Chairman of OJK: Bank's Capital Improved at the Beginning 2018

- Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Financial Service Authority (OJK) Wimboh Santoso ensure the condition of banking in early 2018 in good condition.This is reflected by one of the Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at 22.67%.

"The bank's ability to improve is reflected in CAR, strong capital ratio at 22.67% level," Wimboh said after the Financial System Stability Committee (BI) meeting in Bank Indonesia (BI), Central Jakarta, Monday / 4/2018).
Credit risk seen from the ratio of performing loans (NPL) is also still at safe level, below 5% and tends to decrease.NPL decrease along with bank consolidation.

"In addition, credit risk is observed well below the threshold well below 5% decreasing trend.Along with the consolidation of the banking industry, "said Wimboh.

The Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB) is also well recorded.The condition of the capital market is still fairly good despite the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) declining lately.

JCI's downfall is caused by external factors.However, this is not to worry about because the domestic economic conditions are still pretty slick.

"OJK monitoring developments and looking at the financial services sector, volatility in the stock market, financial services sector affected by external turmoil.Domestic capacity is still high as the improvement of the domestic economic outlook and also still maintained, "said Wimboh. financial system.He said the amount of customer deposits in banks tend not to change significantly.

"The first quarter of April is the movement of deposits in our banking relatively normal no symptoms of excessive withdrawal of funds," said Halim.

The amount of bank deposit interest has decreased based on LPS observation.

"In the context of the movement of deposit interest rate until now the deposit interest in the bank that became LPS referral has a downward trend, previously despite the slopes, especially in BOOK III and IV banks tend to slope and there is a possibility of increased," said Halim .
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Telkom's Profit in Q1-2018 Down 14.26%

- PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TLKM) posted a Rp 5.73 trillion net income in the first quarter of this year, but the figure fell 14.26% compared to the same period last year. In 2017 the TLKM-coded stock issuer posted a net profit of Rp 6.69 trillion.

Launching the company's financial report from information disclosure on Monday (30/4/2018), the company's actual revenue increased from Rp 31 trillion to Rp 32.34 trillion.
Unfortunately in the posts the average load increases. As operating expenses, maintenance and telecommunications services rose from Rp 8.29 trillion to Rp 10.24 trillion.

So does the other loads. So TLKM's operating profit was down from Rp 12.49 trillion to Rp 10.87 trillion.

The total assets of the company also rose from the end of 2016 to Rp 198.48 trillion to Rp 206.6 trillion at the end of March 2018. While the total liabilities remained unchanged from Rp 86.35 trillion to Rp 86.45 trillion .
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BKPM Called Many e-Commerce Not yet Reported Investment

- Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) stated that many business actors in e-commerce sector still have not reported their investment realization data. Though the sector is considered potential. "Frankly my impression is that the data on e-commerce investment is still not reflected in BKPM figures," said BKPM Head of BKPM, Thomas Lembong at BKPM office, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

Thomas says that business actors in the e-commerce sector are still many who are not yet accustomed to reporting investment data. Therefore they failed to make Investment Activity Report (LKPM).

"They failed to register the LKPM report, and I really understand that all e-commerce companies are very new, young, and still not familiar with administrative obligations, so I can really understand," he said.

Nevertheless, Thomas still asks the perpetrators of e-commerce to be able to keep reporting results of his LKPM. That, he argues, for the good of e-commerce industry itself in contributing to the realization of Indonesian investment.

Therefore, Thomas said that he has assigned his staff to pursue the perpetrators of e-commerce who have not reported data.

"I have assigned BKPM officers to pursue the perpetrators of e-commerce because the numbers announced by them are huge," he said.
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Last Meeting with Agus Marto, This is Sri Mulyani's Message

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani today held a meeting with the Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK) today.The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Financial Services Authority (OJK) Wimboh Santoso, Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo and Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) Halim Alamsyah.

The meeting was also the last meeting of KSSK with Agus Martowardojo who was soon returned from his post as Governor of Bank Indonesia.

"This is the last KSSK meeting with Pak Agus, it should be a good love," he said at the meeting on Monday (20/4/2018).
KSSK is a forum containing financial policy stakeholders in Indonesia who specially tasked to discuss and find ways out to maintain financial system stability in Indonesia.

Sri Mulyani says, so far, the role of Agus Marto as Governor of BI in KSSK is very important with the task of maintaining the stability of the banking system and the control of the rupiah.For the role of Agus Marto, Sri Mulyani thanked him.

"I am the chairman of KSSK to express my gratitude and high appreciation (to Agus Martowardojo).As a friend we lost, but we will also meet with Pak Agus in another function.Thank you Pak Agus, "explained Sri Mulyani.

In this meeting, discussed about the rupiah exchange rate that experienced weakening lately.Inflation rate in the first quarter of 2018 until the end of the year is believed to remain at the level of 3.5% plus minus 1%.
Sri Mulyani says there are some external factors that need to be alert and feared to impact to the stability of Indonesia's financial system, among others, the planned increase in US Federal Fund (FFR) rate, developed country policy, the impact of US and Chinese trade wars, to geopolitical risks.

"I want to emphasize KSSK synergy coordination of close cooperation let alone faced with an increasingly dynamic external conditions.In terms of FFR policy, developed countries policy, US-China trade war, geopolitics are external risk factors to watch out for, "Sri Mulyani said.

In addition, there are also domestic risks that need to be scrutinized, among others, the development of exchange rates rupiah and domestic economic stability

We will continue to improve from each party and domain owned, "said Sri Mulyani.
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Sri Mulyani Ensure Financial Stability RI Controlled

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the condition of Indonesia's financial system stability in the first quarter-2018 was under control.This was agreed by the Financial System Stability Committee (KSSK), among others Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Financial Service Authority (OJK) Wimboh Santoso, Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo, and Chairman of LPS Commissioner Halim Alamsyah.

"Stability is stable and controlled in quarter I-2018 despite facing mounting financial market pressures, especially at the end of April 2018," said Sri Mulyani at BI Building, Central Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018) .
The financial system is stable, continued Sri Mulyani, supported by strong economic conditions and the performance of financial institutions and issuers are stable.This was agreed in the KSSK meeting at BI building this afternoon.

"Our financial system is steadily under control supported by strong economy, good financial institution, performance of emiten in stable capital market.That's the conclusion of KSSK meeting in quarter I-2018, "said Sri Mulyani.

This meeting also discussed the exchange rate of rupiah weakening lately.Inflation rate in the first quarter of 2018 until the end of the year is believed to remain at the level of 3.5% plus minus 1%.

Economic growth is believed to be growing supported by consumption and exports.Indonesia's economy is expected to grow 5.4% this year.

"The momentum of economic growth continues, consumption and exports are maintained.Economy is expected to be maintained in 2018 at 5.4%, "said Sri Mulyani.
The current account deficit is still below the 3% level of gross domestic product (GDP).Foreign exchange reserves (cadev) is currently at the level of US $ 126 billion which is still considered safe.

"Resilience of the external sector with foreign exchange reserves of US $ 126 billion in trwiulan I-2018.Cadev is quite close to 7.7 months of import plus government foreign debt payments.This is international over three months, "said Sri Mulyani.
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Government Can Find Alternatives To Infrastructure Cost Through This Way

- The National Economic and Industrial Committee (KEIN) sees Indonesia's opportunities in The Belt and Road Initiative or One Belt, One Road (OBOR), especially in infrastructure development which is the focus of the government of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla.

