Had To Be Postponed, JORR Toll Rates Near Rp 15,000 May Apply

- Minister of Public Works and People's Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono mentions the beginning of July will begin to apply transaction integration for the segment Jakarta Outer Ring Road ( JORR ) with Pondok Aren-Bintaro Viaduct-Ulujami toll road and Tanjung Priok Access toll road.

"The beginning of July is (JORR Toll tariff integration is enforced)," Basuki said when met after halalbihalal at the home of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Jalan Widya Chandra, Jakarta, Monday (25/6/2018).
Basuki makes sure the schedule will not back down.Previously this policy will take effect on Wednesday (20/6/2018), but was postponed with consideration of wanting to socialize the policy again to the toll users.

"No (will retreat again).Early July (applicable) because it is, hopefully (toll users) can already understand the purpose.As Semarang-Krapyak-Tembalang-Banyumanik is integrated, it's the same, "he explained.
He added that this policy does not aim to benefit certain parties, especially toll road business entities (BUJT).>
"But the important thing is not to add income BUJT, nothing at all that mind," he added.

Previously, the government and operators JORR Toll will apply tariff integration for vehicles class IV on Wednesday (20 / 6/2018), but postponed.Through this policy the JORR toll tariff is much closer to Rp 15. 000 for Class I vehicles, Rp 22. 500 for Class II and III, and Class IV and V Rp 30,000.
Integration JORR Toll rates This covering section W1 (Penjaringan-Kebon Jeruk), section of W2U (Kebon Jeruk-Ulujami), section of W2S (Ulujami-Pondok Pinang).

Kemduian, section S (Pondok Pinang-Taman Mini), section E1 (Taman Mini-Cikunir), section E2 (Cikunir-Cakung), section E3 (Cakung-Rorotan), Access Tanjung Priok (SS Penjaringan to with Kebon Bawang), as well as, Toll Pondok Aren-Bintaro Viaduct-Ulujami.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4083029/sempat-ditunda-tarif-tol-jorr-jauh-dekat-rp-15000-berlaku-juli
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Fahri Sebut Pole LRT Expensive, Minister of Transportation: Not for 1-2 Years

- Minister of Communications (Menhub) Budi Karya Sumadi responded to Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah's comments on the post trajectory light rail transit (LRT) .The high pole is considered expensive.What is the Minister of Transportation?

Minister of Transportation affirms the construction of LRT with elevated or elevated tracks, complete with its masts already taken into account. "I believe that although the LRT was built before I became a minister, the calculations to make elevated are well thought out," Budi Karya said after being met at halalbihalal at the official house of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti, Jakarta, Monday ( 25/6/2018).
Budi says LRT is built elevated due to long-term orientation.With the kite structure, LRT is more easily developed in the future.

"We build not for one year, two years, but it can be a project 100 years later, where LRT will be many branches and Jakarta will be used as conection of MRT, LRT, BRT, so that people will not use private vehicle only, "he continued.

Budi also said the construction of LRT built on the ground surface is cheaper, but elevated construction is far superior.

"Yes if not the technical person, if in the flat, at grade (ground level), it's crossing (crossing).If the crossing of the train is not maximal, there will be congestion and so on, "he added.
Previously, Vice Chairman of the House Fahri Hamzah admitted to suspicious and suspected there was a mark up in light rapid transit development project (LRT) in Indonesia .He questioned why the LRT pole was high.

"Suspect me that.People are suspicious.I am also suspicious, "said Fahri Hamzah, in DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

According to Fahri, LRT development in Indonesia looks odd.The peculiarities he thinks of the construction of the LRT pylon he calls are too high.
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Luhut Meet Japanese Foreign Ministers Discuss Train Tight JKT-SBY

- Coordinating Minister (Menko) Kemaritiman Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan describes the results of his encounter with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kano. In the meeting, Luhut said, the Japanese agreed to strengthen cooperation with Indonesia.

Luhut explained, there are some projects that will be worked with Japan . Among them, the Jakarta-Surabaya train, Port Patimban, mass rapid transit (MRT), Trans Sumatra Toll Road, and Natuna.
"We met the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding the cooperation between Jakarta-Surabaya (JKT-SBY) railway, Patimban, three MRT, all four of them are interested in Trans Sumatera investment there Natuna they want aqua culture in They want to form a task force directly with us, we usulin, "he said at the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Monday (6/25/2018).

"Later its output in 60 years of cooperation between Indonesia and Japan next year," he continued.

Related trains Jakarta-Surabaya, Luhut said, still continue to be discussed at the technical level. Luhut has not mentioned the investment value for this train.
Furthermore, Luhut also said the Japanese side also agreed to assist Indonesia in terms of human resource development (HR).

"It's about vocational human resources training they will help," he said.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082945/luhut-bertemu-menlu-jepang-bahas-kereta-kencang-jkt-sby
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Minister of Culture Open Food Stable Secrets in Ramadan to Lebaran

- stated that the price of food during Ramadan and Lebaran this time is relatively stable and under control.In fact, he said the price of food on Eid last two years is the best in the last 10 years.

"This is a new history for Indonesian agriculture and new sheets also in our food sector," Amran said in a written statement on Monday (25/6/2018).
He also explains the effort made by Kementan is to change the cropping pattern and to anticipate the usual price increase during Ramadan and Lebaran.

"Three months ahead of Ramadan farmers increase planting capacity.The result, it turns out not only to stabilize prices during Ramadan and Lebaran.As we know together now we can export corn, imported onion first now export to 6 countries.Also chicken cut now we export to Japan country.Food exports also rose by as much as 400% overall, "said Amran again.

In addition, he also admitted price stability during the last 2 years is the result of cross-sectoral cooperation, coupled with the action taken by the Food Task Force

"We blacklist naughty import companies that only seek profits of magnitude without regard to prevailing rules, harming farmers and consumers," continued Amran. He believes that if Kementan continues to get support from the Chief of Police, TNI Commander and Menkopolhukam, food issues can be handled in Jokowi-JK's leadership period
Temporary Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menkopolhukam) ) Wiranto who participated in Cross-Sectoral Coordination Meeting Security of Idul Fitri 1439 H at Polri Headquarters said Police did not hesitate in upholding the law

"We will not hesitate to enforce the law gi violators who only want to profit themselves to harm the community, "said Wiranto.

He also gives awards to all parties who have telibat and both work hard to realize the hope of society to pass through Ramadan and celebrate Lebaran safely and comfortably.

Commander of the TNI Chief of Police who hosted the event also said it would help the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) in the fight against food mafia and cartel.

Previous Kementan announces 5 blacklisted companies.The five companies are suspected of importing mini onions for cheap purchase and import duties for later resale as red onions at higher prices.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082926/mentan-buka-rahasia-harga-pangan-stabil-di-ramadan-hingga-lebaran
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Prabowo Call Debt RI Rp 9.000 T, Luhut: Nggak Ngerti Do not Say

- General Chairman of Gerindra Party Prabowo Subianto criticizes Indonesia's debt to reach Rp 9. 000 trillion.The debt comes from a combination of government, SOE debt, and debt of financial institutions.

