Reduce Trucks 'Obesity', Kemenhub Add a Weigh Bridge

- Overloaded trucks or obesity are still found. Although logistics costs can be reduced because of carrying more goods, but the effect on congestion to accidents makes the operation of these trucks more efficient.

This makes the Ministry of Transportation through the Directorate General of Land Transport continues to expand the operational weighbridge to overcome the problem of over tonnage earlier. Director General of Land Transportation Kemenhub Budi Setiyadi said it will add to the operation of 43 more weigh stations across Indonesia until August 2018 to overcome the existence of the obesity truck on the road.

"So my weighbridge has been done some revitalization Until August will also operate 43 weigh stations across Indonesia.This reaches to Sumatra and Kalimantan," he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018) .

To ensure the operation of the bridge goes well and in accordance with existing standards and legislation, all weigh stations in Java have also been collaborated with PT Surveyor Indonesia. Its implementation is also done by e-Tilang in order to minimize the potential of illegal levies (illegal levies).

"Then it's about over dimension, but it needs process, right up to law enforcement aspect," he said.

Continue Budi, currently operating weighing bridges has cracked down on any truck proven to load goods more than capacity. There is no fine, but must lower the excess goods.

"And from the Indonesian surveyor side, in the contract of assistance with us it is indeed to reduce the goods," he said.

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IHSG Rebound, Dollar 'Taming'

- Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) this morning rebounded after all day yesterday weakened. US dollar is also starting to leave the level of Rp 14. 200

The US dollar exchange rate strengthened against the rupiah. The dollar is at the level of Rp 14. 180 compared to the position of last weekend that had translucent Rp 14. 200

In the preopening trade, JCI increased 33.774 points (0.59%) to the level of 5. 767.628. The LQ45 index also rose 8.509 points (0.94%) to 915.412.

Opening trading, Tuesday (22/5/2018), JCI moved up 42.284 points (0.74%) to level 5. 776,102. The LQ45 index also increased 9,384 points (1.03%) to 661,822.

At 09. 05 JATS time, JCI is still in positive zone with an increase of 36.429 points (0.64%) to level 5. 770.283. The LQ45 index rose 7,429 points (0.82%) to 914,332.

Meanwhile, major US composite stock indexes closed in positive territory on overnight trading. The Dow Jones index rose 1.21% to 25,013. 29, S & P rose 0.74% to 2.733. 01, and Nasdaq lifted 0. 54% to the level of 7,394. 04.

The strengthening of the index occurred as easing concerns of market participants about the potential for trade war between the US and China.

The movement of Asian stock markets this morning the majority are at negative levels. Here's the movement of Asian stock this morning:

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Problem Land Owned Rich People, Jokowi: Never For 1 Meter Pun

- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) acknowledged many conveyed to him the issue of concession land, which until now occupied by only the rich-rich only.However, the President actually questioned who divided it who?

"I never divide a meter, never.Instead we are trying now is the redistribution of assets and agrarian reform, "said Jokowi during a dialogue with the community in the Mosque Jamiatul Huda, Padang, West Sumatra, Monday (21/5) afternoon, quoted from the site Cabinet Secretariat (setkab.go) , Tuesday (22/05/2018).

According to Jokowi the current government only take abandoned land.There were also 12.7 million hectares, then concessions were given to groups of pesantren, mass organizations, individuals, and business groups.

We are not,

So until now, continued Jokowi, the data has been redistributed 1. 088. 000 hectares.Next year, the government is targeting to divide another 4.3 million hectares.

Jokowi confirms dividing the land is not easy.The government also does not want if the land where the concessions are distributed is unproductive.
"This has been distributed to be productive," he said.

Jokowi explains the division of land by the government is currently tight, because otherwise it will come back again, who have the same-that's all.

"We are talking for what it is that such an imbalance exists, yes," Jokowi said.
He added that gini ratio is currently 0.41, and in 3 years it has been lowered to 0.39.Although not easy to reduce inequality, Jokowi asserted, the entire cabinet tried hard to make what people complain about can be heard.

"I heard whispered to me, I went to my village also heard, I went to many areas to submit such complaints.I never sit in the palace for too long, I always go down, for what, yes to hear, "said Jokowi.
Although there are not true, there needs to be straightened out and that needs to be repaired, acknowledged by the President, a lot of which must be improved and must be addressed.Therefore, Jokowi invites the whole community to work together to improve this country, so hopefully the country of Indonesia can be better again.

Accompanying President Jokowi in this occasion include First Lady Iriana, Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung, Minister of Transportation Budi K.Sumadi, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Wantimpres Sidarto Danusubroto, Wamen ESDM Archandra Tahar, West Sumatra Provincial Governor Irwan Prayitno.
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After 6 Years, Suspension of BLTA Shares Will Be Open BEI

- The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has signaled that it will reopen PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (BLTA) trading. That way BLTA shares will be able to return to trading after years of freeze due to suspension.

Director of IDX Corporate Assessment Samsul Hidayat said the company itself has met with representatives of BEI. In addition BLTA management has also announced information disclosure and public exposure (pubex) to explain the sustainability of the company.
Almost all the requirements for its shares to be re-traded has been done. But according to Samsul there is one more requirement that must be done, namely to do the valuation of the fair price of its shares at this time. For BLTA own shares have been frozen since 2012.
"So there is a process end, there is something we have asked for them. We ask for mem-valuation of approximately (shares) at what price," he said at the Stock Exchange Building , Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

For price valuation process IDX asks to be conducted with an independent institution. The agency may be appointed by the company.
Stock BLTA itself when suspended in early 2012 was at Rp 196. When the stock dropped diputusan suspension because the company was unable to pay bank loans and bonds.
In an effort to restructure its debt, BLTA converting debt into equity through without a rights issue (non-ER) of Rp 1 trillion to Rp 11.93 billion shares.
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Want to Change New Money at Monas? It's the way

- A number of banks open new money exchange services in IRTI Monas Field area, Central Jakarta.This service runs from May 21-25, 2018.How ordinances new money changers here?
requirement for citizens who want to exchange money served in Monas only need to show identity cards (KTP) belongs to those who will be recorded by the clerk.This ID needs to be demonstrated to avoid repeatedly coming citizens.

Before the exchange of money, residents must line up in orderly orderly in the area already provided.The participating banks do service around 08.00 AM or 09.00 am and end at 14:00 pm.Once the service is opened, residents who are already in line will be given a ticket containing the queue number.
To obtain a queue ticket, they must show ID card first.After receiving the tickets, they can go to the mobile service of one of the banks freely.

Inside this mobile service is the transaction done.Here residents live to give a sum of money with a maximum nominal of Rp 3.7 million to the bank officer aka teller.

These banks provide money changers with denominations of Rp 20,000,000, Rp 10,000, Rp 5. 000, and Rp 2. 000.Residents can only exchange money with the composition of each denomination of 100 pieces of currency.
By redeeming Rp 3.7 million, residents will get each of these 100 pieces of currency.However, residents can also just exchange some of the necessary currency denominations.

