Tips on Planting Chili Management for Farmers Fortunately

- Director of Vegetables and Medicinal Plants Prihasto Setyanto, admitted that chili cultivation could increase farmers' income as long as it applied a good cropping pattern.

He said the cultivation of horticulture chili is very profitable and if cultivated more seriously again.

"With the record, farmers must be willing to group and want to implement planting pattern management so that the supply and price can be kept stable," said Prihasto in a written statement on Saturday (30/6/2018).
He who observes the chilli area in Ambon Bay added that if the cultivation of horticulture is continuously cultivated seriously, then not only chili, but onion, fruits, various leafy vegetables, medicinal plants, to mushrooms will generate income multiples

Increase in income is evidenced Labenne, a member of the New Star Farmer Group in Taenno Sub-district Lower Kecamatan Teluk Ambon, Kota Ambon Maluku.

He is the focus of cultivating red pepper on the field tegalan say from planting 6. 000 stems of cayenne pepper varieties Dewata 43 able to generate net income Rp 120 million a year.Evidently, from a land area of ​​only 0.3 hectares of land with a capital of Rp 20 to 30 million, the yield is at least Rp 120 million per year.

"With mulch system, I can harvest up to 20 times every growing season with an average yield of 1 kg per tree.With a stable selling price of Rp 30 thousand per kilo in farmers, honestly I can get at least Rp 120 million net a year, "he said.
Therefore, Labenne insists planting cayenne pepper is currently a prima donna choice of farmers in around Ambon Bay of Maluku.Therefore, the results proved to be much higher than growing other vegetables.

"Previously we only planted long beans, the result is not much.But since the Ministry of Agriculture intensively promote chili planting program, from 2015 until now farmers choose to plant chili, "he explained.

At the same place, the Secretary of the Office of Agriculture of Maluku, Djasmin Badjak said Maluku province is now able to self-sufficiency of chili especially for red chili type.This is evidenced during fasting and Lebaran yesterday the price is very stable in the range of Rp 30. 000 to Rp 40. 000 per kg.

"The price is also very friendly with farmers so they are more enthusiastic to develop chili sauce," said Djasmin.

Based on data from the Agriculture Office of Maluku, continued Djasmin, the need of cayenne pepper in Ambon City per year is about 750 tons. "Entirely can be met by local farmers of Maluku especially from Ambon Bay area, Buru Island and Seram," he concluded.
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Kementan Claims RI Food Security Better than Thailand

- Head of Agricultural Data and Information System Center, Ketut Kariyasa, explained that Indonesia's food security has been improving since 2016.According to Ketut, Indonesia currently has food security above Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines.

Improved food security RI, said Ketut, driven by the three pillars of the formation of affordability, affordability, and quality and safety.
He exposed, in the aspect of affordability to food, his position rose from 70 in 2016 to 68 in 2017 with a score up 0.5 points (from 50.3 to 50.8).On the availability aspect, its position rises from 66 in 2016 to 64 in 2017 with a score up 0.1 points (from 54.3 to 54.4).

"In this aspect, Indonesia's position is on top of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines.Although there is no improvement in the score, it is still 44.1 but the position of quality and food safety aspects of Indonesia also increased from 87 in 2016 to 86 position in 2017, "said Ketut in a written statement, Saturday (30/06/2018). < br>
He continued, it can not be separated from the efforts that have been done by the government through the Ministry of Agriculture in the last four years, such as the Special Efforts program of rice and corn improvement.

"Various breakthroughs have been and are being done by the Ministry of Agriculture in increasing domestic food production, in an effort to increase its availability.As Special Efforts (Upsus) increased production of rice and corn has significantly affected the increase in production, "Ketut added
In addition, the development of modern agriculture through the use of agricultural machinery machinery (alsintan) both pre and postharvest assessed to increase farmers' income.The use of alsintan is also considered able to suppress the loss of the results so as to contribute to the increasing availability of food.

So is the distribution chain through the existence of the Indonesian Farm Shop which Ketut said is beneficial at the cheaper price for the community.

"Breakthrough in distribution and price stabilization by shortening supply chain through Indonesian Farmer's Program (TTI) program, has also caused price at consumer level become more affordable," Ketut concluded.

Ketut's exposure can not be separated from the release of Global Food Security Index-GFS or Rating of Food Security.The results of a study released annually by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) show the data of Indonesian Food Security continues to improve compared to previous years.

To be known, from 113 countries studied, in 2017 Indonesia ranked 69th with a score of 51.3 and up 0.2 points compared to 2016 which occupies the position 71 with a score of 51.1.
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Government to Pay Electricity Subsidy Debt to PLN in 2019

- The government will pay the electricity subsidy debt. This was revealed by President Director of PT PLN (State Electricity Company) Sofyan Basir.

Sofyan explains the debt will be paid in 2019.

The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz Sofyan explains the debt will be paid in 2019.

Halalbihalal Rini Soemarno, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).
"2016 is debts of Rp 2 trillion-Rp 3 trillion," he explained.

Responding to the strengthening of the US dollar against the rupiah, President Director of PT PLN (Persero), Sofyan Basir, hopes only temporary. A stronger dollar will weigh on PLN's finances as fuel costs for power plants, which are mostly coal and in US dollars, will rise in price.

"Indeed, this increase hopefully hope this is very temporary In accordance with the Governor of BI (Bank Indonesia) hopefully we hope only temporary.It is a significant leap already reached Rp 14. 400," said Sofyan.
For that, Sofyan ensures PLN will perform hedging or hedging steps.

Wednesday, December 31, 2011 "We will do the adjustment, we do not like to be a burden for us.
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US Dollar Stronger, President Director of PLN: Likes Do not Like To Burden For Us

- The rupiah against the US dollar is still weakening. US Dollar had touched Rp 14. 400, until finally fell to the level of Rp 14. 200.

Responding to the strengthening of the US dollar, President Director of PT PLN (Persero), Sofyan Basir, hopes only temporary. A stronger dollar will weigh on PLN's finances as fuel costs for power plants, which are mostly coal and in US dollars, are rising.
"This increase hopefully hopefully this will be very temporary .. In accordance with the Governor of BI (Bank Indonesia) hopefully we hope only temporary.It is a significant leap already reached Rp 14. 400," said Sofyan at the Halalbihalal Rini Soemarno event, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

For that, Sofyan explains will do hedging or hedging steps.

