BI Admits Bank Benefits Of Flowers Too Big

- Bank Indonesia (BI) today attended a working meeting with Commission XI DPR RI.In the meeting BI Governor Agus Martowardojo get questions related to net interest margin (NIM) or net interest income of the national banking is still high.

"Pak Agus, our banking NIM is still thick, this is how to competitiveness at international level?" asked Commission XI member Indah Kurnia in the meeting.

Responding to this Agus Martowardojo explains Indonesia is one of the countries that have the highest NIM level in the world.

"Oh the language is too good, because maybe Indonesia is one of the highest in the world.Many people want to make a bank here but do not want to go abroad because it is too beautiful investment here, "said Agus in a working meeting at Commission XI DPR, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018). , for the net interest income is ideally half of the existing NIM
The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz Central Java's NIM 5%, ideally 2.5%, this new efficient BI certainly will help from macroprudential policy, "he said.
Quoting Indonesian banking statistics (SPI) in March 2018 NIM of national banks was recorded at 5.07% or Rp 343.58 trillion from the average total earning assets of Rp 6. 782 trillion.

A productive asset is the provision of bank funds to generate income.Activities include credit, securities, inter-bank placements, acceptance receivables, securities purchased under agreements to resell, derivative receivables, inclusion and off-balance sheet transactions.

From SPI in 2017 NIM bank recorded 5.32% or Rp 342.7 trillion from the average earning assets of Rp 6. 445 trillion.

Then in 2016 the NIM ratio was recorded at 5.63% or Rp 329.9 trillion from the average earning assets of Rp 5.854 trillion.Then in 2015 the ratio of net interest income was 5.39% or Rp 293.8 trillion from the average earning assets of Rp 5.449 trillion.
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Salatiga-Ngawi Toll Road Can Be Passed Free During Mudik

- On the upcoming Lebaran homecoming, Salatiga Toll Road until Ngawi is ready for homecomers.Both are still functional or already operational.

"Opened from June 8 to June 24 (2018)," said Administration Manager of PT Jasa Marga Solo Ngawi, Fatahillah, to journalists at Boyolali toll gate on Tuesday (22/05/2018).

The 122.9 km highway is divided into three sections.He explained that for the 32.65 km Salatiga-Boyolali-Colomadu segment is currently under construction.The toll road will be opened as a homecoming back and forth behind Lebaran functionally.

So also with Sragen-Ngawi segment, along 60,142 km is still functional.As for the Solo-Sragen segment along the 30.2 km with entrance in Colomadu, has been operated as a toll lane, because the construction process is now complete.However, specifically for the flow back and forth will not be charged alias is still free.

"For toll roads that are still functional, will be opened from 06.00 am to 17.00 pm.If the non-toll road is solid, the functional line can be opened until 21:00 pm.But the addition of this operational hour is beyond our responsibility.Police managed security later.As for the operational toll lanes are open for 24 hours, "said Fatahillah.

Added to this, for toll roads that are still functional, the path will only be opened for one direction only.From 8 June to H + 2 Lebaran, the line is used in the direction of homecoming flow.Then starting H + 3 through June 24, 2018, the path is used for reverse direction or backflow.

For functional highways the types of vehicles that may pass will also be limited, ie for vehicles of one class or small vehicles.Speed ​​is also limited to a maximum of 40 km / hour.

According to him, Salatiga-Colomadu segment there are still 10 unfinished workings.The crossing will be guarded by officers from JSN together with Polri and TNI.

Throughout the path during the upcoming homecoming and return Lebaran 2018 will also be provided 8 rest area.Each rest area will be equipped with police post facilities, health post, fuel post, and food post.In addition, there are also facilities for mosques and toilets.

Meanwhile, for road users whose cars break down due to run out of fuel on the highway before arriving at the rest area is also not to worry.When the forth season will have been prepared the fuel-carrying impeller is ready to depart to deliver fuel to the location of the strike.

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Dollar Betah at Rp 14.000, Reasonable?

- United States dollar currency (US) yesterday had penetrated the level of Rp 14. 200. The government is not worried because believes that the rupiah exchange rate has found a new balance point.

Is the dollar exchange rate against the rupiah in the range of Rp 14. 000 there is a reasonable level?

Economist Bank Permata Josua Pardede view, determine the point of balance of currency values ​​tend to be subjective. Because the desired business world and market participants is stability.

"The new balance is subjective and if we look at it is not the level, the important thing is the rupiah is stable," he said to Tuesday (22). / 5/2018).
Josua explains, there are 3 factors causing the rupiah continues to weaken. First global negative sentiment, that the Fed will raise interest rates to make foreign funds out of developing countries like Indonesia.

Indonesia's trade balance deficit of US $ 1.63 billion in April 2018 with details of exports of US $ 14.47 billion and imports US $ 16.09 billion.

Then last there is a seasonal sentiment about the rampant dividend distribution of the companies. It boosted demand for US dollars domestically for dividend payout to foreign investors.

With reference to these three factors, Josua believes that the current rupiah exchange rate does not reflect the true economic fundament of Indonesia. That's how he believes the rupiah should be stronger than the current position.

"Maybe Mr. Luhut illustrates that people do not need to panic," added Josua.
Josua believes that if the dividend payout season has been missed, and global sentiment has begun to ease then the rupiah could strengthen again. He believes the true value of rupiah is below the level of Rp 14. 000.
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THR PNS Disbursement Rules Already in Hand Jokowi

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said the government regulation draft (RPP) on holiday allowance (THR) of civil servants (PNS) will be issued in the near future. He mentioned the RPP on thaw disbursement for civil servants had reached the hands of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

"Already in the President (Jokowi) later he will announce," said Sri Mulyani in Palace Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
Former Managing Director of the World Bank is hoping, beleid THR melting can be done in the near future. So it is not close to the deadline for the longest THR thaw, ie two weeks or H-14 Eid.

"Yes we expect (in the near future)," he added. Meanwhile, Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) Asman Abnur asked the civil servants to be patient waiting time THR thawing.

"Wait for announcements, the sooner the better," he explained.
Asman also ensures that the fastest THR PNS disbursement H-14 Lebaran. Regarding the amount of THR, he is still reluctant to disclose it.

"Anyway the payment is not late, just wait," lid Asman.
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Toll Socker's Girder Rail Crashes, How Does it Impact on Mudik Trails?

- Launcher (launcher) girder Solo Kertosono toll construction project collapsed. The collapse of the girder launcher resulted in the construction of a bridge connecting the Mojokerto-Kertosono toll road with the Solo-Kertosono toll road to be delayed.

So how did the impact to the alternative route of Lebaran holiday?
Director General of Highways Ministry of PUPR Arie Setyadi Moerwanto said this incident did not affect the government's plan to open a number of functional and operational toll roads in Lebaran year this.

"The incident is true, but no functional toll roads are off, we are working on a replacement," he said when contacted on Tuesday (5/22/2018).

He said, the bridge construction process is delayed but it is looking for a replacement launcher for the bridge construction process can continue to run.

"The Bailey Bridge is already installed, but we continue to look for a replacement launcher and install girder," said Arie.

The Ministry of PUPR itself provides pre-national means and toll way to go home in Java this year. The national road that has become the route is quite good with 90% persistence rate. In addition to toll roads, travelers this year can use from Merak to Pasuruan along 995 km although from that length, 237 km is still functional status.

The functional tolls can be passed day and night. But for the arrangement in the field is entirely the authority of the Korlantas.