Vice Chairman of KEIN, Arif Budimanta, said the government continues to develop infrastructure to boost exports and investment which is the main axis of Indonesia's economic growth.

Government boosts infrastructure development by establishing 245 projects and 2 programs as National Strategic Project (PSN).PSN requires funding of Rp 4. 197 trillion with funding sources from the state budget of Rp 525 trillion, BUMN / BUMD amounting to Rp 1.258 trillion, and private sector amounting to Rp 2.41 trillion.

"The amount of fund gap needs can be met through OBOR.Indonesia can optimize the existence of three financial institutions established by China to facilitate the financing of infrastructure development within the framework of OBOR to obtain capital, "he said in a written statement on Monday (30/4/2018). which was built by the government is a toll road, toll road, double track railway, to a special economic area to boost export and investment performance.

So the development in the era of President Joko Widodo is inline with OBOR plans.Its development is on the track to keep growing well among emerging markets and other developing countries, "said Arif.

One of the infrastructure projects in Indonesia included in OBOR is the Jakarta-Bandung rapid train project.The project is an effort by the Chinese government to promote the high-tech sector as well as promote China's standards in engineering and machinery.

Nevertheless, he continued, Indonesia needs to reconsider what projects are accommodated by OBOR.According to him, infrastructure projects that can access China directly benefit more than connecting intercity in Indonesia.
"The projects should be direct to China so bring Indonesian manufacture.Should also be linked to the maritime axis so that it can provide great benefits for Indonesia as a maritime country, "said Arif.

He continued, OBOR should also be a momentum for Indonesia to improve Indonesia's trade balance with China.Based on data from the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia's trade balance with China experienced a deficit in the last eight years with increasing numbers.In 2017, the trade balance recorded a deficit of US $ 10.88 billion, reduced by 20% from the previous year's position.

"Indonesia must be observant in utilizing this OBOR, one of them by making the opportunity to narrow the trade balance with China, for example by building a free trade area," he said.

In addition, China's goal to build OBOR is to make its country the center of manufacturing development.It should also be utilized by Indonesia in the framework of expanding employment.

"If exports rise, not only to China alone, then the performance of domestic industry will increase."OBOR is a project initiated by China and will pass through 65 countries, involving 4.4 billion people and is worth about 40% of total global GDP with bilateral schemes.The project will connect Southeast Asian countries with provinces in South China via ports and railways.
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If Plus Family Benefits, THR Civil Servants So How Much?

- Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (Kemenpan-RB) proposed the number of holiday allowances (THR) 2018 for civil servants and pensioners plus.Kemenpan-RB proposed THR 2018 plus performance allowance (tukin) and family allowance.

If this proposal is approved, what is the approximate amount of THR Civil servants this year?

Pursuant to Government Regulation No. 30 of 2015 on the Seventh Amendment to Government Regulation Number 7 Year 1977 Regulation Salary for civil servants, basic salary for employees with the lowest level ie group IA with a working period of 0 years is Rp 1. 486. 500 per month.
While for the highest level of group IVe with a working period of 32 years, the basic salary of Rp 5. 620. 300.

trying to make a simulation of civil servant THR plus tukin and family allowance based on income of civil servants Tax Directorate General of the Ministry of Finance.According to Presidential Regulation 37/2015 on Employee Performance Benefit In Directorate General of Tax Environment, tukin lowest tax employee Rp 5.361.800 / month.

As for the highest position of echelon I structural officials amounting to Rp 117. 375. 000 per month.With that calculation, the salary amount consisting of basic salary and performance allowance of the Directorate General of Taxes, the lowest Rp 6. 848. 300 per month and the highest Rp 122. 955. 300 per month.
Meanwhile, family allowance is regulated in Article 16 of Government Regulation Number 7 Year 1977 whose contents to the married / married civil servants are given 5% wives / husbands allowance from the basic salary, provided that both husband and wife domiciled as civil servant, then this allowance is only given to those who have higher base salary

Family allowance given to civil servants who have children or adopted children who are aged less than 18 years, have never married, do not have their own income, and real to be dependent, given a child allowance of 2% of basic salary for each child.Please note, child support is provided for a maximum of 3 children, including 1 adopted child.

With the rule, civil servants who have a spouse with a working period of 0 years family allowance of Rp 74. 325 or 5% of basic salary.So THR earned Rp 6. 922.625.
While for civil servants who have a spouse with a working period of 32 years then the family allowance of Rp 281. 015 or 5% of basic salary.So THR obtained for Rp 123. 236. 315.

It should be noted, this is just a simulation course and the new government proposes and has not been decided by the Ministry of Finance as state treasurer.
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Government Asks Local Government Not Many Priority Programs, Enough 5

- The government asked the local government not to make too many priority programs. Minister of National Development Planning (Bappenas) / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro said the program should be a maximum priority of 5.

"Firstly the area should be sharper in making focus So do not make that priority to 10 or more. 5 as we do at the central level, "said Bambang after the National Development Planning Congress (Musrenbangnas) at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

According to Bambang President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) wants the budget allocation of priority programs to be used on target, not just for the budget according to the number of work units.
As the President's request, according to Bambang, in some areas began to reduce the number of priority programs from 5 or 6.

"So there has been an impact of the president's many times in Musrenbang , "he concluded.
In the opening of Musrenbangnas President Jokowi asked central and regional agencies to prioritize eifisiensi, one of them plan priority programs appropriately.

"In Musrenbangnas I invite both Ministries, Institutions, Local Governments to push efficiently together We do a focused planning There is a priority scale of 1, 2, 3 is enough Do not be project-oriented. Keep pushing the simplification, simplified simplicity, "explained Jokowi.
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Removed from the Managing Director of Waskita, Choliq Became the Cement Commissioner of Indonesia

- Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) of PT Semen Indonesia Tbk (SMGR) decided to distribute 40%. The meeting also approved the change of board of commissioners and directors.

Corporate Secretary of Cement Indonesia Agung Wiharto explains, shareholders agreed to distribute dividend of Rp 805.68 billion or about Rp 135.83 per share. "The equivalent of 40% of our net profit in 2017 amounted to Rp 2.01 trillion, and the rest will be used to support operational activities," he said at BEI Building, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
This meeting also accepted the resignation of Independent Commissioner of the company Djamari Chaniago and dismissed honorably Commissioner Hambra. While from the directors name Ahyanizzaman also been dismissed from his position as Director of Marketing and Supply Chain.

To replace the empty space in the Commissioner's seat, the company appointed former Managing Director Waskita Karya M. Choliq as Independent Commissioner and Hendrika Nora Osloi as Commissioner.

"While Mr. Adi Munandir was appointed Marketing and Supply Chain Director," he added.
The composition of commissioners and directors of Cement Indonesia:

Commissioner: Sutiyoso
Commissioner: Hendrika Nora Osloi Sinaga
Commissioner Sony Subrata
Commissioner: Astera Primanto Bhakti
Commissioner: Wahyu Hidayat
Independent Commissioner: M Choliq
Independent Commissioner: Nasaruddin Umar

President Director: Hendi Prio Santoso
Director of Business Strategy and Business Development: Fadjar Judisiawan
Director of Finance: Doddy Sulasmono Diniawan
Director of Marketing and Supply Chain: Adi Munandir
Director of Engineering and Projects: Tri Abdisatrijo
Director of Human Resources and Law: Agung Yunanto
Director of Production: Benny Wendry
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BKPM Boss Called Indonesia Shortage of English Teachers

- Head of Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Thomas Lembong said Indonesia still lacks various professions in the IT sector such as programming, to the teaching profession or English teacher.

