Post Bomb Surabaya, Kemenhub Amankan Sea Transportation Facilities

- Directorate General (DG) of Sea Transportation (Hubla) Ministry of Transportation strengthens the security of sea transportation facilities and infrastructure.This was done after being hit by a suicide bombing in three churches in Surabaya.In addition, supervision is also enhanced.

Director General of Sea Transportation Agus H Purnomo instructed his staff to monitor, monitor and control the situation.This is so that the security of facilities and infrastructure of marine transportation is maintained.In addition to ensuring activities at the port, including Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya run normally.

"There is no room for acts of terror of any kind.Indonesia has never been afraid of any terror attempts committed.We are not afraid, "he said in an official statement received on Sunday (13/05/2018).
Meanwhile, Director of the Sea and Coast Guard Unity Junaidi said facilities and infrastructure of sea transportation in Indonesia, especially in Surabaya is currently running normally
Junaidi explains the security standards at the port are running well according to International Ship and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) Code.But it will keep improving post-bomb surveillance in Surabaya.

"To all security personnel in all UPT DG of Hubla, to tighten and improve the supervision of security system of facilities and infrastructure of Passenger Terminals, Ports, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coastal Operations Radio Station (SROP), Special Terminal , Terminals For Their Own Interests (TUKS), and other vital objects, "he continued.
The Parties will also crack down on actions that could threaten public safety and security related to the marine transportation sector.

"Crack down on actions that can interfere with security and safety and smooth service to the public.Stay alert to potential threats to security and safety disturbances, "he added.
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