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Agus Marto Push Rp 1,000 to Rp 1 in End of Term

- Zero in rupiah is valued too much when compared to other countries. Therefore, redenomination or simplification of money value is called to be a solution for efficiency.

The Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo explained that currently the rupiah has too much nominal.

"Now in Indonesia US $ 1 is five digits rupiah in the range of Rp 13. 800-14.200. So if there is a depreciation of 1% that there is a weakening of Rp 140," said Agus at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
At the end of his term, Agus expects Commission XI to push the redenominasi currency plan that reduces zero in rupiah.

"If you can encourage the redenomination of the currency, so its zero is reduced, it's not sanering," he said.

Agus explained that since Indonesia's independence, the government has indeed done sanering or withholding money. Sanering breaks the currency value in half and this is different from redenomination.

"Sanering is still an imprint on the community, how to cut rupiah, but not with redenominasi, not like that," he said.
BI has indeed submitted several redenomination plans to enter the national legislation program (Prolegnas) but always failed and lost with other programs.

Currently Agus calls the US dollar exchange rate recorded in the range of Rp 14. 180, to May depreciate 1.94%. This is still better than the Thai exchange rate of 2.1%, India 2.5% and Turkey 12%.
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When the Minister of Agriculture Gives Goat Aid to a Grandmother in Bondowoso

- Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman provides assistance in Bondowoso District, precisely in Sumberwringin RW 3 RT 19, Sumberwringin District.The Minister of Agriculture distributes chicken, goat and crop assistance.

While he was squatting, he gave a goat to a grandmother about 85 years old.Amran squatted because the grandmother could not stand.

"This I love goat, my grandma later treated," said Amran, Tuesday (22/05/2018). "Is not there a child?" he continued to be directly shown children and grandchildren of the grandmother.
After giving symbolic assistance, Amran explained to the citizens about aid program called Working (Berantas Poverty Rakyat Sejahtera).He said the program is targeting 100 districts in 10 provinces in Indonesia by providing 50 chickens per head of the family.

"This program we run in 100 districts in 10 provinces and including Bondowoso.Insha Allah within 6 months or a year of poverty in Bondowoso down less than 10 percent, "Amran added.

The granting of government assistance is gradually targeted to 12. 915 RTM (poor households) in Bondowoso District

In Sumberwringin Village Kementan distributes 500 seeds of mango tree, 300 durian tree seeds, 2,000 chickens and 20 goats given to 40 RTM, 40 chicken coops and 6 months feed aids.

Present also in the event, Regent of Bondowoso Amin Said Husni.He revealed that as many as 60% of his people work as farmers.It's just that most of them have a narrow farming land of 0.3 hectares, even some of them work as agricultural laborers.

He hopes the Work program proclaimed by President Jokowi can prosper the citizens and the people of Indonesia in general.

"Hopefully this aid continues to encourage the welfare of farmers in Bondowoso regency and prosper the Indonesian people as a whole," he concluded.
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All Toilets in Rest Toll Free Area Jasa Marga

- In ensuring the smooth flow of homecoming and return flow of Lebaran 2018 (1439 H), PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk also ensures the readiness of a number of rest areas or rest areas on Jasa Marga's toll road segments or its business groups.

As a service guarantee for the convenience of toll road users during the return and return of Lebaran, Jasa Marga has provided a total of 68 or Place of Rest and Service (TIP), Resting Place (IT), parking bay (PB), and Temporary Resting Place (TIS).The amount is spread on operational toll roads and functional highways which run from Jakarta to Surabaya.

In operation, Jasa Marga has added a number of facilities in the rest area.On the toll roads of operations and new toll roads, Jasa Marga has added additional toilet capacity, especially the women's toilets, which is 77 units.

While at the rest area on the functional highway, Jasa Marga has placed a number of portable toilets totaling 316 units.Jasa Marga also ensures that all restrooms in the rest area are free of charge or free of charge.

"If any illegal fees are found in the toilet belonging to Jasa Marga and its business group, to be reported to Jasa Marga Traffic Information Center number 14080," said Jasa Marga's written statement quoted on Tuesday (22/5 / 2018).
In addition, to ensure the flow of vehicles within the well-distributed, Jasa Marga has made the system or traffic management in

With the implementation of the system, will create a special path between vehicles who want to fill the fuel oil (BBM), to the toilet, or where to eat so that the flow of traffic is well distributed.Jasa Marga also optimizes the parking capacity in the rest area by not adding to the commercial area in the parking area.

In an effort to distribute vehicles within the rest area, Jasa Marga has added CCTV for the purpose of monitoring traffic conditions within the rest area to be connected to JM Care.If there is any density inside a certain rest area will be transferred to the next rest area and diinfokan to toll road users through the Variable Message Sign (VMS).

In the implementation of safeguarding the flow of back and forth back and forth this year, Jasa Marga also ensures the readiness of the General Fuel Filling Station (SPBU) and the sufficiency of BBM for travelers by increasing the portable fuel kiosk or gas station in cooperation with Pertamina.This is intended to anticipate the density of the queue at the pump.
In the effort to fulfill the Minimum Service Standard (SPM) in the rest area, Jasa Marga requires the owners of food and beverage sales places to provide information related to prices and drinks sold.It is intended that the price of food and beverages set fixed at fair price.Jasa Marga also appealed to the toll road users to bring enough food during the trip back and forth.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, Jasa Marga has placed JM Siaga officers in every rest area along the toll road used as a homecoming route.The presence of JM Siaga officers can be used by travelers to ask about information, and complaints related to certain rest areas.
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IHSG Stronger to 5.751 Close This Afternoon Trade

- The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) continued its positive pace after opening higher on the opening of trading in shares this morning.Unfortunately this afternoon's strengthening occurred in the range that is thinner than the position this afternoon.

The US dollar exchange rate weakened against the rupiah.The dollar is at the level of Rp 14. 125 compared to the position of yesterday which had transluced Rp 14. 200

In trading, JCI increased 33.774 points (0.59%) to the level of 5. 767.628.The LQ45 index also rose 8.509 points (0.94%) to 915.412.

Opening trading, Tuesday (22/5/2018), JCI moved up 42.284 points (0.74%) to level 5. 776,102.The LQ45 index also increased 9,384 points (1.03%) to 661,822.

At 09. 05 JATS time, JCI is still in positive zone with an increase of 36.429 points (0.64%) to level 5. 770.283.The LQ45 index rose 7,429 points (0.82%) to 914,332.

The afternoon gap, the JCI rose 77,022 points (1.34%) to 5. 810.876.The LQ45 index rose 17.394 points (1.92%) to 924.297.

Closing trading this afternoon, JCI is still strengthening even in a thinner range.JCI rose 17.265 points (0.30%) to 5.751.119.The LQ45 index rose 4.941 points (0.54%) to 911,844.

The highest position ever recorded by JCI is 5.813.429 and the lowest at 5.751.119.Stock trading was moderate with the frequency of trading 404. 904 times transactions of 11.6 billion shares worth Rp 8.3 trillion.

The JCI's positive rate is supported by the strengthening of 7 stock sectors.Strengthened led by the rise of shares of miscellaneous industry sector reached 5.12%.A total of 181 shares rose, 197 stocks fell and 115 shares stagnated.Foreign investors recorded net sales of Rp 353.87 billion.

Meanwhile, major US composite stock indexes closed in positive territory on overnight trading.The Dow Jones index rose 1.21% to 25,013. 29, S & P rose 0.74% to 2.733. 01, and Nasdaq lifted 0. 54% to the level of 7,394. 04.

