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Reduce Trucks 'Obesity', Kemenhub Add a Weigh Bridge

- Overloaded trucks or obesity are still found. Although logistics costs can be reduced because of carrying more goods, but the effect on congestion to accidents makes the operation of these trucks more efficient.

This makes the Ministry of Transportation through the Directorate General of Land Transport continues to expand the operational weighbridge to overcome the problem of over tonnage earlier. Director General of Land Transportation Kemenhub Budi Setiyadi said it will add to the operation of 43 more weigh stations across Indonesia until August 2018 to overcome the existence of the obesity truck on the road.

"So my weighbridge has been done some revitalization Until August will also operate 43 weigh stations across Indonesia.This reaches to Sumatra and Kalimantan," he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018) .

To ensure the operation of the bridge goes well and in accordance with existing standards and legislation, all weigh stations in Java have also been collaborated with PT Surveyor Indonesia. Its implementation is also done by e-Tilang in order to minimize the potential of illegal levies (illegal levies).

"Then it's about over dimension, but it needs process, right up to law enforcement aspect," he said.

Continue Budi, currently operating weighing bridges has cracked down on any truck proven to load goods more than capacity. There is no fine, but must lower the excess goods.

"And from the Indonesian surveyor side, in the contract of assistance with us it is indeed to reduce the goods," he said.

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IHSG Rebound, Dollar 'Taming'

- Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) this morning rebounded after all day yesterday weakened. US dollar is also starting to leave the level of Rp 14. 200

The US dollar exchange rate strengthened against the rupiah. The dollar is at the level of Rp 14. 180 compared to the position of last weekend that had translucent Rp 14. 200

In the preopening trade, JCI increased 33.774 points (0.59%) to the level of 5. 767.628. The LQ45 index also rose 8.509 points (0.94%) to 915.412.

Opening trading, Tuesday (22/5/2018), JCI moved up 42.284 points (0.74%) to level 5. 776,102. The LQ45 index also increased 9,384 points (1.03%) to 661,822.

At 09. 05 JATS time, JCI is still in positive zone with an increase of 36.429 points (0.64%) to level 5. 770.283. The LQ45 index rose 7,429 points (0.82%) to 914,332.

Meanwhile, major US composite stock indexes closed in positive territory on overnight trading. The Dow Jones index rose 1.21% to 25,013. 29, S & P rose 0.74% to 2.733. 01, and Nasdaq lifted 0. 54% to the level of 7,394. 04.

The strengthening of the index occurred as easing concerns of market participants about the potential for trade war between the US and China.

The movement of Asian stock markets this morning the majority are at negative levels. Here's the movement of Asian stock this morning:

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Problem Land Owned Rich People, Jokowi: Never For 1 Meter Pun

- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) acknowledged many conveyed to him the issue of concession land, which until now occupied by only the rich-rich only.However, the President actually questioned who divided it who?

"I never divide a meter, never.Instead we are trying now is the redistribution of assets and agrarian reform, "said Jokowi during a dialogue with the community in the Mosque Jamiatul Huda, Padang, West Sumatra, Monday (21/5) afternoon, quoted from the site Cabinet Secretariat (setkab.go) , Tuesday (22/05/2018).

According to Jokowi the current government only take abandoned land.There were also 12.7 million hectares, then concessions were given to groups of pesantren, mass organizations, individuals, and business groups.

We are not,

So until now, continued Jokowi, the data has been redistributed 1. 088. 000 hectares.Next year, the government is targeting to divide another 4.3 million hectares.

Jokowi confirms dividing the land is not easy.The government also does not want if the land where the concessions are distributed is unproductive.
"This has been distributed to be productive," he said.

Jokowi explains the division of land by the government is currently tight, because otherwise it will come back again, who have the same-that's all.

"We are talking for what it is that such an imbalance exists, yes," Jokowi said.
He added that gini ratio is currently 0.41, and in 3 years it has been lowered to 0.39.Although not easy to reduce inequality, Jokowi asserted, the entire cabinet tried hard to make what people complain about can be heard.

"I heard whispered to me, I went to my village also heard, I went to many areas to submit such complaints.I never sit in the palace for too long, I always go down, for what, yes to hear, "said Jokowi.
Although there are not true, there needs to be straightened out and that needs to be repaired, acknowledged by the President, a lot of which must be improved and must be addressed.Therefore, Jokowi invites the whole community to work together to improve this country, so hopefully the country of Indonesia can be better again.

Accompanying President Jokowi in this occasion include First Lady Iriana, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Minister of Transportation Budi K.Sumadi, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Wantimpres Sidarto Danusubroto, Wamen ESDM Archandra Tahar, West Sumatra Provincial Governor Irwan Prayitno.
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After 6 Years, Suspension of BLTA Shares Will Be Open BEI

- The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has signaled that it will reopen PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (BLTA) trading. That way BLTA shares will be able to return to trading after years of freeze due to suspension.