Thomas believes that the shortage of labor affects the realization of Indonesian investment.According to him, the shortage of labor is urgent enough.

"I love the example, one of the most severe shortage skills, IT experts, programing, coding, skilled people in IT is increasingly rare and expensive.This is related to TKA, "Thomas said at BKPM office, Jakarta, Monday (4/30/2010)." One of the most high-profile segments of TKA we need is from India, because India it has a large number of skilled workforce in the IT sector.Not many people know that even today our players in e-commerce outsource a lot of IT contractors in India, "he continued.

In addition to the IT sector, Thomas continued, that Indonesia also lack English teaching staff.In fact, English is needed to sustain growth in the tourism sector which reaches 20% per year.

"So we need English teachers who tend to be from India and the Philippines," he said.
He said, the need of foreign workers for English teachers is because Indonesian people who are good at speaking English prefer other professions than being a teacher.However, Thomas can not mention how many needs of the profession.

"Because Indonesian people who are fluent in English tend to work in banking, or in e-, legal, insurance or other consultants, whose income is higher than being an English teacher," he explained.
"So we lack English teachers, so fill us imports from the Philippines, from india, which is cheaper than our own people," he concluded.
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Still Boycotted, Rini Soemarno Can Called House of Records Problem?

- SOE Minister Rini Soemarno is still boycotted by House of Representatives Commission VI because the recommendations issued by Pansus Pelindo II.Nevertheless, the House of Representatives could still make a breakthrough with Rini concerning the recording of conversations with PLN President Director Sofyan Basyir who allegedly related to the share of the project's fee.

"Whereas despite the prohibition due to the recommendation of the Pansus Pelindo, the DPR can take a breakthrough step to summon Rini Soemarno.There is a bigger problem related to the alleged serious violation of national oil and gas governance, "said the Treasurer of the House of Representatives PDI Faction, Alex Indra Lukman, in his statement on Monday (30/4/2018). said the breakthrough by the House of Representatives Commission VI needs to be done because of alleged serious violations committed Rini also involve his family.

"The involvement of his older siblings Rini, if this really happened, is clearly contrary to the orders of President Jokowi.The involvement of siblings is against ethics and even has the potential to break the law, "said Alex.

For the calling of Rini, continued Alex, Commission VI just ask to the House Deliberation Council to schedule the decision in the plenary session. "Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of Commission VI of the House of Representatives, Inas Nasrullah said that his party would summon SOE Minister Rini Soemarno and PLN President Director Sofyan Basir .The call was made to clarify the circulation of recording allegedly conversations between Rini and Sofyan.

"After the recess of Commission VI will call PLN Director and Minister of SOE to request clarification of the recording," said Inas.
The recording in question is a telephone conversation that allegedly sounds Rini and Sofyan.By phone, both discussed the division of Pertamina and PLN project fees.

In addition, there are also talks that mention Ari's name.There has been no clarification from Rini and Sofyan, including from officials in the SOE.

According to Inas, it will be difficult to get an explanation related to this issue from the level of directors.Therefore, Commission VI chose to directly call Rini and Sofyan to give an explanation.

"No one will dare to complain, because complaining means being fired," said a member of the House of the Hanura Party Faction.

Previously, circulated recording talks Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno with PLN President Director Sofyan Basyir.In the recording since Friday (27/4/2018) that, Rini and Sofyan talk about "share-sharing" which, according to Sofyan, is still too small.

In fact, PLN, say enough meritorious to the business.Sofyan had mentioned the name of Mr. Ari, mentioned in the alleged recording narration of Ari Soemarno.It is unclear as to what PLN is fighting for the company's shares that have been facilitated.The conversation is uploaded in two videos.However, in the second video, there is a missing Sofyan sentence.

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Money Supply Reaches Rp 5.394 Trillion in March

- Bank Indonesia (BI) releases economic liquidity or money supply data in the sense area (M2) in March Rp 5.394.9 trillion grew 7.5% compared to the February period which grew 8.3%.

The central bank calls the slowing growth in the money supply in all components of the money supply.The quasi-money component grew 6.2% (yoy), down from the previous month's 6.7% (yoy) growth.

As for the money supply component in the narrow sense, it grew by 11.9% yoy, lower than the previous month which grew 13%.

"Other components in the form of securities other than stocks also recorded a slowdown in growth," wrote the announcement of BI quoted on Monday (30/4/2018).
Based on the factors that influence, M2 growth slowdown is influenced by the government's financial operation and net foreign assets.

Growth of net bill to Central Government (Pempus) recorded 5.9% (yoy) in March 2018, down from 10.1% (yoy) in the previous month.

The tax and income reporting period of global sukuk issuance contributes to growth.Net assets in March 2018 grew by 9.3% (yoy), lower than the previous month's 13.6% (yoy).

However, M2 growth slowdown stalled by banking credit channeling in March 2018 which grew by 8.5% (yoy) or recorded Rp 4.768.8 trillion, higher than in February 2018 which grew 8, 2% (yoy).
Loan interest rates and saving deposits decline in line with continued transmission of Bank Indonesia policy rate cuts.In March 2018, the weighted average of bank credit interest rate was 11.18% or decreased 9 basis points from the previous month.

Meanwhile, time deposit interest rate with 3-month tenor was 5.88% lower than 5.97% in the previous month.Then for the 6 months interest rate of 6.29% lower than the previous period of 6.4%.Then for 12-month deposit interest rate 6.46% down compared to the period of February 2018 6.56%.
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Kalla Group in Projects Talked about Rini and Boss PLN

- The discussions of SOE Minister Rini Soemarno and President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir leaked in social media.In the recording, Rini and Sofyan discuss the LNG project in Bojonegara, Serang, Banten to be built by PT Bumi Sarana Migas (BSM).

Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) said that the project started in 2013, or before he became Vice President accompany President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).The project was initiated by a company owned by Kalla Group which is planned to be in cooperation with PT Pertamina (Persero).

"Yes, the project started in 2013, before I became Vice President.So it's a purely private project, "said JK at Vice President's office, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Monday (4/30/2010) .JK explained that Ari Soemarno's name mentioned in the related conversation with a discussion of the estimated gas deficit in West Java in 2021.This LNG Regasification Terminal infrastructure project will be built with a high level of reliability and competitive compared to the existing terminals in Indonesia and in the region.

"This is to explain also why there is Mr. Ari in there?Because there is such, in 2013 that we discussed, there is a problem that will occur in 2020/2021, the gas around West Java is exhausted, "said JK.
Terminal Land Regasification Project LNG with an investment of about Rp 10 trillions will be fully financed by shareholder capital fulfillment as well as loans from Japanese Financial Institutions, comprising the Japanese Government Financial Institutions and Japanese Banking. However, this energy supply project is ultimately unrealized because it is not yet believed to be able to provide optimum profit for both Pertamina and PLN
JK added that regasification facility is needed to distribute gas from project location to West Java.In addition, there are also considerations using terminal floating terminal alias to distribute gas.

"But the terminal costs a lot of money.Check them out, US $ 3 per mmbtu, this is half and more guaranteed.So the conversation, I know that there is no talking about it, the element of arranging the PP it was, "said JK.
JK explained, Ari's name is called because he is a gas expert and a team of experts, so no discussion of project fee

Where the government in this case SOE how many shares, not how much he got Mrs. Rini.There is Mr. Ari, because Mr. Ari is an expert on gas.So invited to become a team of experts.So nothing to do and that time Rini has not become minister, so it has nothing to do, "said JK.
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Minister of Transportation Please Additional Lebaran Leave Leave Performed

- Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi asserted he consistently chose to continue the decision of additional holiday leave with Hari Raya Lebaran 2018 for 3 days.

