BRI Encourages Non-Cash Payments at Ports

- As a form of support for Non-Cash Movement, Bank BRI together with Pelindo III issues electronic money of BRIZZI E-Port Card edition.This card is launched to streamline transactions in the port which is one form of integrated payment system (Integrated Payment System). "Previously, Bank BRI has also built a system for payment of port services in the Pelindo III port area, using the Host to Host Payment system in all Bank BRI channels," said Director of Consumer BRI Handayani in Jakarta, Friday (11 / 5/2018).

Handayani says that BRIZZI card last year has reached more than 9 million transactions per month.Through this partnership, Bank BRI has a sales target of 20 thousand cards BRIZZI card.

"Our target for all this is about 20 thousand cards that we can sell first," said Handayani.
Finance Director of PT Pelindo III, Saefudin Noer said the electronic payment system has been implemented in large ports such as Semarang, Tanjung Perak and Benoa.Services include ticket purchases, souvenir purchases, and payments in some agencies.

"In Semarang for example there is to purchase goods in the cooperative, purchase tickets, then purchase souvenirs, then payments in some agencies such as customs and quarantine as well," said Saefudin.

He says that more and more E-Money users will facilitate services, provide security, and convenience to customers.

"More and more are turning to E-Money card better, easier service, provide security, and comfort," he concluded.
In addition to the launch of E-Port Card, Bank BRI is also committed to provide banking services to Pelindo III subsidiary company, PT Pelindo Daya Sejahtera.Services in the form of salary payment management, provision of consumer credit facilities (mortgages, KKB, and Briguna), pension fund management, and others.

Cooperation conducted by Bank BRI, Pelindo III, and Pelindo Daya Sejahtera is an effort of synergy between SOEs.
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