Responding to that, Coordinating Minister for the Ministry of Marine Affairs
"If you do not understand do not have diomongin lah, we are not stupid, know we are all.No need, "he said at the Coordinating Ministry for the Ministry of Home Affairs, Monday (25/06/2018). Luhut also said the government understands the issue of Indonesian debt.He also said, it does not want to burden the next generation.

"So I wrote it, you young people should be able to distinguish the news that bener, not bener.We understand the numbers, so if people talk debt if you do not understand do not talk."Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati also said that the total combined debt already has the responsibility of each entity. br> "So what we discuss is what's the problem?If I want to ask yes, it means that in managing the entire economy each entity has a responsibility.So if from the side of the economy, we could have made the whole debt including other countries for the whole countries of the economy could be household debt, corporate debt, SOE debts, debt financial institutions, government, "Sri Mulyani said at the press conference of our State Budget at the office of the Ministry Finance, Jakarta, Monday (6/25/2018).

<20 href = "20. seconds. com / embed / 180625076 "target =" _ blank "class =" embed video20detik "> [Gambas: Video 20sec]

He says, when talking about Indonesia's total debt of almost Rp 9 . 000 trillion, it must be seen from the side of the right comparison.

"If you talk now GDP reaches almost Rp 15. 000 trillion means it can be seen the ratio of Rp 9. 000 trillion to Rp 15. 000 trillion like that.So if you compare apples with apples, because often it ngomongin Rp 9. 000 trillion continues then the coming of the government like how?From the first the government will manage the state budget, "he said.

For the task of the Ministry of Finance is to manage government debt as per May 2018 reached Rp 4.169.09 trillion.According to Former Managing Director of the World Bank the figure is still safe because the ratio is below 29% to GDP.

"So if the discussion is consistent.If corporate debt yes he compared the volume of corporations.If SOEs compared their total assets and revenues.Housemaid yes to the household, "he explained.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082844/prabowo-sebut-utang-ri-rp-9000-t-luhut-nggak-ngerti-jangan-ngomong
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Minister to BUMN Boss Attended in Halalbihalal Susi Event

- Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Susi Pudjiastuti today held an open house in order halalbihalal post Idul Fitri 2018. The event was held at his official residence, Jalan Widya Chandra, South Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

In the event, Susi wore a gray dress patterned vertically. Based on the agenda, this silahturahmi event has started since 19:00 pm and will last until 22:00 pm.

There are a number of ministers attending halalbihalal at the residence of women who are famous with the slogan 'drown' it.

Who has arrived, namely Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, and Minister of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Basuki Hadimuljono.

In addition, the boss of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) also exist that are seen present, namely the President Director of PT PLN (Persero) Sofyan Basir.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082846/menteri-hingga-bos-bumn-hadir-di-acara-halalbihalal-susi
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The Government Has Withdrawn Rp 179.2 Trillion Debt until May 2018

- The Ministry of Finance said that until May 2018, government debt management has been improving. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained that by the end of May 2018 the government has issued Government Securities (SBN) of Rp 179.26 trillion or 43.25% of the target. This figure is minus 14.9% compared to the same period the previous year.

Meanwhile, through the withdrawal of foreign loans the government managed to cover the budget deficit of state budget (APBN) of Rp 19.42 trillion or 37.82% of the target.

"The issuance of bonds has dropped dramatically, even this year the negative is almost close to 15%," said Sri Mulyani in the press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry of Finance Building, Jakarta, Monday (25/6/2018).
He explained the effect of depreciation of the rupiah against the US dollar as well as the increase in interest rates of the Federal Reserve in April and May 2018 quite affect the SBN auction. "SBN auction in late April and early May did not meet the target because investors tend to wait and see the market developments," he added.

Sri Mulyani added that investors' demand for yields beyond fairness in the secondary market also affected the decision not to take bid in auction in early May. However, it is only temporary because at the end of May 2018, SBN auction has returned the norm

SBN is one of the government instruments in closing the deficit of the state budget and to support the development of Indonesia's infrastructure, especially through the State Sharia Securities (SBSN). The debt financing strategy is done carefully by taking into account the costs, risks and capacities. As well as paying attention to pruden principles, cost efficiency, productivity and balance.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082829/pemerintah-sudah-tarik-utang-rp-1792-triliun-hingga-mei-2018
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Fahri Kritik Piang LRT Mahal, Luhut: I Kissed Her Legs If I'm Wrong

- Coordinating Minister for the Ministry of Marine Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan responded to allegations mark up Vice Speaker of the House Fahri Hamzah.Fahri is suspicious of mark-ups due to the use of poles for the light-quick transit project ( LRT ).

"Send him to bring here I kiss his feet if I am wrong," said Luhut at the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Office Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

Luhut says, LRT development using standard model from France.He said the development has met international standards.

"We are wearing young people who count all and we use the standard from France.So this model we buy a model that is already French, which later we can sell also to others.There's been a study.International standards we have fulfilled.Very we meet, "said Luhut.

Luhut also said, it is better not to talk about LRT if not understand.

" So do not understand, if you do not understand do not have to talk, "he said
Previously, Vice Chairman of the House Fahri Hamzah admitted to suspicious and suspected there was a mark up in light rapid transit development project (LRT) in Indonesia.He questioned why the LRT pole was high.

"Suspect me that.People are suspicious.I am also suspicious, "said Fahri Hamzah, in DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

According to Fahri, LRT development in Indonesia looks odd.The peculiarities he thinks of the construction of the LRT pylon he calls are too high.

"Why make LRT pole aloft, right?Just make LRT underground.So there is no need for a pole.The pole is high, very expensive, "he said.

In addition to being dangerous, Fahri said, from the information he heard, the construction of the high pile is not really necessary.He also requested an audit of LRT's development budget.

"There is an analysis if it is not needed that's going to be an additional cost.So I heard this is not just in Palembang.But all over the place that the colonnade built there is an additional cost that must be anticipated, "said Fahri.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082812/fahri-kritik-tiang-lrt-mahal-luhut-saya-cium-kakinya-kalau-saya-salah
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BI Mau Rombak Rules DP House, It Says Sri Mulyani

- Bank Indonesia ( BI) is planning to relax the rules of advances (/ DP ) for mortgages (KPR).BI said it has coordinated with the Ministry of Finance related to the policy plan.

Responding to this, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained the Ministry will discuss this plan with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and BI related to the policy mix that will be done. "BI on one side will maintain stability through monetary policy, but on the other hand support economic growth through macroprudential through housing sector," said Sri Mulyani in a press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (26 / 5/2018).
He explains, the policy mix can be done in harmony so as to provide more effective impact on the national economy.

According to him, this is one example for BI, Ministry of Finance, OJK and Deposit Insurance Agency (LPS) to keep the Indonesian economy in a safe corridor.

"We continue to maintain stability, balance.On the one hand, global volatility must be handled and managed, but it must also maintain momentum, "he said.

Previous Bank Indonesia Perry Warjiyo discloses to announce soon related to LTV relaxation
We will announce, indent relaxation and relaxation of payments, "he added after the halal bihalal event at BI Building.
BI has also invited the chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rosan P Roeslani to discuss the relaxation plan (LTV) or downpayment of housing loans.

"We are asked to attend as a representative of business with Real Estate Indonesia (REI) and several developers.Indeed, there is a plan BI to issue a relaxation policy concerning property and and they ask for input from us, "said Rosan.According to him, currently BI does have two priorities namely pro stability and pro growth.One way is with interest rate policy and LTV policy relaxation. "The plan will be DP 0% and DP 15%," he said.