Wednesday, December 31, 2011 "We will do the adjustment, we do not like to be a burden for us.

Meanwhile, related to expenditure he exposes an increase. He even considered that it could spend the value of PLN's profit at the end of the year.

"Yes there is (increase in expenditure) If we talk capital in time we close the new book we got, but this is not yet, hopefully can come down again so we can calculate the more real.Last year, nah yes of course we have a profit crush, "he concluded.
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'Government Do not Continue to Blame Global about Rupiah Keok'

- Economic observer Fuad Bawazier called on the government to no longer blame global conditions when the exchange rate rupiah weakened against the US dollar (US).

Fuad mentions the core weakening of the rupiah is the supply of dollars or dollar income into the Indonesian economy is smaller than the demand or the need for dollars, the rupiah weakened. That is, according to him this happens because the current account deficit of Indonesia this year is estimated at US $ 25 billion. "This deficit is the main source of the weakening of the rupiah against the dollar, so do not confuse or continue to blame the global economy and so on," said Fuad in his statement, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

He explained that the current account deficit occurs because the trade balance is still experiencing deficit, as well as the balance of transaction services.

Furthermore, Fuad explained, the current government is trying to cover the foreign exchange deficit in many ways, among others, by attracting foreign currency debt or other hot money. According to him, the step is not a healthy way and can even more falling.

"The weak economic fundamentals are also followed by the APBN deficit, so the Indonesian economy is practically a deficit or overdraft from all the majors.Experts of government and private debt including state-owned companies that consistently rose sharply also began to worry about creditors in general that do- not in the future Indonesia will be difficult or fail to pay the debt, "he said.

Not only that, said Fuad, the market also sees Indonesia's economic dependence on imported goods, especially food and energy, will inevitably require foreign exchange.

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Two State-Owned Banks are Still Thinking First Home KPR Without DP

- Three state-owned banks, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk, PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk / BNI, and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk / BRI appreciate the steps home ownership credit (KPR).

Through this policy, BI allows banks to provide mortgages for the first house without down payment (DP ) aka down payment.However, the three banks of the red plate have different views about first home mortgage without DP.

Director of Bank BNI Achmad Baiquni ready to implement the policy even though BI does not oblige. "If LTV of course we hope, now it's a little drag credit growth, of course with the first home relaxation hope can boost," said Baiquni in Patra Jasa Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6 / 2018).

"We dare to wear without a DP for the first house, but yes see what the conditions are like.Case by case.But if the first house it feels like I dare, "continued Baiquni

BPR Indonesia and BRI, "The residential consumer is in my opinion the strength is also very limited, at the core of which is a lot of investment for the second house and so on," said President Director of BRI Suprajarto.

Bank Mandiri President Director Kartika Wirjoatmodjo added still see related request KPR without DP

"LTV we are still learning because it is generally positive because it is an opportunity to buy the first house yes," said the man who is familiarly called Tiko.
However, Tiko believes that the LTV policy loosening could encourage people to own the first house. "So it should be able to provide stimulation for first home buyers and developers to build more homes," he said.
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Rupiah Predicted to Continue to Weaken

- The rupiah value against United States dollar (US) is foreseen continued to weaken, although yesterday (29/6/2018) rose to its lowest level of Rp 14. 291.

Economic observer Fuad Bawazier said the strengthening of the rupiah after the announcement of rate increase 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate by 50 basis points (Bps) is only valid temporarily.

"I have repeatedly reminded and wrote that throughout the year 2018 the rupiah will tend to weaken, maybe there are certain times the rupiah like strengthened but it is only temporary and then will weaken again," said Fuad in his statement, Jakarta, Saturday (6/30/2018).

"So if drawn a long line or long-term futures, per rupiah movement will continue to weaken," he added.

Fuad rate, the strengthening of the rupiah yesterday was only a temporary effect of the BI interest rate 7 days raised or while there is intervention in the market by BI. "But all the 'strong drugs' are not risky, raising interest will weigh on our economy and more difficult to compete with other countries Foreign exchange interventions will undermine our declining foreign reserves," he explained.

According to Fuad, the core of the weakening of the rupiah is the supply of dollars or dollar income into the national economy is smaller than the demand or needs. Thus, the rupiah weakened.
In its economic language, Indonesia's current account deficit is estimated to be US $ 25 billion this year, which is the main source of weakening rupiah against the dollar, he said.

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BTN Still Wear DP for First Home Housing

- Bank Indonesia (BI) loosen the rules loan to value ( LTV) or financing to value (FTV) for mortgages (KPR). This policy is expected to encourage economic growth through credit and housing sector.

With this LTV laxness the bank can provide mortgage loans without down payment alias face to first home. However, PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (BTN) will continue to apply down payment (DP).
"Zero percent of the policy submitted to the bank size 32 meters, the bank may be zero percent, 5%, 10% bank affairs," said President Director of Bank BTN Maryono in Patra Housing Services Kuningan , Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

Reason Bank BTN does not apply KPR without DP because it already has a cheap house program with a down payment of 1%.

"So zero zero really, zero percent credits want to, the impression that the responsibility is less binding so you know," said Maryono.
Known, BI releases the LTV ratio for mortgage lending banks. LTV is the credit score or amount of financing that a bank may grant to a loan applicant with collateral or collateral in the form of a property or a vehicle.

Prior to this relaxation LTV recorded 85% so mortgage customers have to deposit an advance or DP of 15% of the total loan.
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Inalum-Freeport Establishes a Joint Mining Company in Papua

- Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Freeport in Papua.

From the meeting, one of the agreed outcomes is the establishment of a joint venture (jv) between PT Inalum and the local government with Freeport McMoRan.

Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno said that the mining holding led by Inalum has not been able to operate on its own.

"It's about operations we realize we're lacking, but others are together so why be so detailed that in the future if there is not to be.Because that must be maintained this operation continues, must provide benefits to shareholders and local communities and emphasize CSR in order to be more active, "said Rini at his residence in Patra Jasa Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).
According to Rini, the establishment of this jv also agreed to set a joint target up to 2041, including the taxation.

Regarding the size of its share of fixed shares 51% for the Indonesian government, and 49% for Freeport.