The strengthening of the index occurred as easing concerns of market participants about the potential for trade war between the US and China.

The movement of Asian stock markets this afternoon the majority are at negative levels.Here are the movements of Asian bourses this afternoon:
Stocks that rose significantly and entered the ranks of which are United Tractors (UNTR) rose Rp 675 to Rp 35. 975, Paper Factory (TKIM) rose Rp 450 to Rp 12. 150, Astra International (AALI) rose Rp 425 to Rp 6. 950 and Bank Central Asia (BBCA) increased by Rp 350 to Rp 22,000.

Indo Tambangraya (ITMG) ) decreased Rp 450 to Rp 26. 200, Indo Cement Tunggal (INTP) fell Rp 325 to Rp 16. 925, Mitra Adiperkasa (MAPI) decreased Rp 225 to Rp 8. 025 and Goodyear (GDYR) decreased Rp 195 to Rp 1. 800.
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US Dollar Penetrates Rp 14,000, Livestock Feed Prices Will Rise

- United States Dollar (US) exchange rate translucent Rp 14. 200. Animal Feed Producers Association (GPMT) also predicts the price of animal feed will rise

Board of Trustees of Livestock Feeders Association (GPMT) Sudirman explain the increasing price of lanatran feedstocks such as soybean meal to meat meal during import. Well, the price of raw materials is now rising with the strengthening of US dollar value against the rupiah

"This is soybean meal and meat and bone flour import so the price goes up.When the soybean meal from Rp 5.200 / kg to Rp 7 600 / kg if meat meal and bone rose from Rp 7. 900 / kg to Rp 8. 500 / kg, "said Sudirman to, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
According to Sudirman the increase of raw material price of livestock could cause the price of animal feed to rise, but will not be above 10%. This is because competition among fodder entrepreneurs is quite tight and each still has stock.

Referring to the condition, Sudirman estimates the price of animal feed to rise in the range that is not too wide.
"Yes it should rise above 10% by count, but at most 2% to 3% rise due to intense competition Every factory has its own stocks Is there a stock, cheap price so if in the competition market is quite tight not directly up, "he continued.

He added that currently entrepreneurs are still selling feed prices in the range of Rp 6. 500 / kg to Rp 7,000 / kg.

"Now still Rp 6. 500 / kg to Rp 7. 000 / kg it has not increased yet," he concluded.
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China Want to Collect Palm Oil RI, Exporters Asked Soon to Work

- The Director General of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Trade Oke Nurwan said China has committed to increase the import of palm from Indonesia by 500,000 tons. It asked exporters in Indonesia immediately follow up.

"It is the commitment between the government (China and Indonesia) submitted to the president, so now the follow-up, yes the exporters should immediately contact the importers there to realize it," he said on Monday (21/5 / 2018).

In this case, said Oke, the Directorate General (Ditjen) of the National Export Development of the Ministry of Trade was involved. While it ensures in terms of policy.
"If I am the policy, if I come out of these policies, export development will follow up whether they will facilitate the meeting between business actors between China and Indonesia," he continued.

Directorate General of Foreign Trade herself, Oke said will strive to at the policy level does not hamper.

"The problem is where we deliver it and it will eventually be followed up with mutual recognition, and it is from our policy level We will escort the Ministry of Agriculture to bring quarantine in China with Quarantine here to recognize each other its certification," he added.
To be known, China undertakes an increase of 500,000 tons of Indonesian palm oil imports after a meeting between President Jokowi and Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on Monday (7/5/2018).

"Specifically PM Li Keqiang undertakes to increase our exports, adding at least 500 thousand tons of crude palm oil to China," said Jokowi
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Message ID BEI to New Governor BI: Explain Rupiah Conditions

- President Director of PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX) Tito Sulistio viewed the current rupiah exchange rate is too low compared to Indonesia's economic fundamentals. So there is a chance for rupiah to strengthen again.

However, when asked the factor, according to Tito it is the task of the newly elected Bank Indonesia (BI) Governor, Perry Warjiyo. According to him, that explanation could be the first task for Perry to ensure that the rupiah can strengthen again.

"So now it's 1-2 days away Mr. Perry is sworn in. I call on Mr. Pery's most important task to tell the fundamentally with a convincing psychology to the public and the world to the perpetrators that the current rupiah is too low compared to the strength of Indonesia's economic fundamentals, "he said at BEI Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
According to Tito almost all parties agree that the value of the rupiah is too low and not in accordance with Indonesia's economic fundamentals. But to prove it is the task of BI who became monetary guard.

"Perry and BI must attend to prove the public, convince the public about it so that I believe the rupiah can rise again," he said.

"We all believe but the one who has the most right is BI, we believe he (Perry) can," added Tito.
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Many 'Hosts' Joined the Money Exchange at Monas

- The moment of money changer in Monas IRTI Field is not only used by people who want to share THR. There are also those who change money to 'dibisniskan' again.

Usually, the moments of Ramadan and Lebaran ahead of business opportunities for those who open the 'illegal' money exchange service fix every nominal rate of money changers. They are not banks. Usually known as 'host-host'.

Well, in IRTI Monas, the host also mingle line up with other people who are exchanging money for other purposes such as for-for THR, family and holiday needs.
Search on location, Tuesday (22/5/2018), there is a husband and wife carrying plastic wrap with a lot of money, the amount is very much.

ask for what the new money use is. They acknowledge that the money will be used again for money exchange services.

"If we are like this new year try this way," said the wife who has not had time to know his name.

Monas is required to exchange one currency with maximum amount of Rp 3.7 million. The same ID can not be used more than once in 3 days.

They did not just use their personal IDs. They try to borrow someone else's ID card in order to exchange more money from their 'quota'.

The proof, even asked for KTP as a condition to be interviewed.
"I borrow first ID card, to exchange money again, later I just tell about my job," he said.

"We are a service for helping people who want to exchange money," he said.

While other residents admitted to exchanging money to be distributed to relatives and daily needs.
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Current Transaction Deficit Expected to Widen to US $ 23 Billion

- Indonesia is currently experiencing a current account deficit (CAD) deficit. The current account deficit is estimated to be at US $ 23 billion or 2.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) this year.

The Republic of Indonesia Contact Us Search Bank of Indonesia (BI) Agus Martowardojo DPR RI, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
He explained that the figure is still in good category because it is still under 3% of GDP.

"If under 3% of GDP is still," said Agus.

He explained since the 2012 period Indonesia has a current account deficit. At that time the number could reach US $ 29 billion, then for the last two years touched a low position in the range of US $ 17 billion.

However this year is estimated to rise to the position of US $ 23 billion. According to him this will indeed make rupiah volatile.

"This will make the rupiah tend to weaken, but if there is or the money coming in may not weaken We want a response that needs to be strengthened also is the reform in the real sector, and the government through fiscal monetary," he said.
According to him for the main real sector by improving the quality of export goods. So no raw goods, but also make the exported goods have added value and fall into the category.

"For export is not raw goods, but we must try not to import too much," he said.
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Tested Try, Train Palembang LRT Traffic Passes Over Rail

- Lightly closed light railroad or Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Palembang was conducted last night. There are no significant obstacles and LRT is ready to operate before the Asian Games take place.

Wednesday, December 2, 2010 The test is done nightly and closed because to maintain security, "said PPK LRT Palembang, Suranto when confirmed on Tuesday 22/5/2018).

