Abundant Rice Rice Stocks, Full Bulog Rice Warehouse

- President Director of Bulog Budi Waseso (Buwas) said Bulog warehouse is full, one of them is because of the abundant rice stock. Rice stock comes from domestic procurement, imports and the rest of last year.

According to Budi the amount of rice in the warehouse has reached 2.7 million tons. So, the figure will continue to increase to 3.7 million tons in September.
"Today is already very full warehouse. We can not accommodate all. This we are talking about the use of warehouses TNI, Polri which may not be used we ask for help to save our rice," explained the man who familiarly called Buwas it in Bulog office (31/7/2018).

Source : https://finance.detik.com/berita-ekonomi-bisnis/d-4143149/stok-beras-beras-melimpah-gudang-beras-bulog-penuh
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