"Yes 51% 49% exactly like that, but if they say ok there is 51 but you do not understand the operation and we agree ok operation because more dominant but others should be able dong," "said Rini, the final figure is in the range of US $ 3.5-US $ 4 billion and has also been reported to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

" Already.That's a count of US $ 3.5-4 billion, that's the negotiation there.We have already reported (the president) before the holiday, "he closed.
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LPDB Pick Up Ball, SME Cooperative Need Not Mortgage to Jakarta

- Now Balinese do not bother to come to Jakarta to take care of revolving fund loan with low interest rate.The Institute for Revolving Fund Management of Cooperatives and Micro Small and Medium Enterprises () has implemented a ball picking system.They simply lodge through representatives in Bali. "We did not apply the ball pick up system because we want to restrict the KUKM perpetrators come to Jakarta, but to reduce the transportation and lodging costs they spend and the perceived submission to LPDB is difficult," said LPDB-KUMKM President Director Braman Setyo in his statement , Saturday (6/30/2018).

Braman says the perpetrators of Cooperatives, Small and Medium Enterprises (KUKM) in Bali have a good potential to develop.According to him, the perpetrators of KUKM in Bali who want to apply for a revolving fund loan to LPDB, can directly submit it through LPDB taskforce office located in Bali, Regency / Municipal Cooperative Office, guarantee company that has cooperated with LPDB and revolving fund loan proposal can also be sent through document delivery service.
He says, KUKM is feasible to be financed because it has a bright prospect and its product has its own market.Actors KUKM in Bali in particular, the potential is very good and from the side of creativity is also high as a fashion businessman to the existing creative economy through the outside market. "Since LPDB was established in 2006 and until May 2018, Rp 467 billion of funds have been distributed to SMEs and cooperatives in Bali," he said.
From the amount of loan funds, bright Braman, Rp 173 billion has been paid off and Rp 103 billion of funds are still turning on the perpetrators of KUKM.Its advantages are low interest for productive sector range of 4.5 percent from Nawacita program that has been set that leads agriculture, plantation and fishery.

"For creative and manufacturing industries can be 5 percent decrease per year," he explained.

He also disclosed the increase of KUKM in Bali which get LPDB loan fund reaches 17 percent from 2016 to 2017.They get revolving fund of Rp 2-3 billion per KUKM.
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Swamp Land in South Kalimantan and South Sumatra Can Donate 8 Million Ton Rice

- said the additional supply of rice can be obtained by utilizing a swamp area of ​​one million hectares (ha) in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) and South Sumatra (South Sumatra).

Additional supply of rice can be obtained if the land is planted three times a year with production of 5 tons per year.

"With 1 million ha of swamp land in South Kalimantan and South Sumatera, there is additional rice 8 million tons per year if planted 3 times a year and productivity 5 tons per ha," said Amran in a written statement on Friday (6/29/2018).
It was stated by Amran when reviewing the preparation of the commemoration of World Food Day (HPS) XXXVIII 2018 which was held in South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan) next October.On this occasion he was accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army (Wakasad), Lt. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman

This preparation was attended also by Territorial Assistant, Major General TN Supartodi, Director General of Infrastructure and Facilities, Pending Dadih Permana and Director General Horticulture, Suwandi.

Amran hopes, ahead of warning HPS swamp land that will be ready planted area of ​​4. 200 hectares located in Barito Kuala District.This swampland development is complemented by irrigation development and modern agricultural mechanisms.

"We expect 4. 200 hectares of swamp land has been open in recent months, so in the HPS later can be planted.Our budget is special for South Kalimantan because it has a large potential swamp land, "said Amran.
To accelerate the development of swamp land into productive land, Amran said to provide equipment such as 40 units of excavators.This is done with the hope that swampland in Barito Kuala is rapidly becoming productive rice fields, and the utilization of this land can be continued for other areas.

"This excavator will move to other districts to build paddy fields.Therefore, the potential of swamp land to ensure the availability of national rice, "said Amran.

Meanwhile, South Kalimantan Governor Sahbirin Noor said the implementation of this 2018 HPS warning in accordance with the vision of South Kalimantan as a province of food centers. South Kalimantan Provincial Government together with all parties, especially farmers are ready to succeed the implementation of HPS so that food sovereignty materialized as President Jokowi hopes to Kementan. "Clearly, South Kalimantan is grateful to be able to host HPS.Hopefully all the programs in South Kalimantan will be successful in providing food and community welfare, "he said.

On the other hand, Wakasad Lt. Gen. Tatang Sulaiman also expressed readiness to fully support the implementation of HPS.This is in line with the government's desire that the TNI is involved in supporting the acceleration of food sovereignty and the means for TNI to be in close contact with the community.

"So far, the involvement of the TNI supports the food program from upstream to downstream," he explained.

Tatang explains, the purpose of upstream to downstream here is upstream that is opening the land, such as forest land and swamp land into agricultural land and encourage the addition of extensive planting.

Then downstream aspect, TNI cooperates with Bulog to absorb grain of farmers.The goal of the system is that national food stocks, especially rice, are guaranteed and the country does not experience turmoil when the stock of rice is reduced or natural disasters occur.
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Take First KPR Can Without DP, Bank Keep Check Customer Capacity

- Banks rate relaxation rules loan to value (LTV) this is a good policy of Bank Indonesia (BI) .This policy is expected to encourage the growth of national property credit.

With this LTV laxness the bank can provide mortgage loans (KPR) without down payment (DP) alias down payment.

Director of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk Lani Darmawan explains the relaxation of LTV rules by BI allows banks to implement down payment policy (DP) or zero percent down payment.
"Regulation can indeed DP 0% for the first credit facility.But in its application it depends on the customer and his bank.We will also do the analysis and calculation first, "said Lani when contacted, Friday (30/6/2018).

He revealed, in determining the amount of credit to be given to prospective customers.The bank needs time for examination and analysis of the prospective customer's credit risk.For example requires assistance from the financial information service system (SLIK), formerly called the debtor information system (SID) or more famous with BI checking.
In addition the bank will also calculate the ability of customers to pay from the amount of income each month.

Director of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) Handayani explains that banks can indeed apply 0% down payment in the presence of such relaxation.
"Of course LTV relaxation should also be offset by prudential banking.For example, customer income analysis until the credit period taken or permitted, "he said.