Currently, the government opens the opportunity to evaluate the decisions contained in the joint decree (SKB) 3 ministers due to inputs from various circles, one of them entrepreneurs.

Consistently, said Budi, signifies the firmness of the government in making decisions.

"So if I am consistent (continued)," Budi said at the office Kemenko PMK, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
Budi calls business actors of the transportation sector themselves do not feel objection and have been intensively socialized by the Ministry of Transportation related to additional leave with Lebaran.

"No (there is a problem), if the logistics I have coordinated, because the event was a holiday, Priok (port) keep going, logistics does not matter, we keep working," he said.
According to Budi, the government's decision to add time off with Lebaran this year was one of them to anticipate congestion. Therefore, the government has a bad experience that there is tremendous congestion at the door or known Brexit.

However, Budi claimed to be awaiting the results of the evaluation conducted by the government associated with the additional leave of Lebaran this.

"It's just a matter of consideration, so we'll see again," he closed.
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Traders Ngaku Kapok Sell Equipment Sadap Origin China, This is the reason

- The rise of selling tapping tools in online stores today is not without reason.The number of requests from the public that makes the supply of tapping tools of various types and forms are constantly imported directly from China.

However, from the high interest of buyers will need tapping tools.The quality of tapping tools is not as sophisticated as described in the description and function.This is what makes one of the online tap tool traders Oman kapok to sell tapping tools that are later known, poor quality and easily damaged.

"Yes it is actually a lot of stuff that nyari.Only yesterday that I stop selling because the goods are easily damaged.The tool is actually from China yes, there is no brand as well.Actually it can (message), only if damaged it so can not go back.So if it returns, it can not, "he said to via telephone interview on Monday (4/30/2010).

Oman who claimed to have a direct complaint from the consumer must replace all goods returns from uanganya alone, for not receiving the return item.As a result Oman must lose money to return consumer damaged goods that can not be returned.

"Yeah I'm also confused yesterday that a lot of nawar-nawar and asked about the tapping tool.If there is a broken it often returns and I am confused I finally changed myself.So instead of, later (troubled), so I stop also take the goods disuplier, "he said.

For information, recently recorded conversations Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno and President Director PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir viral.The tape was a shock to the public, allegedly involving the issue of 'fee-sharing'.

The conversation was allegedly tapped by someone.Conversations that become viral are apparently recorded by sound-type tapping.
From the data collected, there are various types of tapping tools, ranging from simple tapping devices such as voice recorders and hidden cameras in various forms could have been found easily in Glodok, but currently can not be found in the article is already prohibited for sale in general in the market.

Although it is not sold offline, currently many online stores that sell goods tapping tools that are sold in general.From these conditions Oman still does not sell tapping tools, although more and more peddling tools tapping into crowded buyers in online stores.
"It's my suppliers are also already selling in the online store as well.If the suppliers do not want to know yes if you want me.He if you want to send the item in the test as well but fit nyampe do not know it can be durable what not.He sent me to my driving to the buyer, do not know the buyer was pakenya how it suddenly broken ya how ya.I can not guarantee good stuff.Otherwise there are also tuh that form the pen, "he said.
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Rini Recording with PLN Leaked Director, JK: It's Not about Fee

- Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) said recording conversations Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno with President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir leaking to the public is not a problem.JK ensures the contents of the conversations in the recording are related to investment with the private sector.

"I know very well that it is not a problem.It's just a matter of how well managed, "said JK at the Vice President's office, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta, Monday (4/30/2010) .JK affirmed that the recording had nothing to do with it by giving.He also ensures that knowing exactly the contents of the conversations in the recording.

"So there is no business, just how, build something investment with the cooperation of government agencies, private, therein lies.Just set its stocks there is little difference of views, no matter.I know that well, "he said.

JK explained that the project of gas supply company to Pertamina started in 2013 before he became Vice President.The project is purely private.

"Yes, the project started in 2013, before I became Vice President.So it's a purely private project, "he said.
This is to explain also why there is Mr. Ari in there?Because there is this, in 2013 we discussed, there is a problem that will occur in 2020/2021, the gas around West Java is exhausted, "he added.

Due to the depletion of gas supply in West Java, the gas are imported from other regions.For that required regasification facilities.

"Regasification of his name, and it will happen later 2020/2021 deficiency of it.If there is no this facility, it will be a problem.The two did exist before, the terminal, but the terminal was expensive.Check them out, US $ 3 per mmbtu, this is half and more guaranteed.So the conversation, I know that there is no talking about it, the element of pp was that, "he explained.
The talks in question is how many shares owned by the government in this case BUMN.

which he got Bu Rini.There is Mr. Ari, because Mr. Ari is an expert on gas.So invited to become a team of experts.So nothing to do and that time Rini has not become Minister (SOE), so there is no relationship, "he said.
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Government Claims Investors Not Worry about Indonesia's Political Condition

- Head of Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Lembong assessed the political season ahead of the 2018 General Election (Pilkada) 2018 and 2019 Presidential Election (Pilpres) is considered not much affect investment activities in Indonesia.Investors are even more worried about the bureaucratic and licensing reforms promised by the government.

Thomas says reform of licensing and economic reform becomes the determinant factor for investors to invest their capital in Indonesia.Because, many investors are still not satisfied with the reforms made by the government.

"Actually from my discussions with big investors, especially, Pilkada 2018 and Pileg 2019 have not become a big factor in determining the investment plan.The big factor is the momentum of reforming the licensing and economic reforms that are currently not fully satisfactory, "he said at BKPM office, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
Thomas, the government must continue to make new breakthroughs to attract investors to increase investment into Indonesia.

For example the matter of the president's regulation (Perpres) about foreign workers (TKA) is not perfect.He considered that the regulation is only limited to speed up procedures for foreign workers can work in Indonesia and reduce illegal and uncertainty.
"But with this alone the noise is half dead.So, in spite of it frankly from the side of the modernization of the economy and encouraging investment, we must push for greater breakthroughs than we have produced so far, "he said.

While for the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) reduction of Corporate Income Tax or so-called tax holiday, Thomas assesses that the maximum incentive of 20 years on the rule is still lower than Vietnam and China which has been giving tax holidays for decades for 30 years. "But I am quite relaxed about fiscal incentives, because Mrs Finance (Sri Mulyani) said not to worry if the need for FMD will continue to be revised until we can catch up with us from neighboring countries.So this PMK is a good start, but do not stop here.There must be a radical breakthrough, "he said.
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LABEL : [bkpm, foreign investor]

Racing 1% Over, JCI Agreed 6,000 Again

- The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) moved positively to open trading earlier this week.Reinforcement lasted until this afternoon.JCI closes at 5. 994.

The US dollar exchange rate against the rupiah today is still high.US dollar is at the level of Rp 13. 900 compared to the previous position at Rp 13. 880.

In trading, the JCI rose 17.837 (0.30%) to the level of 5. 937.075.The LQ45 index rose 4.473 points (0.47%) to 950.111.

Opening trade, Monday (30/4/2018), JCI rose 25.601 points (0.43%) to level 5. 944.839.While LQ45 index rose 5,510 points (0,58%) to lllevel 951,148.

At 09:05 JATS time, JCI increased 38.442 points (0.65%) to level 5 957.680.LQ45 Index climbed 8,085 points (0.85%) 953. 723.