Residents can not freely redeem money in services held for 5 days in Monas.One ID card (NIK) number only applies once on redemption with span of 3 days.Each day, each bank which totals 13, serves only 100 people.

For citizens who do not carry cash need not worry.The banks here also provide ATMs to withdraw the money to be exchanged.

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Deadly Accidents in Brebes Due to Marak Trucks 'Obesity'

- Deadly accidents in Brebes that killed at least 12 people became a deep concern for the safety of the world of transportation.Transport watchdog Djoko Setijowarno says the government needs to pay serious attention to overloaded trucks or 'obesity' trucks for safety on the ground.

The reason, during this truckloaded more obviously has given many losses for the community especially if there has been an accident like this.In addition to risk mitigation by enabling weigh stations, the transfer of goods using other lines such as trains and ships also needs to be reinvigorated.

"The more charge the minister should be serious.Do not delay any further loads.Directorate General of Land Transportation also can not walk alone, there is the Directorate General of Railways and the Sea, "he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018)

Travel travel is considered to be no longer effective by road travel already exceeds 500 km.However, according to Djoko, the transfer of goods transport by using other modes is also difficult because the amount of transportation costs compared to using land routes.
Logistics transport by train for example, the cost reaches 1.5 times land transportation.Djoko assessed that the tax charge for rail transport becomes the burden so that the use of train as logistic transportation is still secondary.

"Minister of Transportation should also talk to the Finance Minister, how the tax train does not have to exist so people want to ride the train.The train ride is now subject to 10% VAT, "he said.

This is evident from the realization of the number of freight vehicles using trains last year.PT Kereta Api Indonesia notes the realization of the number of freight transport throughout 2017, from the target of 39.9 million realized only 36 million.

In fact, the pattern of transporting goods with trucks so far has caused a large infesiensi.Inefesiensi one of them caused by the congestion caused by the trucking of goods with the truck, not to mention added safety effects.

"But the train is not expensive, because of the tax.Hence there should be synergy, between each Directorate General in Transportation, including to the Ministry of Finance.Because if the land is not effective anymore, must move to the train, "lid Djoko.

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Dwi Aneka Jaya Kemasindo Offered from Stock Exchange

- Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) has kicked out shares of PT Dwi Aneka Jaya Kemasindo Tbk (DAJK) from alias delistiing stock trading board. The reason is because the company has a bankruptcy status.

"DAJK is delisted because they are already in the stage that the company has gone bankrupt So there is no excuse," said Director of IDX Corporate Assessment Samsul Hidayat at BEI Building on Tuesday (5/22/2018).

The elimination of DAJK shares has also been in effect since May 18, 2018. Although already in- must complete the obligations that must be fulfilled company.
On 23 November 2017, DAJK has been declared bankrupt by Central Jakarta Commercial Court. This is because the court granted the proposed cancellation of a peace agreement by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) as the creditor.

Based on the consolidated financial statements of the company until the third quarter of 2017, DAJK is known to have debt to several banks amounting to Rp 870.17 billion. The bank's debts are included in the company's long-term liabilities which reached Rp 913.3 billion.

Details, debt to Standard Chartered Bank amounted to Rp 262.4 billion, PT Bank Mandiri Tbk amounting to Rp 414.26 billion, Commenwealth Bank Rp 50.4 billion, Citibank N. A Rp 26.6 billion, Bank Danamon Rp 9.9 billion.
There is also murabahah financing from PT Bank BRI Syariah with sub amount of Rp 106.4 billion. DAJK also has a finance lease obligation of Rp 28.14 billion and a financial institution of Rp 96 million.

While the total assets of the company until the end of September 2017 amounted to Rp 1.3 trillion. That number has decreased when compared to total assets at the end of December 2016 amounting to Rp 1.5 trillion.
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Luhut and Budi Karya Discussion Meeting on Kertajati Airport Project

- Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan held a coordination meeting with Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi in his office, Jalan Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018). The meeting discussed the Kertajati Airport Project.

Budi Karya himself has come to Luhut office at around 11:00 pm. Prior to Budi Karya, the Director General of Air Transportation of Kemenhub Agus Santoso was present.

They will discuss about Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, West Java. Based on the agenda of Kemenko Kemaritiman, the meeting was held at 10.30WIB closed.
Kertajati Airport itself is included in the National Strategic Project (PSN). The plan of West Java International Airport (BIJB) will begin testing on May 24, 2018.

Previous President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) ensure Kertajati Airport is ready to be used to serve the pilgrim flight 2018. In addition, Jokowi also ensure the airport this can be used to accommodate lebaran transportation aka mudik.

"The plan for this year's Hajj will be partially departed InshaAllah from this Airport Kertajati It has been prepared I asked to Angkasa Pura II ready, (airline) Garuda is also ready. already used, "said Jokowi some time ago while reviewing Kertajati Airport.

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Dollar Rp 14.200, BI Called the House

- Today the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo came to Commission XI DPR RI. In the agenda of the meeting the Governor of BI will explain the achievement of BI performance for the period 2013-2018 and the development of the rupiah against the US dollar.

Agus Martowardojo is wearing a black suit. He arrived at the House of Representatives building at 10. 05 am accompanied by BI Senior Deputy Governor Mirza Adityaswara, BI Deputy Governor Dody Budi Waluyo, Rosmaya Hadi, Erwin Rijanto and Sugeng.

In addition, a number of BI officials are also present such as Executive Director of BI Money Management Department Suhaedi, Executive Director of Monetary Management Nanang Hendarsah, Head of Finance Market Development Department Yoga Affandi, Assistant Governor of BI Filianingsih Hendarta, Executive Director of Communication Department BI Agusman .
The meeting was attended by 18 members of Commission XI from eight factions. Vice Chairman of the House Commission XI Hafisz Tohir opened the meeting at 11:00 pm.

"Let us open a meeting with the Governor of BI, and the meeting is open," said Hafisz in the Meeting Room of Commission XI DPR, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/5/2018)
also asked BI to submit explanations and exposes related to the development of exchange rate, monetary policy and BI performance for the period 2013-2018.

"We also ask BI to explain the development of Rupiah exchange rate against US dollar which almost touch Rp 14. 200," he added.
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Problem THR PNS, Sri Mulyani: Jokowi who will Announce

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that the certainty of holiday allowance (THR) for civil servants (PNS) will be announced directly by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). THR this year will be greater than the previous year.

"THR PNS later President (Jokowi) to be announced," said Sri Mulyani after a keynote speaker at the socialization of PP No. 14 of 2018 at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
Just for information, Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (PAN-RB) mention thaw disbursement of PNS can be disbursed H-14 or two weeks before Hari Raya Lebaran 2018.
PAN-RB Asman Abnur said until now the process of disbursement realization is still waiting for the legal umbrella signed by President Jokowi.

"Just do not slowly pay it later, that is the slowest it will be H-14 paid," said Asman.
Rules on disbursement of THR Civil servants who will be announced by President Jokowi will be contained in government regulations (PP). Meanwhile, the new beleid is also set about the amount as well.