According to Rosan, developers who have been getting loans from banks can be disbursed gradually.This is expected to help the developers in financial terms.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/properti/d-4082810/bi-mau-rombak-aturan-dp-rumah-ini-kata-sri-mulyani
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Sri Mulyani Ramal Economic Quarter II-2018 Grows 5.2%

300 Industries Will Be Discounted Taxes, This Explanation Ministry of Finance

- The Government will provide discount or tax deductions to 300 industries.The Coordinating Ministry for the Economy said it was the result of a revision of the policy tax allowance .

Responding to this Head of Fiscal Policy Office (BKF) Ministry of Finance Suahasil Nazara explained that the current Government Regulation (PP) is in the process of revision.

"This looks at the list of existing sectors, whether relevant or not and which sectors are potential.This will be a process, it is done together with the relevant Ministry of Institutions, "said Suahasil in the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).
He explained that the Ministry and Institution (K / L) related such as Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry until Coordinating Ministry of Economics discuss this.

"From there also discussed relevant sectors and sectors in certain areas such as KEK is also where which potential to be studied with K / L , "he said.

Suahasil added, there will be a series of checks for industries that want such incentives.This is done by matching data from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), to the Tax office to calculate the value of investments invested.

"So the tax must be audited first, what exactly the value of his investment.So the scheme is the same but the reduction is different if, "he added.
In addition, this rule will certainly support the implementation (OSS), so it can be used at launch later.For information, pursuant to GR No. 9/2016 on amendments to Government Regulation No. 18/2015 on income tax facilities for investment in certain business fields and in certain regions, the government only grants to 145 industries.

With details, certain business fields and certain areas of 74 industries are cocoa, coffee, oil, milk, and others.As well as, certain business areas 71 include the tourist property industry, coal mining and lignite, food industry, textile industry, and others
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082786/300-industri-bakal-dapat-diskon-pajak-ini-penjelasan-kemenkeu
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Luhut About Allegations of LRT Project In-Mark Up: Pity Pak Prabowo

- Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan spoke about allegations of mark-ups on light rail transit projects ( LRT ) by Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto . According to him, Prabowo got less precise information.

"LRT that if US $ 7 million, pity Mr. Prabowonya to information that is not fitting, there is already data," he said at the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Office Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

He said the average LRT project per kilometer (km) is Rp 400 billion. Meanwhile, in other countries reached Rp 600 billion to Rp 1 trillion.

"If we are an average of Rp 400 billion per km, in other places there is Rp 600 billion, there is up to Rp 1 trillion depending on if definitely more expensive, high elevation how expensive, depending on this ( type of construction), "he explained.

He is concerned with the information submitted by Prabowo. According to him, the information received by Prabowo is wrong. "So do not be easy to make the conclusion, I understand it very well now, if there is a mistaken love information pity Mr. Prabowonya, the leader kok given the wrong information," he explained.

To be known, Prabowo previously accused the development cost of LRT Palembang has been marked up. According to data obtained, the cost of development for LRT in the world is only around US $ 8 million / km. While in Palembang, which has a track length of 24.5 km, it costs nearly Rp 12.5 trillion or in other words it costs US $ 40 million / km.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082780/luhut-soal-tudingan-proyek-lrt-di-mark-up-kasihan-pak-prabowo
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Breeders Complaint: Feed Price Add Expensive But Its Nutrition Down

- Association of Poultry Breeders Archipelago (PPUN) assess the price of animal feed is currently quite expensive. Unfortunately, the quality in the feed is actually reduced. As a result chicken growth becomes slow and result in chicken breeder production becomes low.

Chairman of PPUN, Sigit Prabowo said the breeders claimed his chicken experienced slow growth due to the lack of quality of the feed.

"I can report from friends of quality breeders down but prices rise," he said to, Monday (25/06/2018).
Furthermore, he explained the price of feed increased by Rp 300 to Rp 7.300 per kilogram (kg) from the previous feed price up from the range of Rp 7, 000 per kg.

"Feed prices rise Rp 300 if the previous rise of the range of Rp 6. 700 to Rp 6. 800 to Rp 7, 000 if it goes up so Rp 7, 000 to Rp 7. 300," he explained.

Therefore, he requested that entrepreneurs ensure the quality of the feed by conducting lab tests.

"There should be a lab test, so I suggest try to be taken to the lab how is the nutrisinya.This is a lot to say is constrained in the delayed growth of this lot of complaints of weight also not reach the target," he explained.

Just for information, chicken prices megalami increase since the beginning of the year to Rp 21. 000 per kg in the level of farmers due to decreased production.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082768/keluhan-peternak-harga-pakan-tambah-mahal-tapi-nutrisinya-turun
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Prabowo Called Indonesia Dangerous Debt, This is the word Economist

- Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto < / a> mention Indonesia's debt is dangerous.He reveals that by including Moody's data that became a reference news Bloomberg.

According to Jewel Bank Economist Josua Pardede to see whether or not a country's debt can not be seen only from its nominal.Prabowo himself mentioned that Indonesia's debt has reached Rp 9. 000 trillion.

Josua explains to see the dangerous state of debt from the debt ratios.Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) recorded total government debt per May 2018 amounting to Rp 4.169.09 trillion.

"The addition of its own debt is limited by the budget deficit should be kept below 3% to GDP.We also see the stock of debt to GDP is still below 30%.It is still under 60% of the state finance law, "he explained to detikFinance, Monday (25/06/2018).
In addition, according to Josua must also be seen from the type of debt carried by a country whether more than bilateral debt with institutions or countries, or the issuance of government securities (SBN).

"Bilateral debt tends to decline.This means that the government reduces the dependence on bilateral debt and chooses to issue SBN.SBN is better because the risk is lower than bilateral debt, "he said.

The total government debt per May 2018 of Rp 4.169.09 trillion came from loans worth Rp 767.82 trillion.There are bilateral loans of Rp 322.01 trillion, multilateral Rp 397.80 trillion, commercial Rp 41.38 trillion and Rp 1.22 trillion.Then there is also coming from domestic loans amounting to 5.40 trillion.
Next debt from state securities (SBN) amounted to Rp 3.401.77 trillion, consisting of rupiah-denominated SBN amounting to Rp 2.408.40 trillion and foreign currency denomination of Rp 766, 63 trillion.

"Back in 1998 we had the debt from the IMF it was much larger than issuing bonds.Moreover, we are worth the investment, so it is also lower and, "he added.

Then the last, according to Josua, the state debt would be better if used for productive things.Jokowi's own government claims that state debt is focused on infrastructure development.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082767/prabowo-sebut-utang-indonesia-berbahaya-ini-kata-ekonom
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The Level of Vulnerability of Indonesia's Debt Is Still Below India

- Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati say vulnerability level Indonesian debt < / a> is still lower than Malaysia and India.It also replied to the Chairman's statement Party Gerindra Prabowo Subianto < / a> that says the condition of Indonesian debt is already dangerous because it is almost Rp9.000 trillion.