According to Handayani, every bank already has its own risk appetite.So the bank also has its own calculations when utilizing the relaxation of this central bank.
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Final Acquisition of Freeport Shares Reaches Rp 56 T

- The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) said the acquisition value of shares PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) is in the range of US $ 3-4 billion, or around Rp 56 trillion (exchange rate Rp 14. 000).

Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno says , the figures are final discussed with the Freeport McMoran boss Richard Adkerson.

"The final value of the final negotiations 3 almost 4 between US $ 3.5 to US $ 4 billion is still finalization, we have considered," said Rini at his residence, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

"Hopefully in these two weeks, but this finalization is still related to the environment there is still there with finance," he added.

Rini confirmed that the valuation figures were already reported to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). He continued, the process that must be completed is the administrative arrangement and the details of the agreement agreed by both parties. Among other things are investment stabilization, and joint venture of mine management.

"So join vanture agrement is so crusial because of them also want to keep it the same we want to join vanture managed transparently professionally from sanannya also emphasize how to keep order not mengintrevensi government bener managed openly," express he.

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Kulon Progo Airport Development Can Until 2020

New President Director of Pertamina Announced Next Month

- Potential Director General PT Pertamina (persero) will be announced in July Upcoming. This was disclosed by the Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno .

Rini explained that his side currently has several candidates to be announced as Pertamina president. The candidate already has the condition Rini wants.

According to Rini, Pertamina's president should basically have the same commitment with two state-owned functions, namely increasing the value and as a development agent.

"Hopefully in July, we really this time to keep the board of directors in total one team who has a commitment that as Pertamina is a state-owned company, its function is two," he said in Halalbihalal in his official house on Jalan Patra Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

One of the directors has two functions: one increases the value, but the second one is the agent of development, "he added.

Furthermore, Rini explained he wanted the director who will lead the red plate company must fulfill the function.

The discussion was also being conducted by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) so that the candidate of the president as desired.

"Well the understanding of development agent must clearly still have to increase the value but based on the Law of SOEs we also have to do it.So this is why we are why the President is right that we choose to realize it," he concluded.

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Freeport Negotiations Completed Next Month

- The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises ( SOE ) mentions the process of negotiating overall between the government and PT Freeport Indonesia will be completed in July year this.

Deputy for Mining Business, Strategic Industries, and Media Fajar Harry Sampurno said that the process of completion is just waiting for the finalization of administrative documents in the respective ministries concerned.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011 "Finalization of some documents that must be signed In the near future will be announced by the government," said Fajar in Patra Housing Services Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (30 / 6/2018).

"Now the preparation of the agreement, there in the ESDM nyiapin what, in the Ministry of Finance what siapin, in Bu Minister SOEs siapin what," he added.

He told in the last negotiation about the establishment of a joint venture between PT Inalum and Freeport McMoran has been completed. The establishment of this JV for mine management after the government becomes the majority shareholder.

"It's finished, we make JV to own, inalum make JV with local government to own PTFI shares, so government with local government," he closed.

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BI Allow First Home Loans To Be Without DP, This Bank Response

- Bank Indonesia (BI) loosen the rules loan to value ( LTV) or financing to value (FTV) for home ownership loan (mortgage) .This policy is expected to encourage economic growth through credit and housing sector.

So, BI frees up the number of LTV ratios for mortgage lending banks.LTV is the credit score or amount of financing that a bank may grant to a loan applicant with collateral or collateral in the form of a property or a vehicle.
Prior to this relaxation LTV recorded 85% so mortgage customers must deposit an advance or DP of 15% of the total loan.In response, Director of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk Lani Darmawan welcomed the new rules.

According to him this rule will help growth of KPR in Indonesia.

"We welcome, but it should also be understood that the application of LTV can be different for each customer," said Lani when contacted detikFinance, Saturday (06/30/2010).
He added, this is because every prospective customer is different from the risks.This credit risk is determined from the results of the analysis conducted by the bank.

"Risk appetite of different customers and the regulation also set LTV for facility 1 and so on," explained Lani.

President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) Jahja Setiaatmadja explained that the policy enacted by BI is very good.This allows banks to adjust to their respective considerations.

"It's a good policy, so banks can adjust depending on customer credit risk, location location to cashflow adequacy," said Jahja.
BI Governor Perry Warjiyo explained that improvements to the provisions on LTV or FTV conducted by BI in 2016 are able to increase credit growth or home financing provided by banks, but not optimal in the midst of improved conditions of Indonesia with the risk still awake.

Then the property credit cycle is still in the low phase but still has the potential of acceleration supported by the supply and demand for property products that begin to increase and the ability of the debtor is still good.In addition, the property sector is a sector that has a considerable multiplier effect on the national economy.
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Bulog Will Help the Farmers Sell Rice Packaging

- Perum Bulog will help farmers to sell rice in the form of packaging .

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked that farmers no longer sell grain. He requested that farmers start selling rice in packaged form.

According to the President Director of Bulog Budi Waseso (Buwas), Jokowi's demand that farmers sell rice is one of the efforts of farmers prosperity.

For that, together with the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) it will encourage farmers to sell rice in the form of packaging.

"Yes it is good this is the principle of the state how the farmers are not harmed he increases his welfare.Well with that, so now we cooperate the minister of SOEs with state-owned companies create a product created by farmers so later farmers cooperation with us he can manage "he said when met on the sidelines of Halalbihalal Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Jalan Taman Patra, Jakarta, Saturday (6/30/2018).

Furthermore, Buwas explained that the packaging procedure will be done through a house of state-owned mills located at the nearest location to the location of the farm.

In addition to packing, at home in the milling will also be done controlling the quality of rice.

"So it's not just Bulog, other SOEs we also make resellers for the benefits in the farmers, so we want to use rice as much as possible, it's okay to pack it, there is also checking the quality of rice, we help," he explained.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution earlier explained that the effort needs to be balanced with village readiness. For example with the existence of a warehouse.

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BTN Do not Want to Raise Burrow Interest Rate

- PT Bank Tabungan Negara ( BTN ) will not rush - the bureau made adjustments to lending rates even though Bank Indonesia (BI) has raised again BI 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate to 5.25%.

