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Lebaran This Year Visitors Gembrong Market Reduced

US-China Trade War Faster Heats Up, This Impacts to RI

- Heating back trade war between the United States (US) and China will have an impact.One of them is the Indonesian economy that has trade relations with both countries.

Chief Economist Samuel Sekuritas Lana Soelistianingsih predicts, Indonesia could be a country that holds the goods of the two countries that fight each other 'that'.

"We have to be careful if we can be a spill of ex US and China market, that's a threat," Lana said when contacted, Jakarta, Monday (18/06/2018).

List of US goods that will be subject to high import tariffs by China include soybeans, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, a variety of seafood, and pork.

According to Lana, US products that will be subject to high import duties by China did not rule out entry into Indonesia.Because, of some goods are still needed by Indonesia.

"This could be an alternative market that had been US to China," he added.

To be not only a country to accommodate the products of both countries, Lana said, Indonesia can take advantage of it becomes a more profitable opportunity.

One that can be utilized is to renegotiate the two countries.

"Well that should be anticipated Indonesia, we know we will hit, what can we ask, so we can also negotiation," he closed.

Known, China responded quickly by announcing a 25% tariff and customs policy plan for US products.This will apply July 6 for agricultural products, cars and aquatic products from the US, worth US $ 34 billion or equivalent to Rp 476 trillion (exchange rate Rp 14. 000 / US $).

The list includes soybeans, electric vehicles, various hybrid electric vehicles, a variety of seafood and pork.

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Holiday Lebaran, Gembrong Market Invaded Hunter Toys

- Gembrong Market in East Jakarta is crowded with visitors after Lebaran. This market has long been famous for selling a variety of toys.

Monitoring on the location, Monday (06/18/2018) the edge of Jalan Basuki Rahmat, which became the parking lot of visitors Gembrong Market already filled many two-wheeled vehicles. There was hardly any space left.

The traders also seem busy serving prospective buyers. Not a few who seem overwhelmed serve consumers booming. But there are also traders who just sit still because they have not get customers.

Visitor in Pasar Gembrong majority are mothers who deliberately took their children to buy toys.

In this market sell a variety of toys, ranging from cars to cars, robots, to dolls of various animated characters.

Prices of products offered in this market ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Density of activity in Pasar Gembrong make traffic leads to Cipinang rather stagnant.

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Recognize These Boros Habits, Are You Included?

- When someone already feels that his monthly cashflow is not good, one way to do is to reduce expenditure or save.The goal would want to make cashflow
become more positive every month. But suppressing spending or frugality is not an easy thing like turning your palm away.Suppressing expenses is a process that becomes a new habit.

And to be a habit would take a while.Especially when we have been accustomed to a large budget and are required to reduce the expenditure.So to begin with that we must begin to recognize our habits that are often the triggers of extravagant habits.

Are you a person who still subscribes to daily newspapers?Hmm a bit strange indeed when in the era of all-round technology like today there are still subscribing to the daily newspaper.

Maybe it's almost certainly read every day, but only occasionally, plus you more often read the news via social media or through online media related, more practical is not.Do you subscribe to cable tv?Do you watch it every day?Of course not. chances are you only have time in the weekend to watch because everyday you work.

Then for whom cable TV is every day?Plus you have a landline and internet.When in everyday life no one is using, then for what you
install all these facilities?Nominal for this subscription is not small can reach nominally millions if you follow the most complete program but yet you do not use also in everyday life.

This can be a reconsideration, for those of you who still subscribe Newspapers, cable TV, home phone, and internet but you do not use with maximum.
Are you familiar with the above terms?YOLO or you only live once, a slogan that the Millenials use to live life because they think life is only once, it should be enjoyed.

Lifestyle like this has a tendency that consumptive and prioritize spending for activities that are leisure.For example traveling, experienced buying, watching concerts, to watching movies in theaters.YOLO not only affects the Indonesian Milenials, but also the United States, Britain to China.

A study conducted by Airbnb, a company of online and home-based market networks from the United States (2016) mentions travel to be important for millennia, especially in China.Of the 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 35 years, as many as 47 percent of people from Britain prioritize travel than buying a home or car also pay debts.

In the United States, 55 percent of respondents prefer to use the money for pleasure.China ranked the highest, ie as many as 71 percent of people who recognize the activity of pleasure as a destination of his life.Wow amazing is not it?

It does not stop there that fact, because there is research that shows that the desire of the millenials for traveling is not directly proportional to their financial condition.