"If Moody's views were said they say we are third.But compared to the two rankings above that is Malaysia and India, Indonesia is 54% much lower, "said Sri Mulyani during a press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).
< According to Moody's Investors Service data, the external vulnerability index position is 51%.The first position is India with 74%.
"If we compare the so-called dependency of Indonesia to abroad from the buyer side of our SUN, we have to say about 37%.If you want a so-called positive interpretation, we are trusted because the demand is high, some will buy.If the negative side, if he does not believe in Indonesia he can go, "said Sri Mulyani.

According to Sri Mulyani the government continues to manage debt in accordance with the rules of legislation, financial management indicators.Citing Moody's Investors Service, Monday (25/06/2018), the rating agency is indeed issued a research to determine the rating of Indonesia.
In it noted the external vulnerability index position or indices of external vulnerability of Indonesia by 51%.The index calculates from short-term foreign debt (ULN), long-term debt maturity, and total holders of non-resident deposits for one year and then divided by foreign exchange reserves.

The data is a projection for 2018.Bloomberg also noted, Indonesia is in second position as the country with the highest level of vulnerability in Asia.The first position is India with 74%.
Even so Moody's Investors Service has upgraded Indonesia's rating from Baa3 to Baa2.Prospects were changed from positive to stable.

For information, the position of government debt per May 2018 Rp 4.169.09 trillion.This figure is down Rp 11.52 trillion compared to the previous month which amounted to Rp 4. 180.61 trillion.

The decline in the amount of debt due to the success of the government manage the debt from year to year.This is reflected in lower debt financing as of May compared to the same period in previous years.
From the realization of APBN 2018, the budget deficit was recorded at Rp 94.4 trillion as of May this year.This figure became the lowest since 2016.Thus, the primary balance also recorded a surplus of Rp 18.1 trillion.

The primary balance is a sign that APBN management is getting better and credible.The primary balance is the difference between state revenue minus expenses that do not include debt.If the value is still deficit, then the government should be in debt again to pay the debt maturity.
"It means our state budget is much healthier and stronger, this is a prudent state financial trend," said the former Managing Director of the World Bank.

"So if we see the budget financing trend is improving, it is then used.It's from the side of responsibility to make this country better, "lid Sri Mulyani.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082763/tingkat-kerentanan-utang-ri-masih-di-bawah-india
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Loan Rp 25.6 T for Phase I and II MRT is signed next month

- Mass rapid transit development ( MRT ) phase II of HI-Kampung Bandan Roundabout route will be done soon.Loans from Japan through the Japan International Cooperation Agency ( JICA ) has also been approved.

President Director of PT MRT Jakarta William Sabandar said that the Japanese side has agreed to provide loans amounting to Rp 25.6 trillion.The government will soon sign a loan contract in July 2018, or next month.

"So that's about Rp 25.6 trillion.It will be signed by the Government of Japan and the Indonesian government no later than July.July next month, "said Wiliam at the project site, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018). William explained that the Rp 25.6 trillion loan will be used for the construction of the MRT phase II amounting to Rp 22.5 trillion
The rest will be used for additional work or variations order and price adjustment not included in initial contract of MRT with contractor in first phase. Rp 22.5 trillion is for phase II.Then there is Rp 2.6 trillion for additional funding phase 1.The amount is slightly less fitting, because the yen exchange rate is changing, "he explained.

The investment value for phase II MRT project along the 8.6 km itself is more expensive than phase I.For phase I spent Rp 16 trillion with a length of 16 km, while the second phase of investment value of Rp 22.5 trillion with a shorter route.

William had explained, that the more expensive development of phase II MRT is because the whole path is in the ground.It is targeted that the construction of MRT phase II can begin in December 2018.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082738/pinjaman-rp-256-t-untuk-mrt-fase-i-dan-ii-diteken-bulan-depan
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Employees Entering When Pilkada Must Be Overtime

- The Government has set 27 June as a national holiday. The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) also appealed to the company to provide overtime to employees who enter.

Kasubdit Oversight of Working Time Norms Resting Wages, Ministry of Manpower, FX Watratan explain, basically, for companies that still require employees to enter on that date in order to provide overtime pay. Given that the 27th has been designated as a national holiday.

The Ministry of Home Affairs and Political Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia "The holiday can not be prohibited to carry out the obligations of the country.
According to him, the rules related to wages and employment on the 27th may refer to existing normative rules related to national holidays.

"When the entry is still held it usually counts overtime," he said.

However, he did not want to comment further about the application of overtime rules. "But there is no regulation (if the entrepreneur does not give overtime pay), so it's an appeal not a sanction," he explained.
Meanwhile, the holiday is held in conjunction with the implementation of 2014 Serial elections.

The provisions of overtime status and overtime pay for employees who enter on national holidays are contained in Law no. 13 of 2003 on Manpower.

Here are the rules related to overtime in the national holiday:

>> br>

While the amount of overtime pay that must be paid to employees is stated in PP. 78 of 2015 on Wages.

The item governing the wage payment reads as follows

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082696/karyawan-masuk-saat-pilkada-harus-dapat-uang-lembur
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Until May, the Government Pay Debt Interest of Rp 112 Trillion

- The government has released data on the realization of central government spending from January to May 2018.One of them is non-ministry expenditure of K / L Institution.

From our APBN data, debt interest payment until May 2018 of Rp 112.48 trillion or 47.14% to the portion in APBN 2018 which amounted to Rp 238.61 trillion.This number grew 13.77% over the same period the previous year.

Meanwhile, subsidy payments were Rp 60.97 trillion or grew by 19.93% compared to the same period in the previous year.
In addition to debt payments, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati also explained that the realized K / L expenditure amounted to Rp 231.47 trillion or 27.31% from the portion in APBN of Rp 847.44 trillion.

Then details of personnel expenditure amounting to Rp 76.47 trillion or has reached 33.62% of the state budget of Rp 226.46 trillion.

"This personnel expenditure is quite a lot because of the acceptance of new civil servants (PNS)," said Sri Mulyani in the press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

In addition, the realization of personnel expenditures increased due to the payment of teacher professional allowance (TPG) and special allowance of non-civil servant teachers for the month of February to April 2018 paid in May 2018.
He revealed , for goods expenditure recorded Rp 84.89 trillion grew 21.9%.He explains that spending on goods faster than the same period in 2017 shows the acceleration of activities that support the government's 2018 operation.

Then capital expenditure is Rp 30.86 trillion or minus 0.84%.In addition, social assistance was Rp 39.25 trillion or grew by 93.24%.

The high realization of social assistance especially for the distribution of programs such as social protection, such as the acceleration of PKH distribution with the target of 10 million families in the previous year 6 million families.Then accelerated payments of beneficiaries (PBI) in advance, including acceleration in the payment of food aid assistance.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082679/hingga-mei-pemerintah-bayar-bunga-utang-rp-112-triliun
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Tax receipts reached Rp 484 trillion as of May

- The Ministry of Finance said tax revenues until the end of May 2018 was Rp 484.50 trillion.This number grew 14.13% annually or 34.02% of the target APBN 2018 .

While the revenue of customs and excise until the end of May 2018 amounted to Rp 54.16 trillion.Thus, tax revenue, namely taxes and duties and duties to Rp 538.66 trillion.

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati explained that the positive revenue growth is supported by the growth of non-oil and gas PPh which reached 14.25% and VAT which grew 16%.