It was disclosed President Director of PT BTN Maryono after attending the event halalbihalal Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno in Patra Housing Services Kuningan, Jakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

"Yes it is not automatically we automatically raise interest rates, because we do gradually," said Maryono.

He mentioned, it took about 3-6 months to make the adjustment of Bank Indonesia policy.

"Because the first influence is the fund interest, but the increase is not as big as BI, we have calculated with the liquidity factor, if the effect of what we do slightly up, yes about 3-6 months, new adjustment 3-6 months to come, "he said.

Nevertheless, Maryono gave an appreciation to BI which has raised the interest rate of 7 Days Reverse Repo Rate by 50 basis points (Bps) in RDG yesterday.

"Moreover, BI has been good to give two policies, namely liquidity and leniency of credit granting, so it is expected that the credit will not decrease with the increase of BI Rate," he concluded.

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New Kulon Progo Airport Development Starts in 2020

There is a Special Program with Shopping Tour in Transmart Solo

- Solo and surrounding communities, let's get ready for exclamations with Solo for a whole month!There will be plenty of programs that I love to miss.

"As the main destination of Solo and surrounding people to shop as well as travel, we will hold a special program for all loyal customers Transmart Pabelan Sukoharjo Solo which will start tomorrow, Sunday 1 July 2018," said Corporate Communications General Manager PT Trans Retail Indonesia, Satria Hamid in a written statement, Saturday (30/06/2018).

In this special program entitled 'Gebyar Belanja dan Hepi-Hepi', Solo and surrounding residents will be presented with various interesting events, to provide shopping and tourism experience with colleagues, friends as well as all family members will be more memorable. "Starting on July 1st, visitors to Transmart Solo can not only shop, but also can follow the various activities that exist only by swapping their shopping receipts," added Satria.

The variety of programs and activities "Gebyar Shopping and Hepi-Hepi" Transmart Pabelan Sukoharjo Solo which will begin tomorrow is as follows.

In this program, netizens Solo can spend certain groseri products with cheaper price, just by follow the official social media accounts owned by Transmart and Carrefour, while showing the promo of selected products to the cashier.

"See the promo of its products on Transmart and Carrefour social media accounts, also on Carrefour Indonesia's official website ( you shop at Transmart Solo.Select the desired product.Take it to the cash register.Show her promo from your mobile to cashier.Then you can get the special price of the product, "said Satria.

Satria revealed There will be many prize-winning contests that can be followed by Transmart Solo visitors.Some races, can be free list, just by redeeming shopping receipt.Transmart Solo concept is 4 in 1 visitors can shop, eat, play and watch at once in the same place.

"Well, collect collect your shopping receipt, starting from the daily needs grocery stack on hypermart Transmart, the receipt of food in tenant in Transmart Solo, or also the receipt of ticket purchase of the rides.Collect all and you can follow various prizes like race shopping, cooking contest, there will also be a coloring contest for Mother and Child Good, "said Satria. who can deny the chance of getting a car prize just by spending at least Rp 200. 000?

"If you visit at least once a visit at least Rp 200. 000 for shopping, playing, dining at the restaurant also watching at the cinema.So from the merger of the receipt, you can get 1 lottery lottery.The main prize is 1 unit of car, "he explained.

More curious as he called Transmart Solo?Come on, immediately schedule #TamasyaKeTransmartSolo with my dear friends and family!See the Transmart Solo program promo info at here.

#TamasyaKeTransmartSolo #TransmartSolo #TransmartCarrefour #TransmartPabelanSukoharjo

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First Home Loans Can Without DP, Installment So More Expensive?

- Bank Indonesia (BI) looses loan to value (LTV) for mortgage loans (KPR). So with this rule the bank may be able to provide mortgage facilities without down payment (DP) alias down payment to customers.

Generally if the down payment given to the bank is lower then the principal will be larger installment or can have a longer period of time.
Director of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk Lani Darmawan explained for the amount of mortgage repayments in a bank it must pass a number of calculations and analysis. This is to determine the amount corresponding to the credit risk of the prospective customer.

"For monthly repayment is calculated first, is able to be paid by the customer first analyzed by us, so it could be required lower down payment or higher and longer installment period," said Lani when contacted on Saturday (30/6/2018).

He explained, the determination of mortgage is also determined by the age of the customer. According to him, the credit distribution will not apply equally to everyone.

"The application is not the same for everyone who submits a mortgage There are many factors that must be examined and considered," he added.

Director of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) Handayani explains, LTV relaxation enacted by BI could encourage demand for home purchase through mortgage schemes. According to him, the amount of mortgage for mortgage should be adjusted with the credit period to the amount of income.
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Make a Painting of Leaf, This Man Income Turnover Million Months

- Being an office employee may be dreamed of many people because of fixed income.However, some are choosing to leave office work for the sake of a hobby.

Like Gilang, a man who worked for 4 years in an interior design office is willing to release his job was to pursue a business that is also a hobby.

Around 2013, Gilang started painting business with various media.Initially, he said to get an order in the form of a caricature drawing sketch.Over time the orderan also increased, such as painting shoes, hat painting, cutting board, painting bra, until a new and growing is the silhouette of dried leaves.
"The first capital in business, primarily for leaf silhouette is under Rp 50. 000, because the capital for leaf silhouette is just paper, cutter pen, and frame, and free leaf base material can be obtained where only, "said Gilang to detikFinance, Jakarta, Saturday (30/06/2018).

Gilang says the income as a private employee for 4 years is approximately Rp 6 million per month.The decision to swing into business actors in the arts sector was appropriate, because it has a greater income.

The reason to move this bow is also because want to more relaxed at home without workload pressure.In addition, the work performed remains in contact with the image area.

"After moving the bow of income above the range of Rp 8 million," he said.

Today's business is named Gilang Keromon Art, started its first sales work from word of mouth, and by the time of 2013 or starting point of business has earned Rp 3 million.
The art products sold Iqbal relatively affordable, such as caricature painting Rp 120. 000-Rp 180. 000, painting cutting board Rp 90. 000, painting cap Rp 120. 000, painting Rp 100. 000, painting shoes Rp 180. 000-Rp 230. 000, bra painting Rp 120. 000, and silhouette leaf Rp 140. 000- Rp 350. 000

With time running, Gilang also heavily marketed his work in social media one of them Instagram, as well as the help of its customers who also provide testimonials in social media to make Gilang Keromon Art market increasingly widespread.