The dynamic test itself, said Suranto, was attended by several related agencies involved in LRT development. Like INKA, PT KAI, Waskita Karya, SMEC, and BTP Sumbagsel.

For test routes, starting from Depo in receiptance track Jakabaring to Ogan Permata Indah station (OPI) and last at Jakabaring station. Upon arrival at Jakabaring station, LRT returns to Depo for a brake and equipment test during the track.

"All related parties last night are present We also have underground electrical test that has 750vdc voltage and electric current range of 700 A. Before the test, we check the path crossing and done the road slowly," he continued.

During the dynamic test, no serious problems are experienced and it can be ascertained all goes well. As for the overall development progress has reached 91.5% or live finishing stage only.

Thus, Suranto ensure LRT Palembang ready to operate before the Asian Games in August. It will continue to evaluate the train LRT Palembang.

"The test runs smoothly and in control, there are no significant constraints so far the results are good and we will evaluate, and so for the whole progress, all the finishing stage," he concluded.

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Asked House of the US Dollar Can Translucent Rp 17.000, This Agus Marto

- Bank Indonesia (BI) today attended a working meeting (raker) with Commission XI DPR RI. In the meeting BI Governor Agus Martowardojo was asked whether the US dollar exchange rate could reach Rp 17,000 from members of Commission XI DPR RI Edison Betaubun.

"Can the rupiah exchange rate not rise? Because there is a comment would be up to Rp 17,000," said Edison at the House of Representatives Commission XI, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
In response to this, Agus Martowardojo explained that the current exchange rate of the rupiah against the US dollar is already weaker than it should be.

"Almost Rp 14. 200 is already weaker than it should be.When up to Rp 17. 000 yes no, because we do not have a specific target for the exchange rate," said Agus.

He explains as a central bank, BI does not have a specific exchange rate target because the right to target is the government in the assumption of the State Budget and Expenditure (APBN).

"BI mandate keep the exchange rate so as not to fluctuate and fluctuate too high so that confidence will be maintained," said Agus.
He added that the current national economic condition is not possible because of high imports and low exports this causes the rupiah exchange rate weakened against the US dollar. "If the rupiah is going to be strong, it will increase export, if it receives the debt again but it is not a wise choice, because it will be weaker," he said.

Today the US dollar exchange rate is close to Rp 14.200, according to the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) US dollar exchange rate of Rp 14. 178.

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Holiday Lebaran Plus, BI Provide Cash Rp 188.2 T

- Welcoming the Idul Fitri Bank Indonesia (BI) provides cash needs of Rp 188.2 trillion. This amount is greater than last year's Eid period of Rp 167 trillion.

Deputy Governor of BI Rosmaya Hadi explained that the addition is done because this year's Eid more than last year.

"We are always ready to meet the cash needs of the community because of longer holidays," said Rosmaya at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

He explained that the addition of cash supply is always done every year. This is because even though BI is promoting a national non-cash movement (GNNT), Indonesian people still love to hold cash.

Rosmaya explains, BI has held exchange service of change in all branch office of BI region in Indonesia.

"Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will present to Monas with pack Sandiaga Uno for symbolic exchange of change, this is done simultaneously in all Kpw yes," he said.

Just information since Monday (21/5) BI together with banks have opened a money changer service in the field IRTI Monas. The community can exchange the change by carrying an ID card such as ID card and of course bring the money to be exchanged with 2016 emission year.

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Hoax The price of Pertalite Increases, True Must Have Permit from the Government

- PT Pertamina (Persero) has denied raising Pertalite fuel price by Rp 350 per liter. The price of Pertalite is still at Rp 7,800 per liter.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Pertamina Adiatma Sardjito said Pertalite price increase requires government approval. Pertamina as a business entity is required to propose an increase plan before it is finally approved by the Ministry of ESDM.

"Right now the mechanism already exists if the agreement makes a letter," said Adiatma to, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
Adiatma added that until now Pertamina has not proposed the price increase of Pertalite to the government.

"Not yet (proposed increase)," said Adiatma.

Previously, President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati said that his side plans to propose non-subsidized fuel price increase to the government.

"Our focus is now preparing this Presidential Regulation, at the same time we will propose (price increase) but we have not submitted," said Nicke at the office of BPH Migas, Jakarta, Wednesday (05/16/2010).

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Investments Under Rp 500 Billion Can Mini Tax Holiday, What Is It?

- The government through the Ministry of Finance said it is preparing tax incentives for investors who want to invest funds in Indonesia. Head of the Fiscal Policy Office (BKF) Finance Ministry Suahasil Nazara said the incentive is being drafted for investment of Rp 500 billion down.

Incentives already issued by the government ie tax holiday or taxes for investment Rp 500 billion and above. "Then there is the question of whether other companies under Rp 500 billion may also get certain criteria," said Suahasil at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
This new incentive is also called mini aimed at the pioneer industry. However, Suahasil said, it is still under discussion.

"Because he is for Rp 500 billion under his designation That again we design how the scheme, but the intention is for the under Rp 500 billion," he explained.

In a separate place, Deputy of Investment Controlling BKPM Azhar Lubis said the minimum amount of investment earned Rp 100 billion.

"Investment under Rp 500 billion but above Rp 100 billion is given a mini," said Azhar.
Mini is in question, Azhar explained, in the form of reduction of corporate income tax by 50% for five years.

"If, the reduction of corporate income tax by 100% for 5-20 years, depending on the amount of investment above Rp 500 billion," he said.
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BI Prepare Rp 4.7 T for Cash Exchange in Riau

- Bank Indonesia (BI) Riau representative provides Rp 4.7 trillion for cash-exchange during Ramadan. This was conveyed by the Chief Representative of BI Riau, Siti Astiyah.

"For the purposes of cash money in Riau we prepare Rp 4.7 trillion during Ramadan to Idul Fitri," said Head of Riau BI Representative Siti Astiyah told reporters on Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Siti explained that the provision of cash this year is an increase compared to last year. Previously, the provision of cash during Ramadan until Lebaran 2017 only Rp 4.2 trillion.

"This year there is an increase of about 11.9 percent compared to 2017," said Siti.

As in previous years, said Siti, BI will hold an exchange with 30 private and national banks in Pekanbaru.

"This year the money changer is no longer in the yard of BI Riau building The location of the money changer is moved to the page of Masjid Annur Pekanbaru," said Siti.

Money changers will start on May 30-31 and June 4-5, 2018. It is from 09.00 WIB to 12.00 WIB. The money provided from the paper Rp 1,000 to Rp 20,000.

"The people who want to exchange money please will get the queue number distributed by the committee," closed Siti.
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Trains and Ship Logistics Shoppers Lack of Interest

- Logistics truckloaded more or overload is still widely found in the field.In fact, the existence of these 'obesity' trucks has led to more inefficiencies than the cost efficiency of logistics to be achieved by transporting more goods.

The government itself has been trying to provide a choice of logistical routes other than land, including through rail and ship.However, these two alternative pathways are less attractive to entrepreneurs.

For the train line, the choice is less desirable because it costs 1.5 times a landline.Transport observer Djoko Setijowarno said the 10 percent tax imposed on goods made the line less attractive to entrepreneurs.

"If the land is not effective anymore, have to move to the train.But the train is not expensive, because of the tax.Previously PT KAI also pengennya cheap.Not expensive, "he said when contacted on Tuesday (5/22/2018).
Proven from the realization of the number of freight vehicles using trains last year.PT Kereta Api Indonesia notes that the realization of total freight transport in 2017 is not reached, of which 39.9 million of the target is only 36 million.