"The growth of 14.13% in 2018 is influenced by the receipt of the nature in the first quarter of 2017 that is the income from the ransom of tax amnesty which reached Rp 12 trillion," said Sri Mulyani in the press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (6/25/2018).
He added that if not with tax amnesty then the growth of tax revenue from January to May 2018 reached 17.45% higher than the same period of 2015 to 2017.

Sri Mulyani explained the growth of tax revenue in 2018 is still sustained by the type of tax revenue originating from import and production activities. According to him, the positive performance of several types of major taxes, such as Income Tax Article 21, Corporate Income, Domestic VAT, import VAT gives a positive signal of increasing economic activity at least from the perspective of tax revenue.

"Domestic VAT growth is slightly slower compared to the same period in 2017.This condition is more influenced by the restitution of the period of January to April 2018 which grew 8.17%, "he added.
Detailed further, non-oil taxable income up to May reached Rp 274.71 trillion or grew 14 , 25%, VAT and PPnBM Rp 180.97 trillion or grew 16%, PBB and other taxes Rp 3.42 trillion or grew 1.04%, and oil and gas PPh Rp 25.4 trillion or grew 3%

< While in particular for May 2018, growth in tax revenue (yoy) grew up to 28.38% or higher compared to May 2017 which grew 7.4%.

The growth of tax revenue in May 2018 is mainly derived of the tax type closely related to economic activities such as Article 21 Income Tax, Income Tax Article 22 Imports, Domestic VAT and Final Income Tax.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082608/penerimaan-pajak-capai-rp-484-triliun-hingga-mei
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Want to be Tested Try, All Jakarta MRT Relays Connected End of June

- Progress of mass rapid transit development ( MRT ) Jakarta phase I connecting Lebak Bulus to RoI HI continues to show progress.To date, the construction progress of the project has reached 94.6%.

President Director of PT MRT Jakarta William Sabandar said the progress covers the overall construction.The construction of the underground line has reached 96.83% and the construction of the elevated track reaches 92.39%.

"Progress per day is 94.6% of physical progress.We are on target yes, and the preparation to run our train will start around August to mark the process whose name is integeration test and commissioning, "William said at the project site, Jakarta, Monday (25/6/2018).

William describes rail tracking or track work has been fully connected at the end of June 2018.

"So this rail job will be completed by the end of this month.So the whole, that 36,000 meters was finished, "he explained.

In addition, two series of trains have been at the Station Depo Lebak Bulus.The train has also been tested at Depo Lebak Bulus.That way, the train is ready to be tested to go on the tracks in August 2018.

"Then the installation-signal installation, signaling system is also being done.It is expected that in early August this train will have been tested on the track, "he said.
At that stage, William continued, the integration test and commissioning work began in August 2018 until November 2018.
> "So it marks the commencement phase of integerated testing and commissioning, where the tracks are ready, ready, the power is ready, and the train will be integrated with the existing systems," he said.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082589/mau-diuji-coba-seluruh-rel-mrt-jakarta-tersambung-akhir-juni
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Reduced Feed Nutrition Make Poultry Producer Production Decreased

- Production of chicken in the breeder has decreased. This causes a rise in the price of chicken prices at the breeder level up to Rp 21,000 per kilogram (kg).

According to the General Chairman of the Poultry Farmers Association of Nusantara (PPUN), Sigit Prabowo chicken production decreased related to the quality of animal feed given.

Currently, he said, the animal feed that he bought is considered to have a low quality. So that causes the growth of the chicken is slowing down.

"This is constrained growth of animal feed quality is down," he said when talking to Monday (25/06/2018).
Therefore, currently it is currently planning to check the nutrition of animal feed.

"So I suggest try to be taken to the lab how is the nutrisinya.This is a lot of say it is constrained in late growth, delay.This many complaints of weight also not reach the target," he explained.

Meanwhile, he explained the price of animal feed increased by Rp 300 to Rp 7.300 per kilogram (kg). Previously the price of feed is priced between Rp 6.800 to Rp 7, 000 per kg.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082580/nutrisi-pakan-berkurang-bikin-produksi-ayam-peternak-menurun
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Emtek Pessimistic Can Increase Profit Income This Year

- PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi Tbk (Emtek) is pessimistic that this year's net profit growth can be incised.Although the parent company of SCTV television station is sure still able to reap the profit.

Vice President Director of Emtek Sutanto Hartono said one of the factors that makes the company's net profit growth this year is to grow is the company's digital business.Emtek is currently famous for its focus on building many digital companies.

"Companies in the field of digital ditahap early it will add opex significantly so it is lower profit.The problem is that digital companies are generally still in a loss due to the investment stage, "he said in SCTV Tower, Jakarta, Monday (25/6/2017). previous.Because Sutanto sure Emtek Group media business line especially tv free to air experience a positive performance.

"Tv is indeed the backbone of our media, especially in terms of audience share.So we are confident to increase revenue, "he added.
Sutanto did not say how much projected increase in revenue and profit decline in this year
For the first quarter of 2018, the company's performance also decreased dramatically.The company recorded a net loss of Rp 206.15 billion.In contrast to the same period the previous year earned net profit of Rp 22.6 billion.
The company's revenue also fell from Rp 1.9 trillion in the first quarter of 2011 to Rp 1.8 trillion.However, cost of revenue increased from Rp 1.18 trillion to Rp 1.24 trillion.

Emtek also has to bear the loss of the associates of Rp 168.37 billion.Increase from the first quarter of 2010 amounting to Rp 52 billion.

Last year, Emtek also experienced a net profit decrease of 87.64% from Rp 354.31 billion to Rp 43.77 billion.The company's revenue rose 3.04 percent from Rp 7.36 trillion to Rp 7.59 trillion.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-4082571/emtek-pesimistis-bisa-torehkan-kenaikan-laba-tahun-ini
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Sell ​​Red Onion 'False', Importer Can How?

- A fake onion that turns out to be a mini onion from India is illegally sent to Indonesia.

Deputy Director of Crime Economic and Special Criminal, Commissioner Daniel TM Silitonga explained, the price of red mini onion is only Rp 2. 500 / kg in India, then if sent to Indonesia the price will be Rp 6. 000 / kg.

After passing a series of freight, clearance and other charges at the distributor level, the price of mini red onion to about Rp 9.500 / kg while on the side of the importer can remove the onion with the price of Rp 14. 000 / kg means the party importers have a profit of Rp 8000 / kilogram.
Or if the profit potential is calculated at the level of major distributors or recipients of fake onions if these goods pass to the market, they can earn around Rp 5.3 billion from a total of 670 tons from selling fake onions.

"While the retail price of the range of Rp 14. 000 / kg thus, there is a mini onion benefit of Rp 8. 000. Meanwhile, the price of local onion in farmers is currently around Rp 18. 000 / kg while in the retail market the average range of Rp 25,000 / kg, "he said to the media crew at the location of the confiscation, Gudang Jala Letjen Sujono 168 Medan, Monday (25/06/2018).
In addition there are other reasons why Indian importers dare to send red mini onion for sale as red onion in Indonesia that is because of the difference of tariff on the import duty of onion is set at 20%. While onion 5%. "If the onion passes to the market, this will be the local shallot farmers will be restless, it will affect the sale price of local onion whose price will drop," he said.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082550/jual-bawang-merah-palsu-importir-dapat-berapa
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Japanese Foreign Minister Blusukan to MRT Underground Tunnel Jakarta

- During his visit to Indonesia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan ) Jakarta, Monday (25/6/2018).