The 2015 Employee Financial Wellness Survey published by PwC, an accounting agency in London, outlines a number of financial issues of 1,600 full-time American workers, including millennials.Concerns such as having no savings to pay for unforeseen needs, not being able to retire at the desired time, not being able to meet the cost of living per month, being laid off from work, being unable to pay debts, losing homes, and being unable to pay college fees overshadow millenials workers.

Imagine when you can not pay for college while stacked debts must be paid installments?That's why it's important to master the ways of managing finances and investments.

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Not Like RI, This Country is Precious Semringah US Interest Rate Increases

- Central Bank of the United States (US) interest rate The Fed is shaking many markets in the developing world.Countries such as Turkey, Brazil and Argentina feel the most significant impact of the policy, while countries such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines are still struggling through intervention of benchmark interest rate of its central bank.

But there are also countries that are unaffected from US interest rate tightening.Quoted detikFinance from Reuters on Monday (18/06/2018) analysts assess the central banks in countries such as Thailand's surplus transactions such as Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and even Malaysia do not have to 'bother' following the Fed rate increase. "I do not see those countries being forced by the Fed because some of them have very large surpluses, so they might be happy to see weaker currencies and capital outflows, on margins," says co -head of Asian economic research at HSBC Frederic Neumann.

The weaker currency of portfolio outflows is valued to help push inflation below target, instead providing stimulus for exporters.This week there will also be a central bank meeting in Thailand and Taiwan, which will likely strengthen that view. Most economists expect rate hikes in Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea to be muted within the next 18 months, while the Fed may rise five or six times.

As an illustration of the impact of high US interest rates, Philippine peso has weakened almost 7%.Currently trading at its lowest point in 12 years.Then the Indian Rupee approaches the lowest record after losing the same amount.While the rupiah was down about 5% after two rate hikes. Korea, Thailand and Taiwan all fell 3% from January close to multi-year highs, while their central bank kept rates steady near record lows.

The background of these countries can survive because of the economic surplus less pressure.This makes foreign investors respond positively.

In deficit countries, investors tend to have short-term bonds, which are more liquid and less risky than long-term debt.In countries with surpluses, investors are more comfortable holding long-term securities.

As the Fed starts raising interest rates about three years ago, the premiums offered by short-term Indian and Indonesian bonds exceed AS2YT = their RR has fallen by around 200 basis points (bps).In the Philippines, premiums have fallen by almost the same amount over the last 12 months.

In South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan are actually not much different.However, a larger preference from investors for long-term debt has helped withstand currency pressures.

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Through this Toll, Medan to Cliff High Makin Current

- Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) during the Lebaran season 2018 runs a lot of functional toll road

Not only on the Jakarta-Surabaya toll road, the functional toll is also enforced outside of Java Island.One of them is Medan-Kualanamu-Tebing Tinggi highway (MKTT) Section I Interchange (SS) Tanjung Morawa-SS Parbarakan along 10.75 km.

Head The Center for Implementation of National Road II Medan (North Sumatera-Riau) Paul Ames Halomoan said that the toll which has been opened as a functional line for the return of Lebaran 2018 since last Monday, June 11, 2018 has had a positive impact on the smoothness of traffic.>
"Large Wooden intersections are usually jammed.But with the opening of Tanjung Morawa functional toll road to Parbarakan, Kualanamu to Tebing Tinggi smoothly, "said Paul Ames in his statement, Jakarta, Monday (18/06/2018).

Despite the status of toll functional, said Paul Ames road conditions such as operational toll roads, because this segment is already completed and ready to be inaugurated.

As is known, the operation of this section makes the MKTT toll connect from Medan to Sei Rampah or full from sections I to VI.The remaining section VII that connects to Tebing Tinggi is currently not completed and is targeted for completion by the end of the year.

Toll MKTT connects national economic growth centers in North Sumatra, such as Medan industrial area, Kualanamu airport, Kuala Tanjung port, Seek Mangke Special Economic Zone (KEK), and access to the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) Lake Toba.

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Food Prices Post Lebaran Still High

- Idul Fitri becomes one of the moment of rising food commodity prices, ranging from beef to kitchen spices such as chili.

Monitored, in Gondangdia Market, Central Jakarta, although down slightly but the price of beef monitored is still high. While the price of chili rose up to Rp 10. 000

Summarized, Monday (18/06/2018) this is the monitoring of food prices and supply conditions post Lebaran this year:
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