Insurance Never Gives Advantage To You

- If you are a person who expects profit from insurance, then you are misplaced wishing. Whatever the insurance company and any of its products, as long as it is an insurance product intended to compensate, your insurance product will not benefit you.

Right, you do not read wrong. This is in accordance with the principle of indemnitas in insurance. Under this principle, the insurer positioned itself as a financial product for loss reimbursement up to the maximum limit and not for profit. Thus, the insurance company will only provide compensation for its customers in accordance with the losses suffered.

If you suffered a loss (for example) in the form of the back of a dented car because it was hit, then the insurance company will only replace the limit of the loss without any additional. Typically, the insurance company will only provide reimbursement for repairs to restore your car to its original state.

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