Said Gilang, for all the products it sells now sold from Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, the island of Java, to Papua.Not only that, the export share already exists such as to Malaysia, the Netherlands, to Japan.

With his hard work, Iqbal now has a doubling of income as a private employee five years ago.

"The monthly turnover of all product sales of approximately Rp 15 million has not been calculated profit," he explained.
However, Gilang claimed that the success he has got is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.He confessed, until now also still have technical obstacles that is at the time of many ordersan.

Due to running its own business, and who is working on all the products themselves, thus making consumers wait a bit longer orders.

As for that matter can still be overcome by Gilang which put forward quality of art product.He also said that the quality of the business tips to survive until now.

He also gives tips for those of you who want to follow the business in the field of art.According to Iqbal, the key is only prioritize the quality of goods or the work of art ordered by consumers.

"if just follow the viral that already exist without thinking about the quality is going to profit first but not last long," he said.

Finally, for those of you who want to order Iqbal Keromon Art products, can see directly on Instagram with account @ gilangkeromon, then on Facebook by searching Gilang Keromon name, or can also through Line with ID gilang. keromon, then can also WhatsApp at 085692448785.
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Open house titles, Rini Soemarno House Invaded by Bos-Boss BUMN

- Better late than nothing. Maybe that's the basis for the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Rini Soemarno which is just implementing open house in order halalbisalal Lebaran 2018.

Monitoring, Saturday (30/6/2018), the number one person in this SOE held halalbihalal event at his residence located in Perumahan Patra Jasa Kuningan , South Jakarta. Once inside the housing complex, there are many cars that parked, then reached the alley of his house there is a white tent as the entrance gate. After entering, a row of food tables immediately greeted the guests. Starting from soto, meatballs, and food that certainly arouse the appetite of the guests.

Somewhat inside, already seen the guests who are the Board of Directors of SOEs already lined up to enter the house of Minister Rini. Also present are state-owned bosses including BNI Baiquni President Director, Managing Director of BRI Suprajarto, PLN President Director Sofyan Basir, President Director of Adhi Karya Budi Harto, and President Director of Sunarso Pawnshop.

Visible also, for guests who choose to eat food before joining the line to stay in touch with Minister Rini.

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Investors Urus License No Need to Back and Back, Just via Online

- The government is preparing a unified online licensing or online single submission (OSS) rule to be launched soon. This system helps investors take care of permissions with integrated data.

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said with the existence of the system, all permit applications will be processed online. "From now on, the business permits proposed prior to the enactment of this PP and have not yet been licensed, will be processed through an electronic integrated licensing system or OSS," he explained in the OSS socialization event at Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta, Friday (06/29/2010).

Darmin explains the permits that have been issued before the enforcement of the rules and require new permits can be done through the OSS system. Later on, every investor will have a Parent Enterprises Number (NIB).
"But most importantly, licensing systems in ministries or agencies and regions can still receive new licensing submissions," added Darmin.

Summary, Saturday (30/6/2018) This is a complete plan of OSS system implementation:
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Take KPR Can DP 0% ?, BI: We Submit to the Bank

- To foster economic growth Bank Indonesia (BI) performs relaxation for the terms of taking home mortgage (KPR). In a board of governors meeting (RDG) in June, BI did not impose a loan to value (LTV) for the first home mortgage.

Deputy Governor of BI Erwin Rijanto explains, this LTV regulation aims to provide opportunities for home ownership growth by first time buyer.

"I want to straighten it, our arrangement is to give leeway in the sense that for first time buyer we do not regulate.Not DP zero percent.That means we leave it to the risk management in the bank," Erwin said in a press conference at the BI Building, yesterday.

Erwin explained, to mitigate the risks. BI also provides strict rules for banks that want to take advantage of this relaxation.

"Our rules are tight enough, which means that banks can use gross NPLs less than 5%, and they (banks) should keep at that level," he said. This means that only banks that are really in good health can take advantage of this rule.

With the relaxation of LTV rules, BI believes it can facilitate home ownership, especially the first house. Thus, home sales can increase.

"We believe this relaxation of LTV policy will facilitate the acquisition of house especially for first time buyer, besides relaxation of this LTV policy will push home purchase," he said.

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Yogya-Solo 3 Hours, Minister of Transportation: One of the Solutions Built Toll

- Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi say, current travel time Yogyakarta-Solo reaches three hours.According to him this problem should be sought solution, one of them with highway. "I urge that Yogyakarta-Solo can be three hours now, we must love the solution," said Budi told reporters at MM FEB Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, Saturday (30/6/2018).

According to him, to disentangle the issue the government has compiled a master plan for toll road development through Yogyakarta.He hopes the toll can connect Jogja-Solo-Semarang or Joglosemar region.

"The master plan already exists.I think it's good if there is one.If I propose Bawen-Yogyakarta continues to Solo, it should be yes, "he explained.

" I heard the Sultan has agreed (toll road construction), I hear yes, "he continued.
Previously, Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan HB X admitted to agree the construction of toll connecting Joglosemar.But the Sultan gave the condition of the toll concept that passes through the Yogyakarta region should be elevated or floated.

"We have an agreement in the development of Yogya and Joglosemar area," said Sultan in a syawalan event at Parasamya Pemkab Bantul on Monday (25/6).

Among the toll roads constructed are the Yogyakarta-Solo toll passing through Prambanan.Then there is the Yogyakarta-Semarang toll road with Semarang-Bawen-Secang-Borobudur route.Next from Borobudur connected to Yogyakarta.

"But it's elevated (toll overpass), above to connect on the North West Ring Road to the west, passing over the Mataram River ditch.It was agreed to the toll, "Sultan said.

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Starting August, First Home Credit Can Without DP

- Bank Indonesia (BI) refines the loan to value ( LTV ) for home ownership loans ( KPR ) first home. Thus, BI releases the LTV ratio for mortgage lending banks.

LTV is the credit score or amount of financing that a bank may grant to a loan applicant with collateral or collateral in the form of a property or a vehicle. Prior to this relaxation LTV was recorded 85% so mortgage customers had to deposit an advance or DP of 15% of the total loan.

This policy is expected to boost economic growth through credit and housing sector.

