SBY's Viral Video Supports Serial Number 1, This Is the Fact

- Viral in a social media video that shows the Democrat Party (PD) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or SBY supports pair number 1.The video was narrated as if SBY supported pair number 1 in the 2019 Presidential Election, Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin .

DPP Head of Advocacy and Legal Aid Division PD Ferdinand Hutahaean called the video cut and edited in such a way as to harm SBY.In fact, SBY carried the number 2 pair, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno in the presidential election this time.

" The Democrat Party felt disadvantaged by Pak Jokowi's supporters on social media who continued to support Jokowi with hoax and slanderous news by professing the name of Democratic Party Chairman Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono," said Ferdinand in his statement. Monday (09/24/2018).

The video is not only circulating on social media, but also in the WhatsApp conversation application group.In the short duration video support, SBY indeed stated and asked the public to support the number 1 (one) candidate list.However, the video was cut so as to eliminate the real message.

In its dissemination, the video was peppered with information that SBY supported Jokowi who got number 1.Then, what is the truth?

"We declare and clarify that the video is a video of support for one of the governor candidate pairs carried by the Democratic Party in the 2015 elections.So it's not support for Jokowi, "said Ferdinand.

" Unfortunately the video was edited, cut to the point where the message was not intact and added a narrative as if it were a video of SBY's support for Jokowi.Not at all, "he asserted.

Democrats have asked Jokowi to remind his supporters not to use hoaxes.Ferdinand asked Jokowi to intervene.

"Jokowi's reprimand is very necessary to his supporters unless Jokowi enjoys the hoax so there is no suspicion that maybe Pak Jokowi's team facilitated the editing of the video," Ferdinand concluded.

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This is the promise of the General Manager of PPP for Ponpes in NTB

- PPP General Chairperson, M. Romahurmuziy attended Tabligh Akbar at Darussalam al-Kubro Islamic Boarding School, Moyot Sakra, East Lombok, NTB. Rommy, his nickname, said PPP had been giving great attention to the world of pesantren.

Rommy wants pesantren to be able to have high competitiveness and can produce alumni who, in addition to having extensive knowledge, are also able to compete in the world of work and skills.

"So, we are striving at the beginning of next year, there will be assistance from the Vocational Training Center (BLK) in Darussalam Darussalam al-Kubro. This assistance is worth Rp1 billion. This BLK is the gift of our arrival here," Rommy said in a written statement on Monday (09/24/2018).

He hopes that the BLK can be used by pesantren to improve students' skills and the surrounding community. So that they can not only enter the workforce, but allow them to open new jobs.

Meanwhile related to assistance for earthquake victims, Rommy promised to deliver it directly to President Joko Widodo.

"We will openly convey to President Jokowi about a number of problems with the earthquake victims when he was present at the PPP program in the next few days," said Rommy.

On that occasion, Rommy received a report from the Elected East Lombok Regent, Sukiman Azmi, about the assistance in the cost of repairing a house that was still not received by the earthquake victims.

Sukiman also said that in Lombok, pesantren have a big role in shaping human resources (HR). Moreover, the life of religious life is very thick in Lombok. "
" Darussalam al-Kubro, for example, has experienced rapid development and has many students studying here, "said Sukiman.

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Rp. 87 million in the Ponorogo BRI Account is gone, this is the chronology

- Didin Irianawati (50) BRI Bank customer Ponorogo claimed to have lost money in her savings account. Money amounting to Rp. 87,654. 321. 000 lost since last December 2017.

Residents of Jalan Sulawesi, Kota Subdistrict are shocked by the sudden disappearance of money in their savings accounts.

"On December 25, 2017 at that time we and my family were eating and there was a phone call to my mother's number. I kept saying that from the BRI call center. The party also knew my mother's full name and our address because I suspected that the caller asked for a token number. finally I hung up, "explained the victim's son, Alfian Bayu Wicaksono (25) to AFP on Monday (09/24/2018).

Alfian explained at around 11 53 WIB, his mother got a telephone claiming to be from a BRI call center. When talking, the caller asks for the token number.

"Because of our position as a family we gather and eat together so I know exactly that neither mother nor I provide information on tokens," he explained.

Because of suspicion, Alfian then took over his mother's cellphone and turned it off. "Then I looked for the nearest ATM, my Christmas holiday time with my family finally I searched for the ATM in the middle of the city, when I checked my mother's ATM was blocked," he explained.

This matter also panicked his family, after 2 days later he could only report this incident to the police.

I was so curious, Alfian also ventured to ask his friend for help to find the whereabouts of the perpetrator who got the transfer of funds.

"I got a transcript of my mother's account transaction at around 11 52 WIB, the money was broken into, at 11 53 WIB my mother was called. That means it can be broken even though the victim did not provide any information," he said .

Until now, his side is still trying to get the money back. "Hopefully the culprit is quickly caught. We have pocketed the name of the person who received the fund," he concluded.

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Jokowi's Team: Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-HIPMI Joining Not Related to Logistics

- Head of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) Rosan Roeslani and Head of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Bahlil Lahadalia joined the Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin team. Timses said that the presence of the two leaders of the organization had nothing to do with campaign logistics.

"There is no connection with logistics," said Deputy Chairperson of the National Campaign Team (TKN) Jokowi-Ma'ruf , Abdul Kadir Karding, when contacted by reporters on Monday (09/24/2018).
Karding said that Bahlil and Rosan's support would provide a different color for Jokowi-Ma'ruf TKN. He also answered the statement of one of Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno's timess spokespersons who mentioned Bahlil's support to Jokowi-Ma'ruf is only an empty carriage.

"I think they help a lot in terms of networks, ideas, and even economic questions, especially programs. Because they are business people and also have a good track record in the business world so that they can provide their own input for the campaign team, sir. Jokowi, "said Karding who is also the Secretary General of the PKB.
Previously Karding said Rosan would serve as one of the vice chairmen. He invited Rosan and Bahlil to work creatively and cheerfully to win Jokowi-Ma'ruf.

Meanwhile, Bahlil confirmed that he joined Jokowi-Ma TKN 'ruf . However, he did not say what his position was in Jokowi-Ma'ruf TKN.

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Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque Pilgrims Help Restore Lombok

Nearly two months after the earthquake, the condition of tens of thousands of refugees in Lombok is still in mourning.Recovery efforts continue to be maximized by various parties, including by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Team which is still serving in all districts affected by the earthquake on Lombok Island.

This recovery effort also involved many parties, one of which was ACT's collaboration with the Great Sunda Kelapa Mosque, Menteng, Central Jakarta City.
Sunday (23/9) morning, directly from the parking lot of the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque, a convoy of five logistical aid trucks departed for Lombok Island.The truck transports thousands of the most needed logistics materials for Lombok refugees during the recovery period.

Catur Widodo from the Philanthropy Network Department (PND) - ACT explained, five trucks departing from the Sunda Kelapa Mosque carried full logistics, starting from food, baby necessities, to medicines.

"From the Sunda Kelapa Mosque in the middle of Menteng, the truck departs by transporting the most needed logistics goods today.We list, the items shipped are oil, rice, sauce, syrup, biscuits, baby necessities, blankets, pads, to the Koran, children's clothes, veils and prayer equipment, "explained Chess.

Join Build a Mosque in Lombok

Meanwhile, Ramadiana Putri as the Head of Social Affairs of the Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque explains, until now the Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque is still raising donations for Lombok.

"God willing, not only help logistics, even in this recovery phase, we collaborated with ACT to rebuild the collapsed mosque in Lombok.We are concerned, many mosques in Lombok are flat on the ground.Our congregation wants to help rebuild the mosque, "he said.

Ramadiana also said, previously in the emergency phase of the Lombok disaster last August, plural Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque had sent its first aid directly to Lombok.