The magnitude of THR PNS in 2018 is certainly larger than in previous years. Therefore, there are additional components namely the basic salary plus, performance allowance (tukin), family allowance. So the amount is not only the basic salary alone.
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Sri Mulyani Socializes Foreign Ownership Rules in Insurance

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati invites insurance industry players to socialize new regulations issued by the government.The rule is Government Regulation (PP) Number 14 Year 2018 on Foreign Ownership in Insurance Company.

Prior to socializing the new beleid, Sri Mulyani explained the realization of the economy until April 2018.
PP "14 Year 2018" was set on April 18, and he derived from the Insurance Act 2014, and to conduct this socialization becomes our mandate.Still, I want to convey the economic update of Indonesia first, "said Sri Mulyani when opening socialization event PP No. 14 of 2018 at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018). Mulyani said the realization of economic growth until the quarter I-2018 amounted to 5.06%, inflation rate 3.4%, SPN 3 months 4.1%, and exchange rate calendar year Rp 13. 631.

" We know the turmoil that continues and takes place due to global changes, and the US condition of the Fed, in terms of fiscal APBN we experience a real improvement the realization of budget deficit of Rp 55.1 trillion or 0.37% of GDP, this is lower than April 2017, and it shows our State Budget is getting better and healthier, "he explained.

" With these achievements we remain confident at the end of this year we keep the deficit about 2% according to the target of APBN Law.The government continues to improve the state budget management, not only credible but actively managing the economy, "he added.
In order to maintain national economic growth, Sri Mulyani revealed that the government will continue to boost investment by managing the investment climate well.One that is guarded is related to investor confidence in the country's economy.

Furthermore, the government will also take advantage of investment-worthy momentum issued by five international rating agencies for Indonesia.

"This is a good achievement but we are not complacent, we first grow especially in times of shock, which can not be controlled US condition, from their policy, which can control is its impact, we continue to cooperate with BI, , stability although there is room for adjustment, "he explained.
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Flyover Kretek and Truck 'Obesity' So Potential Death Crash in Brebes

- Truck death accident occurred in Brebes and killed 12 people and dozens more injured on Sunday (20/5) ago.The incident has added to the long list of accidents occurring in Kretek, which since its completion was built often takes casualties.

Transportation Observer Djoko Setijowarno says Kretek design that is not friendly for road users adds the potential for accidents for trucks, especially those with more charges.Because when passing the flyover, the driver tends to spur the vehicle at high speed after the climb, so for the full loaded vehicle and high enough speed will lose control.

"Kretek design is not good.It used to be very fast for just a few months.So from the prasarananya wrong, the ingredients are also wrong.The road is too steep, "he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Not just trucks loaded more, but regular vehicles have repeatedly experienced accidents in this path.Residents even had time to action the demands to the road to rescue paths built around it in order to avoid the frequent deadly accidents.

Before the deadly accident that happened on last Sunday, in March and even the same event also happened due to out of control which finally hit motorcycle, car and home and caused 6 people killed and 7 injured.

"So the cargo is more, consequently the brake is hard.Plus it supports the accidents there too, "said Djoko.
Meanwhile, Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setiyadi said the process of crime scene analysis is still done with the national transportation safety committee (KNKT) on Monday (21 / 5) then.Although reluctant to justify the contents of the accident from, but he acknowledged the design is less friendly for road users.

"It was started from Kretek bridge.There is already some sort of engineering effort there, where the bridge is divided into two lanes.But if you see the slope and the bend it is less ideal yes.From the direction of Purwokerto right turn while climbing, so go straight down again somewhat turn left.So maybe for the trucks that may be heavy load seems a bit shaky.Because it's a lot of accidents there.We will see what the consequences of that form will be, "he explained.

Arrow Sports Kretek itself is one of four that was built by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) in Brebes district in mid-2016-2017. to overcome the crossing of a railway that often inhibits vehicle traffic especially during Lebaran time.

Fourth was built in a short time.Its development has been done since November 2016 and it only takes seven months of development to be used during Lebaran 2017
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US Dollar Rp 14,200, Economist: BI Must Remove Other Policies

- Today the value of US dollar is recorded close to Rp 14. 200, based on data Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) dollar value recorded at Rp 14. 178.

Responding to this Chief Economist Maybank Indonesia Juniman explain The impact of tribal increase policy interest earned by Bank Indonesia (BI) is considered to require time to affect the value of the Rupiah against the US dollar.The strengthening of the dollar also occurs in other currencies.

He explained the weakening of the rupiah is also due to the outflow that occurs in the stock market and bond market.Juniman explained that the outflow occurs because investors are now looking at global economic conditions, such as The Federal Reserve raising interest so pressure for capital flows out of developing countries will be stronger.
Then current account deficit (CAD) also contributed to the weakening of the exchange rate.This is because imports are rising amid economic improvements but exports are limited.In addition, the balance of payments is also experiencing problems.

"In addition to this month is the season of dividend payments that also exacerbate the state of the exchange rate.So that impressed Rupiah weakened significantly when many factors, "said Juniman when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Juniman explains that the interest rate increase is not a guarantee for this exchange rate improvement.To support this BI must monitor the situation as financial market conditions.

"BI should also issue other policy mix to hamper interest rate increase policy.Such as macroprudential policy relaxation such as loan to value (LTV) / GWM so much liquidity because there is growth, "he said.

He revealed last year BI will issue spatial LTV but not be released.If LTV relaxation is executed then it can encourage the property and automotive sectors to drive growth.
If it is done it can all encourage positive sentiment to investors.But now BI raises interest but he does not do anything.

Juniman believes the exchange rate can go back to the range of Rp 13,700.However, it takes time, this is because in June and July there is still pressure but after that if BI monetary policy and do a policy mix then investor confidence will return.So that the end of the year the rupiah will return in the range of Rp 13. 700.

With the movement of this exchange rate a lot of outflow or capital outflow.This condition will depress foreign exchange reserves (cadev) but the inflow is very limited.From BI cadev RI data per April 2018 recorded US $ 126 billion.
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Sandi will Invite BEI President Director Discuss Sale of Anker Bir

- Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Uno will invite Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) Director Tito Sulistio to discuss the sale of PT Delta Djakarta Tbk (DLTA) shares.Sandiaga will explain to Tito the plan to sell shares owned by the Provincial Government of Anker Bir.

"We are ready (meet), we have coordinated.The president will go to Balkot (City Hall) to map the next steps, "said Sandiaga in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018). Sandiaga is sure to get the approval of DPRD related to the sale of shares the beer.He promised to comply with the prevailing rules of selling the Pemprov's assets.

"We convey that our plan is inshaAllah get support and approval from DPRD and we map steps together with IDX.After that OJK and other competent institutions.Because of this there are two laws that we must obey, one Capital Market Law, one PT Law, "he said.

Sandiaga said that the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan has been written to DPRD.He believes the meeting with the DPRD will be done as soon as possible.

"As of last week if the Governor has already written to the DPRD," he said.

