After Salat, Thousands Jemaah Yusuf Mansur Open Savings Bank Muamalat

- Ustaz Yusuf Mansur today brought thousands of congregations to the headquarters of PT Bank Muamalat Tbk. They come to open accounts simultaneously.

The pilgrims who are mostly PayTren partners have come since this morning. Bank Muamalat has also provided some customer service (CS) in the main lobby of the building to assist the data collection process of account opening.

One of the partners of Roman Paytren claimed to get the invitation through a short message. Hearing his goal to help finance Bank Muamalat he immediately agreed.

"We are from the PayTren community, we are invited to open an account together with the reason for the development of its own Muamalat.Looking customers nabung elsewhere, as Muslims are shariah while Paytren is also sharia, so it fits," he said. After performing data collection, the pilgrims are directed towards the mosque located on the 20th floor of Muamalat Tower. Thousands of prospective customers of Bank Muamalat also seemed orderly following the congregational prayer zuhur.

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