" This time entering the recovery phase, we hope to build a mosque that is similarly magnificent in Lombok, with the same name namely Sunda Kelapa Mosque - Lombok, God willing, "he said.
While preparing for the rebuilding of the mosque in Lombok On Sunday (9/23) morning, thousands of lecturers from the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque participated in releasing five logistical trucks.Assistance was released directly by the Chairperson of the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque, H.Muhammad Aksa Mahmud.

"Every Sunday morning, routine at the Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque holds a Lecture.The congregation that arrived could reach 2,000 people.Not only from around Menteng, but also from the outskirts of Jakarta.Sunday (23/9) with thousands of worshipers, we also symbolically released five logistical trucks for Lombok, "said Ramadiana.

As planned, a convoy of aid trucks from the Sunda Kelapa Great Mosque will move directly through the land route to Lombok.

"The truck will pass through Pantura, cross to Bali and cross back to Lombok Island."In Lombok the truck will immediately dock to the ACT Indonesia logistics center at Jalan Brawijaya, Mataram City," concluded Chess.
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A total of 7 supporters died as a result of persibs vs persib since 2012

- A club supporter Persija Jakarta was beaten up before watching his favorite team match against Persib Bandung at the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium (GBLA), yesterday.As of 2012, he was the seventh victim of rivalry between Persija and Persib.

Three people died after the Persija match which hosted Persib at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta on May 27, 2012.In fact, the three victims did not wear any club costumes.

First victim identified as Lazuardi (29) having his address at Menteng, Central Jakarta.Blue everyday works as a motorcycle taxi driver.Blue suffered a wound to the back of the head due to being hit by a conblock.In addition there are wounds on the nose, left cheek blisters, and forehead on a sore nose.The location of Blue is attacked by the opposite of the swimming pool which is usually used by parking lots.

Before being beaten up, Blue had time to asked for ID cards by the perpetrators . 'Sweeping' the ID card was carried out by the perpetrator after previously said Blue did not celebrate Persija's goal over Persib.Blue instead covered his face with a shirt.

The second victim was identified the next day, May 28, 2012, named Rangga Cipta Nugraha (22).He experienced beatings along with his coworkers, Yoga.

Rangga is known to work in Jakarta for 8 months before being killed.Rangga turned out to have been active as a member of the Vikings (a term for Persib supporters first) while in high school and D3.

The next victim was known as Dani Maulana who was aged between 16-17 years old.The Dani family was suspicious because the young man did not go home after watching Persija's game against Persib.Dani is a resident of Bekasi.

Rangga and Dani were killed while at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.Both of them were already critical when taken to the hospital.

After the incident, the police immediately searched for the beatings.About 2 days later 6 people were arrested and they claimed to be sympathizers of The Jak Mania.They are: Bayu, Bayu Prasmono, Abdul Rohim, Rianto, Zaenudin and Trio Widodo.

Previously both The Jak Mania and Viking had stated that the three victims were not their members.When Rangga's identity was revealed, the Viking immediately encouraged the police to immediately arrest the perpetrators.

On October 23, 2016, Persib Bandung fought Persegres Gresik United at Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Cikarang.A Persib supporter named Muhammad Rovi Arrahman (17) died as a result of being beaten by members of The Jak Mania.

Omen, Rovi's nickname, initially fell while riding a motorcycle after being stoned.After falling, Omen was then brutally beaten.Omen who had a tear in the cheek and bruises on the back of the head had been rushed to the hospital, but his life was not helped.

Still in 2016, a member of The Jak Mania was killed in Cirebon.The incident happened on November 6, 2016.

Persija against Persib at the Manahan Solo Stadium in the Torabika Soccer Championship at that time.Persija supporters on behalf of Harunul aka Harun Al Rasyid Lestaluhu (30) were killed in Lungbenda, Cirebon.He is the fifth fatality since 2012.

The incident began when a group of Persija supporters on their way home to Jakarta.Supporters got off the bus and pelted residents' homes located in Lungbenda.Previously at the same location there were also clashes between supporters and residents who initially thought Persib supporters.

Persib competes against Persija at the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium (GBLA) on July 22, 2017.One of the supporters named Ricko Andrean Maulana (22) was killed by a mob of Bobotoh (as supporters of Persib).

Ricko becomes a victim of beatings after trying to help other supporters who were beaten up.But Ricko actually died due to the effort.Even though Ricko is also a supporter of Persib Bandung.

On July 28, 2017, Ridwan Kamil, who at that time was the Mayor of Bandung, handed Ricko's hacking sketch to the police.Emil, his nickname, asked the police to immediately arrest the perpetrators.

One of the attackers named Wugi F Rojak (19) was arrested by police on August 1, 2017. He claimed to have kicked Ricko's chest when the beating occurred.He thinks Ricko is The Jak Mania.After the incident, Wugi hid in his house.

The latest events occurred yesterday, Sunday, September 23, 2018.A supporter named Haringga Sirila (23) was killed by a Bobotoh person before the Persib counter Persija match took place at the GBLA Stadium.Haringga is a Persija supporter who is members of The Jak Mania.

West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil mourns this incident and asks the perpetrators to be immediately arrested.Kang Emil was angry and called Bobotoh a savage person.Meanwhile DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan visited the victim's family's house this morning.

As of 2012, there were at least 7 Persija and Persib supporters killed.Six of them were killed in connection with Persija's fight against Persib.

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Wirtschaftsinformatik, Department of Many Awaited German Companies

- What is it like to study in the Department of Wirtschaftsinformatik which combines computer science, management and economics disciplines.In discussions with Indonesian students, Shelly Nurul Farhani, DW presented the story.

The department, or in English is called, is indeed a department that has not been offered for so long in Germany, only around a decade ago.

What is the general description of studying in this department and how the prospects of alumni can be absorbed to work in companies in Germany.DW Campus this time presents a conversation with the girl born in Sukabumi, West Java, in 1995.

So this is a joint department between informatics and business.Here we study too, bookkeeping, and economics.And this department has not been long since the graduates are also not many, so if you graduate from here, usually the company that you are not our company.In this department, the field of work is broader because we can choose to be more interested in computer or informatics majors or to explore more in the business field.When in the fifth semester there is a major, we can also choose to explore more in what field.

At first I got information about this department from my teacher at.It used to be because I entered the exchange or a course on economics.Well, one of the teachers at the time said that if we were from the department we could list it as a combination of informatics and economics.After I read and read about the department and the prospects for work, then I registered.If here I go to the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.Because this is Hochschule and not a university, so here is more applied science than theoretical science.

I like it because the work prospects in Germany are still much sought after by graduates.So you can say that after graduation we are not looking for a job but a job that is looking for us.The graduate salary is also good.If the sorrow is difficult, college, we have to be really diligent, can't relax.

Studying here must be active students.If students need him who must come to the lecturer.We must actively ask, make promises and such.Because the lecturer here thinks it's already your (college) business.For exam problems, it is also up to students whether to take the exam or not, to be more free.

There are a lot of college assignments.Starting from making, making papers until presentation.The most difficult task for me is yes, it's a lot and it takes a long time.Then we also have to make sure there is nothing wrong.So it must be really right hahaha.Because if the wrong name or the wrong comma will not work, then if it is uploaded it also fails.Must be reset again.That's the hardest.For example, in one week we have to complete three, if we feel familiar with the task, it can be completed in 45 minutes.But if you are not familiar at all we have to ask people, look around on Google.This can take up to three hours for one even one day.

If here, our books don't need to buy.Just borrow it all in the campus library, it's all there and complete.Lecture materials are also from full lecturers because they are sent directly via campus email (each student has a campus email).So at all lectures so far I have never bought a book because everything is here, complete and free.