Here's the full review.
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Half Year, BI's Interest Rate Has Rise 3 Times

- Bank Indonesia (BI) at the board meeting of the governor ( RDG) June period finally raise the benchmark rate or BI 7 days repo rate of
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Nakata 'David Beckhamnya Japan' Banting Steering Business Sake

- Remember with Hidetoshi Nakata?The 2002 World Cup fans South Korea-Japan must still remember the action of the player who dubbed his David Beckham this Japan while delivering Japan qualify for the big 16 phase. But now not many people know, that one of the football legend of Japan was middle of pursue world that at once escorted fame until the estimated the popular clubs of English and Italian League.

As quoted from. , Saturday (30/06/2018), Nakata is now in the business of Sake, Japanese popular fermented beverage.Although popular, but not easy for Nakata to run this business.

He even has to travel to all the provinces in Japan to introduce himself with his home country after spending most of his career abroad.He meets farmers, chefs and other craftsmen, determined to preserve the decades-old Japanese tradition.At least Nakata took seven years to complete the cross country journey, until finally he found his true passion to drink Sake. "As I began to understand the culture behind sake and industry, I began to understand the quality of sake and the people behind it, the history behind it," Nakata said. But it's not easy for Nakata to start his business deal with Sake.The reason is, Sake's domestic sales at that time declined.Even according to Japanese tax agency data, the purchase of sake has fallen 30% since 1975.

While the declining Japanese population and the increasingly aging drinkers are accused of causing it, the Sake industry has now also been replaced by wine and cocktails at among the younger consumers.

Nakata was ambitious to restore the glory of Sake.In 2013 he dared to launch "N," a top-class sake that sold for US $ 1,000 per bottle.Furthermore, he helped develop a sake refrigerator to make it easier for restaurants and sake enthusiasts to enjoy a drink at the optimum temperature.

"So many people think (sake) is the same as wine, or room temperature is fine.But actually, you should keep it in minus (five) degrees.Because no one told you this type of information, there is no product like a wine cellar, "Nakata said.

A few years ago, Nakata launched Sakenomy, an app that helps Sake lovers to blend the drink with a variety of dishes.In the process, he has become a kind of cultural ambassador for his country, traveling the world to showcase the best of Japan.

"If you have a great object, if you have great information, if you have a great experience or story, it's better to share with people," he said. Nakata's business has kept him away from the field lately, but the former footballer says the discipline he's learned as an athlete still stays with him.He keeps practicing every morning, because he says it makes his mentality better.

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Philippines Want to Build 'New Manila', When RI Has 'New Jakarta'?

- Philippines is preparing to build a new city to reduce capital density at Manila . The Philippine government has even designed a new city design called New Clark City .

Speaking of a new city, The Government of Indonesia also plans to have a new capital by moving the government center from Jakarta to outside Java Island. The plan to move the capital was quite prominent in 2017 then finally sink back.

According to Minister of National Development Planning / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro said the government is still continuing to improve the overall study. He said the plan is currently awaiting political decisions.
"A comprehensive study on macro continues to be refined, while detailed design study is awaiting political decision," Bambang said to Jakarta, Friday (29/6/2018).

Bambang did not explain the purpose of the political decision he called it. He simply said that in the process, the removal of the capital must be seen from all sides.
"The process of moving central government administration should be in Indonesia should be linked to the balance between regions," he explained.

How is the planned move of the capital? Read more here:

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Dear Civil Servants, This is the Details of the 13th Starting Liquid Start of July

- After obtaining the Hari Raya Allowance (THR), State Civil Apparatus (ASN) or PNS get 13th salary .The 13th salary is given to civil servants, military / police, retirees to state officials.

Head of Law, Communications and Public Information Bureau of the Ministry of PAN-RB Herman Suryatman said the disbursement process will be conducted by the Ministry of Finance.The plan, the disbursement of salary to 13 for civil servants will be started July 2018 .

"Technical disbursement of the Ministry of Finance yes, but that clearly began to be disbursed early July," Herman told detikFinance, Jakarta, Friday (29/06/2018).

Herman explains, in contrast to THR, the 13th salary is given to civil servants to help finance school children after Lebaran holidays.That way, civil servants can suffice in the new school year.
"Because it's the allocation to help the cost of education for schoolchildren," said Herman.

The Government has set a 13th salary budget for the TNI, soldiers and police officers of Rp 17.88 trillion.The 13th salary budget for civil servants is already contained in Law No. 15 of 2017 on the state budget.In APBN the budget for THR and the 13th salary is Rp 35.76 trillion or up 68.9%. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has signed a Government Regulation (PP) on the 13th salary for civil servants.The policy is listed in PP number 18 of 2018 on the Second Amendment to Government Regulation Number 19 of 2016 concerning Provision of Salaries, Pensions or Third Allowings to Civil Servants, TNI / Polri, state officials, and pension or benefit recipients.

In the regulation it is stipulated that the salary, pensions, or the 13th allowance for civil servants, TNI soldiers, members of the Police, state officials, and pension or benefit recipients will be granted for June income.

The 13th salary for civil servants, TNI soldiers, members of the Police, state officials will include basic salary, family allowances, job allowances or general allowances, and performance allowances.
While the 13th salary for pensioners will include basic pensions, family allowances, and / or additional income allowances.And the recipient of the allowance will receive benefits in accordance with the laws and regulations.

"Thirteenth generation income referred to in Article 3, paid in July," the PP was quoted as saying.

The provisions in this regulation shall also apply to other officers whose financial rights or administrative rights are equalized or at the level of ministers and high-ranking officials.Deputy minister or deputy ministerial level, as well as special staff within the ministry.

In addition, it applies also to members of the Regional House of Representatives (DPD), ad hoc judges, and other officers appointed by officers of personnel development / officials who have authority in accordance with the provisions of legislation.
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Want to Evaluate Your Performance at the Office? Follow These 5 Tips

- Performance evaluation is a good activity for managers and employees.For managers, they create employee performance records over time, and for employees, they are great feedback tools that can keep them on track.A common component of performance evaluation is self-assessment, in which employees review themselves and provide feedback at work.

Self-assessment is useful for them to show managers how employees think about themselves in the organization.It also shows how well employees and managers have communicated day after day.

