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Palembang LRT Train Can Drive Maximum 80 Km / Hour

- Light Rail Transit (LRT) of Palembang has started a dynamic test since last week. As a result, trains run smoothly on the 1.2-kilometer rail.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in his review, Sunday (5/27/2018) said that if both trainset succeed during dynamic test, then 6 trinityet that will come can be operated on 15 July.

"I want to make sure the LRT dynamic test runs well and the results are good.At this time there are trainset conducted trials and running well, meaning that 6 which will come at the end of June will also be ready to operate," said Budi Creation.
If the current dynamic test speed has reached 35 KM / Jam, then later when operating normally the maximum speed can reach 80 KM / Hour, but the used may be only 40 KM / Jam, "he said.

Director General of Railways from the Ministry of Transportation, Zulfikri said the dynamic test conducted since the last 1 week is only to get the parameters of the train when walking.

"2 trainset is done by dynamic test to get certain parameters There is even testing in parallel also for facilities and infrastructure in LRT line," said Zulfikri.

From the dynamic test results, Zulfikri said it has managed to get dynamic results. This result is obtained from Depo LRT to Jakabaring station which is estimated to be 1.2 km.

"We've got dynamic results during testing, everything is done well, dynamic test is obtained when the trial starts from Depo to Jakabaring station," he concluded.

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Kemenhub Please Kertajati Airport Grow Regional Economy

- Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) invites all aviation and non-flight stakeholders, as well as West Java Regional Government to maximize Kertajati Airport operation.The goal, so that economic potentials in the region can increase.

"In the international world, the field of aviation is one of the main triggers in the economic development of a region.Because of its multinational, fast, high-tech and able to absorb a lot of manpower, "said Director General of Civil Aviation Kemenhub Agus Santoso in a written statement on Sunday (5/27/2018)." Likewise with the Kertajati Airport can become a trigger for the economic development of the surrounding area and improve the living standards of the community, "he added.

To achieve this, Agus continued, airport operations must be maximized, both in terms of aero and non aero.Aero side for example with many open flights both domestic and international, resulting in maximum transportation connectivity.While the non aero side of them by building Aero City around the airport.

Around the airport can be built aviation support industries such as Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) aircraft, aircraft assembly industry and so on.Also other service industries such as warehousing, healthcare and others.
"For the aero side, Kertajati Airport has the potential to develop both national and international routes," said Agus. According to him, there are 18 potential national routes to Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, Palembang, Bengkulu, Batam, Bandar Lampung, Denpasar, Lombok, Pontianak, Balikpapan, Banjarmasin, Surabaya, Makassar, Manado, Ambon, Ternate and Jayapura.

While international routes can go to Jidda and Medina for hajj and umroh, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok for business and tourism development.In addition, West Java also has several sister provinces that can also be connected by air.

To develop this Aero side, as a national aviation regulator, it will enter and adjust Kertajati Airport in national airport order in order to operate maximally.

He also encourages national and international airlines to open many flights from this Airport.While the airport manager is expected to accelerate the process of extending the runway so that it can serve wide body aircraft in full load for international flights.
"Please national airlines to apply for additional routes from Kertajati Airport, both national and international routes.We will process quickly according to applicable rules.We are currently reaching a high level internationally for the safety and security of aviation so that it will facilitate the process of opening national airline routes to the International, "he said.
and international as well as West Java Provincial Government and Majalengka Regency to cooperate well and actively
The location of Kertajati Airport is very strategic for the construction of an MRO and assembly of aircraft, given the available land is still very wide and close to the headquarters of the airline national.

In this area also potential to develop warehousing area to support e-commerce which is currently growing rapidly at national and international level.

Especially with the many industries that are developing in West Java and support for existing or built-in transport multimodies, such as the Seaport Patimban, toll road and railway crossing the island of Java.And of course Kertajati Airport e-commerce transport services would be better and faster.
Let's develop the area around Kertajati Airport for Aero City.Please the industry players and the Local Government of Majalengka and West Java Provincial Government to develop various industries that are needed, "said Agus.

flight service.With good cooperation, I am sure the economy of the region around and national and living standards of society can increase rapidly, "said Agus.
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Malaysian People Joint Venture Pay State Debt, Indonesia Can?

- After Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad took the decision to cut his salary and his cabinet ministers, it is his turn to take the initiative to raise funds to reduce sovereign debt.

Mahathir calls for cutting 10% of his cabinet salary to reduce his nation's 1 trillion ringgit debt.

While the Malaysian named Nik Shazarina Bakti initiated the action named 'Please Help Malaysia'. He campaigned for the action through social media and Go Get Funding website.

He writes how the struggle of Malaysians has ever united to help realize Malaysia's independence from Britain, through donations. Last seen, there have been donations from the citizens as much as US $ 3 633 from the target of US $ 100. 000 (about Rp 1.4 billion).

The action gets the attention of Mahathir Mohamad's daughter, Marina Mahathir. He also appreciates and supports Shazarina. He said the action shows how Malaysians love their country so much.