So for friends who are interested in entering this department, even though in my direction everything is taught from the bottom but the lecturer will teach very quickly.Then it is better before beginning the lecture to learn the basics first which is right.Besides that, the mathematics must also be tracked again because it is more difficult here.If for those whose economic lectures can still be 'I follow.Then, the lecture is also in German, so it must be really prepared and launched again because here there are no English language courses for majors.
ae / ts

* Check out the special series #DWKusus about Indonesians studying in Germany and Europe on DW Indonesia YouTube channel.The story of the sons and daughters of our overseas nation presents to inspire you.

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Nusron Datangi Ma'ruf Amin Coordination Support Ahoker

-Politics Nusron Wahid went to the vice president's residence> Ma'ruf Amin . Nusron wants to coordinate with Ma'ruf about the support of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok) supporters.

"I have requested that inshaAllah we will gather our friends who are active in the Nusantara Volunteer network that used to support Ahok (in the DKI Jakarta Pilgub 2017) and Ahoker from the Islamic wing," said Nusron who is an Indonesian Volunteer Initiator after the meeting with Maruf, Monday (09/24/2018).
Nusron said it would be scheduled to meet members of the Nusantara Volunteer with Ma'ruf. The meeting, in the form of friendship with Ma'ruf who paired with Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in the upcoming 2019 Presidential Election.

"Later we will make a gathering of Volunteer Nusantara with Mr. Kiai. When will we arrange," Nusron said.

According to Nusron, Nusantara Volunteers were surprised by the election of Ma'ruf to become a Jokowi partner. This is because Ma'ruf became the chairman of the MUI which issued Ahok's fatwa to insult Islam.
"Someone was surprised because after all, Mr. Kiai Ma'ruf Amin was the Chairman of the MUI who gave Ahok's fatwa as a religious observer and Ahok was imprisoned," Nusron said.

Regarding other Ahok support groups, Nusron claimed that he could not confirm. But he will communicate with the party.

"(Friends of Ahok) yet, I don't know yet (support Jokowi - Ma'ruf Amin). I am just close. Know them but they are transformed into Friends of Indonesia or what in the twitern. I think he also supports Pak Jokowi also, "Nusron said.

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Bawaslu Holds OSO Lawsuits to KPU

- Bawaslu held an alleged hearing administrative violations of the Hanura Ketum applicant Oesman Sapta Odang (OSO) against KPU. The lawsuit was filed by OSO because the KPU dropped his name from the permanent candidate list (DCT) KPU .

"Later the agenda reads the petition, checks the evidence and examines the witness," said OSO lawyer Dodi S Abdulkadir when contacted on Monday (09/24/2018).

The meeting will be held at the Bawaslu office, Jl MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. The trial was scheduled for 16.00 WIB.

OSO will also be represented by Yusril Ihza Mahendra as coordinator of legal counsel. The OSO will present two expert witnesses, namely former Chief Justice Hamdan Zoelva and politician Hanura I Gede Pasek Suardika.

"The experts present were former Chairperson of the Constitutional Court Hamdan Zoelva and Former Chairperson of the Commission III Legal Affairs of the Indonesian Parliament, Gede Pasek," said Dodi.

The lawsuit was filed because the KPU decided to cross out the OSO name from the DPC DCT. The write-off was carried out because OSO did not submit the resignation letter of the political party officials.

This decision follows the decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) which prohibits political party administrators from becoming candidates for DPD RI or senators.

The decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the DPD members may no longer hold concurrent positions by acting as the board of political parties contained in the Constitutional Court's decision No. 30 / PUU-XVI / 2018 which was read on Monday (23/7).

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Fadli Zon Sindir PSI: The Prabowo Campaign Fund Is Not from Palm

-Sekjen PSI King Juli Antoni quip the initial campaign funds Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno is only Rp. 2 billion. Gerindra Waketum Fadli Zon back insinuating PSI.

"Look for sensation. Usually the party is looking for sensations to be able to recognize," said Fadli in the Parliament Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (09/26/2018).

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives responded to King Juli's sarcasm by talking about oil palm. Some time ago PSI was highlighted for posting videos about the oil industry on social media.
Through the video, PSI invites to support the export of commodities, especially palm oil, because it contributes the largest foreign exchange. According to PSI, the more we export, the rupiah becomes stronger and the price of imported goods, including gadgets, becomes cheap. Fadli quipped about this oil palm.

"I don't need to argue. What is clear is not from palm oil," he said.
Previously reported, PSI Secretary General Juli Juli Antoni highlighted the initial Prabowo-Sandi campaign funds which he considered unreasonable. If Prabowo-Sandi only reported Rp. 2 billion for the campaign, Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's partner reported that the campaign funds were initially Rp. 11.9 M.

"This Rp. 2 billion figure is strange to the people. Today we talk about poverty, but both of them are actually running away, their wealth has increased significantly in recent years. According to the wealth of Prabowo, the value of Prabowo is Rp 1.9 trillion and the password is Rp. 5 trillion, "said King Juli, today.

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16 Person Bobotoh Attacking Personnel Supporters Arrested

-Police arrested 16 people of Bobotoh or Pendung Persib who ganged up on Persija supporters, Haringga Sirila. As a result of the incident Haringga died.

"Of the 16 people we arrested, 8 people we have designated as suspects," said Kasatreskrim Polrestabes Bandung AKBP M Yoris Maulana at Mapolrestabes Bandung, Jalan Jawa, Bandung City, Monday (09/24/2018).
The arrest of the suspects began when the police first arrested a number of people in the Bandung Gelan Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium in Bandung on Sunday (9/23). After the incident, the Satreskrim Polrestabes Bandung team led by Yoris arrested five elements of Bobotoh.

"After the incident we took steps and at that time there were arrests of five people," he said.

The party then formed a team to arrest other perpetrators. The team then arrested 16 other people who were allegedly involved. Of the 16 that were secured, eight of them were named suspects.
"There are two people aged 17 years to 40 years," Yoris said.

Police will not stop at eight suspects. It is still investigating to arrest other perpetrators.

"Until now it is still in the process of investigation at Satreskrim Polrestabes Bandung," Yoris said.

Haringga was killed by Bobotoh when he watched Persib match against Persija Jakarta, Sunday (9/23) yesterday, at the GBLA Stadium. Haringga died on the spot after being beaten up by Bobotoh.

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Enter the Marriage Season, Residents Crowded for Hunting in Makassar

- Entering this September, residents in Makassar, South Sulawesi, crowded gold hunting .Based on the tradition of the people of South Sulawesi, September which coincides with the month of Muharram is the right time to get married.

This is seen at the gold sales center on Jalan Somba Opu, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Monday (09/24/2018).On this road, there are crowded gold shops and other starting metals.One of the visitors, Musdalifau (58), wanted to shop a few grams of gold.

"I want to buy a few grams of gold.But look first what is interesting, "said Musdalifa resident of Bone Regency, South Sulawesi.

" This month there are many gold buyers because of the mating season here.The average gold purchase starts from 1 to 5 grams, "he added.

He came with his son and was looking at the gold in a gold shop, named Precious Metal Shop.Musdalifah said his intention was to shop for wmas not because of the desire to invest.

"This is not for investment but because indeed my child will get married in 2 weeks.So look for gold here, "he said.

This is also justified by one of the gold shop employees, Haeriah.According to him, the proliferation of gold sales in the past month is not due to the impact of rising dollar prices, but because of the marriage season which is currently in South Sulawesi.He said, the purchase of gold did not arrive in large quantities.The average citizen will buy gold weighing 1 gram to 5 grams.

"So actually the gold investment for the lower and middle class society is not too much at this time."Gold sales will increase during the holidays or mating season like now," he said.