Previously, President Director of BEI, Tito Sulistio viewed the attitude of the city government which announced specifically the plan is part of information disclosure attitude.Although the information related to the company usually affects the movement of stocks.
"It is in accordance with the rules of transparency, although that must first permit to the DPRD and officially declared openly," he said at BEI Building, Jakarta, Thursday (17/5).

But Tito is reminded to the city government, do not make a sudden announcement that the plan was canceled.Because then will again affect the market participants.

"I remind you please do not in- suddenly, it affects the market.There was a slight inaccuracy.If he speaks in terms of openness it is good, "he said
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JCI Continues to Drop, Wika Realty and 4 Other Companies Snooze IPO

- The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) noted that 5 companies have postponed their share listing plan in the first semester of this year. One of them is a subsidiary of PT Wika Realty Tbk.

Director of Corporate Assessment of BEI Samsul Hidayat said Wika Realty has informed that it has delayed listing of listing (listing). One reason is because of the turbulent market conditions.

"Wika Realty (postponed listing) because he was looking for more suitable momentum conditions," he said at BEI Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
The subsidiary of PT Wijaya Karya Tbk has actually held a due diligence. The company offers its share price in the range of Rp 195-255 per share.

The Company has also determined the initial offering period of the shares since April 24, 2018 to May 2, 2018. The period of public offering on May 14, 208, the allotment date May 15, 2018, stock distribution and refund of orders May 16, 2018 and share listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on May 17, 2018. Samsul also admitted, Wika Realty has not revealed when the listing of shares will be done. "I know baseball, there has been no official notice," he said.

Wika Realty has appointed BNI Securities, Danareksa Sekuritas, and Danatama Makmur Sekuritas as underwriters of securities issuers.

In addition to Wika Realty, Samsul revealed there are 4 other companies that also postponed the process of listing its shares.

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) itself is indeed in a fairly weak trend. If viewed from the position of the beginning of the year alone at 6. 339, JCI has fallen 9.5% to the close of trading yesterday at level 5. 733.
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Buy Train Ticket Up to 20% Off PRJ

- PT KAI Regional Operations (Daop) 1 Jakarta also enliven the Jakarta Fair 2018 event. In this exhibition, PT Daop 1 Jakarta gives discount tickets up to 20%.
PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta as the previous years re-enliven the Jakarta Fair by opening booth booth that serves the ordering and purchasing tickets KA, and exhibit its superior products.

More specifically, Jakarta Fair this time PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta will give a discount for visitors who purchase KA tickets at KAI booth, "explained Senior Manager of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta, Edy Kuswoyo in his statement to, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
Discount tickets are only valid for medium and long distance commercial train services. A 20% discount is provided for departure of train on Monday to Thursday, while a 10% discount is given for KA departures on Friday through Sunday and public holidays.

Discounts are valid for departure periods up to 90 days ahead Discounts are not valid for executive classes for departures May 23-May 31, 2018 and all train classes for departures June 5-July 1, 2018. Tickets discounts can be canceled and can be changed schedule, discount tickets can not be combined with other reductions or discounts, "he explained.

Giving a discount is done as an effort to improve the service of PT KAI to royal loyal users.

"Moreover, in the moment of Ramadhan month full of blessings, so for visitors who make purchases / reservations at KAI booth will get 10-20% discount depending on the day of departure," he said.
Event Jakarta Fair held from May 23 to July 1, 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Performances held as part of Jakarta City anniversary commemoration series.
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Be Careful Hoax, It's The Facts Thr Civilized PNS 2018

- The government continues to improve the welfare of civil servants (PNS) through the bonus given. As well as giving the holiday allowance (THR) and the 13th salary.

Ministry of Administrative Reform of State Civil and Bureaucracy Reform (PAN-RB) mentions, THR civil servants this year will be larger than in previous years.

Because, there are some additional components so that the THR received by civil servants is no longer just basic salary. In addition to THR, state servants will also get the 13th salary to be disbursed in July or when the new school year is open.

When the government prepares the legal umbrella of THR and the 13th salary, there are persons who use it by distributing false documents or hoaxes on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. The document is about the disbursement decision of THR and the 13th salary.

Here are the facts summarized:
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For the sake of New Money Exchange, Residents Far Come to Monas

- A number of residents willingly come all the way from outside Jakarta to exchange new money in IRTI Monas Field area, Central Jakarta. Banks since yesterday have opened a new money exchange service in the region, which expires on May 25.

One of the residents, Muliadi said he came from Ciledug, South Tangerang. Far away from there, he left early in the morning.

"I am from Ciledug, I am leaving the meal," he said when talking with, on location, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Himself was aware of a new money exchange service from banking in Monas area after reading the news in mass media.
Other residents, Leni also willingly far from Tangerang to Monas to exchange new money. He arrived at the location at around 06:00 pm, even though the new service opened at 08:00 pm.

"Up here at approximately 6 o'clock. Departing from Tangerang. Take a car here," he said.

He knows there is a new money changer service here from the information his friends tell him.

Meanwhile another resident who also exchanged new money, Situmorang, came from Rawamangun. But he's been waiting on the scene since morning.

"From half past 6 we're here, I'm from Rawamangun," he said.

He knows there is a new money exchange service because it often passes the Monas area.

"I often go through here to know there is a money changer.Observed from the road there is a car car bank," he added.

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US Dollar Leaves Levels Rp 14,200

- US Dollar (US) exchange rate began to tame this morning and leave the level of Rp 14. 200. Yesterday, the dollar had penetrated its highest level this year at Rp 14. 200.

Quotes Reuters trading Tuesday / 5/2018), the dollar exchange rate against the rupiah gradually decreased. US dollar is equivalent to Rp 14. 185 at 09. 24 this morning. Yesterday, the dollar continued to creep up from Rp 14. 175 to finally penetrate Rp 14. 200.

Temporary data quote Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (JISDOR) Bank Indonesia (BI) yesterday at the level of Rp 14. 176.

The increase in BI's reference rate, BI 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate to 4.5% has not been able to withstand the US dollar fluctuation against the rupiah.

Thursday, Bank Indonesia raised its BI rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 4.5% from 4.25%.

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New Money Exchange in Monas, Residents of Rela Come Finally

- A number of banks have begun to open new money exchange services in IRTI Monas Field area, Central Jakarta. Since morning residents have arrived, some even willing to leave after dawn.

One of the residents, Muliadi said he deliberately departed after the meal in order to quickly arrive at the location of the new money changers in this Monas area.

Wednesday, 22/5/2010 - "I'm leaving my sister, I'll be alone with my sister," he said when talking to the location on Tuesday (5/22/2018).
Self claimed to have arrived at the location since 05.00 pm although the new redemption service opened at 08.00 pm. That's what he did to get the earliest queue.

"I am here already waiting from 5 o'clock," he said.

Other residents, Situmorang convey the same thing, that he has arrived at the site since early morning. He arrived at the location around 06.30 pm. He left home when it was 4:00 AM.