As for the marine vessel line, since late 2017 the government has prepared long-range roro boats for the subsidized Jakarta-Surabaya route to reduce the burden of the Pantura road.But this path is also less desirable because of being hit by non technical constraints such as the cost of levies that burden logistics costs.

"Implementation is not too much, but at least reduce the burden.Because now we are still trying to offer to the public, what kind of response, "he said.

" The response is quite good, but there are non technical issues such as the rather high fee levy in Tanjung Priok.Maybe I have to count again if possible in Tanjung Priok the retribution fee is lowered.Because if the current conditions, the entrance is quite large cost, so the influence is large enough for the subsidy given to the owner of the ship itself, "he added.
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Meet MUI, Sri Mulyani Talk State Budget to Debt

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati visited the office of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). Sri Mulyani arrived at the MUI office in Menteng area, Central Jakarta, at around 11:00 am, accompanied by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Hadiyanto.

After the meeting that lasted about 2 hours, Sri Mulyani explain brief what kind of matter discussed.

"I am with MUI today is to meet invitation, which at that time MUI invite us to friendship to discuss various aspect of current issue and state finance of APBN and public debt issue," said Sri Mulyani at MUI office, Jalan Proklamasi, Menteng, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).
In addition, according to Sri Mulyani in the meeting also discussed about Islamic securities to the budget MUI.

"We also discussed zakat and waqf issues and discussed Islamic securities and also MUI delivered its own MUI program which requires state budget support during this time allocated Kemenag (Ministry of Religious Affairs) So we do it," said Sri Mulyani.

Previously, Sri Mulyani and House Speaker Bambang Soesatyo once met to discuss the budget of MUI, Tuesday (6/2/2018).

Monday, December 25, 2011 "I have to say to the Minister that there is aspiration of MUI in its budget only receive a year Rp 6 billion.It is still under Satker Kemenkeu, while the requirement that they must get in accordance with MUI request for moral guidance of Moslem the majority of it requires approximately Rp 30 billion, "explained Bambang at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/2/2018).
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Auditors Must Be Independent, Do not Reduce Financial Statements

- PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) proposes that the auditor of the company's financial statements come from an independent.Auditors of financial statements should also be certified.

IDX President Director Tito Sulistio said his side has spoken to the Ikatan Akutan Indonesia (IAI) regarding the proposal to be implemented soon.

"I propose to make an initiative and have talked with IAI, auditors who provide financial statements if it can be certified, exam.After that they must be independent, should not be affiliated, "he said at BEI Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Tito said the proposal if applied can be anticipated early in order to avoid modification cheats financial statements.So no investors are the victims.

"It was the earliest of the financial statements.Can try special company listed first, "he added.

Tito looked at sometimes there are parties who do audits affiliated with the company management.It opens up the possibility of cheating.

"The key to how the financial statements in the company are signed by the auditor by the person in charge correctly.Therefore, sometimes the auditor is in Indonesia, the grandfather of the president commissioner is, the father of the president director is, "he said.

The proposal also refers to the default of interest rate of short-term debt or medium term notes (MTN) owned by PT Sunprima Nusantara Financing or SNP Finance.The investors felt cheated because MTN SNP Finance previously received a sleek rating.
Pefindo is the one who gave idA / stable rating in March 2018.Even that rating has been raised from previous idA- / stable.

But from that case Tito looked at Pefindo not completely wrong.Because as a rating agency, Pefindo only underlies the financial statements presented by the auditor.

"Rating base of audited financial statements.So it's not his job Pefindo again to check again his financial statements.Pefindo receives the company's projection financial report, it does not check the depth, "he said.
I do not blame or not, but it is Pefindo's duty.If sorted, Pefindo make from the auditor.Hence the auditor should be the first defense of the capital market industry, "added Tito.

Just for information, SNP Finance on 9 and 14 May 2018 suffered a default on the MTN issued.Total unpaid interest obligations totaled Rp 6.75 billion from two MTN series.
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Airport Kertajati Starts Operation May 24 Tomorrow

- Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, West Java will start operating on May 24, 2018 or Thursday this week. The inauguration took place at 00:00 local time.

So was expressed by the Director of Operations Airnav Wisnu Darjono after attending a coordination meeting at the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

"We are ready, May 24th will be inaugurated, just operated by Kertajati on May 24th, tomorrow at 00.00," said Wisnu at the site.
"So from May 24, it's open operation, who fly, I do not know yet because it's from the directorate of air transportation," he continued.

On the same occasion Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi added that on May 24 will be made an inaugural landings at Kertajati Airport. Flights will be made from Jakarta and Bandung.

"Tomorrow there is a historical landing, so there will be one flight from Jakarta to Kertajati, usually it becomes one note, one sign of the first flight from other airport to Kertajati," said Budi Karya.

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Sofyan Djalil inaugurated the New Secretary General

- Himawan Arif Sugoto inaugurated as Secretary General of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) / National Land Agency replaces the old Secretary General, Noor Marzuki who has retired. The inauguration was done directly by Minister of ATR Sofyan A. Djalil at Prona Hall, Jakarta (05/22/2018).

Sofyan advises Himawan as the new Secretary General to help coordinate the execution of tasks, coaching and administration support to all organizational elements within the Ministry.

"Our Ministry gets a big mandate from the basic agrarian law, namely Agrarian Reform and the success of the ministry is determined by the performance of the other echelon, the Secretary General is very important role in the running of the Ministry, we have homework to implement, improve information technology systems and improving personnel systems, "said Sofyan.

"Starting today we will work harder, hope big government to us The success of land registration is our contribution to the nation," he added.

In this occasion, besides the Secretary General, Sofyan also inaugurated three new structural officials namely:

1. Hotman Pardomuan, S. H. M. Kn Head of Facilitation and cooperation sub-directorate at the directorate of empowerment of community land rights.
2. Muh. Yusuf, S. H., M. H., Head of Subdirectorate of Land Conflict and Area I at the Directorate of Land and Territory Disputes and Land Conflicts I.
3. Budi Susanto A. Ptnh Head of Subdirectorate of Land and Territorial Case Management 1 at the directorate of land and space case handling.

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Want Jersey Business? This Country's Best Selling Costume

- Ahead of the 2018 World Cup which will take place on June 14 in Russia, various attributes are already being sought by the ball lovers. Starting from hats to jersey teams of leading countries.

Like a jersey wholesaler in Pasar Tanah Abang, Dewanto admits he is from Jersey 32 national team that will be competed in World Cup 2018 on 14 June to 15 July 2018 at Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia he just prepare some uniform from the leading team.

"Not all, only 14 countries, but the most widely purchased is Spain, Germany, France, Portugal," he said to Lapijnya Floor 3 Block A Tuesday (22/05/2018).
Some other top national team are also many consumers looking for, such as England, Italy, Argentina and Brazil.

Many consumers are looking for jersey from national team champion. Germany is the most favorite because in the World Cup 2014 Germany came out to be the winner.

Prices offered also vary, ranging from Rp 70. 000-90. 000. Per day Dewanto can sell 500 jersey with when calculated turnover jersey sales per day reached USD 35 million.

To prepare demand ahead of world cup euphoria that will take place after Lebaran, Dewanto prepare about 2000 shirts per type to supply the needs in Jakarta and some other areas.