"I know a lot of people want to help with our big debt, it shows how many Malaysians love their country," he wrote in a post on Facebook.

Not only citizens, members of the Malaysian parliament also contributed his salary to the Ministry of Finance. Nga Kor Ming, a member of the Malaysian parliament representing Teluk Intan region donated his first salary to help pay off his country's debt previously led by Najib Razak.

Then how is it also applied in Indonesia, considering the amount of government debt amounting to Rp 4. 180,61 trillion per April 2018. Moreover, the number of Indonesian people about 260 million.

Will Indonesia implement the policy? Find out more here:
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Mudik Use Luxury Bus There's Kitchen to Karaoke, Want to Try?

- Buses become the usual means of transportation for homecoming Lebaran. But it is worth knowing there are luxury buses that can be used for going home.

Vice President of Central Operation PT Blue Bird Tbk Maria Lihawa explained, his company offers premium buses used for homecoming. "Actually our premium bus rental model, indeed if the Lebaran is rented people to go home," he said to, in Jakarta, Sunday (27/05/2018).

He explained that the premium buses used for this homecoming consists of several classes. The big class is Alpha Premium.
Maria explains, as for the large premium bus facility, among others, there is a meeting room in it (private meeting room), personal TV, karaoke, kitchen, toilets, to wifi.

"Yes it is a bit special because he is usually a model if there is a special need, 12 seats in front.It can be used meeting room, karaoke entertainment in the back," he explained.

He explains, this bus consists of 12 seats. The leather upholstery material comes from the leather. And, wider positions sit.
"If the premium is what we emphasize the interior of it from the comfort aspects of personal seat, leather seat special skin is exclusive," he said.

For medium class or Bravo Premium, as for the facilities owned are toilet, minibar, until karaoke. He said, because the premium bus is also equipped with a crew that provides services.

"There's a crew like a flight attendant that provides drinking," he said.

Maria goes on, for big class only available 1 unit. While for the medium class available 5 units.
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Water Tax to PPB Will Increase, Jakarta Residents More Difficult to Have House

- The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta is reviewing the increase of tax amount, one of which is ground water tax.The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswesan said the city government also highlighted the magnitude of the land and building tax (PBB).

The plan to increase taxes is inseparable from the Jakarta Provincial Government's target of raising tax revenues from Rp 36.125 trillion to Rp 38.125 trillion this year.

Chairman of the Center for Islamic Studies in Finance, Economics and Development (CISFED), Farouk Abdullah Alwyni, said the increase in UN levies will have medium-term and long-term impact on society.
Farouk sees the increase will have a negative impact on the purchasing power of Jakarta people because the allocation of funds that need to be spent increases in such a way.According Farouk, the most disadvantaged in this case is the middle class.No doubt, when people get older, their income is getting lower, the UN is even more expensive and suffocating.

"Here the country is not bringing the benefit of society even bring mudharat," his criticism, Sunday (27/05/2018).

The problem is that the UN is not only burdening the people of Jakarta but also the various cities in Indonesia general.

He said that before the UN should raise again in 2018, the new Governor of DKI Jakarta needs to review again the policy of UN increase that is not logical in 2014.

On the one hand Farouk appreciate the policy Governor Anies Baswedan has revoked 50% of UN discounts or discounts on golf courses.

Indeed, according to Farouk big discounts for golf courses is very disproportionate considering the party who enjoys the game of golf is a very capable people, whereas on the other hand it is very difficult for ordinary members of society to get a UN cut of 50% .

But on the other hand Farouk regretted that the Governor who displays the slogan "Forward the City, Happy People" instead of correcting the errors of a bombastic rise in the UN in 2014 instead actually raise the United Nations back in 2018.

"The urban middle class is the main victim of the UN continues to increase," said Farouk.
Farouk explains, higher UN levy imposes homeowners in the city (especially Central Jakarta area).Not to mention the Jakarta Municipal Agency for Tax and Retribution (BPRD) gives unethical stigma, by putting a big sign in front of houses that can not pay the UN.

"The consideration of increasing taxes due to a region is a commercial area is also doing a disproportionate generalization, because apart from the Thamrin and Sudirman areas, the increase in the UN impacts the surrounding region.In fact, the area around Thamrin and Sudirman's homes and commercial buildings are still mixed, "said the practitioners of Islamic finance.

He underlined, the drastic increase in taxes in 2014 and in proceed in 2018 is not only inhuman but also not rational and oppressive because it gives a very heavy burden to society in general.

It is also awkward to study the context of international taxation for the people of developed countries.Especially if in developed countries every increase in tax must be balanced by the improvement of public services and real infrastructure.

For the context of Indonesia as a developing country trying to be a developed country, UN overload is also not in accordance with the spirit of reform that wants to see better welfare for all members of the community. "The present condition is essentially not that it builds more middle class, but it can destroy the growing middle class," he said.

Farouk takes the example of taxation regulation in Los Angeles, USA, where the maximum increase in property tax (read the UN) is no more than 2% per annum as stated in Article 13A of the California Constitution.