"Departing from house at 4 o'clock, in order to be (can queue) front number, queue number will be divided but that is divided right coming first," he explained.

While Leni, met at the same location chose to leave home at 05.00 pm. He arrived at the new money exchange location at around 06:00 pm.
"Come here at 5 o'clock. Up here at about 6 o'clock," he added.
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IHSG Rebund, Dollar 'Taming'

- Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) this morning rebounded after all day yesterday weakened. US dollar is also starting to leave the level of Rp 14. 200

The US dollar exchange rate strengthened against the rupiah. The dollar is at the level of Rp 14. 180 compared to the position of last weekend that had translucent Rp 14. 200

In the preopening trade, JCI increased 33.774 points (0.59%) to the level of 5. 767.628. The LQ45 index also rose 8.509 points (0.94%) to 915.412.

Opening trading, Tuesday (22/5/2018), JCI moved up 42.284 points (0.74%) to level 5. 776,102. The LQ45 index also increased 9,384 points (1.03%) to 661,822.

At 09. 05 JATS time, JCI is still in positive zone with an increase of 36.429 points (0.64%) to level 5. 770.283. The LQ45 index rose 7,429 points (0.82%) to 914,332.

Meanwhile, major US composite stock indexes closed in positive territory on overnight trading. The Dow Jones index rose 1.21% to 25,013. 29, S & P rose 0.74% to 2.733. 01, and Nasdaq lifted 0. 54% to the level of 7,394. 04.

The strengthening of the index occurred as easing concerns of market participants about the potential for trade war between the US and China.

The movement of Asian stock markets this morning the majority are at negative levels. Here's the movement of Asian stock this morning:

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US Dollar Rp 14,200, Government Relaxed

- The US dollar (US) currency rages again. Rupiah was back lying.

Yesterday recorded US dollar has broken above the level of US $ 14. 200. The level is much higher than the position of the beginning of the year which is still below Rp 13. 500.

After a splash as the dollar US translucent Rp 14. 000, this condition will also affect the various sectors. One of them is the capital market sector.

However, Bank Indonesia (BI), the monetary guard looks relaxed to see the weakening of the rupiah. BI believes the rupiah is back to normal.

That is a summary of the news about the strengthening of the US dollar yesterday. Here's the summary:
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Rice Import and Troubled Data Trouble

- National food data is still problematic to date. In fact, this food data becomes an important basis for the government to take policy, including in the matter of rice imports.

However, the government in this case the Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Trade) declared to have issued import permit of 500 thousand tons. Previously, the Ministry of Trade has also issued import licenses with the same amount.

Chairman of the House Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) regretted the condition. Supposedly, he said, the government improves this food data. Here's more news.
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Start There New Money Exchange at Monas!

- Although the fast has not even a week lived, but a number of banks began to open a new money exchange service in the area IRTI Monas Field, Central Jakarta.

This event is held to serve the needs of cash, especially small fractions for the community during Ramadan and Idul Fitri 1439 H. Money exchange service is often open every year.

The number of banks that serve this money exchange consists of state-owned banks and private banks. They serve a money changer with an on-site car parked on site.

Here's more news:
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Susi Beberkan Disadvantage If Fishing Fish Ship Not Drowned

- Under the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Indonesian marine waters are strictly guarded. Susi did not pardon foreign ships operating illegally in Indonesian maritime territory.

His assertive attitude makes Susi not drowned the foreign ships that stole the wealth of the Indonesian sea.

Susi rate, tens of years has been Indonesia's marine wealth left just plundered by other nations. Though it can be optimized for the nation itself.

He also has a calculation of losses resulting from the theft of Indonesian seafood by illegal foreign vessels so far.

Here's more information:
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Financial Managing Strategies On New Business Starts

- Businesses are just beginning to be more frequent in confusion. Starting from the work system, accounting system and various procedures.

But this time more focus on finance in small business start from income, expense, profit and loss and so on.

This is not easy, because many entrepreneurs who went bankrupt and not because of failure in doing business but failed in managing their finances or accounting.

Here's the strategy:
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Surat Utang Negara Online is Rp 800 Billion

- Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) Ministry of Finance noted SBR003 SBR retail book SBR003 has been booked up to Rp 800 billion from target Rp 1 trillion.

"So far good from the side of the order above above about Rp 800 billion," said Director of Government Debt Loto Srinaita Ginting at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).

Lotto says, the purchase figure above Rp 800 billion was recorded during the day.Where, the order process has been done by way of online.Regarding the investor who bought it, the DJPPR is still in the record.
So far we still see from the side of the region there from central Indonesia, east, west outside Jakarta also exist.DKI is indeed always big, but from the side of the region's participation is all there, "he added.

The order of SBR003 reached Rp 800 billion was recorded from first launched on May 14 and opened until May 25, 2018.Minimum order for this government bond amounting to Rp 1 million with a multiple of Rp 1 million.Then maximum order of Rp 3 billion.Interest or coupon given 6.8% per annum with a period of 2 years.

Coupon payment will be made on the 20th of every month.The first coupon payment was made on June 20, 2018.For people who are interested to invest in this SBR003 can contact 9 distribution partners who have been assigned to serve purchase orders directly through the bank's electronic system.
The sellers include PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA), PT Bank Mandiri Tbk, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BNI), PT Bank Permata Tbk, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI ), PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk, PT Bareksa Portal Investasi, PT Star Mercato Capitale (tanamduit) and PT Investree Radhika Jaya.

Lotto revealed, the Ministry of Finance opitimis SBR003 ordered online can be translucent Rp 1 trillion or as targeted.In fact, it did not rule out will increase the number of issuance. "Based on midis input (distribution partner), because the new platform and need the education process so the target of Rp 1 trillion, with today's development has reached Rp 800 billion, the possibility of target Rp 1 trillion could be exceeded," he closed.
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US Dollar Translucent Rp 14,200, BI: It's Back Normal

- Bank Indonesia (BI) mentions that the condition of the financial sector and the national economy is still stable and not to worry about. Although the United States dollar exchange rate (US) had penetrated to the level of Rp 14. 200.
Arrow Economic, / 5/2018).

Agus assess the movement of the US dollar value is also due to sanctions plan provided by Uncle Sam's country not issued at the time of nuclear talks.
Another reason for the strengthening of the US dollar is also because of the positive sentiment towards the economy of the superpower.

The increase of the 7 Days Repo Rate reference rate by 25 basis points (Bps) to 4.5% is sufficient to stabilize the national financial sector, as coupled with other monetary policy mix. "This is consistent to maintain the stability of Indonesia's financial system amid the uncertain world situation, but certainly we can not escape from the condition of exchange rate against other world currencies especially with US $," said Agus.
Agus added that the condition of US dollar exchange rate that had touched Rp 14. 200 would not return Indonesia as the crisis in 10-20 years ago.

Indonesia's current economic condition is much better than 10-20 years ago.

