Dongkrak Regional Plantation, Kementan: Promotion Needs to be Done

- In order to boost the agribusiness industry's desire in the countryside, Director General of Plantation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang said that there is a need for promotion to investors to invest in the region.

"For the friends in the area to promote and provide information to investors to invest in the region, because the area has a huge potential to be developed especially in the plantation sector" said Bambang in a written statement on Friday (11/5 / 2018).

He said the plantation sector is the country's highest foreign exchange earner who has defeated the oil and gas sector.For that he said with the promotion to investors, commodity production in the area can be boosted more optimally.

"We have proven that the plantation sector is able to emerge as the country's foreign exchange earner of the number one beat the oil and gas sector.We can optimize plantation commodities in coastal areas for increased production.The trick with the promotion of large-scale and invite investors "added Bambang.

He exemplified that there is now a replanting activities (rejuvenation) of oil area of ​​185 000 hectares.The presence of oil palm with an area of ​​land that is already 25 years old, ready to be utilized by investors.

One of the promotional forms conducted today is by holding an Agrofood Expo 2018 exhibition held on 10 - 13 May 2018 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

Indonesia AgroFood Expo 2018 held in conjunction with "Indonesia International Modern Agriculture Expo 2018" featuring modern technology in agriculture which includes: agricultural tools and machinery, post-harvest machinery, and hydroponic technology.The exhibition was attended by appliance and agricultural machinery companies from Indonesia, China, Turkey, Taiwan and Korea.

Indonesia Coffee Festival 2018 Indonesia Coffee Festival 2018 is aimed to introduce the diversity of Indonesian coffee, bringing together various coffee business actors in Indonesia ranging from farmers, traders, industry, coffee lovers to coffee shop owners in order to increase coffee consumption in the country and the world.

The exhibition is attended by 80 (eighty) participants consisting of related ministries, local government, state-owned enterprises, agribusiness business actors, both small and medium scale scale.

The series of three exhibitions in the agricultural sector is expected to be a promotional event agrobisnis superior products and able to generate significant business transactions.
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