Pause this afternoon IHSG managed to maintain its positive rate.JCI grew 37. 025 points (0.63%) to 5.956.263.The LQ45 index rose 7.902 points (0.84%) to 953.540.

The more the afternoon, the more powerful JCI.JCI drove 75.35 points (1.27%) to 5.994.595.The LQ45 Index climbed 12.775 points (1.35%) to 958.413.

Strengthening JCI boosted positive 8 sectors led by strengthening shares of basic industry sector which rose by 2.09%.A total of 248 shares rose, 158 stocks fell and 94 shares stagnated.

The stock trading was moderate with 395 trading frequency. 764 times the transaction of 8.7 billion shares worth Rp 7.3 trillion.Foreign investors recorded net sales of Rp 565.27 billion.The highest position that was listed by JCI was at 6,005,879 and the lowest at 5. 936,527.

Meanwhile Wall Street's main index closed flat at the weekend trade yesterday.Dow Jones index weakened limited 0. 05% to 24.311 level. 19, S & P rose 0. 11% to a level of 2.669. 91, and the Nasdaq edged up 0. 02% to 7,119. 80.

The limited movement is one of them due to concerns of market participants responding to the release of growth data of US GDP which decelerated to 2. 3% (QoQ) where kuartalsebelumn ya by 2. 9% (QoQ).

While the movement of the majority regional exchanges are also in the red zone.Here are the movements of Asian bourses this afternoon:
Stocks that rose significantly and included Gudang Garam (GGRM) rose Rp 1. 525 to Rp 69. 325, Bank Central Asia (BBCA) rose Rp 600 to Rp 22. 100, Indah Kiat (INKP) increased Rp 600 to Rp 13. 200 and Tjiwi Paper Factory (TKIM) rose Rp 575 to Rp 10,300.

While the stocks that enter the ranks of which are, Dian Swastika (DSSA) fell Rp 2. 475 to Rp 10. 000, Adira Dinamika (ADMF) to Rp 725 to Rp 8. 575, Indah Perkasa (INPS) decreased Rp 650 to Rp 1. 960 and Indo Kordsa (BRAM) Rp 600 to Rp 6. 400.
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Watch Out! There Email DJP PLEASE Request Important Data

- Directorate General of Taxation (DJP) Ministry of Finance urges the public to be careful with the circulation of electronic mail (e-mail) that asks the recipient of e-mail to verify through links (links) provided in the email.

DGT confirms that the e-mail is not originating from him and information of interference with the DGT system delivered in the e-mail is incorrect.Technology information system and DGT database are not impaired and there is no loss of taxpayer data (WP).

"The recipient of the e-mail is advised not to click on the link listed on the e-mail and does not include important taxpayer data including Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), and account password DJP Online on sites other than the official site of the Directorate General of Taxes, "said Director of Counseling Services and Public Relations DJP Hestu Yoga Saksama in a written statement, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
Currently, the DJP is investigating the spread of e-mail is indicated a phishing attempt.Phishing is a fraud to get important data from other people by sending messages via email, SMS, or other channels on behalf of official agencies such as DGT and requesting potentially important information to be misused.

DGT advises the public / WP to always be vigilant and cautious in doing activities in the network (online) including in conducting financial activities and taxation.
"Avoid clicking on links that come from unclear sources, and always make sure the address in the browser is the correct address.The DJP Online address that should be listed on the browser or link is https: // djponline. tax. go. id , "Hestu says.

If the public / WP finds anything suspicious or has a question and needs more information, visit www. tax google id or contact Kring Tax on 1500 200.
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Premium Bus Fare at Karawaci Toll Gate Rp 20.000-an

- Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) will provide premium bus when odd is evenly applied at the Karawaci Toll Gate 2. Tariff for the premium bus is around Rp 20 thousand.

"The rate is around Rp 20 thousands," said Head of Public Relations BPTJ Budi Rahardjo when contacted, in Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

Budi explained, for the tariff will be submitted to the bus operator. That is, the bus fares apply according to market mechanism or according to its service.
He continues the premium bus intended for the replacement of private cars, so in terms of service is better than regular buses.

"Our target private vehicle users, if regular is not segmentnya.If the regular stands, if premium there is a seat of the facility in such a way that more comfortable than regular buses," he explained.
He said, a number of bus operators expressed interest in providing premium bus services. The operators include Sinar Jaya, PPD, and Royal Trans.

The even odd test of Karawaci 2 Toll Gate takes place next Monday. BPTJ is preparing location for the stop of the premium bus.

"Bus premium point temporary this week we will formulate, which point we will improve," explained Budi.

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RI Investment Lost from Vietnam, BKPM Boss: We Live Tiru

- Head of the Investment Coordinating Board, Thomas Lembong, said Indonesia's foreign investment is still lower than neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.

"As the President has conveyed, from the side of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment / foreign direct investment) and our exports have been left behind.We are losing rivals to neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and even countries such as Malaysia with a population of only 1/8 of our population.So we are really in a position to catch up with extraordinary, "said Thomas at the office of BKPM, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

According to Thomas, this lag is a challenge for Indonesia to continue spur investment.He believes that Indonesia can catch up with neighboring countries.
"So the real catch up is something that is the easiest, it's just stay cheats, just imitate.Vietnam is more successful, just imitate it, cheat on what they do, "he said.

" It is more difficult for example we are in front, the only way to genjot again yes have to spend new ideas , it's more difficult.But if we are behind, and in front there are examples, so we just stay imitating, "he continued.

According to him, Vietnam can be an example of how to attract foreign investment, by making a number of efforts.Examples such as opening the university sector to international actors. "Well this is what we want to imitate, we also open the university sector, so that more universities, so that more scholars are needed by industry, digital economy, tourism and services," he said. .

More on Thomas said, the government is continuously trying to improve the competitiveness of Indonesia's investment climate by issuing a Regulation of the Minister of Finance (PMK) on the provision of facilities for reduction of corporate income tax or so-called tax holiday.

"So giving ease, certainty and simplification of tax holiday incentives is expected to boost investment in priority areas belonging to pioneer industry," he said.
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Many Sadap Tools for Sale in Online Shop, Originally from China

- Later recording of conversations Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno and President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir viral.The tape was a shock to the public, allegedly involving the issue of 'fee-sharing'.

The conversation was allegedly tapped by someone.Conversations that become viral are apparently recorded by sound-type tapping.

From the data collected, there are various types of tapping tools, ranging from simple tapping devices such as voice recorders and hidden cameras in various forms could be found easily in Glodok, but now it can not be found in the article of the goods has been banned for general sale in the market.
Although it is not sold offline, currently many online stores that sell goods tapping tools that are sold in general.The tapping device is sold from the price of Rp 185. 000- 400. 000 sellers display the tapping tool that looks simple, sophisticated complete with complete description of the function.But, where does this tapping tool come from?

According to one online seller of tapping tools in Jakarta, Oman explains, all types of tapping tools sold by various online stores are from the same source

"It's all the same.The tool is actually from China yes, there is no brand as well, "he said to, Monday (30/4/2018).

In his explanation, the tapping device type of sound tapping & surveillance camera realtime monitor with GSM sold with price Rp 349. 000.

This type of tapping tool is a technology equipment that will monitor the room or certain places that can be operated remotely using GSM signals.But of all sophistication that is displayed, Oman claimed to have no longer sell the tapping tool.