"There is also demand from Makassar, Bandung Medan, and it demand thousands (per day)," he said.
For information, World Cup 2018 times Russia came out as hosts who will get a chance to undergo the 2018 World Cup opening match on July 14, 2018, Russia will melwannya national team of Saudi Arabia, second in Group A .
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The reason Jersey Merchants Not Raise Prices Despite US Dollar USD 14,200

- United States dollar exchange rate (US) through the level of Rp 14. 200.This figure rose three points from the previous position at the level of Rp 14. 197.The impact of some entrepreneurs and traders who rely on imported items must adapt to the new price with the difference between transactions between rupiah and the increasingly distant dollar.

It is felt one of the jersey odor traders in Tanah Abang Market, Dewanto.He said at the moment he does not raise the price of retail shirts for fear of his customers switching to other stores.

"No raisin, if the price rises the customer later on blur right.Because there are some wholesalers are also still selling at the same price, "he said to, in Lapaknya Level 3 Tanah Abang Market Block A, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
He explained to some a retail jersey store might be able to raise prices.But it is difficult because it has received a subscription with an affordable price.The weakening of the rupiah is so affecting its trade advantage.He admitted that all jersey he sells is imported goods sent from Thailand.

To cover rises due to weakening rupiah exchange rate against dollar in foreign import transactions, Dewanto said he did not raise the price of jersey shirts.

To work around this Dewanto must reduce the profit by about 7% in each transaction to cover the rise of the jersey import t-shirt.

"Kan can not ride, so I reduce profit by 5-7%.Most consumers are Jakarta but many buyers are also from areas such as Makasar, Medan, Bandung Padang it can be thousands of shirts (per day), "he said.

Per day in the market, he can sell jersey jersey about 500 shirts.Later jersey shirt is booming because about a month away, will be held 2018 World Cup celebrations that took place in Russia.

"Now again boom shirt of the country, like Germany, France, Spain.A day can be 500 shirts, "he said.
With the weakening rupiah that continues to happen for several months many entrepreneurs who depend on imports must bear the losses on the price increase of various items because they must bear the cost of the increase can not be can raise prices fluctuate to consumers in the country.
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Horticulture Commodity Production Up, Government No Longer Import

- Director General of Horticulture Kementan, Suswandi said exports of horticultural commodities have increased significantly.The result is now the government decided to stop importing horticultural products.

"BPS data says that in 2017, horticultural commodity that exports rose sharply, onion reached 7,750 tons or increased 953,5% compared to 2016 which only 736 tons.The export pineapple reaches 210. 026 tons or up 51.75% compared to 2016 only 138. 400 tons, salak 966 tons, up 3.04% compared to 2016 which only 938 tons, "he explained.

He also said since 2014 the Jokowi-JK government is committed to realizing food sovereignty and improving the welfare of farmers.Food sovereignty means to be able to supply the supply of its own production, not from import.

Suwandi continued this commitment based on the facts of sufficient domestic production and the spirit to protect the farmers.
He calls the government still consistent to keep its commitments, one of which does not open imports of onion seeds.
Meanwhile, he said since 2015 Kementan has been actively developing chilli and onion areas outside Java so that the supply outside Java is no longer dependent on the center in Java.

"Since 2015, Kementan is actively developing chili and shallot areas outside Java.As in Solok, Tapin, Enrekang, Bima, East Lombok and others.Thus, the supply in Outer Java is no longer dependent on the center in Java, "he said.

The result, said Suswandi, starting in 2016 the government has stopped the total import of onion.Where in the previous year the government recorded onion imports reached 17. 429 tons and 74. 903 tons in 2014.

"On horticultural commodities, starting in 2016 the government has recorded a proud result.For example, red onions can be fulfilled from own production and even surplus, in other words, self-sufficiency has even been exported to some neighboring countries.Even so, the needs of chilli can be fulfilled by themselves as well, "he said.

In addition, he conveys throughout 2016 until now the government insists never issued a recommendation or permit onion import.If found imported onion into the domestic market, it is necessary to ensure the truth of commodities, information and legality.

While the onions are still allowed to enter Indonesia is a type of onion.This is in accordance with the prevailing rules and standards of quality that are ratified together in the ASEAN Standard for Onion.
Indonesia was able to reverse the situation by exporting onion to several ASEAN countries.Then, in July 2018, the government plans to export more shallots more than 1,000 tons.

No less important as well, this year also the government is committed not to import fresh chili.The government is pushing exports of chili and other vegetables to several neighboring countries.While the fruits that are being encouraged its development are citrus, durian, and other commodities as import substitution.

He also said the government is also now encouraging the export of fruits especially for mangosteen, salak, pineapple and other horticultural products that have high economic value.

"Export of mangosteen 2017 reached 9. 190 tons, bananas 18. 193 tons and durian 240 tons.In the future, will be pushed higher volume, "he said.
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US Dollar Rp 14,200 Gerus Untung Jersey Traders in Tanah Abang

- The weakening of the rupiah in recent months has affected many sectors.As the current exchange rate of United States dollar (US) through the level of Rp 14. 200.This figure rose three points from the previous position at the level of Rp 14. 197.Since yesterday the US dollar continues to move up against the rupiah.

The US dollar exchange rate against the rupiah rose from the level of Rp 14,150, Rp 14. 175, Rp 14. 185 and finally broke through Rp 14. 200.
The direct impact of this rupiah weakening happened to jersey shirt seller in Tanah Abang.It is said Jersey Wholesaler Jersey Land Abang, Dewanto.He claimed to have to reduce the profit to cover the exchange rate between the rupiah and the increasingly distant dollar.

"I cut 5-7% profit.Because imports, the most taste because of the difference in exchange rates, "he said at 3rd Floor Lapangnya Tanah Abang Market Blok A, Tuesday (22/05/2018).

Dewanto admitted all jersey he sold is imported goods sent from Thailand
The exchange rate is beginning to be felt when the US dollar is still in the range of Rp 13. 000-an until now becomes Rp 14. 000-an.

Thus, traders must recalculate the selling price of the jersey.Or take another alternative by cutting profits in order to maintain the selling price of jersey so as not left by customers.

"He (jersey prices) ngikutin exchange rate.From Rp 13, 000, can still profit.But since the US dollar is Rp 14. 000-14. 200 he started to have to make a difference on the rupiah exchange rate, "he said.
Dewanto said he did not raise the price of the jersey he was selling. blur it right.You see, there are some wholesalers are also still selling at the same price, "he said

Meanwhile, quoting data exchange rate Interbank Spot Rate Currency Rate (JISDOR) Bank Indonesia (BI) today at the level of Rp 14. 176.

Indonesia Finance Today Bank of Indonesia Bank Indonesia to increase interest rate BI, BI 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate to 4.5% not yet able to withstand the US dollar against the rupiah. BI 7 days repo rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 4.5% from previous 4.25%

With rupiah depreciation continuing for several months many import-dependent entrepreneurs should bear losses on increases the price of various items because they must bear the cost of the increase without being unable to raise prices fluctuate to consumers in the country.
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There's a Rising Pertalite Price News, Pertamina: That's Hoax

- PT Pertamina (Persero) has denied any increase in Pertalite fuel price (BBM). The current price of Pertalite is Rp 7.800 per liter in DKI Jakarta Province. "It's a hoax news, that's not true from yesterday," said Pertamina Corporate Communication Vice President Adiatma Sardjito when confirmed, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

The price of Pertalite is currently at the level of Rp 7.800 per liter in DKI Jakarta. The magnitude of the price of Pertalite is set differently in each province.
The highest price of Pertalite is in Riau Province, Riau Islands, and Batam at Rp 8. 150 per liter. While the price of terenda in DKI Jakarta, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, West Sumatra, to East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

Pertalite price increase is also usually announced on Pertamina's official website a few hours before price adjustment is made.