Director of IDX Corporate Assessment Samsul Hidayat said the company itself has met with representatives of BEI. In addition BLTA management has also announced information disclosure and public exposure (pubex) to explain the sustainability of the company.
Almost all the requirements for its shares to be re-traded has been done. But according to Samsul there is one more requirement that must be done, namely to do the valuation of the fair price of its shares at this time. For BLTA own shares have been frozen since 2012.
"So there is a process end, there is something we have asked for them. We ask for mem-valuation of approximately (shares) at what price," he said at the Stock Exchange Building , Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

For price valuation process IDX asks to be conducted with an independent institution. The agency may be appointed by the company.
Stock BLTA itself when suspended in early 2012 was at Rp 196. When the stock dropped diputusan suspension because the company was unable to pay bank loans and bonds.
In an effort to restructure its debt, BLTA converting debt into equity through without a rights issue (non-ER) of Rp 1 trillion to Rp 11.93 billion shares.
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Want to Change New Money at Monas? It's the way

- A number of banks open new money exchange services in IRTI Monas Field area, Central Jakarta.This service runs from May 21-25, 2018.How ordinances new money changers here?
requirement for citizens who want to exchange money served in Monas only need to show identity cards (KTP) belongs to those who will be recorded by the clerk.This ID needs to be demonstrated to avoid repeatedly coming citizens.

Before the exchange of money, residents must line up in orderly orderly in the area already provided.The participating banks do service around 08.00 AM or 09.00 am and end at 14:00 pm.Once the service is opened, residents who are already in line will be given a ticket containing the queue number.
To obtain a queue ticket, they must show ID card first.After receiving the tickets, they can go to the mobile service of one of the banks freely.

Inside this mobile service is the transaction done.Here residents live to give a sum of money with a maximum nominal of Rp 3.7 million to the bank officer aka teller.

These banks provide money changers with denominations of Rp 20,000,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5. 000, and Rp 2. 000.Residents can only exchange money with the composition of each denomination of 100 pieces of currency.
By redeeming Rp 3.7 million, residents will get each of these 100 pieces of currency.However, residents can also just exchange some of the necessary currency denominations.

Residents can not freely redeem money in services held for 5 days in Monas.One ID card (NIK) number only applies once on redemption with span of 3 days.Each day, each bank which totals 13, serves only 100 people.

For citizens who do not carry cash need not worry.The banks here also provide ATMs to withdraw the money to be exchanged.

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Deadly Accidents in Brebes Due to Marak Trucks 'Obesity'

- Deadly accidents in Brebes that killed at least 12 people became a deep concern for the safety of the world of transportation.Transport watchdog Djoko Setijowarno says the government needs to pay serious attention to overloaded trucks or 'obesity' trucks for safety on the ground.

The reason, during this truckloaded more obviously has given many losses for the community especially if there has been an accident like this.In addition to risk mitigation by enabling weigh stations, the transfer of goods using other lines such as trains and ships also needs to be reinvigorated.

"The more charge the minister should be serious.Do not delay any further loads.Directorate General of Land Transportation also can not walk alone, there is the Directorate General of Railways and the Sea, "he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018)

Travel travel is considered to be no longer effective by road travel already exceeds 500 km.However, according to Djoko, the transfer of goods transport by using other modes is also difficult because the amount of transportation costs compared to using land routes.
Logistics transport by train for example, the cost reaches 1.5 times land transportation.Djoko assessed that the tax charge for rail transport becomes the burden so that the use of train as logistic transportation is still secondary.

"Minister of Transportation should also talk to the Finance Minister, how the tax train does not have to exist so people want to ride the train.The train ride is now subject to 10% VAT, "he said.

This is evident from the realization of the number of freight vehicles using trains last year.PT Kereta Api Indonesia notes the realization of the number of freight transport throughout 2017, from the target of 39.9 million realized only 36 million.

In fact, the pattern of transporting goods with trucks so far has caused a large infesiensi.Inefesiensi one of them caused by the congestion caused by the trucking of goods with the truck, not to mention added safety effects.

"But the train is not expensive, because of the tax.Hence there should be synergy, between each Directorate General in Transportation, including to the Ministry of Finance.Because if the land is not effective anymore, must move to the train, "lid Djoko.

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Dwi Aneka Jaya Kemasindo Offered from Stock Exchange

- Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has kicked out shares of PT Dwi Aneka Jaya Kemasindo Tbk (DAJK) from alias delistiing stock trading board. The reason is because the company has a bankruptcy status.

"DAJK is delisted because they are already in the stage that the company has gone bankrupt So there is no excuse," said Director of IDX Corporate Assessment Samsul Hidayat at BEI Building on Tuesday (5/22/2018).

The elimination of DAJK shares has also been in effect since May 18, 2018. Although already in- must complete the obligations that must be fulfilled company.
On 23 November 2017, DAJK has been declared bankrupt by Central Jakarta Commercial Court. This is because the court granted the proposed cancellation of a peace agreement by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) as the creditor.

Based on the consolidated financial statements of the company until the third quarter of 2017, DAJK is known to have debt to several banks amounting to Rp 870.17 billion. The bank's debts are included in the company's long-term liabilities which reached Rp 913.3 billion.

Details, debt to Standard Chartered Bank amounted to Rp 262.4 billion, PT Bank Mandiri Tbk amounting to Rp 414.26 billion, Commenwealth Bank Rp 50.4 billion, Citibank N. A Rp 26.6 billion, Bank Danamon Rp 9.9 billion.
There is also murabahah financing from PT Bank BRI Syariah with sub amount of Rp 106.4 billion. DAJK also has a finance lease obligation of Rp 28.14 billion and a financial institution of Rp 96 million.

While the total assets of the company until the end of September 2017 amounted to Rp 1.3 trillion. That number has decreased when compared to total assets at the end of December 2016 amounting to Rp 1.5 trillion.
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