"Yes it is actually a lot of goods that are looking for.Only yesterday that I stop selling because the goods are easily damaged.Actually it can (message), only if it damaged so can not go back, "he said.
While responding to the number of tapping tools displayed in various online stores Oman admitted the quality of the goods is almost the same.

"Just the same.Same all the tapping device is not official so loh selling.Because it's not okay, "he said.
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9 The Local Government Gets the Best Development Planning Award

- The government through the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas / Bappenas) appreciates every region with the best planning 2018.Then, it also set 9 areas for the award.

Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro said the award was given to 9 regions consisting of three best provinces, three best districts, and three best cities.The assessment is based on consideration of the planning and achievement of regional development.

"Regional Development Award is a form of appreciation for regional hard work in planning and achieving development targets.I hope this award will be able to encourage every region, both at the provincial, district, and city levels to compete to prepare RKPD documents better, consistent, comprehensive, measurable and workable, "he explained in the National Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangnas ) in Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

9 regions that won the Regional Development Award 2018 are as follows:

1.East Java Province

2.Province of South Sumatera

3.Bali Province -

1.Regency of Tegal

2.North Lombok Regency

3.Banyuwangi Regency
1.Palu City

2.Palembang City

3.Kota Surakarta

Meanwhile, the government also gave Special Award for Regional Infrastructure Development of KPBU of Non Government Budget Infrastructure Project category to West Java Province or Kertajati Airport.

Because, according to West Java province has a strong commitment in infrastructure development in the region.This is evident from the construction of Kertajati Airport.

"Ministry of PPN / Bappenas gives Special Award of Regional Infrastructure Development of KPBU Scheme to West Java Provincial Government for its strong commitment in accelerating infrastructure development in the region through alternative financing scheme utilizing long-term public funds, creating financing synergy government and non-government funds, "he concluded.
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Number of Rich Customers Accounts Down, Bankers: Interest is Less Interesting

- The number of savings accounts or deposits with nominal above Rp 2 billion recorded decreased.As of February 2018 accounts with deposits above Rp 2 billion are 250. 401 accounts in February 2018.This amount is down 0.34% compared to January 2018 period of 251. 401 accounts.

For the nominal amount of deposits recorded at Rp 3. 024 trillion per February 2018.This amount is up 0.65% compared to January 2018 period of Rp 3. 005 trillion.

Responding to this, President Director of PT Bank Mayapada International Tbk (MAYA) Hariyono Tjahjarijadi explained from the banking side there are several factors that cause the number of accounts down ie shifts deposits to other instruments.

"Theoretically many possibilities of the declining number of accounts.For example, customers buy securities whose interest is higher than deposits, there is a shift course, "said Hariyono to, Monday (30/4/2018).
In addition, customers also shifted funds to investment instruments and storage as a mutual fund to stock
President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Jahja Setiaatmadja explained for the phenomenon of the number of accounts down but nominal rise is not yet certain cause. we can not ask, it could be customers who Rp 2 billion and over to make a deposit.So that was not guaranteed to be guaranteed, "said Jahja.

In addition he mentioned, low interest rates on deposits can also be the cause of the decline in the number of accounts.Indeed, from the data of Bank Indonesia (BI), the average deposit interest rate in national banking has been in the range of 5-6%.

"It could be because the interest is less interesting," he said.
From the data of BI's Money Supply in February 2018, the time deposit or deposit interest rate on average has been in the range of 5-6%.For one-month time deposits of 5.65%, down from 5.72% in the previous month.While for the 3-month tenor of 5.97% decreased compared to the previous month's 6.03%.

Then for 6 months deposit interest rate 6.40% lower compared to January 2018 of 6.49%.Then for the 12-month deposit interest rate 6.56% lower than the previous month 6.68%.

Economist INDEF Bhima Yudhistira also explained in the eyes of depositors or owners of low interest rate funds considered less attractive.This led to a shift in the deposit of funds to other instruments.

"This low interest causes a partial transfer of funds to another instrument of debt.Yields of 10-year government debt only 6.3%, "he said.
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Export Genjot, RI Can Maximize Tin

- Indonesia is intensively boosting exports to boost state revenues from the trade sector.In addition to palm, tin can be a reliable commodity that is expected to boost export performance of Indonesia.

The world tin delegation hopes a lot on Indonesia in order to maintain the stability of global tin stock.Therefore, Indonesia is expected to become the world's largest tin producer.

This was raised in the International TIN Conference held in Budapest, Hungary, from 23-25 ​​April 2018.In this event, PT Timah Tbk. became one of the delegates and speakers to discuss the strategic issues of the world's pertimahan.

At the international conference organized by International Tin Reserch Institute (ITRI) this time, attended the President Director of PT Timah Tbk Mochtar Riza Pahlevi Tabrani, President Director of PT Antam Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo and President Director of PT Bukit Asam Arfian Arifin .

Indonesia is the largest tin exporter in the world and it is informed by BMO capital market in its explanation that in addition to relying on global growth, Indonesia's export disruption is also an indicator that impacts on world tin price.
This is acknowledged by the Director of Operations and Production of PT Timah Tbk.Alwin Albar.In addition to getting information about the development of the current state of the world's tin, the world's need for tin, and the use of tin products, Alwin said, PT Timah Tbk's participation in this event is important to maintain the consistency of PT Timah Tbk as one of the largest tin producers in the world.
PT TIMAH is one of the largest tin producers in the world, and international forums like this is an event where we look at the global tin business conditions and the existence of the company, especially in terms of world tin trade, inter-conference at Corinthia Hotel - Budapest, Hungary.

In this conference, Alwin represents PT Timah Tbk presented to all the world tin delegates about the condition of tin in Indonesia, and technological innovation being developed by PT Timah Tbk.To strengthen the mining process.

Alwin explained that Indonesia is currently the second largest tin producer in the world with total production throughout 2017 reached 69. 600 MTon, or about 25 percent of global tin production.

Tin exports from Indonesia had experienced rejection during the period 2012 to 2014.This, according to Alwin, is very sensitive and has an effect on the fluctuation of world tin price.But finally, in 2016-2017 Indonesia can re-export tin to the world stock.

'' Indonesia's tin production in 2018 is estimated to reach 75,000 tons, '' he said.

'' Surely, Indonesia is affecting the sustainability of world tin supply, and this is an opportunity for companies to increase the trade volume of tin industry users, '' he added.

In this occasion, Alwin also explained about the mining technology innovation that is currently relied upon company to develop production volume.Namely, production technology-based environmentally friendly but efficient in production cost.With this innovation, Alwin continued, the company is optimistic to increase production volume.

'' Bor Hole Mining produces with the basic principle of doing ore getting, ie removing tin ore from the ground by not opening the top layer.The positive impacts resulting from the mining area to be small with an area of ​​approximately 5 square meters and post-mining of the soil layer only decreased by approximately 5 cm, "explained Alwin

Answering some technical questions from conference participants, Alwin said, BHM technology enables PT Timah Tbk to have a competitive edge in which environmental sustainability is a concern in the company's concession area.

We are optimistic that innovation is a must to adapt to face business challenges. " The International Tin Conference was attended by approximately 200 participants from various countries and tin producing companies as well as users of Timah products.Also featured as a delegation speaker from Yunnan Tin - China, Minsur - Peru, London Metal Exchange (LME) as well as Intel Corp.
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Jokowi Call 30 Ports No Way, This Response Minister PUPR

- In the National Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangnas), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that 30 ports in Indonesia do not have road access. This is due to lack of synchronization between the central government and the regions.

Responding to this matter, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono said not all access to the port has no road, but he did not specify the number of roads.