For the price, the average gold pergram is priced at IDR 630 thousand to IDR 650 thousand.The same thing was said by another gold trader, Nurdin T Kilo.He has been trading gold in the region for 30 years.According to him, investment in gold in the form of pure bars is rare in the region.Even if there is a transaction, it is usually done by rich people.

"If you say that investment depends on one's economy.Now, where are there civil servants daring to buy gold above 5 grams, "said Nurdin.

" The people are busy shopping for gold now because of a lot of marriage, "he continued.

This is different from the conditions around the year 80s where civil servants and citizens dare to buy gold in very large quantities.

"This is also because gold is a status symbol."If people used to have a lot of gold put in their bodies to love seeing people he is a person and nobility," he said
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Ex Zumi Zola's Fruits Request 50 Contractors Deposit, Get Rp. 5 M

- Acting Head of the Jambi Public Works Office (Kadis PU), Arfan, claimed to have been asked by Acting Secretary of Jambi Erwan Malik to collect money from contractors in the Jambi region. The money is intended for members of the Jambi DPRD to approve the Jambi APBD or the term money tap hammer.

"Looking for money to tap the hammer of command Mr. Acting Regional Secretary," Arfan said when testifying in the trial proceedings the defendant Zumi Zola as the Governor of Jambi is inactive at the Jakarta Corruption Court, Jalan Bungur Besar Raya, Central Jakarta, Monday (09/24/2018). Arfan claimed to carry out the order until he finally received Rp. 5 billion from 50 contractors. The contractors were promised to get the project so they were willing to spend money.

"(Each) Rp. 100 million times 50 people, all Rp. 5 billion. The contractor's reward is given a job," said Arfan.

Then, Arfan asked Saifuddin (Assistant III of the Jambi Provincial Government) and Wahyudin (PNS at the Jambi Public Works Agency) to channel the money to the board members. The money was given to the board members after the plenary session of ratification of the Jambi Regional Budget in 2018.

"The money to tap the hammer was channeled by my staff and Mr. Saifuddin. At that time the members were first, the leadership had not," said Arfan.
In this case, Zumi Zola was charged with receiving gratuities with a total value of Rp 44 billion and Alphard cars. The gratification was said to have been accepted by Zumi since he served as the Governor of Jambi.

In addition, Zumi Zola was also charged with depositing Rp. 16.490 billion to the Jambi DPRD. The money is called to smooth the ratification of the 2017-2018 APBD Jambi Regional Regulation Draft.

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'Surrounded' by the Natakusumah-Jayabaya Clan, This is the Queen of Atut's Dynasty

- The political clan of the Ratu Atut Chosiyah dynasty nominates 3 family members as candidates for the DPR and one of their children as senator in Banten. They will fight against the Natakusumah and Jayabaya dynasty clans.

Clan competition is the most stringent in the Banten District 1 in Pandeglang-Lebak. Adde Rosi Khoerunnisa Atut's son-in-law from the Golkar party will fight together to face the rival in this area.

Andika Hazrumy, son of Atut and husband Adde Rosi said the competition must be respected. He supports healthy political competition for regional progress. The important thing is that according to him is conducive, safe, there are no hoaxes and money politics.

"This is a climate of a democratic process, we must respect it. We must maintain this process to be safe and comfortable," said Andika Hazrumy, who is also the deputy governor of Banten when interviewed by AFP, Serang, Monday (09/24/2018).

The process of nominating his wife according to Andika goes as it should. He has undergone a mechanism in the party's body. The process of his wife's political journey was quite a long time starting from the Serang City DPRD, Banten DPRD. "
" There is no instant all by the process in party selection, "he explained.

The question of his sister Andiara Aprilia Hikmat as a senator, Andika refused to be commented on as a political dynasty. The important thing is, once again he said all fight according to the rules.

Finally, Andika was reluctant to comment on the question of his uncle Tubagus Haerul Jaman who was advancing in Banten 2 Electoral District for Serang-Cilegon.

"The company is to Mr. Jaman, if I am important, I must maintain conduciveness and security in all electoral districts in Banten," he said.

In addition to the 3 names above, Ratu Atut Chosiyah's political clan also nominated one candidate for the Serang City DPRD level. Ratu Ria Maryana, Haerul's younger brother advanced from Gokar in Serang City District 2.

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The Jak Mania supporters were killed, Fadli Zon spoke of excessive fanaticism

- The Jak Mania supporter Sirila phantom < / a> was killed beaten before the Persib vs Persija match at the Bandung Lautan Api Stadium, Sunday (9/23). Representative of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon said the incident of supporters' supporters was still recurring.

"Yes, I think this is not the first event. Sports, especially football is a part of the people's culture, and usually the sense of belonging to the club is high. In the UK there is Holiganism," said Fadli at the DPR building, Senayan , Jakarta, Monday (9/24/2018).

Fadli talks about the potential in the football industry. According to him, supporters or supporters must be managed properly. This management called Fadli can prevent similar incidents from happening again.

"I think there has been an attribute attributed to the club that is something that is potential for the football industry but this must be managed properly. Otherwise, it can lead to fanaticism that is not manage well, fight, brawl or violence, "said Fadli.

Fadli asks fans club from related club to provide support to supporters. Fadli said, coaching, in addition to suppressing the crime rate of individual supporters, could also help support football clubs.

"Because of the potential number of fans of our football millions. We should be able to make the club live from this fanclub. But here is the challenge," said Fadli.

Sirila pheasant was killed in a mob of Bobotoh. Haringga was beaten up after Persib or Bobotoh supporters found out that the victim was from Jakarta.

The sadistic event took place in the Bandung Gelan Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium in Bandung on Sunday (9/23) yesterday, around 1:00 a.m. or before the match between Persib vs Persija was held.

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Haringga Pamit to Friend's Home Before Killing Was Beaten by Person Bobotoh

- Persija supporters, Haringga Sirila died after being beaten up person Bobotoh at the GBLA Stadium, Bandung.Before leaving for Bandung, Haringga said goodbye to parents about going to a friend's house.

"Immediately shocked his family.Do not believe.Because his son said goodbye just to a friend's house, not to Bandung.That waySo it goes to a friend's house, "said Chairman of RW 3 Kel Cengkareng Timur, Rustam Efendi at the funeral home, Monday (09/24/2018).

Rustam said, Haringga did not mention the location clearly his friend's house.He also did not say he would go to Bandung to watch football matches.

"Yes, I don't know where his friend's house is, which is obviously not to Bandung.Just to his friend's house, "Rustam said.

When he found out his son was killed by Bobotoh, the family shocked and even fainted.They didn't expect Haringga to go away forever.

"The family was shocked but I received it.Her mother and her sister had fainted several times.Yes, how come the name does not unexpectedly suddenly not exist, "said Chairman of RT 13 RW 3, Cengkareng Timur Village, Nimin when contacted by AFP on Monday (09/24/2018).

Although it will be buried in Indramayu, home Haringga's grief in Cengkareng was still filled with mourners.One of them is Deputy Mayor of West Jakarta, M Zen.He regretted what happened to Haringga.According to him, a match must be intended to establish friendships.

"(Conveying sorrow over) The death of Haringga in Bandung, and then the extended family of the deceased, hopefully the family is given patience, fortitude for this ordeal.The supporter must really be a positive supporter.Therefore we the West Jakarta Government appeal to all parties, residents, be good supporters.Do not carry out acts of violence that can cause harm to all parties, "said M Zen at the funeral home in Jalan Bangunusa, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Previously reported, Haringga was killed while watching the Persib vs Persija match.This case occurred around the location of the Persib vs Persija match at the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium (GBLA), Bandung, West Java, Sunday (09/23/2018).