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Depart Haji from Kertajati Transit Airport First in Soetta

- The government is preparing Kertajati Airport in Majalengka, West Java to be able to transport flights this year.However, the new Kertajati Airport can be used for embarkation between, where pilgrims will transit first to Soekarno-Hatta Airport (Soetta).

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said the flight format of this Haj has been discussed with Menko Maritim Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.He said that Kertajati's pilgrimage flight did not go directly to Saudi Arabia, but transit first in Soetta.

"From the immigration of course baseball there is a problem because the format that will be done it is required as an embarkation between.This means that the flight will be made from Kertajati to Soetta, from the new Soetta to Saudi.So the format is almost the same done in Lampung, "said Budi Karya after a meeting at the office Luhut, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018). Budi Karya also said that the step this is aligned with current technical capabilities as well as flight safety at the airport.Therefore, the current runway or runway from Kertajati only about 2. 500 meters (m) and width of 60 m.

The runway length is considered not yet possible to make Haj flight directly.It takes at least 3,000 m of runway for a wide body aircraft that can serve Boeing 777 haj flights.

"There is no problem with the runway, the runway is 2.500 if Boeing 777 can not be, but we use alternative Airbus A330 or others.We will not violate the provisions relating to safety, "said Budi Karya.
Later, the trip from Kertajati Airport to Soetta is estimated to take about 45 minutes.Budi Karya said, this year Angkasa Pura (AP) II will increase the length of Kertajati runway up to 3.000 m.With so expected next year Kertajati can serve haj flight directly.

"This is a partnership with AP II, July runway will be added to 3. 000.So next year can already Boeing 777 there.At least 6 months is over, "he said.

Meanwhile West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Garniwa said during this year's Hajj season it is estimated that Kertajati can accommodate up to 2.500 pilgrims or about 5 kloter.
"Alhamdulillah for Hajj season which is planned from Kertajati start there is meeting point.So later pilgrimage planned five kloter, about 2. 500. that's three to five kloter.Maximum 2. 500 worshipers, it's from Majalengka region and maybe Sumedang yes, "he said.
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US Dollar Rp 14,200, BI: Indonesia is Not a Crisis-Suspended Country

- The rupiah against the US dollar continues to move towards the level of Rp 14. 200. Bank Indonesia (BI) assess this condition occurs due to external and internal factors.

BI Governor Agus Martowardojo explains that although the exchange rate continues to move above Rp 14. 000 but Indonesia does not enter into fragile group five.
Groups of fragile five are the five countries vulnerable to the impact of global crisis due to the economic conditions of the United States (US). The group also describes a developing country that is still dependent on foreign capital inflows to finance growth.

Agus admits that global pressure on Indonesian economy is very high. "We should be grateful for Indonesia, because the world says Indonesia is not included in the group," said Agus in a working meeting at Commission XI DPR RI, Jakarta, Tuesday (5/22/2018).

Agus Telling, Indonesia 5 years ago or in 2013 had entered into the group in the era. Countries that fall within the fragile group are India, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia. Then one year later in 2014 Indonesia managed to get out of
This according to Agus economic management and financial system of Indonesia better than a few years ago. Agus said Indonesia is better than the previous year period. The reason Indonesia has gained status or rating a higher one notch from the investment grade provided by Fitch Ratings and Moody.

"We are never as good as this (before)," he said.
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Solo Residents Can Exchange New Money Exchange at BPR and Pawnshop

- Residents of Solo and surrounding areas have been able to exchange new money in banking offices starting Tuesday (22/5). This year, residents can also exchange new money in Pawnshops and Rural Banks (BPR).

Head of Representative Office of Bank Indonesia (BI) Surakarta, Bandoe Widiarto, said there are 111 points where money exchange in Solo and surrounding areas. Of these, 12 are Pawnshops and BPRs.

"There are 8 BPRs, 2 BPR Syariah and 2 Pegadaian This is only the first year and the pilot project We expect to run smoothly," said Bandoe while monitoring the exchange of money at Pawnshop Purwotomo, Purwosari, Solo, Tuesday (22 / 5/2018)

Bandoe hopes pawnshop operation and BPR to serve money exchange can be used to introduce the product to the public.

"Besides the people exchange money, they also can know what products are available in Pawnshop and BPR, hopefully, people who have not become customers can be customers," he said.

This year BI provides Rp 5,034 trillion in denominations. The amount increased by about 9 percent compared to the previous year, which is Rp 4.615 trillion.

"In this day we estimate the transaction reaches Rp 30 billion, estimates, every day there are 150 bank exchangers.Then in Pegadaian and BPR there are 25 exchangers a day," said Bandoe.

With increasing money exchange point, Bandoe hopes people no longer exchange money in street vendors. It does not guarantee the authenticity of money exchanged outside the banking system.

"If it turns out the money is false we can not bear, Later instead not be width," he concluded.
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In addition to the Basic Salary, This THR Component Will be Received by Civil Servants

- State Ministry of Administrative Reform (PAN-RB) said the holiday allowance (THR) to be received by civil servants (PNS) this year will be greater than in previous years.

What makes THR civil servants this year bigger?

Based on records, Jakarta, Tuesday (05/22/2018). In this year civil servants will receive the basic salary of THR plus performance allowance (tukin) and family allowance.
It was revealed by Minister of PAN-RB Asman Abnur after attending Musrenbangnas RKP 2019 event in Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Monday (30/4/2018).

"I do not know the amount, but the suggestion is that besides the basic salary, the family allowance and the performance allowance are also given THR," said Asman.

He mentioned the THR given by the government to the previous civil servants is only equal to the basic salary. For this year proposed some additional components.

"It used to be based on basic salary, I am proposing to be included in family and performance allowance," he explained.
Only, continued Asman, the proposal is highly dependent on the availability of state budget managed by the Ministry of Finance.

Said Asman, his side also recently submitted the discourse to the Ministry of Finance. It is expected that before Lebaran 2018 can be realized.

"But it depends on budget willingness Hopefully better So this is just a suggestion Well harmonized later We hope that in the near future there will be decision," he closed.

Just for information, the family allowance in the form of wife allowance and child support. It was stipulated in Government Regulation (PP) No. 7 of 1977 on Payroll civil servants.
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Integrated Online Permissions Want Released, EIA Rules will be Revised

- The Ministry of Environment and Forestry will change AMDAL rules and environmental permits. This is related to the launch of an integrated online system or single submission online (OSS).

According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of LHK Bambang Hendroyono it will change the candy by classifying the business. As for dividing the business into groups, A, B, C, and D and enter the business obligatory and not mandatory AMDAL.

"There is a candy that will be changed for mandatory AMDAL and which are not mandatory AMDAL and candy that we change again how to grade those efforts so that no problem after PP out," said Bambang in the Coordinating Ministry Field of Economy, Jakarta Monday (5/22/2018).
"It means there is a grade-graden AMDAL that is for businesses that have the highest grade of environmental impact, so it's not flat time so investment is easier to lead to it easier to support investment," he continued.

Discussion will resume on Thursday (24/5/2018) to complete the classification. That way once the rule is over, OSS rules can be launched immediately.

