Banned Flight ban, RI-France Discuss Aviation Safety

- DGCA as the Indonesian aviation authority and the French aviation authority (DGAC) hold further technical meetings.The meeting aims to review and define subsequent support program proposals in terms of improving the safety of Indonesian aviation after the release of the EU's flight ban for Indonesia.

The meeting with the headline Director General Remarks on 3rd Steering Committee Meeting The Indonesian-French Technical Cooperation is a follow-up meeting of the technical cooperation agreement signed at the DGAC Office, Paris, on November 27, 2017.

The meeting was opened by the Director of Airworthiness Operations, Capt.Avirianto representing the Director General of Air Transportation, Agus Santoso. "After the extraordinary achievements of Indonesian aviation, we are now sitting together to build a strong international legal framework of cooperation between DGCA Indonesia and DGAC France in building sustainable Indonesia Aviation Safety Improvements," Avirianto said in a written statement on Friday (6/7/2018).

Through Avirianto, Agus also expressed his gratitude to DGAC France for assistance in the implementation of aviation safety supervision system.

The program, he said, was successful in obtaining excellent value in the USOAP ICAO audit and in preparing the Air Safety Committee to propose the removal of all Indonesian airlines from the Air Force List (known as the EU ban list).

"We are all aware and know how high the abolition of this flight ban is on our priority list.And the result of this hard work and good cooperation, officially on June 14, 2018, all certified airlines in Indonesia are removed from the EU flight ban.This is after further improvement of aviation safety, "he explained.

The European Union is one of the main instruments to continue to offer the highest level of air security to the people of Europe. This list not only helps maintain a high level of safety there, but also helps affected countries to improve safety levels to be finally removed from the list.

In addition, the list of bans has become a major prevention tool and motivate countries with security issues to follow up on it before the ban under the European Union Air Safety List is enforced.

"The Indonesian aviation authority is always committed to building and improving sustainable safety with the primary domain of oversight, compliance, and risk-based with increased competence through the Training (OJT) Inspector, so t no longer affected by the EU flight ban, "he continued.

On the same occasion, through Avirianto, Agus is also grateful to Airbus Industry for supporting this cooperation.Indonesia has a good and very long relationship with Airbus.Therefore, this cooperation is believed to provide a harmonious spirit between government and industry to maintain flight safety.

The meeting was also attended by the Representative of Head of International Cooperation of DGAC France Thibaut Lallemand, Secretary of the Directorate General of Air Transportation Pramintohadi Sukarno, Special Staff for Transportation Safety Muzaffar Ismail, Senior Representative of Airbus Andre Poutrel, Representative of Airbus Jean Charles Sevestre , Project Team Leader International Aviation Safety Patrick Paul, Flight Operations Expert International Aviation Safety Yann Duval, Head of Aviation Health Center, and representatives of airport managers.
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