In the state of New South Wales & Victoria, Australia, even the primary residence is not subject to property tax at all.In western Germany, the value of property taxation was in 1964 and even in the former East Germany the value used was the value of 1935.

Even in Holland the maximum increase in property taxes should not exceed inflation annually.

And also need to know that for the case in Los Angeles, Farouk added, tax imposition is based on the initial purchase value of a property.
Reappraisal occurs only if there is a sale and purchase with a third party, and itupun value must be approved by the tax payer.So the imposition of property tax does not have to follow changes in property prices that may occur in the next few years after purchase as applied in 2014 and 2018 in Jakarta.

Thus the property purchased for example 20 years ago will still use the valuation of the price at the time the property was purchased and not follow the growing market price.
"Adjustments are only made if the property is sold to a third party at a new market price.Well, the third party will then pay property tax based on the value of the new purchase, "he explained.

With the various economic burdens that exist, citizens of Jakarta is now increasingly difficult to have a home in his own homeland.Some even had to stay in the inheritance house.

The plan to increase tax levies in Jakarta, the burden that must be borne by the citizens of Jakarta will be more severe.

From the survey sentiment results of Business Intelligent Rumah123 team, although living in a house labeled its own, the dwelling is known to be obtained from family heritage.The remaining 36% are rented / rented / boarded out, and only 19.4% have homes by own or own money.

"Yes, the confession of living in their own home, but the house they get from the inheritance.They are not bought with their own money, "said Country General Manager Rumah123, Ignatius Untung.

The same applies to Bandung and Surabaya areas of which 56% and 47% of the residents occupy houses that are inherited or owned by a parent or an official house.The buffer zone of Jakarta, which includes Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi is quite the opposite, where most of the inhabitants occupy their own house or own money.

The low level of public awareness of the importance of owning their own home from an early age can also be seen from the income level also does not affect their ability to pay DP or down payment.
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Kemendes Expects to Become A Center for Citizens Economic Activity

- In order to intensify the development of rural infrastructure, the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT), build 33 thousand embungs in villages throughout Indonesia.Embung is expected to be a new economic activity center for residents.

"So embung can be an alternative new economic activity for the villagers," said Taufik in a written statement on Sunday (5/27/2018).

It was announced by the Director General of Development and Empowerment of Village Community (PPMD), Kemendes PDTT, Taufik Madjid, in the Embung Ramadan Festival at Embung Ranca Anis, Muruy, Pandeglang, on Saturday (26/5/2018).
In addition to being the center of economic activity of residents, Taufik also expects the embung can become a center of recreation, sports, and other activities of citizens.

"The Ramadan Embroidery Event held by Indonesian Fishing Journalist is an example that embung has many functions for the people," said Taufik.

This festival was also attended by Regent of Pandeglang, Irna Narulita, President Director of Krakatau Steel, Maswigriantoro Roes Setiyadi, and Muspida Pandeglang.According to Taufik, this festival has stimulated the economic wheel of the surrounding community.

"This festival has stimulated the economic wheel of society," said Taufik.

This Ramadan Embung Festival contains some activities, among others, fishing contest, painting competition, coloring competition, fish cooking competition, opening of reading park, social service and free medication.
In the same place, Regent Pandeglang was flattered by the selection of Embung Ranca Anis, as the location of the implementation of the first Ramadan Embung Festival.Irna hopes, hard work of Pandeglang District Government apparatus assisted Kemendes PDTT, can make Pandeglang immediately out of the status of disadvantaged areas.

"We continue to make sure that the status of left behind immediately from Pandeglang, and our society increased their standard of living," said Irna.
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Facts of THR Honorary Employee and Contract

- The government will provide holiday allowances (THR) for civil servants (PNS) and non-civil servants including honorary and contract. This decision was submitted by the Minister of Finance of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati through his official Facebook page on Friday night.

THR is granted in the letter of Director General of Treasury No-S4452 / PB / 2018 dated May 28, 2018.

> Sri Mulyani Indrawati mention, all non civil servants at central government will get THR.

"Thus, in fact all non-civil servant employees in central government are given THR and there is classification," he said quoted from his official Facebook, Saturday (26/05/2018).

From the statement submitted to Non-Civil Servant who appointed by Officer Civil Service as in the form of Minister Decree given by THR pursuant to regulation of PP 19 Year 2018 and PMK No 53 Year 2018.

"Including doctor doctor non-permanent (PTT), PTT midwives and family planning extension workers (KB) and others, "he said.

Then for non-civil servant employees or contract employees appointed by the Head of Satker such as driver, security guard, pramubhakti, secretary and others, given THR according to allocation in List of Budget Implementation (DIPA), work contract and Decision Letter (SK) by virtue of Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) 49 Year 2017 and its payment using PMK 190 Year 2012.
THR Provision has been regulated in letter of Director General of Treasury No-S4452 / PB / 2018 dated May 28, 2018.

According to the letter, currently the central government work unit has processed the payment of THR for honorary employees in accordance with the provisions, so it is expected that the honorarium recipients also receive THR honorarium before Idul Fitri.

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