Haringga is thought to have died as a result of violence by a group of people outside the stadium.

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# 2019 Free Corruption

- Entering the third quarter of 2018, Indonesia has been shocked by a lot of fantastic corruption cases.Starting from the bribery case of the Regent of Hulu Sungai Tengah, South Kalimantan, the bribery case of the Sukamisin prison chief, the Riau-1 PLTU bribery case which stumbled upon former Social Minister Idrus Marham, the bribe and gratuity case of the Jambi Governor Zumi Zola, to the mass corruption of Malang City DPRD members .

Indonesia's Corruption Perception Index (GPA) in 2017 is ranked 96th according to Transparency International, or down 6 positions from 2016.Indonesia's position is very far from neighboring countries, Singapore.

The effort to eradicate corruption is not a new agenda.Juridical corruption eradication has been started since 1957, with the arrangement of corruption behavior through Military Rulers' Regulations Number PRT / PM / 06/1957.The New Order government could also be said to be the regime that issued the most regulations related to the eradication of corruption in Indonesia.However, in reality the policies and organs that are made do not work optimally, instead it can be said to be malfunctioning.

Government B.J Habibie issued a new policy, one of the policies that became the forerunner of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), namely Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning Eradication of Corruption.And, in 2002, through Law No. 30 of 2002 which was passed by President Megawati, the KPK was formed which we know today.

For almost 16 years, the KPK is like a seed of optimism for people who have lost the grip of trust in the power holders.The spirit of eradicating corruption since 2002 apparently did not produce perfect results.It is not an attempt to tackle the KPK once by the owner of the power.

Corruption behavior is like a habit for stakeholders.If in the New Order era the scale of corruption could be said to revolve at the center, now corruption has spread to the regions.Starting from the representatives of the people in Senayan to the representatives of the people in the area already netted by the KPK.Not only leaders, corrupt practices have started from the "first table" in the regional or central bureaucracy.

The effort to eradicate corruption now has a new breakthrough.Welcoming the political stage in 2019 the General Election Commission (KPU) issued a new policy through the General Election Commission Regulation (PKPU) Number 20 of 2018 concerning the Nomination of Members of the DPR, Provincial DPRD and Regency / City DPRD and PKPU Number 26 of 2018 concerning the Nomination of DPD Members.

PKPU is intended to regulate the nomination of members of the DPR and the Provincial DPRD and Regency / City DPRD as well as the DPD in the 2019 Election.Article 4 paragraph (3) PKPU Number 20 Year 2018 and Article 60 letter J PKPU Number 26 Year 2018 concerning the prohibition of nominating members of DPR and Provincial DPRD and Regency / City DPRD as well as DPD who have been former prisoners of corruption, narcotics and sexual crimes against children .

However, again this policy received rejection especially from former corruption convicts.Sadly, the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) as an election watchdog institution betrayed the integrity pact that they had made along with the political parties carrying the bacaleg by passing bacaleg ex-prisoners of corruption.Coupled with the steps the Supreme Court granted PKPU's material test lawsuit against Article 240 Paragraph 1 letter g of Law Number 7 of 2017.

Eradication of corruption is again stabbed.The law that is made is used as a gap to escape the law.Law enforcers are considered enemies and cornered.The power holders also consider it normal to practice corruption and tend to protect its members who commit corruption.

As we know, the perpetrators of corruption are people who have authority and power.If the authority they have is misused to benefit themselves and their groups, it will have a bad impact on society.As an example of the mass corruption case of Malang City DPRD members.As a legislative body, it has the authority, one of which is to approve the bill on APBD.However, this authority is diverted for the benefit of one person, by giving a meager bribe, but it has an impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of allocating the Malang City Budget.What should be allocated for the benefit of society, deviates from the interests of one party.

According to Jack Bologne there are four roots of corruption.First, that is related to the greed of the perpetrators.Second, a system that provides opportunities for corruption.Third, mental attitude that never feels enough.Finally, the punishment imposed on the perpetrators of corruption does not give a deterrent effect.

The law on corruption eradication has strict sanctions.The KPK, as a law enforcement agency for corruption, has been said to be maximal in exposing corruption cases ranging from those carried out by regents to those involving DPR officials.

Existing legal instruments should be balanced with similar views on eradicating corruption in all levels of society.When all levels of society are compact, they see corruption as an extraordinary crime and a disgraceful act. It is hoped that there will be no more attempts to weaken the KPK or the rules of corruption committed by the authorities themselves.

Society is also required to be critical, especially in this millennial era.Communities can use social media to educate and spread the spirit of eradicating corruption.This can be started by creating on social media with hashtag # 2019Corruption free.

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A Man Allegedly a Russian Spy Arrested in Norway

- A man Russia was arrested in Norway on suspicion of being spy .The arrests were made after the man was suspected of spying on a seminar held at the parliament building Norway .

As reported on Monday (09/24/2018), the Russian man who was arrested was not called his identity and was only called 51 years old.The Norwegian Intelligence Agency said that the arrest was carried out on Friday (9/21).

"Suspected of carrying out illegal intelligence activities," local media reports said about the reason for the arrest of the Russian man.
Under suspicion, the Russian man is facing a sentence of three years in prison in accordance with the laws in force in Norway.

"Arrested on Friday (9/21) night at Oslo Airport ... and detained on Saturday (9/22) local time, for the next two weeks," said Director of Communications at the Norwegian Domestic Intelligence Agency, PST, Trond Hugubakken, told.

Hugubakken was mentioned further, a man suspected of being a Russian spy was suspected of conducting intelligence activities while attending an inter-parliamentary seminar attended by representatives from 34 countries to discuss digitalization at Stortinget, the term for the Norwegian parliament.
The arrest has drawn criticism from the Russian Ambassador to Norway, Teimuraz Ramishvili.In a statement via his Facebook account, Ramishvili said the arrest was based on 'ridiculous excuses'.

The arrest of a man suspected of being a Russian spy has become the latest incident in the intelligence dispute between Russia and Western countries.

Earlier this month, Swiss authorities called a number of Russian intelligence agents launching cyber attacks on the Spiez laboratory in Bern and the office of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Laussanne.The attacked laboratories investigated the poisons used in attacks on Russian spying, Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, England last March.

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BPJS Is Still Called Debt of IDR 300 M to Muhammadiyah Hospital in Central Java

- BPJS's arrears in Muhammadiyah's hospital in Central Java are estimated at Rp. 300 billion. Especially in Muhammadiyah Roemani Hospital, only Rp.48 billion.

"BPJS must be addressed because there are 32 hospitals with a total (arrears) of Rp. 300 billion. Only Rp.48 billion in Roemani Hospital," said the Head of the Central Java Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PWM), Tafsir when approached by the Vice Presidential Candidate , Sandiaga Salahudin Uno in his office, Semarang, Monday (09/24/2018).

Tafsir explained, the total amount of arrears is estimated to be Rp. 300 billion assuming that every hospital is Rp. 10 billion. But he explained that there were indeed only Rp 3 billion, but there were also those with high arrears.
"On average Rp. 10 billion, around Rp. 300 billion. Maybe there are only Rp. 3 billion," he explained.

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the People's Consultative Assembly, Zulkifli Hasan who accompanied Sandiaga said the transfer of the Rp. 5 trillion budget to help BPJS financial problems was signed by the Indonesian Parliament. According to Zulkifli, BPJS must be a priority because it deals with public health.
"It's important, it's a matter of sick people, about human life, can collapse, this is a priority. It's a matter of budget allocation," said Zulkifli.