On-site monitoring, Taro Kono reviews the location of Bundaran HI station.Taro Kono came to the project site at around 16:20 pm by wearing a white shirt.

There, Taro Kono was accompanied by the President Director of PT MRT Jakarta William Sabandar.He went around to see the underground construction project.

On this occasion, Taro Kono walks through the project to the most basic floor to see the train tracks.He must go down two floors up to the passenger platform.

Every now and then, Taro stops at some point to just check and ask some things to William.Taro along with William then down the track or rail MRT.

The review finally stops at the tunnel or tunnel point of the subway.

Not long after the last point, Taro Kono then returns to the top of the project.In review this time, Taro also did not give any information to the media crew who participated in the project.

As is known, MRT Development project is financed by Central Government and DKI Jakarta Provincial Government and supported by Japanese Government fund through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

JICA's support is provided in the form of a loan to provide development funds.JICA's commitment amounts to ¥ 125. 237,000,000, while the loan agreement has been awarded for ¥ 50. 019. 000. 000, consisting of Loan Agreement No.IP-536 of ¥ 1. 869. 000. 000, and Loan Agreement No.IP-554 for ¥ 48. 150. 000. 000, as well as Loan Agreement No.IP-571 for ¥ 75. 218. 000. 000.

JICA loan funds received by the Central Government are granted to the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta.The budgetary documents (APBN) relating to loans are in the Ministry of Finance, the Directorate General of Fiscal Balance, the Directorate of Financing and Regional Capacity, the Sub-Directorate of Regional Grants, under the name of the program and its activities is the State Grant Management Program with Loan Forwarding Activities and / or LN Grants as grants to the Regional Government.The executing agency is the Directorate General of Railways.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/infrastruktur/d-4082507/menlu-jepang-blusukan-ke-terowongan-bawah-tanah-mrt-jakarta
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Sri Mulyani's Response on Prabowo Debt Relief RI Rp 9.000 T

- Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto criticizes Indonesia's current debt.Prabowo said the total debt to date has almost reached Rp 9,000 trillion.

The total of nearly Rp 9. 000 trillion is a composite of debt government , the debt of SOEs coupled with the debt of financial institutions.

Responding to that, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati says of the total combined debt already has the responsibility of each entity.

"So what we discuss is what's the problem?If I want to ask yes, it means that in managing the entire economy each entity has a responsibility.So if from the side of the economy, we could have made the whole debt including other countries for the whole countries of the economy could be household debt, corporate debt, SOE debts, debt financial institutions, government, "Sri Mulyani said at a press conference of our State Budget at the office of the Ministry Finance, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).
He said, when talking about Indonesia's total debt of nearly Rp 9,000 trillion, it must be seen from the side of the right comparison.>
"If you talk now GDP reaches almost Rp 15. 000 trillion means it can be seen the ratio of Rp 9. 000 to Rp 15. 000 trillion like that, So if you compare apples with apples, because often it ngomongin Rp 9. 000 trillion continue then the coming of government like how?From the first the government will manage the state budget, "he said.

For the task of the Ministry of Finance is to manage government debt as per May 2018 reached Rp 4.169.09 trillion.According to Former Managing Director of the World Bank the figure is still safe because the ratio is below 29% to GDP.
"So if the discussion is consistent.If corporate debt yes he compared the volume of corporations.If the SOE compared to total assets and -nya.Household debt to households, "he explained.

" Therefore, what I want to comment on, the government will keep the state financial management and the state budget carefully by following the legislation, following the indicators financial health indicators.So we can keep it well, "he continued.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082498/tanggapan-sri-mulyani-soal-prabowo-sebut-utang-ri-rp-9000-t
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Want to Help Jokowi, Rizal Ramli Godok Strategy For Garuda Untung

- Former Minister of Marine Coordinator Rizal Ramli < / a> says it has a powerful solution to fix the condition i PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk which is still a loss.What kind of solution?

The man who is familiarly called RR it says the solution of the Garuda problem is being formulated by it.The solution is for Garuda Indonesia to re-profit.
"We will formulate Garuda's improvement strategy, and if implemented seriously, Garuda can profit back," he said in his office, Tebet, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

According to him, if the solution is actually run well, Garuda can profit again without waiting for a long time, maximum 2 years.He also said the draft containing the solution would be completed in less than a month.

"We submit less than a month of detail plan there.For that as an initial prerequisite for directors and management.The origin of the implementation of the design, also precise, and exactly, within 1.5-2 years Garuda will return profits, "he said.
He also assessed actually the problem in Garuda is relatively small, even smaller than the total the problem of all SOEs and the economy as a whole
The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz Rizak adds what he does to help President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) resolves Garuda's problem
The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz "We want to help President Jokowi to give solution, because Mr. Jokowi's reputation will degenerate if Garuda's rescue alone can not," he added.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082483/ingin-bantu-jokowi-rizal-ramli-godok-strategi-agar-garuda-untung
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Sri Mulyani's explanation on Trade Balance RI Deficit Again

- RI back trade balance deficit in May 2018 of US $ 1.52 billion.Sri Mulyani says, in this regard, Sri Mulyani has discussed with President Joko Widodo and minister- related ministers.He said that if the economy wants to move forward and on the other hand, the balance deficit can be maintained, it needs to be strengthened policies that support exports, industries that substitute imports.

"We also discuss what the joint response from the real sector like Coordinating Minister of Economy, from us in terms of whether intensive, whether the ease, whether it is from taxation, from customs, customs and also from macro prudentialnya Bank Indonesia and macro prudential policy in OJK.We will continue to follow up to be able to concretely improve the condition, "said Sri Mulyani at the State Palace complex on Monday (25/6/2018).

Indonesia's trade balance again deficit in May 2018.This time the amount is US $ 1.52 billion.
The value of this deficit is smaller than last April which amounted to US $ 1.63 billion. "The balance of trade in May 2018 returned to a deficit of US $ 1.52 billion," BPS Chief Suhariyanto said at a press conference at BPS Office, Central Jakarta, Monday (25 / 6/2018).
Last month, Indonesia recorded exports of US $ 16.12 billion.This figure grew 12.47% compared with export performance in the same period last year.

While its imports were recorded at US $ 17.64 billion.This figure is up 28.12% compared to May 2017 imports.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082458/penjelasan-sri-mulyani-soal-neraca-dagang-ri-defisit-lagi
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This BI Services Operates During Pilkada June 27, 2018

- Bank Indonesia (BI) will continue to provide some operational services on the day of Voting of Regional Head Elections ( elections ) dated 27 June 2018.

Quoted from official information BI, Monday (25/06/2018) an opportunity for employees to exercise their right to vote in the Regional Head Election by referring to Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 15 Year 2018 on Election Day of Governor and Vice Governor, Regent and Deputy Regent Vice Governor, Mayor and Vice Mayor Year 2018 as National Holidays.

Nevertheless, in the implementation of the Regional Head Election, Bank Indonesia continues to support national economic activities by providing payment system and rupiah money management services to the people and businesses throughout Indonesia.