"Not all," he said after the Musrenbangnas event at Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
Basuki explained that his party will soon work on the access gradually, for example the road to Muara Sabak Port, Jambi.

"We still gradually we do, for example in Muara Sabak," he said.
Basuki explains the construction of road access to the port there is no target because the process continues to run.

"Yes we do continue, we adjust the target with the existing budget, not too big kok Maybe the entrance (repaired)," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Jokowi asks for simplification of permission for the infrastructure to run properly. One simplification can be done with the online system.
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Geger Rekaman Minister of SOE-Boss PLN, Tools Sadap Many in Online Shop

- Records of conversations Minister of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemarno and President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir viral.The tape was a shock to the public, allegedly involving the issue of 'fee-sharing'.

Later the conversation turned out to be tapped by someone.Conversations that become viral are apparently recorded by sound-type tapping.

From the data collected, there are various types of tapping tools, ranging from simple tapping devices such as voice recorders and hidden cameras in various forms can be found at the Glodok Electronics Sales Center, West Jakarta.
However, now the tool has started to disappear in the market.One trader who is reluctant to be named said, since 2014-2015 tapping tools are prohibited on the market.The reason the tool is not intended for the public.
Although in Glodok is not available tapping tools, it turns out that the sale of tapping tools in many online stores offered. detikFinance searches through various online stores and social media.

One of the sales in Instagram named Oman claimed to have sold the tapping tool since long.From the gallery postings on instagramnya, it appears that Oman has peddled the tapping tools since 2016.Although there is a ban he felt not afraid to sell tapping tools.

"No (fear).But now many rich in the online store is also a lot.Actually it's the same stuff.Now it's a lot in the online store.In the past there is still a little is not there now a lot.Larinya on to the online store all, "he said to, Monday (30/4/2018).

For information, from the observation in Glodok, the traders are no longer selling tapping tools.Most sell electronic devices like CCTV, walkietalkie and some other electronic devices. After traveling around to find a sound-proofing shop, none of the vendors sell tapping tools.

"No one will say they are selling, because it is not allowed," says merchants in Glodok
From data collected in 2014 products wiretapping tool sold in many Centers Sales of Electronics, Glodok, West Jakarta.Generally sold, the type of simple tapping tools at very affordable prices.

In the year 2014 along the Glodok store, many sell the bugs.The price offered is quite affordable between Rp 300,000-Rp 450,000 per appliance.

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The reason for the Government Evaluation of Lebaran Leave

- The Government is discussing an additional evaluation plan on leave at the 2018 Eid al-Fitr.Though the additional leave is already contained in a joint decree (SKB) 3 ministers.

Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) Asman Abnur said one reason the government opens the opportunity to evaluate because of input from business actors.

"Yes many inputs, the inputs should be addressed.Yes from the industry, from entrepreneurs of all sorts, from exports and imports, "said Asman at the office of Kemenko PMK, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018). He mentioned from the inputs the government finally opened the opportunity to discuss it in a coordinator meeting (ministerial level) minister led by the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) Puan Maharani.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance Hadiyanto, and representatives of the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Industry

Asman said that business actors who have provided input to the government do not object, but the impact needs to be carefully calculated from the addition of joint leave < br> "Said no objection nor, but input input should calculate the economic impact.It was just the discussion.Also from the Minister of Transportation (Budi Karya) give inputs of traffic congestion problems, accumulate it if 1-2 days people go back to pile up, well it is also a discussion, "he explained.
From the results of the first rakor question this evaluation, Asman said, there has been no decision taken by the government, either cut the additional leave or set it as stated in the 3 minister's ministerial decree
Not yet, there has been no decision so just a new discussion, discussion about the economic impact with the addition leave for 3 days.Kan figures are not in the can, "he said.
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Becakayu Toll Rates Needed To Be Dropped

- Head of Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Herry Trisaputra Zuna said not all toll roads will get fiscal incentives from the government impact of tariff reduction.He mentioned that toll road segments that get fiscal incentives are considered to be still quiet so that the traffic is not strong enough to withstand the burden of deficit-induced tariff reduction.

"The principle is like this, there are toll roads outside the city that but the price is expensive because all in- investment.Some are covered by land delays and others.While the purchasing power is also lower."Herry also said that the toll road tariff in the city such as Jakarta is also likely will not go down and certainly did not get incentive.One of them is the Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu (Becakayu) toll road which is considered expensive by the users.

He said that for toll roads in cities such as Becakayu, the government will still hold the principle of toll roads as an alternative so that the reduction of toll tariff is not a priority.This is also supported by the government's vision that encourages the use of public transport as the main transportation within the city to reduce congestion.

"If in urban areas, the road network is also a lot, it means users have a choice.The toll road as an alternative is okay, as long as he chose it that way.If those in the city, on the other side we also want to push, so that the criteria entered, not affected (incentives), the most diarea alone or out of town, "he said.

However the decision about the reduction of tariffs become the authority of the Minister of PUPR.It is still reviewing the implementation of rationalization of toll tariff for other sections.
Previously Herry also said, the toll tariff that goes into the city of Jakarta is not necessarily lowered because it will attract more people using private vehicles that potentially add congestion in the toll.Moreover, the toll road according to Herry is not much traversed by logistic transportation so it should not be included in the implementation of tariff reduction tariff.

"There (Becakayu) passing by the most.Can a truck go to DKI?But I can not say anything specific.Later afraid to say no, apparently yes (applied).Just wait, "he said.

For information, 1BC Becakayu toll road connecting Cipinang-Jakasampurna has been operating since November 2017 ago.However, the toll road section that becomes one of the alternative roads for Bekasi residents to Cawang, East Jakarta is often considered expensive because the tariff reaches Rp 14. 000 only to go through the 8.26 km road.

Toll road expenses that reached Rp 14. 000 itself is applied to vehicles of class I that use Becakayu toll road along a total of 21.04 km.However, since this toll road imposed an open toll tariff system, road users were charged evenly for both the nearest and farthest distance.
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There is an Odd Even Premium Bus at Karawaci Toll Door

- Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) is preparing location in Karawaci for premium bus stops. The bus will serve the public when even odd policies are applied at the Karawaci toll gate 2.

The even odd implementation will be applied in the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road covering the toll gate Karawaci 2, Kunciran 2, Tangerang 2. Head of Public Relations BPTJ Budi Rahardjo explained that even odd trials at the Karawaci Toll Gate will be conducted on Monday next week.

BPTJ provides premium bus as an alternative to personal vehicle.

"Bus premium point temporary this week we will formulate, which point we will improve," he said to in Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).
He explains, this premium bus is targeting the users of private vehicles. This bus is different in amenities with regular buses.

"Our target private vehicle users, if regular is not segmentnya.If the regular stands, if premium there is a seat of the facility in such a way that more comfortable than regular buses," he explained.
He continues, premium bus fares will be handed over to operators. That is, the market mechanism applies where the tariff will be adjusted to the business prospects.

For the Karawaci, he said, the premium bus fares in the range of Rp 20 thousand to go to Jakarta.

"The tariff is around Rp 20 thousands," said Budi.

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Potential of Indonesian Seaweed Reach Rp 459 T

- Organizations working in the field of aquaculture incorporated in the Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) requested the government to pay special attention to the business in the field of seaweed.That's because these commodities hold great potential.