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PSI Questions for Prabowo Funds - Rp 2 Password M: Strange, they are Tajir Melintir

- PSI questioned campaign funds < a href = "https: // www. sec. com / tag / prabowo-password /? _ ga = 2. 163991807. 137420330. 1537696055-662448606. 1526031187" target = "_ blank"> Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno which is only Rp. 2 billion.According to PSI Secretary General Raja Juli Antoni, the campaign funds for the number two pair did not make sense.

"Prabowo-Sandi Campaign Team reports Rp. 2 million campaign fundsThe public is naturally wondering why is it only IDR 2M?Is it just matched with their serial number No. 2? "Toni told reporters on Monday (9/26/2018).

If Prabowo-Sandi only reports Rp 2 M for the campaign, the pair Joko Widodo-Ma 'Ruf Amin reported that the initial campaign funds were Rp. 11.9 M.Toni said that Prabowo-Sandiaga's initial campaign fund saw an unsustainability.
"This Rp. 2M figure seems strange to the people.They talk about poverty every day, but both of them actually run wild, their wealth has increased significantly in recent years.According to Prabowo, the wealth of LHKPN was Rp 1.9 trillion and the Rp.5 trillion password, "he said.

Toni then quipped the Prabowo-Sandi campaign fund with the Democrat elite accusation Andi Arief about alleged dowry.At the beginning of the formation of the coalition, Andi accused Sandi of paying Rp 500 M each for PKS and PAN to be approved to be vice presidential candidates.Later Bawaslu could not prove the accusation.

"Naturally, if people ask questions, why is their campaign fund 'only' Rp. 2 M?Where do they save other funds?Stored in other boxes like Andi Arief's? "Said Toni.
As is well known, the Jokowi-Ma'ruf and Prabowo-Sandi partners have reported the initial campaign funds to the KPU.Funds for the start of Jokowi-Ma'ruf's campaign amounted to Rp. 11.9 M and Prabowo-Sandi Rp. 2 M campaign funds.

Timses Jokowi-Ma'ruf said the amount of Rp. 11.9 billion was from political party donations. coalition and company.Campaign funds of Rp. 8.5 billion were in the special account cash, while Rp. 3.4 billion of funds were allocated to buy the campaign team's goods and cash.

Meanwhile, Prabowo-Sandi's timses said that the Rp2 billion fund came from the personal money of the candidate pair.Prabowo and Sandi each contributed Rp. 1 billion.

[Overview: Video 20 seconds] < / a>

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Officially, 12 Regional Heads in East Java were Inaugurated

- 12 Regents and Mayors in East Java officially inaugurated today.After inaugurating, Governor Soekarwo had many messages for the regional heads.One of them can bring progress in his area.

"For the newly appointed regional head.I hope that I can be trustworthy, hopefully it will bring better progress from the district or city that is led, "Pak Karwo said after inaugurating at the Grahadi State Building in Surabaya on Monday (9/24/2018).

His party hopes the regional head stepped together to build East Java.

"Immediate realization of all promises and plans during the campaign, which was outlined in the RPJMD 3 months after the inauguration," the message.

In addition, Pakdhe Karwo also advised in make the program later, must be guided and in line with the vision and mission of the President of Indonesia and the Governor of East Java.He also asked that each regional head could cooperate with the DPRD as the people's representatives in the government so that there would be synergy between its programs.

"I ask the regional head to continue to improve the efforts of a very good working relationship with the DPRD and work partners.I want to remind you in order to improve development, the regional head must be guided by the vision and mission of the President and the Governor, "added Pakdhe Karwo.

On this occasion, Governor Soekarwo also gave appreciation to the KPU, Bawaslu to the Indonesian National Police and TNI in his efforts to help organize elections in East Java very well.

"We must give appreciation to the KPU and Bawaslu for the success and success of organizing elections in East Java, this award is also for the Police and the TNI who provide security so that the elections run safely and orderly , "said Pakdhe Karwo.
1.Probolinggo Regent Puput Tantriana Sari - Timbul Prihanjoko
2.Bangkalan Regent Abd Latif Amin Imron - Mohni
3.Bojonegoro Regent Anna Muawanah - Budi Irawanto
4.Nganjuk Regent Novi Rahman Hidayat - Marhaen Djumadi
5.Pamekasan Regent Badrut Tamam - Raja'e
6.Pasuruan Regent M Irsyad Yusuf - Mujib Imron
7.Magetan Suprawoto Regent - Nanik Endang Rusminiarti
8.Regent of Madiun Ahmad Dawami - Hari Wuryanto
9.Lumajang Regent Thoriqul Haq - Indah Amperawati Masdar
10.Bondowoso Regent KH Salwa Arifin - Irwan Bachtiar Rahmat
11.Jombang Regent Mundjidah Wahab - Sumrambah
12.Malang Mayor Sutiaji - Sofyan Edi Jarwoko

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Police Sita Sabu to Bong from Mudy Taylor Comics House

- The Jakarta Police Narcotics Team arrested Komika Mudy Taylor regarding drug cases. The police also confiscated evidence in the form of methamphetamine.

"One clip containing 0.18 grams of methamphetamine, 2 pieces of methamphet suction, 2 cloves, 2 modified gas lighters, 1 plastic clip containing a blank plastic clip, 2 suspects' cellphones," said Head of Metro Jaya Police Public Relations, Comr. Argo Yuwono in his statement on Monday (09/24/2018).

Mudy was arrested on Saturday (22/9) at 11.00 WIB. He was arrested at his residence on Jalan Kejayaan, Kreo, Larangan, South Tangerang.

Police are still checking Mudy. The police are still developing the drug case.

[Gambas: Video 20 seconds]

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Haringga's mother fainted to know her dead child was beaten by Bobotoh

- Sirila phantom, killed after being beaten unscrupulous Bobotoh at the GBLA Stadium, Bandung.Upon learning about the news of Haringga, his mother and brother Haringga shock even fainted.

"The family was shocked but I received it.Her mother and her sister had fainted several times.Yes, how come the name doesn't unexpectedly not exist, "said Chairman of RT 13 RW 3, Cengkareng Timur Village, Nimin when contacted by AFP on Monday (09/24/2018).

that, Chairman of RW 3 of East Cengkareng Village, Rustam Effendi said, Haringga had earlier said goodbye to parents to play at a friend's house.He did not say that he would go to the GBLA Stadium in Bandung.

"Because the child said goodbye just to a friend's house, not to Bandung.That waySo it goes to a friend's house.Yes, I don't know where his friend's house is, which is obviously not to Bandung.Just to his friend's house, "said Rustam.

Previously reported, Haringga was killed while watching Persib vs Persija.This case occurred around the location of the Persib vs Persija match at the Bandung Lautan Api Gelora Stadium (GBLA), Bandung, West Java, Sunday (09/23/2018).

Haringga is thought to have died as a result of violence by a group of people outside the stadium.

The death of Haringga drew public attention.Persija Jakarta Managing Director Gede Widiade was disappointed by the incident.His disappointment was that The Jakmania were caught unprotected.

Gede explained that in the first round when Persija hosted Persib at PTIK Stadium, Jakarta, it was able to protect Bobotoh. "Yes, he (the dead supporter) is a Persija family, he's a Jakarta person.I was very disappointed there was this incident.When Persib played in PTIK, we managed to secure one Bobotoh person and we returned to safety, "said Gede via telephone, Sunday (9/23).

[Overview: 20detik video]

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PKB Secretary General Bela Projo about the shout of 'Bang Support Jokowi' to SBY

- Chairman of the Democratic Party (PD) Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) walk out during the declaration of a peaceful campaign on Sunday (23/9) because of the party's attributes and the shouting of Projo volunteers.PKB assesses the shouting of Projo volunteers not to mention SBY .