If the employee's self-assessment is very different from the manager's perspective, there may be termination of employment.Finally, self-assessment allows employees to provide feedback to managers about their style and ways to improve their workplace.

The main purpose of self evaluation is to know your achievements.Employees need to focus on specific tasks and projects that highlight their best work.When explaining these achievements, employees should emphasize the impact these achievements have on the business as a whole to emphasize their value to the company.

employees should link their actions with managers' goals.This alignment encourages every manager and will result in an important role of employees within the company.

Self-assessment does not just show victory.Employees must also critically assess their time and be honest to demonstrate performance that can be improved.However, it is important not to be self-deprecating in judgment.

This is important during self-assessment to never stop.Humans always adapt, learn, and change.It is important to remain ambitious to improve and educate yourself.

The first step is to adopt a growth mindset and understand that adult human potential is not fixed.Adopting the framework prevents people from becoming too fixated on the failures they feel and being too attached to their victory. When it comes time to defend your work in self-assessment, having actual data to show what you have done throughout the year is very rewarding.Employees and managers will generally know how employees perform. If employees spend 10 seconds a day to write down their greatest achievements, success, feedback received for the day, they will have 10 times more data than they need for self-assessment.
All companies are encouraged to teach employees to keep a list of daily and weekly achievements so that when it is time for self-assessment, there is little guesswork about how valuable they are to the company.

Employees must remember to always be professional when writing self-assessment.This means they should not be abused as an opportunity to incite managers.Being professional means giving an assessment of her attention.

Treat your self-worth like a work of art that develops over time.You will be much happier with the results if you give yourself time to reflect.

Hopefully Helpful

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The government will go to the UN to talk about the importance of palm oil to reduce poverty

- Coordinating Minister for Marine Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan explained, the government will voice the issue of palm oil in the United Nations meeting next September. He said the palm has an important role in poverty alleviation.

News and Events About Us Contact Us Bahasa Indonesia " Indonesia is the result of many researches down one of them because of palm oil, "he explained in the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Jakarta, Friday (29/06/2018).
With the condition, he said, Indonesia wants to determine the criteria of oil palm utilization until 2030. Luhut said, the determination of implementation criteria in February next year.

"We do not accept the criteria, but we have to look at our criteria, so in the meetings later in August, or later at the UN and the end at COP23 in Poland so that in February next year we hope to have our position better, "he said.
He says, palm oil is something that is important for Indonesia. Therefore, Indonesia in the future depends on palm oil.

"The next largest country revenue is palm oil We want to show him we will not increase the land but we want to replant, so the productivity of small holders' land of approximately 2 tons per hectare could be 6 -8 tons per hectare, "explained Luhut.
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Buy First House Can Without DP, Developer So Semangat Bangun

- Bank Indonesia (BI) looses the down payment (DP) mortgage (KPR) or loan to value (LTV) and financing to value (FTV / for syariah financing) laws. Through these policies the first home purchase can be without a DP aka DP 0%.

Secretary General of DPP Real Estate Indonesia (REI) Paulus Totok Lusida said the policy will raise property sector. He said, this relaxation will make developers the spirit of building a house. "We are very optimistic that we have been optimistic about last week's discussions and achievements and BI's first invite the discussion association to agree on a policy," Paul said in Jakarta on Friday ( 29/6/2018).

With the relaxation, Totok said, DP applied can be up to 0%. It is not worried this policy will make bad loans, because banks will mitigate the risks.
Prudent, it's a lot to be considered For example the income is clear, long-term civil servants, almost no risk, he explained.

According to him, if the risk is minimal consumers should be able to receive DP 0%.

"It can be 0%, but if a private employee is seen first reputation will be afraid to buy credit, he out of layoffs," he concluded.

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Already Leaked Name of Defining President Director of Pertamina?

- The highest position in PT Pertamina (Persero) is currently filled by the president director (akut) while the executive alias (Plt). The Ministry of SOE has not determined who will become the definitive President. Approximately already leaked?

When confirmed, Pertamina President Commissioner Tanri Abeng claimed not to have a leak of who's name will occupy the chair of Pertamina's President Director.

"That we do not get any leaks we can not," he said when met at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (29/06/2018).
He said the appointment of a candidate for Pertamina's directors, directly under the Minister of SOEs Rini Soemarno, and his approval is in President Joko Widodo. His party as a commissioner, did not participate in the process.

"That I do not know yes because we have the task if from the proposal, otherwise it is directly his own minister.Well it is his own minister We are not included in the commissioner in the process," he said.

But he hopes the decision to establish a definitive president Pertamina can be done immediately.

"I hope hopefully in a relatively fast time yes,"
The corner Buzz Blog, news, celebrities, and more badoo Buzz He said, Plt current CEO of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati potential to be appointed Director of the definitive.

"If I learn yes I think the potential is just there, it's just to be elected by the minister and approved by the president," he added.
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After PGN Caplok Pertagas, It's PR for Oil and Gas Holding

- PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) officially annexed PT Pertamina Gas (Persero) or Pertagas today. According to Chief Commissioner of PT Pertamina (Persero) Tanri Abeng, there is a large homework (PR) that awaits after the process.

Said he, now Pertagas Pertamina's subsidiary is already merged alias to join financially with PGN. However, the two entities must begin to merge from the culture side.

"Yes, the PR is one of them, it is a cultural merger, yes, it's a financial merger .. The next is cultural merger," said Tanri Abeng when met at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (29/6) / 2018).
According to the merger is not easy. Because the culture between Pertagas and PGN is quite different.

"It is more sensitive because there will be a management of PGN and Pertagas later on This is we must make one unit that can synergy but it is not easy because Pertagas culture is different from PGN," he explained.

"Because of PGN listing company, Pertagas Pertamina subsidiary, this is roughly monopoly right now, it's different culture, but depends on who is the leader there," he explained. After PGN officially joined Pertagas, then the process of forming Oil Holding is complete. Furthermore, Pertamina as a holding must also be able to develop business children.
"I think if we look at this PGN is already signed in, all we have to do is Pertamina must be able to develop its subsidiaries so that Pertamina will be holding, which is true holding PGN only one of them, "he explained.

"There will be holding upstream, holding internationally, holding down stream, Pertamina will be a conglomerate rather than a holding company," he added.
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