect your company's products being misused by others.

Certainly we want a brand name that we have famous in the wider community. But to make a brand name is not easy, there are some things you should consider include:
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Let Not Wrong Buy, It Characteristics of Red Onion 'Fake'

- Ministry of Agriculture ( Kementan ) released five companies that sell mini onions to 'fake' onion . This onion is an onion with a size less than 5 centimeters (cm).

Well, let me not buy wrong characteristic of 'fake' onion

According to Director General of Horticulture Kementan Suwandi local onion and fake onion have difference from physical form, that is amount tubers.

"If the local onion there are three tubers in the unit but if this is only one," he explained to, Saturday (06/23/2018).

Furthermore, he says the difference can also be known from the scent. The aroma of the original red onion is stronger than the 'fake' onion.

"The smell is different, the stronger the original so clearly different when it is cooked," he explained.

For that, he appealed to the public more cautious before buying red onion. In fact, if the community finds asked to report to the authorities.

"Consumers are careful to buy products Do not get ripped off, keep on if there is someone who sells mini onion so the onion is reported only," he concluded.
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There is 'Fake' Red Onion, Association: Merchant Dare Not Sell

- Ministry of Agriculture ( Kementan ) has just released a company that sells mini onions to 'fake' onion .In response, Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Market Traders (IKAPPI) Abdullah Mansuri believes that traders will not dare to sell the commodity.

Abdullah explained that until now his side has not received any report related to the sale of fake onion.To anticipate this, it has issued a circular letter so that traders do not sell the onion.

"Yes this is until this moment even onion unrest has not reached us (report).We also have issued a circular to not sell or not on behalf of onions so onions because buyers can be disappointed later, "he said to, Saturday (23/06/2018).

The traders are believed not to dare sells the commodity because the taste is much different

The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz "Traditional market traders who have kiosks will not dare to use this cheat pattern to sell onions with local onions because it feels very distinct," he explained.> Furthermore, he admitted that he has been listening to information circulating in the community regarding 'fake' onion.But it can not confirm it.

"Since long time there is info on the matter of onion dioplos.That's why we risk instruction to the loss of customers to traders, "he said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture has taken a firm step by five companies that sell onion into fake onions, so that later the company will no longer be able to do business.
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