"The shout of enthusiasm was only a cry about Jokowi again, Jokowi again.Not at all about personal or weaknesses of Mr. SBY.That is what I understand so that in my opinion there is no problem, "PKB Secretary General Abdul Kadir Karding said when contacted by reporters on Monday (9/24/2018).

Karding told the moment of walk out action by SBY.At that time, Karding claimed to have run into SBY after leading a PKB carnival group.

"There is no attribute of the party at the location of the peace declaration, which is outside the location of the peace campaign.That was also the spontaneity of the support and enthusiasm of the candidate pairs, including from Jokowi-Ma'ruf candidate pairs, "Karding said.

" This peaceful campaign has been started since yesterday and it is okay as long as it is outside the location determined by KPU so it may be possible for supporting parties or volunteers to carry attributes or anything as long as it does not conflict with existing regulations.I don't think it is wise if this issue then makes a mistake as if building a public perception of Jokowi's camp is unfair, "he continued.

He considered that the walk-out by SBY should not be done.

< br>
SBY walks out because he feels treated unfairly.SBY walked out with Ani Yudhoyono, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono and Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono.

SBY also protested the attributes of the party supporting Jokowi during the peaceful campaign at Monas on Sunday (23/9 /).The impact of SBY's actions, SBY did not sign the 2019 Election Peace Campaign commitment.

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Komika Mudy Taylor Arrested Regarding Drug Cases

- Police arrest a Mudy Taylor comic. The arrest of Mudy allegedly related to drug cases.

"Confirming that the Metro Jaya Police have arrested the actors Stand Up Comedy and Komika Vaganza on behalf of MUD alias MTB," said Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Police, Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono in his statement on Monday (09/24/2018).

Mudy was arrested on Saturday (22/9) at 11.00 WIB. He was arrested at his residence on Jalan Kejayaan, Kreo, Larangan, South Tangerang.

Police also confiscated evidence of methamphetamine during the arrest.

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Said to be Lebay, Elite Hanura: Bossy Prabowo Style Must Be Observed

- Gerindra Party assessed the Chair's story Hanura DPP Inas Nasrullah who claimed to be beaten by bodyguards Prabowo Subianto when using the toilet lebay alias is excessive.Inas answers this assumption.

"People must focus on the big issue behind the 'Inas-Prabowo toilet incident', namely the Prabowo bossy style that we must look at," Inas told reporters on Monday (09/24/2018).

He said there was a meaning behind the story.According to Inas, the incident showed Prabowo's 'bossy' style.He did not want the public to wrongly choose the leader in the 2019 presidential election.
"Don't get the wrong choice for the leader, maybe the people will become all lacking," he said.

Inas then talked about the walk out (WO) action carried out by Democrat Party Head Susilo Bambang Yudhyono (SBY) and the Head of PAN Zulkifli Hasan.Gerindra DPP Communication Agency member Andre Rosiade said the Inas story was an attempt to shift the issue towards the action of WO SBY-Zulkifli.

Andre assesses SBY-Zulkifli as a victim of Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's volunteer persecution and provocation.Inas quipped Andre.
"Ouch, mosok strong people like SBY and Zulkifli Hasan are underestimated by Andre?How could the little girl be able to execute SBY and Zulkifli Hasan."Andre nodded, he said Zulkifli WO, even though he was sitting in front of me in the KPU tent," said the Deputy Chairperson of the Commission VI.

Gerindra Party responded to the story of Inas Hanura elite Nasrullah Zubir who claimed to have been beaten by Prabowo Subianto's bodyguard while using toilet.The story is considered to be full of drama and excessive alias lebay.

"I feel the Inas Brother Statement and many of his plays," said Andre Rosiade, member of the Gerindra DPP Communication Agency, Sunday (9/23).

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Indonesia Targeting the Global Railroad Market in Germany

- Will Indonesian railroad production immediately enter the European and US markets?At least three state-owned enterprises are starting to explore the collaboration in the transportation technology exhibition, InnoTrans 2018, Berlin, Germany.

PT INKA, PT LEN, and PT Kereta Api Indonesia are three national companies that collaborate in the railway sector with three foreign companies when InnoTrans 2018 is held at Messe Berlin, Germany (09/20).Minister of State-Owned Enterprises, Rini Soemarmo, Indonesian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, and the Indonesian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Aulia Rahman was present at the signing of the strategic cooperation.

"The signing of strategic partnerships by the three national strategic industries reflects the importance of cooperation between SOEs and foreign companies to supply national railway technology components and innovations to regional markets", said Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno.

PT INKA entered into an agreement with SKODA Transport, one of the largest automotive and transportation companies in Europe from the Czech Republic.Collaboration between the two industry players includes cooperation in technology transfer and propulsion.

PT LEN Industri (Persero) which was involved in the development of the Soekarno-Hatta Airport skytrain, formed a partnership with ALTPRO, a Croatian company.The two companies have cooperated since 2010 in the domestic market, but this time it was expanded to an international level by agreeing to cooperate in the field of product development and certification and to supply railroad components and technology.

PT Kereta Api Indonesia and a company in the field of locomotives from the United States, Progress Rail will begin cooperation for locomotive modernization and provide technology to improve railroad safety and efficiency.

Innotrans is an international scale exhibition that displays technological innovations and components in the field of land transportation, especially railways.More than 140,000 visitors representing transportation companies from various countries saw the potential for cooperation at around 2,900 exhibitions.

From Indonesia, one of the displayed products and the railway system is from PT LEN industri.The project shown is (IRDC) which offers cooperation in the development of the railroad system such as:, and.The market share targeted in this project is Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.

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Indonesian Market Translucent Automotive Parts Products

The World's First Hydrogen Train Launches in Germany

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Fadli Zon Wants Funds to Be Early Watched for Jokowi-Ma'ruf Campaign

- Gerindra Party Chairperson Fadli Zon talk about the initial campaign funding report 2019 Presidential Election. Fadli asked the public to suspect the incumbent.

Fadli initially responded to the question of the amount of initial funding for the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno campaign which was only Rp. 2 billion, far different from the pair Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin. For Fadli, the figure of Rp. 2 billion is reasonable because only the initial report.

"It is usually the one who really needs to be aware of the incumbent. This incumbent can use his influence and power, his influence is for example to the apparatus, the apparatus is not neutral. Using bureaucratic instruments or BUMN or something else," said Fadli in the complex parliament, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (09/24/2018).

"This is what you need to watch out for (from) incumbents. Does he abuse what power is not in the presidential election," added Fadli.

Fadli asks incumbents not to confuse presidential affairs with the state. Fadli appealed to incumbents not to use state facilities in campaigning.

"Do not forget the function must be separated from the incumbent as an official or he is a presidential candidate. It's different. So if the presidential campaign's interests are not allowed to use facilities. For example, presidential planes should not be used," said Fadli.

Two presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2019 presidential election have reported the initial funding of his campaign. The campaign's initial funding report will be further verified by the KPU.

The following is the list of initial campaign fund reports based on candidate numbers of vice-presidential candidates:

01. Joko Widodo (Jokowi) -Ma'ruf Amin: Rp. 11.9 billion;

02. Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno: Rp. 2 billion.

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Have delirious, students who are kidnapped by Sobirin teacher live trauma healing

- Assistance to recover the psychological condition of the child who is the victim of the teacher Sobirin (40) is being carried out by the police. Trauma healing involved the Polres of Malang Police and a team from the Office of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (P2TP2A) Malang Regency.

"We ordered the trauma healing team from the Polres of Malang Police with friends from P2TP2A to the homes of victims of abduction and sexual harassment in the Pakisaji area," explained Malang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yade Setiawan Ujung, Monday (09/24/2018 )
Yade revealed the presence of the trauma healing team could not be separated from the last condition of the Sobirin students. The boy who was still in elementary school was said not to have suffered severe trauma after being abducted by suspect Sobirin a few days ago.

