Rumah Dp Rp 0 Cancel Groundbreaking, Anies: Who Says Today Who?

- The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta canceled the groundbreaking of DP Rp 0 house program in Rorotan, North Jakarta. The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies said there is no further plan related to the groundbreaking of DP Rp 0 house.

"Who told me today (Groundbreaking) who also? So why I said yesterday I am not commenting, who said today No plans yet (Groundbreaking)," said Anies at Haji Asrama Building, Pondok Gede, Jakarta East, Wednesday (28/2/2018).
Anies has not been able to explain in more detail related DP house Rp 0 in Rorotan. Even when asked if there are obstacles in the program house DP Rp 0 in Rorotan, Anies said there is no house program DP Rp 0 there.

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