Actual KUR up to April 38% from Target

- Realization of people's business credit (KUR) until April 2018 reached 38%. The government is targeting this year's KUR distribution of Rp 120 trillion.

Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution said the realization tends to be positive. In fact, he suspects, it is possible if channeling can penetrate the target.

"If the realization of KUR until April is good, 4 months reaches 38% of the annual target, which means there is not enough space available," he said at the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs Office on Wednesday 16/5/2018).

For this year, the government set a 7% KUR interest per year. Then, the target of KUR is Rp 120 trillion.

Darmin targets this year the government targets KUR distribution of 50 percent for the production sector. Although not in detail, he said the production sector decreased slightly.

Darmin says the decline is because farmers have passed the harvest. Thus, farmers tend to pay credits.

"Because if 4 months, one-third of the year it's 38%, times 3 it's 114% so yes but good Yes what the name, which for production percentage down slightly from last year but because it's finished harvest. the farmer's harvest was paid for the credit because he paid after the harvest, "he explained.

"Because I asked that last year 40% should be for production, this year 50% .Later next year we boost again," he continued.

He hopes, the distribution of KUR especially for the production sector continues to increase. Moreover, from May, it has entered the growing season for farmers.

"Yes it's a big conclusion so I think it's good, OK, well hopefully, we'll see the planting season come in again May, June, July up again not percentage," he concluded.

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