Chairman of MAI Safari Azis exemplifies the potential of one type of seaweed namely eucheuma cottonii.This type of seaweed is known to be widely cultivated in Indonesia.Seaweed potency is worth US $ 34 billion or equivalent Rp 459 trillion (exchange rate Rp 13. 500 / US $).
This type of seaweed is usually cultivated in shallow sea waters.He said based on data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) there are 2 million hectares of shallow marine areas suitable as a place of cultivation.

"Shallow sea waters suitable for seaweed about 2 million hectares.According to the Directorate of Aquaculture (KKP) the average production of 17 tons of dried seaweed per hectare.Multiplied by 2 million hectares, 34 million tons.If in kg-kan be 34 billion kg, "he said in a discussion with Kadin Indonesia discuss opportunities for sustainable seaweed business in Indonesia, at Menara Kadin, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018). the average price of this type of seaweed is estimated at US $ 1 or equivalent to Rp 13. 500.Then 34 billion kg of seaweed multiplied by US $ 1 in total is US $ 34 billion.That is the potential value of seaweed in Indonesia with an area of ​​cultivation reaching 2 million hectares.

"If the price of seaweed US $ 1 or Rp 13 thousand means US $ 34 billion," he said.

The parties present in this discussion are the Director of Production and Business of Directorate General of Aquaculture of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Umi Windrani, and Chairman of the Indonesian Seaweed Association (ARLI) Safari Azis.
There is also a representative of entrepreneurs whose business activities using seaweed raw materials, namely from PT Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara, PT Agarswallow, and associations of the Association of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs (Gapmmi).
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This is the result of a brief meeting about the Evaluation of Lebaran Leave

- Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) Puan Maharani becomes the chairman of the coordination meeting (Rakor) on the evaluation of holiday leave Eid al-Fitr in 2018.

The coordination meeting is a short walk, starting at 14 o'clock. 00 WIB, the officials who were present have left the Coordinating Ministry for PMK building at 14:41 pm.

Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucracy Reform (PAN-RB) Asman Abnur said there has been no decision from the government to evaluate the addition of Lebaran leave that has been decided previously. "As yet, there is no decision, just a meeting about discussing with the Coordinating Minister of Economy also about the economic impact, so just discuss," said Asman after coordinating evaluation of Eid leave at the Office of Kemenko PMK, Jakarta, Monday ( 30/4/2018).
According to Asman, this ministerial coordination meeting discussed the impact of the economy from the addition of Lebaran leave for 3 days.

"That's calculated by the Economic Coordinating Minister, trade minister, menperin representative, now again formulated," he explained.

Asman said that in the near future the government will also again conduct a ministerial coordination meeting to evaluate the addition of Lebaran 2018 leave.

" .
Previously known, the government has determined the addition of Lebaran leave in a joint decree (SKB) 3 ministers. The decision was signed by MenPAN-RB, Menaker, and Menag.

The addition of joint leave is given 2 days before Lebaran, which is 11 and 12 June 2018, and 1 day after Lebaran, on June 20, 2018. Total joint leave is 7 days, ie 11, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19 and 20 June 2018. However, it looks like this decision will be revised.
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KKP Gathering Businessmen to Discuss Seaweed Business

- Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) noted that Indonesia seaweed production has decreased in the last 2 years from 2016 to 2017.

Kadin seaweed production in 2013 reached 9.3 million tons, 2014 rose to 10.1 million million tons, 2015 increased to 11.3 million tons.However, in 2016 it fell to 11.1 million tons, and fell again in 2017 to 10.8 million tons.

Vice Chairman of Kadin for Marine and Fishery Affairs Yugi Prayanto expects seaweed production to increase this year.To realize that, Kadin together with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) and a number of stakeholders held a discussion on this day to discuss the business opportunities for sustainable seaweed in Indonesia.

"We want seaweed business opportunities to be improved its development.With research and deep studies as well, because Indonesia is one of the largest producing countries in the world should indeed be the leader for the development of seaweed commodities, "said at Tower of Kadin, Monday (30/4/2018) br>
Parties present namely Director of Production and Business Directorate General of Aquaculture Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Umi Windrani, Chairman of the Indonesian Seaweed Association (ARLI) Safari Azis, and Chairman of Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) Rokhmin Dahuri. br>
There is also a representative of entrepreneurs whose business activities using raw materials of seaweed, ie from PT Kappa Carrageenan Nusantara, PT Agarswallow, and association of Association of Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs (Gapmmi).

He assessed to increase power competitiveness of national seaweed commodity today is through the balance of development both upstream and downstream.

"In the upstream we must consider the breeding and cultivation method like what misalny a, then how the protection efforts of farmers and cultivators should also be considered, "he explained
While in the downstream sector, the competitiveness of processing industries need to be improved in order to absorb the raw materials of seaweed farmers well.

"Our seaweed is widely exported, there is nothing wrong with it.But we expect the national industry can also optimize the utilization of our own seaweed for added value, "he added.
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Not All Tolls That Tariff Down Can Incentives from Sri Mulyani

- The rationalization plan alias the toll road tariff reduction by the government will be compensated by the extension of the concession and the granting of fiscal incentives to the business entity. However, not all toll roads will get the tax relief.

So disclosed Head of Toll Road Regulatory Agency (BPJT) Herry Trisaputra Zuna when contacted, Monday (30/4/2018).
He said that the provision of fiscal incentives will only be done to several toll roads that are considered still lonely because the traffic is not strong enough to withstand the deficit impact of tariff reduction.

"The principle is that this is a toll road outside the city, which, but it's expensive because it's all invested in. There's something that is borne by land delays and others, while the purchasing power is also lower. like this one in-, "he said.

Although it is reluctant to mention any tolls that get incentives from the government, Herry confirmed that only a few toll roads received tax refunds from Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati. Herry himself said there are no toll roads in Trans Sumatera that are compensated with fiscal incentives.

"Trans Sumatera is generally under Rp 1. 000. We do not need to be given incentives, if in the city, on the other side we also want to push, so that enter the criteria before, not affected (incentives) most of which are in the area alone or outside the city, "he said.
Similarly, for the Solo-Ngawi and Ngawi-Wilangan toll roads, which so far have secured tariff reductions, Herry is also reluctant to confirm the provision of fiscal incentives for the two toll roads in Java.

"We are still waiting for that in the Ministry of Finance, but the principle of the decline was compensated," he concluded.
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Singapore Still Rajai Investing in RI

- Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) releases investment data into Indonesia. Foreign direct investment (PMA) is mostly from Singapore.

Deputy for Investment Control of BKPM Implementation, Azhar Lubis explained, the period of January-March 2018 investment realization from Singapore to Indonesia was US $ 2.6 billion or 32.6%.

"For the country of origin of PMA, the first still remain Singapore in the first quarter of 2018," Azhar said in a press conference at BKPM Building Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

The second position of realization of investment occupied Japan with a value of US $ 1.4 billion or 16.7%. South Korea in third position with an investment value of US $ 0.9 billion or 11.6%.
Then in the fourth position of China amounted to US $ 0.7 billion or 8.3%. The latter is Hong Kong at US $ 0.5 billion or 6.3%.

Period IV quarter 2017 (October-December) Realization of investment from Singapore was US $ 2.3 billion or 27.8%, then Japan US $ 1 billion or 11.9%, Hong Kong US $ 800 million or 9%, South Korea US $ 700 million, China US $ 600 million.

"Realization of FDI in US $, we use fixed rate of APBN Rp 13.400 per US $, first quarter 2018 was US $ 8.1 billion compared to 1st quarter of 2017 US $ 7.3 billion. 10.96% in the same period, because always the first quarter of realization is still small, "he said.
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