"Judging from the foreign exchange reserves, the condition of the banking capital which is at the level of 22%, bad loans below 3%, and the existence of LPS that guarantee deposits.We just do KSSK and riview all and we see all in a state stable, "he closed.
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Use This Technology, Chilli Farmers No Need to Worry During Rain

- Rainy season sometimes become a constraint for chilli farmers to plant in the field because the risk of harvest failure always haunts lovers of chili pepper Indonesia.However, the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) provide the solution with rain shelter technology (plastic lid) that has been applied in some centers of chili peppers.

"Chili one of the strategic commodities of horticulture which was boosted in the era of Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman.During this time seasonal chili production, while the needs are relatively the same throughout the year.The hood technology is one of the permanent solutions of chili so it can be planted throughout the year, so that the production and supply are stable all the time, "said Director General of Horticulture, Kementan Suwandi in a written statement on Monday (21/05/2018). , Suwandi admitted directly to the field to make sure the technology has been applied by mukti farmer group in Sukamaju Village, Rancakalong Subdistrict, Sumedang.He added that the technology is very simple but the resulting impact is remarkable, including guaranteed production and crop failure can be minimized.
"So, this technology is simple, as the secret can plant chilli all the time.This technology we are encouraged to be replicated to all centers of chilli and vegetable production throughout Indonesia, "said Suwandi.

Aseng, Chairman of Mukti Farmer Group as well as the best chilli farmer group Sumedang District explained that many benefits of plastic cover that he felt during this.

The first, overcome the constraints of fruit diseases so as not to get a patek.Then, able to reduce labor costs during plant maintenance in the rainy season, and more economical cost of sanitation.

Furthermore, it can support the application of environmentally friendly cultivation and can reduce the frequency of pesticide users in the field.And ensure the success of the harvest during the rainy season with no rontoknya fruit, moisture awake, and fertilizer in the field is not easily lost due to rain.
Not only that, cultivation will become more economical and efficient which can reduce production cost and easy to apply.Finally, the production is much higher than without a lid.Production is relatively stable between seasons and during the rainy season the selling price is better.

Aseng added that the cost of production with bamboo hood, plastic mulch total of Rp 30 million per hectare is not much different from planting without hood.While with a hood that uses the main ingredient of iron circle, durable to 20 years, the cost can reach Rp 90 million per hectare.

"Yes net profit could be more Rp 50 million per season.Alhamdulillah yesterday I leave umrah plus from chili sustenance, "he concluded.
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Until When are US Dollars Might Against Rupiah? This is BI word

- Bank Indonesia (BI) considers the United States dollar exchange rate (US) which had translucent Rp 14. 200 is still fit alias desired by the national financial market.BI Deputy Governor Dody Budi Waluyo said the weakness in the rupiah due to global pressure is still strong, as well as US economic data also experienced significant improvements.

"Some makronya data grow faster than we anticipate.Secondly, in the euro there is also a weakening that strengthens the US dollar.So this picture shows that global conditions attract weakness in regional currencies including Indonesia, "Dody said in the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).
Dody calls this national monetary authority remains are in the market to maintain rupiah stability by not resisting the direction of national financial market movements.Therefore, the US dollar value of Rp 14. 200 is desired by the market.

"I think the current level is still fit for the rupiah, of course we keep the rupiah and foreign currency liquidity, so we intervene in the market and SUN.This means that the current level for existing calculations, meaning the rupiah is the market wants at that level, of course we still try to stabilize and this stability is the fundamental value that we must see, "he explained. when the strengthening of the US dollar occurs, Bank Indonesia does not know it.What is clear, said Dody, the adjustment of the 7 Days Repo Rate reference rate into rupiah depreciation drugs.

"It was our consideration to increase 25 bps.What is the lack of data dependence, we continue to assess how the market moves, how the external impact, and if that's why instability continues, we can make stronger efforts, we do not know (until when), "he added. < br>

Nevertheless, Dody said, investors' interest in state bonds (SUN) remains high.Therefore, the spread or range of yields between government's obiligation is still at the level of 4.2-4.3%.

"It should be positive for foreign investors with no risks in the domestic, the spread is now quite wide.Depreciation around per day below 0.2-0.3% is still closed their return, growth is also still awake, "he closed.
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US Dollar Translucent Rp 14,200, BI: It's Back Normal

- Bank Indonesia (BI) mentions that the condition of the financial sector and the national economy is still stable and not to worry about. Although the United States dollar exchange rate (US) had penetrated to the level of Rp 14. 200.
Arrow Economic, / 5/2018).

Agus assess the movement of the US dollar value is also due to sanctions plan provided by Uncle Sam's country not issued at the time of nuclear talks.
Another reason for the strengthening of the US dollar is also because of the positive sentiment towards the economy of the superpower.

The increase of the 7 Days Repo Rate reference rate by 25 basis points (Bps) to 4.5% is sufficient to stabilize the national financial sector, as coupled with other monetary policy mix. "This is consistent to maintain the stability of Indonesia's financial system amid the uncertain world situation, but certainly we can not escape from the condition of exchange rate against other world currencies especially with US $," said Agus.
Agus added that the condition of US dollar exchange rate that had touched Rp 14. 200 would not return Indonesia as the crisis in 10-20 years ago.

Indonesia's current economic condition is much better than 10-20 years ago.

"Judging from the foreign exchange reserves, the condition of the banking capital which is at the level of 22%, bad loans below 3%, and the existence of LPS that guarantee deposits.We just do KSSK and riview all and we see all in a state stable, "he closed.
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BPK will Hold an Additional Audit on Rice Import

- The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) will conduct additional audits related to rice imports. Meanwhile, the government has just issued a rice import permit of 500 thousand tons.

Member of BPK Rizal Djalil said that this audit will be done immediately to overcome rice problems.

"Yes Kementan (Ministry of Agriculture), we have done audit of all factors of production of fertilizers and all of them .. Ministry of Trade (Ministry of Commerce) specifically about the import of rice nah it has been submitted several things that need to be improved in the future. will conduct additional audits, related to rice imports, "Rizal said at the BPK Jakarta office on Monday (21/5/2018).
He said, this audit will be done thoroughly. Audits, among others, will target business processes, supply chains, including the price of rice.

"Covering from the business process, supply chain, including data base Including the price also, buy where, in Thailand we will check," he said.
Rizal added that import policy should be based on Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data. He also requested related imports to involve all stakeholders.

"The government should import the data based on the data of BPS, what food is available, how much it needs, the new import is set, so do not let the ministry involved in the procurement of food is not fully involved, that's all."
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Susi Want Sentra Fishery in RI Equipped Platform Aircraft

- Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti wants every Sentra Marine and Fisheries Integrated (SKPT) in Indonesia has runway facility alias runway plane. The goal is to support the activities in the fishery center.

"Because the runway brings us to the world and the world to us The road on the 50-kilometer island does not a bring to anywhere." But the 1 kilometer airport can take us to the world and the world to us, "said Susi at the Office of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).

It's just that the idea has not been realized. The reason he judged there will be parties who do not agree with the idea.

"If I love the idea 'oh Susi's mother wants to make Susi Air to get in there," he said.