The following operational activities of Bank Indonesia on the election day of Election on Wednesday, June 27, 2018:

1.All services in Bank Indonesia Real Time Gross Settlement (BI-RTGS), Bank Indonesia Scripless Securities Settlement System (BI-SSSS), Bank Indonesia Electronic Trading Platform (BI-ETP) and Bank Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI) according to the applicable schedule.The prefund funding mechanism for the Fund Transfer Service and Clearing Items Clearing Service through SKNBI is executed in accordance with applicable regulations.

2.The activities of the cash services are fully operational in order to meet the need for cash withdrawals and currency deposits from banks.

3.Monetary Operation

a.Monetary Operation of Rupiah

1) Rupiah Monetary Operation is performed for Standing Facilities Rupiah (Deposit Facility and Lending Facility).

2) Reporting of Commercial Bank Daily Report (LHBU) and Jakarta Interbank Offered Rate (JIBOR) runs like a normal business day, except for a bank that informs BI that the bank is not operating.

b.Forex Monetary Operations:

1) All foreign currency operating transactions on June 27, 2018 are abolished.

2) The Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (JISDOR) Exchange Rate on June 27, 2018 is not published.

3) Bank Indonesia exchange rate on June 27, 2018 using the last normal working day exchange rate reference issued on June 26, 2018.

Furthermore, related to the Monthly Board of Governors Meeting (RDG) Month June 2018, Bank Indonesia decides to adjust the timing of the RDG from Wednesday to Thursday, June 27-28, 2018 to Thursday-Friday, June 28-29, 2018.

Bank Indonesia sets the time frame for employee limited operational activities to exercise its voting right at the time of the vote.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/moneter/d-4082445/ini-layanan-bi-yang-beroperasi-saat-pilkada-27-juni-2018
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Government Debt in May 2018 Down Rp 4.169 T

- Ministry of Finance (MoF) recorded government debt as of May 2018 down Rp 11 , 52 trillion to Rp 4.169.09 trillion compared to the previous month which amounted to Rp 4. 180.61 trillion.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati says the government is committed to continue to manage the debt in accordance with the rules that apply.

"Debt per May Rp 4.169 trillion," Sri Mulyani said at a press conference APBN 2018 at the office of the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018).

Under the law, Sri Mulyani said, the total nominal government debt is still far from the set limits. Where, the limit is set to a maximum of 60% of gross domestic product (GDP).

"Compared to all GDP remains below 29% right around that," he said.
The total government debt per May 2018 of Rp 4.169.09 trillion comes from loans worth Rp 767.82 trillion. There are bilateral loans of Rp 322.01 trillion, multilateral Rp 397.80 trillion, commercial Rp 41.38 trillion and suppliers Rp 1.22 trillion. Then there is also coming from domestic loans amounting to 5.40 trillion.

Next debt from state securities (SBN) amounted to Rp 3.401.77 trillion, consisting of rupiah-denominated SBN amounting to Rp 2.408.40 trillion and foreign currency denomination of Rp 766.63 trillion.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082435/utang-pemerintah-di-mei-2018-turun-jadi-rp-4169-t
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June 27 National Holiday, Stock Exchange Remains Open

- The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) decided not to dismiss the stock trading on June 27, 2018. That means stock transactions can still be done at the time of Pilkada Serentak 2018 held.

The decision has been announced by BEI through BEI Operational Announcement Letter on June 27, 2018, No Peng-00504 / BEI. OPP / 06-2018.

"Stock informs that on June 27, 2018 the exchange remains operating normally and on that date is declared as exchange day," said Director of BEI Sulistyo Budi in an official statement on Monday (25/6/2018).
Previous government confirmed June 27 tomorrow is a national holiday. Determination of this holiday related to the implementation of elections Serentak 2018.

"The holiday is indeed the KPU proposes that there is one holiday election not only in 171 areas and this has been approved," said Wiranto at Police Headquarters, Jl Trunojoyo, Jakarta South, Monday (25/08/2018).

Wiranto says the 27 June endorsement as a national holiday will be based on perpres. The said presidential regulation will be passed soon.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-4082421/27-juni-libur-nasional-bursa-saham-tetap-buka
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Rupiah Exchange Rate to Oil and Gas Lifting Missed from Target State Budget

- Ministry of Finance released data realization of State Budget (APBN) 2018.Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati revealed that the realization of state budget realization is still in good condition.

He explained, in the implementation of Indonesia's economic growth in the first quarter of 2018 was 5.06%.Then inflation on May 31, 2018 recorded 3.2% lower than the assumption of the state budget of 3.5%.

Then for the interest rate of SPN recorded 4.2% as of May 31, 2018 is also lower than the period of 2017 of 5.1% and 2016 of 5.8%.

"For the recorded exchange rate of Rp 13. 714 per US dollar, higher than the assumption of the state budget (Rp 13.400) and higher than the realization of 2016 Rp 13.336," said Sri Mulyani in the press conference of our State Budget at the Ministry of Finance, Central Jakarta, Monday (6/25/2018).
For Indonesia Crude Price (ICP) as of May 2018 was recorded at US $ 66 per barrel higher than the assumption of State Budget of US $ 48 per barrel.

"The realization of 2016 alone US $ 34 per barrel is already doubled the increase," he said.

He added that oil lifting is currently at the level of 742. 000 barrels per day under the assumption of 800,000 barrels per day.For gas 1. 138 thousand barrels per day under the assumption of 1. 200 barrels per day.

"This figure explains the deficit in the March trade balance," he added.

For tax and non tax revenue is much better than last two years.For taxes recorded Rp 538.7 trillion grew 33.3% compared to last year amounted to Rp 470.3 trillion.According to Sri Mulyani this year is the best in terms of target and nominal percentage.
Then for non tax revenues (PNBP) recorded a significant improvement that reached Rp 145 trillion or 52.6% of the target.In May last year Rp 123.5 trillion or 47.5%.

"The increase is significant in the last two years," he said.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-4082417/nilai-tukar-rupiah-hingga-lifting-migas-meleset-dari-target-apbn
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US Dollar Mighty, This Afternoon Parking at Rp 14.150

- The United States dollar exchange rate against the rupiah strengthened again this afternoon. Quoted from Reuters on Monday (25/06/2018), the US dollar is at the level of Rp 14. 150.

The exchange rate of US dollar this morning experienced strengthening against the rupiah after a long holiday. US Dollar moves from Rp 14. 077 to RP 14. 115.

The US dollar is getting stronger ahead of the afternoon. In fact, this afternoon the US dollar is perched at Rp 14. 150.
Late last weekend the US dollar was at the level of Rp 14. 070. On the previous day, Thursday, June 21, 2018 dollars even strengthened 173 points to the level of Rp 14. 103.

Prior to the Idul Fitri holiday, the US dollar against the rupiah was at the level of Rp 13. 930. Also weaker than the position of the beginning of the month at Rp 13. 895.

Indosurya Sekuritas William Surya Wijaya weakening the rupiah is currently more influenced by the strengthening US dollar index.

"I am more looking than the US dollar index, because so far the US dollar index still looks strong between 90-95," he said when contacted detikFinance yesterday. US still influenced by some sentiment from Uncle Sam's country. Starting from the plan to increase the interest rate of the Fed to the effects of US trade war.