"We hope the victims will not experience trauma. The information we received, last night the victim had difficulty sleeping and continued to deliriously ask to go home. So, this morning we sent a trauma healing team to visit the victim's house," Yade explained.
Previously reported, Sobirin brought the victims to camp in the hills of Poncokusumo, Malang Regency, starting from Wednesday (19/9) until they were caught on Saturday (9/22).

Sobirin is a temporary teacher (GTT) for extracurricular arts at the victim's school and lives in Karangduren Village, Pakisaji, Malang Regency. Sobirin's right calf was injured due to being hit by the hot lead of the officer during arrest.

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Measuring Jokowi's achievements

- What is the achievement of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) for the past 4 years?The immediate answer is infrastructure.Then what again?Yes, infrastructure.That was added by Minister Susi Pudjiastuti's achievements in maritime matters.Another?Yes, infrastructure.

Let's look in more detail at infrastructure.During 2014-2018 the government of President Jokowi had built around 3400 km of regular roads, plus 443 km of toll roads.In this case we cannot say this achievement is playing games.But, that is not without notes.The Brebes-Kendal toll road, which has been used twice for Lebaran homecoming, has not yet been completed.Likewise the Becakayu toll road.That is, there are still jobs that have not been completed.

There are 65 dams planned to be built, but only 29 will be completed in 2019.Hopefully nothing gets in the way that makes him stall, for example because he tripped over funding.Recently, due to the weakening of the rupiah exchange rate, the government was forced to postpone a number of electricity projects, part of the ambitious 35,000 megawatt electricity project.

About the electricity project, the government itself stated that its products are likely to be in vain, not absorbed, because there is a miscalculation of needs.The implementation of the project was also tainted by corruption.Jokowi's cabinet member, namely Social Minister Idrus Marham became a suspect.

Jokowi made a lot of things in terms of infrastructure.But, as exemplified above, there are just holes in those projects.But, let's just note that as Jokowi's achievements.

What's more?What about economic development?Targeted growth of 7% is not achieved.The growth rate is only around 5.5%.Inflation is under control, foreign exchange reserves are quite good.However, the trade balance deficit was somewhat out of control.The culmination was the decline of the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar.

Is this bad?Not too bad.In general, economic foundations are still good.But, nothing special can be noted as a prominent achievement of the Jokowi government.The APBN structure is still characterized by digging holes in the hole; add new debt to cover the deficit.One source of expenditure that must be closed is past installments that are due.

About employment, there is a slight decrease in the open unemployment rate.The lowest point in the previous administration period was 5.7%, with variations fluctuating over several years, currently the figure was 5.13%, down 0.57%.If the value of the change in the number used as a reference, SBY made more drastic changes, reducing the unemployment rate from 7.8% in 2009 to 5.7%.

About labor, there is an important note, namely foreign workers.There is no foreign workforce as large as the numbers circulating on social media.But, it also cannot be denied that the government has passed rough labor from China with discretionary facilities, violating the provision that only experts can be brought in from outside.Apart from the amount, this has caused jealousy in the community.

Poverty rate dropped to 9.8%, with poverty standard controversy.Regardless of the problem, there are things that are somewhat missed by the attention of the audience, namely, the hunger index.The number for this index is 22, the road is in place during Jokowi's administration.This number is in the "" category.In the past this number has been higher, but has also been lower.In addition, this figure is bad in Southeast Asia.We are only better than Laos and Myanmar, still lagging behind the Philippines and Cambodia, and far behind Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

In the matter of health, it is only recently that there have been outbreaks of measles and rubella.Measles cases have doubled over 2 years, from 2015 to 2017.Rubella sufferers increased 3-fold during the same period.Even though the case has declined in 2013.The government is struggling to quell the resistance of religious-based antivaksin groups.As a result, the level of vaccination in various provinces is only around 20%.In certain provinces there are even only 4%.

Meanwhile the BPJS fund deficit is also getting worse, so the government must turn upside down to cover it up.Finally it was reported that the deficit was about to be closed with cigarette excise.

What about education?We have not witnessed anything special during Jokowi's administration.There are 2 times the idea of ​​being forced to apply, twice the idea was rejected by the public, so the government stopped it.I don't know what is considered important by the government on the idea.The rest is nothing special.The mental revolution program that used to reverberate during the campaign was not clear after Jokowi became President.

Likewise with research and higher education.At the beginning of the cabinet's work period there was a desire to downstream research, strengthening links with industry, but what was heard in the media were silly explanations, describing the raw idea.In the end, what was heard was only the breakthrough of the Minister of Research and Technology of the Higher Education for illegal institutions, which was also only a momentary heat.

In the matter of eradicating corruption, in the early days of the Jokowi administration 2 KPK commissioners were forced to be inactive until the end of their term of office, because they were attacked by the police with a summary case.Throughout the reign of the KPK, corruption cases continued to be revealed.That is, there is no improvement in the mechanism of governance and political systems.Meanwhile corruptors can smile happily on their luxurious cells in Sukamiskin Prison.There is no adequate improvement regarding this matter.

Law enforcement is also not special.There is an impression that law enforcement is influenced by the interests of the authorities.Both Saracen and MCA cases sound bombastic at the beginning of the investigation, but lead to failure to prove in court.The perpetrators were punished lightly for the indictment which seemed to be forced.Likewise with Rizieq Shihab's sex case, which from the beginning looked strange, and led to the publication of SP3.Meanwhile, Meiliana had to be held in jail for 18 months for unclear cases, while those who burned houses of worship were punished lightly.

In terms of politics, the promise to form a lean cabinet was immediately denied when the first cabinet was formed.The determination not to share power is not reflected in the cabinet at all.On the contrary, this is the actual cabinet of power sharing.People are not competent to enter the cabinet, eventually they must be replaced. nor did it necessarily clear the cabinet, incompetent people were still retained.

Jokowi's success team members take turns in getting rewards in the form of BUMN commissioner seats.This is an old and corrupt tradition that Jokowi continued.State-owned enterprises that should be managed professionally are still maintained as a political arena.That was added to the selection of cabinet members who were increasingly slack because they had to accommodate political power.Idrus Marham escaped the cabinet, then became the first minister in the Jokowi cabinet who became a corruption suspect.

We can still make a longer list about the performance of the Jokowi government.But, as far as I can see this government is not special.There is no reason strong enough to say that Jokowi needs to be re-elected.Even Jokowi's supporters are aware of that.They only survived in the belief that the situation would be far worse if Jokowi lost, and Prabowo came to power.

The problem now is, can Prabowo's team skin every detail of Jokowi's weaknesses with accurate data, processed well, and presented intelligently?If you can, defeating Jokowi is actually not a problem that is too heavy.

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National Police Chief-Commander Accompany Wiranto Vicon Election Security

-Kololri Gen. Tito Karnavian conducts a video conference in the framework of Operation Mantap Brata Central Police 2018. Video conference (Vicon) is conducted at the National Police Headquarters, South Jakarta.

Tito conducts a video conference accompanied by TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Wiranto, and Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo.

AFP monitoring in Pusdalsis Room, National Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (09/24/2018), KPU Chairperson Arief Budiman and Chairman of Bawaslu Abhan were also present at the video conference. This meeting was held in order to safeguard the 2019 elections.

Video conferences were held to all levels of the Indonesian Police in Indonesia. In addition to the National Police Headquarters, there was also a video conference at the Metro Jaya Regional Police. DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan is scheduled to attend the Promoter Building, Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta.

Until this news is published, video conference is still ongoing. Video conference starts at 10.10 WIB and takes place closed.

[Gambas: Video 20 seconds]

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