However, according to the centers of integrated fish processing it is appropriate to have adequate facilities. While that there is currently recognized Susi still needs to be improved.

"SKPT that my target is not suitable, integrated marine and fishery center on the outer islands island, should be in each center, one fisherman with 100 vessels under 5 GT, 2 transports, one coldstorage minimum 200 tons , and a freezer, one runway, "he continued.

Susi also admitted from every policy that he issued not 100% running well. Still needs to be done.

"As a professional with my professional standards, what I do is far away, I may just reach 50 percent," he added.
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USD Translucent Rp 14.200, Luhut: Not to be Afraid

- Today the dollar exchange rate reaches Rp 14. 200. Responding to that, the Coordinating Minister for the Ministry of Marine Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan said it is still in line with the world economic movement so no need to worry about.

According to Luhut, the government still believes that economic fundamentals are very good. This is in line with the global economic movement.
Currently he values ​​all the world currencies following the movement of the dollar. So there is nothing to worry about the public.

"Rupiah Rp 14. 000 per US $ 1, but Indonesia's economic fundamentals are still very good and still very confident If we look at the American economy is also moving We must face this issue, during the Growth event at Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).

"The dollar I think it is ok because he is still parallel to the weakening of the world's curency so not our own that suddenly rose so I think there is nothing to worry about," he continued.
Meanwhile, Senior Analyst Binaartha Sekuritas Reza Priyambada said the weakening of the rupiah increased the burden of movement of the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG). Market participants are believed to be choosing to stay away from the stock market.

The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz The market participants will always out of the market, they hold themselves to go in. They will wait at the next level, "he explained.
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PGN Pertagas Acquisition, No Reduction Employee

- PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Persero) Tbk will acquire PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) as the next stage holding of BUMN Migas.The integration of the gas business is to boost the economy and national energy security through the management of connected gas infrastructure from western Indonesia (Arun) to Eastern Indonesia (Papua).

President Director of PGN Jobi Triananda Hasjim said that the change in PGN status which is now a subsidiary of Pertamina and Pertagas will not harm employees who work in both companies.He ensured there was no reduction in employees at the two companies despite some efficiency in the business process.
"Things are definitely asked about the fate of workers.We make sure we will maintain the composition of existing employees.So the employees stay focused on work and there is no change in compensation and benefits.PGN with its position and Pertagas also with its position.We also guarantee the worker development program will be in accordance with the plan, "he said in a press conference at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).
All workers are currently there is no change in compensation and benefits for employees.In addition, PGN and Pertagas employees also continue to have equal opportunities in employment development programs, including workers' rights and obligations as stipulated in the Joint Working Agreement.
This is also true in Pertagas.Pertagas Commercial and Business Development Director Indra Setyawati said it still needs additional employees for the project to be operated by the company.

"Pertagas currently has a total of 359 employees covering 6 areas, Sumatera to Kalimantan 359 people currently operate our 4 subsidiaries and still need people.So no need to be off-lay because there is still for development again, "he concluded.
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Pertagas Acquisition Value by PGN Determined June

- As a continuation of the formation of Holding of BUMN Migas, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) and PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas) will conduct integration.Part of this integration is PGN will acquire Pertagas as part of a subholding of oil and gas led by Pertamina.

Director of Investment Planning and Risk Management of Pertamina Gigih Prakoso said that Pertamina and PGN are currently finalizing the best integration mechanisms for both companies.PGN will then hold an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) with the shareholder approval agenda on the value of material transactions related to such integration.

"We are still in the process of integration, June 29, there will be a company's EGMS, PGN's shareholders agree on the value of Pertagas assets to PGN.This is all, just wait for the integration process only, "he said in a press conference at the Ministry of SOEs, Monday (21/05/2018)
The Pertagas acquisition by PGN carried out as an advanced stage after Holding BUMN Migas officially standing.The integration of the gas business is to boost the economy and national energy security through the management of connected gas infrastructure from western Indonesia (Arun) to Eastern Indonesia (Papua).

The value of the acquisition itself has not been mentioned until now.After the integration process is completed, it is expected that PT Pertamina as a holding BUMN oil and gas can give authority as well as directing subholding gas to spearhead gas business in Indonesia.

"Pertagas will be integrated as a subsidiary of PGN, with the legal basis of holding is PP 06 Year 2018," said Gigih.

There are three stages in integration towards the vision of being a world class oil and gas company.First is the readiness of integration that is targeted to be completed within 100 days.Then the expected completion in 2-3 years, then form the targeted achieved within the next 5-6 years.
Through this integration, the holding of SOEs Oil and Gas is expected to produce a number of benefits such as creating efficiencies in the natural gas business chain so as to create more affordable gas prices to consumers, increasing capacity and volume of national natural gas management and increasing financial performance of holding state-owned oil and gas company.

Then increase the role of oil and gas holding in strengthening oil and gas infrastructure in Indonesia and save investment cost with no duplication of infrastructure development between PGN and Pertagas.
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US Dollar Rages Again, BI Policy Signs Are Not a Effective Medicine

- US Dollar (US) again hit the Rupiah currency. This afternoon the US dollar has broken through the level of Rp 14. 200.

According to Senior Analyst Binaartha Sekuritas Reza Priyambada, the weakening of the rupiah became evidence of the decision of Bank Indonesia (BI) to raise BI reference rate 7 days repo rate to 4.5 not effective. The decision was also taken too late.

"Rising interest rates are not a panacea to help the rupiah, especially since yesterday interest rate hikes occurred after the rupiah was deep enough, so people have under estimate first BI came to raise interest rates It's unfortunate decision BI delay, "he said when contacted on Monday (21/05/2018).
Reza sees BI should not delay raising its benchmark interest rate until the rupiah is dropped to Rp 14,000. According to him, the Rp 13.800 level should be a warning for BI.

"The decision to change the interest rate does not have to be done on the predetermined schedule of RDG It can be done when it is necessary Just look at it from Rp 13.400 to Rp 14.00 first new BI raise interest rates. Rp 13.800 should be anticipated to raise interest rates, "he said.

Even so according to Reza Indonesia's macroeconomic conditions are also less supportive. The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recently released data that in April 2018 there was a deficit of up to US $ 1.63 billion.

"It is also feared by market players, while elsewhere especially the US economic data is gradually getting better," he said.
Therefore, according to him, the government should seek efforts to boost exports in the trade balance. How to provide stimulus to the industry.
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Day 5 Ramadan, Home Dry Cake Entrepreneur Start Flood Order

- High level of public consumption during the fasting month is often used by a number of traders to seek sustenance.

As now, ordering cookies for Lebaran has started to be done, it is said one of the Dry Pastry Entrepreneurs in Kwitang Region, Central Jakarta Yuli.
He admits on a typical day he can only sell 10- 20 cookie jars but now he can sell 40-50 cookie jars during the fasting month.

"if usually about 20 jars, now when fasting can be doubled," he said to the Dry Cakes Production Locations in Kwitang Area, Monday (21/05/2018).
Various types of pastries provided Yuli since before the fast, the strength of pastries can last up to more than a month.