"Discussed Thursday the meeting again we strengthen ministries and agencies that require AMDAL and we do not want AMDAL to be a problem," he explained.

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US Dollar Rp 14,200, This Impacts to Jersey Traders in Tanah Abang

- US Dollar (US) exchange rate through the level of Rp 14. 200. This figure rose three points from the previous position at the level of Rp 14. 197. Since yesterday the US dollar continues to move up against the rupiah. The US dollar exchange rate against the rupiah rose from the level of Rp 14,150, Rp 14. 175, Rp 14.185 and finally broke through Rp 14. 200.

Following the weakening of the rupiah in recent months, the seller of jersey shirt in Tanah Abang affected. It is said Jersey Wholesale Jersey Dewanto. The reason, he admitted that all jersey he sold is imported goods sent from Thailand.

"Because of imports, the most taste because of the difference in exchange rate," he said found in Lapaknya Level 3 Tanah Abang Market Block A, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
The exchange rate is beginning to be felt when the US dollar is still in the range of Rp 13. 000-an until now become Rp 14. 000-an.

Sure enough. Take for example, for a jersey with a capital price of US $ 4. When the exchange rate of Rp 13. 000, then the cost of capital for a piece of jersey is Rp 52. 000, but when the exchange rate olar AS to Rp 14. 000, then the jersey price of a piece of jersey automatically Rp 56. 000.
Thus, traders must recalculate the selling price of their jersey. Or take another alternative by cutting profits in order to maintain the selling price of jersey so as not left by customers.

"He (jersey price) ngikutin exchange rate From Rp 13. 000, can still profit, but since the US dollar Rp 14. 000-14.200 he began to nombok make the difference in the rupiah exchange rate," he said.
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New Money Exchange at Monas, Citizens: Make a Share For THR

- Residents enthusiastically switched new money in IRTI Monas Field area, Central Jakarta, which is served by several banks. This service runs from 21 to 25 May 2018. For the purposes of any citizens exchange new money?

One of the citizens who exchange money, Roland said he exchanged money served in the area of ​​this Monas for the purposes of Lebaran future.

"This is for giving THR, for snacks of children, can also make home village," he said when talking with on location, Tuesday (22/05/2018).
While other residents, Situmorang said he exchanged new money with smaller fractions here for party purposes in his hometown later.

"Want to be used for a party, for saweran party, not for THR, there is a party in the village will be loved," he explained.

Other residents, Daris also said that he exchanged the smaller nominal money in this Monas area to be distributed to his brother as THR Lebaran. He exchanged Rp 5,000 denomination.

"Make for THR If my nephew is not asked, it's a lot, ordinary children nowadays if he we love Rp 2. 000, it's big. the school has gone up the classroom, so it's a bit gedean love, "he added
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Solar Subsidy Plus How much? This is Sri Mulyani said

- The government plans to add diesel subsidies by 2018.The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) proposed that the subsidized diesel subsidy be Rp 1. 500 / liter.

Currently the government has subsidized fuel type of diesel Rp 500 / liter.The ESDM Ministry also proposed a subsidy of Rp 1,000 / liter, then the total subsidy of diesel would be Rp 1. 500 / liter.

Responding to that, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said all decisions on the discourse of additional diesel subsidies were decided in the performance report of the first semester of 2018 to the House of Representatives (DPR).

"Now the State Budget Law stipulates Rp 500 per liter which is not enough.Therefore, whether in this case the additional Rp 1,000 or the amount to be determined later, is being discussed.Later we will report to the council through the first semester report, "said Sri Mulyani after the socialization of PP No. 14 of 2018, Jakarta, Tuesday (22/05/2018)
The increase of subsidy allocation, said Sri Mulyani, the impact of world oil price movements that have exceeded the assumption limit in the 2018 APBN.
The difference between the assumptions in the State Budget is very large, from US $ 48 per barrel now even reached above US $ 80 per barrel,
The high oil prices directly become a burden for SOEs in this case PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT PLN (Persero).Because, these two companies are very dependent on the red plate with oil.The oil used is also imported so that the cost is higher than usual.

"So we will see the cost structure of those who are under pressure because oil imports are already at high prices.While subsidized prices are unchanged.We are currently calculating the balance sheet of PLN and Pertamina, the need to keep this state-owned company healthy and sound, "he explained.
However, how much will the government decide on the number of diesel subsidies will be decided when delivering APBN performance in the first half of 2018.

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Truck 'Obesity' No Longer Finish, But Must Lower Goods

- The Ministry of Transportation will operate more weigh stations to mitigate the presence of trucks on the road. Director General of Land Transportation Budi Setiyadi said that his company has cooperated with PT Surveyor Indonesia to ensure the operation of weigh bridges in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Currently the operation of weigh stations implements e-Tilang system for each truck that is proven to carry more cargo and should lower its cargo if it wants to continue the journey.

"We are no longer in the fines regime The fine is when the weigh bridge is under 2017 when the authority is still in the area If so now it is not Fine is only Rp 500 thousand So so the hammer also give the judge the fine only Rp 200 thousand so there is no deterrent effect, finally we take the solution by just drop the above 100%, weighed again can only walk, "he said when contacted on Tuesday (22/05/2018).
It was taken because the fine did not cause deterrent effect. From the analysis results in 2017, there are still 25% of overloaded freight vehicles with a cargo of up to 100% or twice as much.

"From the results of our study, which loads more than 100 passing vehicles, 25% of them break the tonnage to 100%, so there are 25 out of 100 trucks that break the tonnage to 100%. we touch first to lowered goods, "he said.

It also minimizes the existence of an obesity truck by cracking down on any truck that has dimensions exceeding fair size or over dimensions.

"For the over dimensions, we've educated some of our civil servants to conduct an investigation of over-dimensional cases," added Budi.

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What's The Difference Of The Economy Of 2018 With The Crisis Of 1998? This is Sri Mulyani said

- Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati believes that Indonesia's economy is currently very different from the condition 20 years ago or during the economic crisis of 1997-1998.

Sri Mulyani says that the most visible difference is that the government now has independent Bank Indonesia (BI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), which is the independent financial sector oversight body.

"Different at all.First, from the side of legislation where 20 years ago before the BI crisis was not independent.We do not have what is called an independent financial sector supervisory institution, "said Sri Mulyani after the socialization of PP No. 14 of 2018 at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (22/5/2018).

Differences in economic conditions are also evident from the government managing the state budget.According to Sri Mulyani, currently the government embraces the budget deficit and it is recorded in a transparent manner.While in times of economic crisis, the state budget deficit can not be known.

"So, there is a State Finance Law that provides signs on how much the amount of deficit and debt.We also have KPK.So, from the side of 20 years ago, much can be done misappropriation or bad governance, can run widely, "he said.

Sri Mulyani disclosed, BI became a monetary authority that has the task of maintaining stability rupiah exchange rate and inflation.BI has a mix of policies that in times of economic crisis are not owned, as well as OJK.
"Governance is more transparent, many of these institutions (banks) already, they do publication of the overall balance sheet.From the side it is very different. we are also flexible, meaning that when the economy, our rupiah can strengthen.If it is being impacted as it is today, then just like many other currencies, will experience pressure or correction, "he said.

" However, our currency correction although flexible, still in a stable medium-long term.We maintain that we, the government, BI, OJK can ensure the financial sector remains healthy, Indonesia can grow but, and BI can stabilize if necessary.It's a different mechanism from 20 years ago, "he concluded.
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