4.330 Km Trans Papua Road Guaranteed to be Connected All in 2019

- The government ensures that a total of 4. 329.5 km of trans-Papua road will be fully connected by 2019. The length of the road is a combination of Trans Papua road in the province of Papua which along the 3.259.45 km and Trans Papua road in West Papua province along the 1 070.62 km.

It is delivered by Director of Road Network Development of Directorate General of Highways Rachman Arief Dienaputra when met at the Ministry of PUPR, Jakarta, Tuesday (27/2/2018).

"The year 2019 is Trans Papua all translucent, it must be finished, 4. through 4. 330 km," he said.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-3889629/4330-km-jalan-trans-papua-dijamin-tersambung-semua-di-2019
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