In addition to selling pastries in the form of jars, its customers who also mostly have been regular customers for many years also often buy the cake in kilos and per cans.

"Until now most of the jars because it's a lot of want for the brothers to his brother is easier, but if the cake is big canned it must buy toples again," he said.

For the price per kg Yuli describes the various cakes she sells from Rp 40,000 to 90,000.For types of cat tongue and syringe cake sold at Rp 40. 000 / kilogram.

Then for the types of pastries such as kastengel, chocolate, nuts and nastar sold at Rp 90. 000 / kilo.

"This one can weigh 8 pounds, so stay according to buyers just want to buy how much, because here the cake sold per kilo also exist," he said.
Assuming the purchase of nastar kastengel and chocolate type for superior product one can be sold for Rp 720. 000.With the price of Rp 700. 000 customers can already mendapakan cake so with a total weight of 8 pounds ready to eat during Lebaran,
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Residents Asked to Change Land, Regent Has Not Given Permit for Salt Land in NTT

- PT Garam (Persero) plans to expand 225 hectares (ha) of land in Kupang, but the Hak Guna Usaha (HGU) has not been approved by Kupang Regent Ayub Titu Eki.

Job has not been able to agree on HGU for PT Garam because people do not want compensation given in the form of money. People want the land replaced by land.

"Ask the community, because the people there do not want to sell the land principle, people want to be given money, but the land is right now, there if the problem of siblings' siblings can be killed because they consider the land part of their lives, "Ayub said at the office of the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Jakarta, Monday (21/05/2018).
"Yes it is a problem in the HGU that is the issue of stastus that is not clear there, if you want to be resolved to be solved with society," he continued.

Director of Operations of PT Garam, Hartono, said there are currently 225 hectares (ha) of 75 hectares in Bipolo village and 150 in Nunkurus village which is the current problem.
"HGU-related discussion is waiting for permission from his regent, the extent of 225 hectares, in Bipolo 75 hectares and 150 hectares in Nunkurus," he explained.

Hartono adds 75 hectares of land currently still used by the community for fisheries. While the 150 hectare land is still abandoned
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Dollar Makin Perkasa, IHSG Weakens to 5.733

- Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) continued JCI's weakening trend to close trading this afternoon in line with the strengthening of the United States dollar

The US dollar exchange rate strengthened against the rupiah.The dollar was at the level of Rp 14. 176 compared with the position of last weekend that had transluced Rp 14. 075.

On the trade, IHSG shrank 4. 068 points (0.07%) to 5. 779.242.The LQ45 index fell 1.025 points (0.11%) to 917.869.

Opening trade, Monday (21/5/2018), JCI moving stagnant tends to weaken 2.127 points (0.04%) to 5. 781.183.The LQ 45 Index fell 0.946 points (0.10%) to 917.948.

At 09. 05 JATS time, CSPI weakened deeper.JCI fell 19.497 (0.35%) to 5. 763.268.The LQ45 index fell 6.672 points (0.74%) to 912.218.

The weakness still continues until the break this afternoon.JCI fell 41.735 points (0.72%) to 5. 741.575.The LQ45 index fell 10,386 points (1.13%) to 908,508.

The weakness of 7 stock sectors dragged JCI into negative zone.Financial sector stocks fell deepest with the weakening reaching 1.88%.Foreign infestor recorded net sale reached Rp 792.13 billion with majority of selling target finance sector shares.

Today's stock trading is moderate with 364 trading frequency shares. 503 times transactions of 9.0 billion pieces worth Rp 8.7 trillion.

Meanwhile, the main index of US stock exchange closed mixed with the majority closed lower on the weekend trade yesterday.The Dow Jones Index stagnated at the level of 24,715, the S & P weakened by 0.26%, and the Nasdaq fell 0.38%.

The decline occurred along with the meeting between the US and China, where market participants then take anticipatory steps.The concerns arise due to the long-term uncertainty and the lack of agreement between the two countries.

The movement of Asian stock market this afternoon the majority are in positive level.Here are the movements of Asian bourses this afternoon:
Stocks that rose significantly and entered the ranks of which is, Indo Tambangraya (ITMG) rose Rp 650 to Rp 26. 650, Indocement Tunggal (INTP) rose Rp 550 to Rp 17. 250 , Astra Agro Lestari (AALI) rose Rp 525 to Rp 13. 025 and Erajaya (ERAA) rose Rp 200 to Rp 2. 350.

The stocks included in the list include Gudang Garam (GGRM ) decreased Rp 675 to Rp 66,550, United Tractors (UNTR) fell Rp 525 to Rp 35.300, Semen Indonesia (SMGR) decreased Rp 350 to Rp 8. 350 and Tjiwi Paper Factory (TKIM) decreased Rp 300 to Rp 11 700.
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OJK Has Frozen 5 Multifinance Companies License

- The Financial Services Authority (OJK) until May 2018 has suspended business activities (PKU) of five finance or multifinance companies. This is done because the companies have violated the provisions of OJK.

Deputy Commissioner of Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB) OJK Muhammad Ichsanuddin explained that the number of registered finance companies in OJK is 191 units. His condition is still quite good.

"Of the 191 companies that 88% healthy and healthy, not only the sick, there are 5 companies that get the 'love letters' and the termination of business activities from OJK," he said in a discussion in Building OJK , Monday (5/21/2018).
He explained that the five companies will continue to be monitored by OJK for continuation of action. Whether the business license will be revoked or the company continues its operations.

"The consideration is they are revoked iziinnya, or they can meet some rules that we require," he said.

The five companies are PT Asia Multidana, PT Capital Link Finance, PT PANN Maritime Financing, PT Kembang 88 Multifinance and PT SNP Finance.
Ichsan explained that OJK's health examiner team has given light and heavy sanctions to 8 companies. According to him, this is given because there are companies that are late in submitting the financial statements, its shareholders are not responsible, the health of its financing ratio decreased to PKU.
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Members of BPK: There is Import of Rice, But Prices Do Not Also Dropped

- The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) does not question the government's policy to import more rice, which is why the import of rice has been imported, but prices in some places have not gone down.

The fact that imported rice should be able to push the price in the market.

"If the government decides it is necessary to import it please, BPK will not enter the realm because of the government domain, but note also if the harvest we import 1 million tons, Bulog has conducted market operations, the question is the price does not go down Also ask the swaying grass, what is really happening, "said BPK member IV Rizal Djalil at the BPK Jakarta office on Monday (21/5/2018).
Rizal advised that import policy should be done carefully. He also asked the government to coordinate to import the rice.

"So please import but do by taking into account the real, opinion of the ministry responsible for the procurement of food," he said.
Rizal also hopes Budi Waseso as Director of Perum Bulog also solve the problem of rice imports.

"We hope with the new Head of Bulog, this problem can be solved well," he said.

In addition, the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) again issued rice import permit of 500 thousand tons. Previously, the Ministry of Trade also issued import licenses with the same amount. Thus, total import permits that have been issued amounted to 1 million tons.

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