"So it should be more influential, but not just rupiah, other currencies are also affected by the strengthening dollar index," he added.

Some currencies in the region are also experiencing a weakening of the US dollar. Investors prefer to place their funds in safe currencies like the US dollar.

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Source : https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-4082379/dolar-as-makin-perkasa-sore-ini-parkir-di-rp-14150
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Official Go-Jek 'Paving' in Vietnam and Thailand

- PT Karya Karya Bangsa aka Go-Jek officially expand its wings in Vietnam and Thailand.The Company has officially established a local corporate entity in both countries.

For in Vietnam Go-Jek comes with the name Go-Viet while in Thailand named GET.Both companies will be managed by local management team and founder, supported by knowledge, expertise, technology and investment from GO-JEK.

"Our strategy is to combine the world-class technology that GO-JEK has developed, with the expertise, experience and deep market knowledge of local teams, to create a business that truly understands the needs of consumers.We believe each local team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure business success in Vietnam and Thailand.They do use different brands, but they still operate in line with the values ​​that have made GO-JEK the market leader in Indonesia.For us this is not just about business growth, but how we can bring positive impact to as many people, "said CEO and Founder of Go-Jek Nadiem Makarim in a written statement, Monday (25/06/2018).>

For Go-Viet will enter beta testing stage in July before full launch.The test will involve a number of drivers and consumers.

"Go-Jek is a pioneering technology company that has an ecosystem with 18 different services, and is supported by a world-class strategic investor.GO-JEK support is ideal for us, not only because of its technology and skill in this business, but also because we share the same principle of desire to bring positive impacts to society through improving living standards and income, as well as developing small, , and medium. "said GO-VIET Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Nguyen Vu Duc.

GET, the brand introduced in Thailand, will be launched soon after.The Company is currently conducting consultations with various local stakeholders including governments, driver partners, and consumers.The two companies in the early stages will provide ride-hailing and logistics services, which will then be followed by an inter-food messaging service and electronic payments.

"Go-Jek succeeds in becoming the first unicorn company to grow in Indonesia because they are able to use technology as the solution to the toughest challenge in their country.The GET team is inspired by the way companies twist everyday problems into business opportunities while simultaneously improving the quality of life of millions of people.We are moving with the same philosophy, and we are eager to bring positive impacts to Thai society, "said Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder GET Pinya Nittayakasetwat.

Go-Jek's expansion is done after a barrage of investment raising from such subsidiary companies as Astra International, Warburg Pincus, KKR, Meituan, Tencent, Google, Temasek, and others.Total funds collected reached US $ 500 million.The funds are allocated for international expansion in line with the company's strategy of expanding its wings in Southeast Asia.GO-JEK also plans to launch its operations in Singapore and the Philippines.

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082357/go-jek-resmi-mengaspal-di-vietnam-dan-thailand
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JCI to Strengthen to 5,859 Although Foreigners Sell Stock Rp 815 M

- Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) managed to close higher at the end of stock trading this afternoon.

While the dollar exchange rate against the rupiah on this day is still at the level of Rp 14. 000.US dollar is priced at Rp 14. 150, last weekend the US dollar was at the level of Rp 14. 100.

At the pre-opening, the JCI rose 28.501 points (0.49%) to 5.850.314.The LQ45 index also rose 7,195 points (0.79%) to 916,373.

Opening trading Friday (25/6/2018), JCI rose 32.507 points (0.56%) to 5. 854.320.The LQ45 index rose 6.808 points (0.75%) to 915.986.

At 09:05 JATS time, JCI still positive 28.089 points (0.48%) to 5. 849.902.The LQ45 index rose 5.716 points (0.63%) to 914.894.

Trade breaks this afternoon, CSPI moves lower.JCI fell 7,282 points (0.13%) to 5.814.531.The LQ45 index fell 1.323 points (0.15%) to 907.855.

JCI managed to regain gains on trading close this afternoon.JCI rose 37.270 points (0.64%) to 5. 859,083.The LQ45 index rose 9,617 points (1.06%) to 918,795.

Stock trades moderate with stock trading frequency of 408. 629 times transactions of 9.1 billion shares worth Rp 7.5 trillion.

The strengthening of JCI this afternoon triggered up 6 stock sectors.Shares of the consumption sector rose most significantly this afternoon to 2.94%.A total of 170 stocks rose, 232 shares weakened and 110 shares stagnant.

Foreigners still recorded net selling of Rp 815.38 billion.

Meanwhile, the main index of US stock market closed mixed with majority in positive territory at the weekend trade yesterday (22/06).

The Dow Jones Index ended up 0.49% to 24. 580 and the S & P rose 0.19% to 2754.While Nasdaq continues its decline of 0. 26% to level 7692.

The strengthening in the majority of indices occurred in parallel with a significant increase in stocks of McDonald's Corp. and UnitedHealth Group Inc.

The regional stock exchange is moving negatively.Here are the movements of Asian bourses this afternoon:
The stocks that enter the ranks of which is, Gudang Garam (GGRM) rose Rp 5.225 to Rp 71.750, Dian Swastika (DSSA) rose Rp 5. 0525 to Rp 30. 225, Unilever Naik (UNVR) rose Rp 800 to Rp 45, 000, Bank Mega (MEGA) rose Rp 430 to Rp 4. 220.

While the stocks include Indo Tambangraya ( ITMG) decreased Rp 800 to Rp 22. 875, Indo Rama (INDR) decreased Rp 400 to Rp 9,200, Tjiwi Paper Factory (TKIM) decreased Rp 350 to Rp 17. 650 and Anabatic (ATIC) decreased R 300 to Rp 910 .
Source : https://finance.detik.com/bursa-dan-valas/d-4082360/ihsg-berhasil-menguat-ke-5859-meski-asing-jual-saham-rp-815-m
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RI Laptop Import US $ 426 Million in 5 Months, From Anywhere?

- Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded the value of laptop and notebook imports per May 2018 of US $ 100.1 million. While for the cumulative or January-May reached US $ 425.9 million.

Based on data received BPS, Jakarta, Monday (25/06/2018). At least Indonesia imports notebooks and notebooks from several countries, namely China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and other countries.

The highest laptop imports come from China, recorded in May 2018 number of US $ 99.6 million. If calculated cumulatively from January to May worth US $ 423.5 million.
The next highest import of laptops comes from Taiwan with a value per May 2018 of US $ 35.9 thousand. If calculated cumulatively from January to May worth US $ 595,8 thousand.

Then import laptop from Japan, recorded per May 2018 amounted to US $ 341,0 thousand. If calculated cumulatively from January to May the value of US $ 554,1 thousand.

Then comes from Hong Kong, recorded per May 2018 of US $ 1.8 thousand. If calculated cumulatively from January to May value of US $ 503.9 thousand.
Import of laptops from South Korea as of May 2018 was recorded at US $ 50.5 thousand. If calculated cumulatively from January to May worth US $ 254,6 thousand. While from other countries as per May 2018 amounted to US $ 37.5 thousand, for cumulative from January to May of US $ 533.4 thousand.
Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4082337/ri-impor-laptop-us-426-juta-dalam-5-bulan-dari-mana-saja
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