The story of Robert Kuok, Malaysian businessman who buys a boat Rp. 64 T

- Robert Kuok's name is listed as the Forbes richest man in Malaysia. He owns the Kuok Group, a holding company engaged in hospitality, property, and commodities.

With its wealth reaching US $ 14.8 billion or more than Rp 200 trillion, Robert Kuok was able to buy a gold-plated boat worth US $ 4.5 billion, equivalent to Rp 64.35 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14. 300 / US $).

So, how did he start to build a business to success like now?

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Data Chaos, Economists: Better Focus on Reducing Poverty

- Calculation of numbers poverty in Indonesia is still being discussed. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) uses the basic need approach methodology for calculation and the result is that there are 25.95 million poor people in Indonesia. But there are some who claim that the number of people poor in Indonesia is greater than BPS data .

INDEF economist Enny Srihartati explained that instead of discussing poverty data, it would be better to take care of ways to continue to reduce poverty.

"We must return to the urgency of reducing poverty. It is better to focus on how to reduce poverty. In principle, if poverty falls, the community will prosper," Enny said when contacted by detikFinance on Saturday (04/08/2018).

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Mitsubishi controls 40% of Danamon's shares

- Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) has officially increased its share ownership in PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon). This Japanese company finally controlled 40% of Danamon's shares and became a controlling shareholder.

From the written statement, MUFG acquired additional (indirect or indirect) shares owned by Asia Financial Indonesia Pte, Ltd (AFI).

The number of 20.1% shares in Danamon is obtained from the stock price which is priced at Rp 8. 921 per share or around US $ 0.62 or equivalent to Rp 17.18 trillion. This price is in accordance with the company's book price in the second quarter 2018 2. 0x with the adjustments applied.

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Want to Buy a House in Malaysia Must Prepare Rp. 3.5 Billion

- For those interested in buying properties home at Malaysia , ready- ready to reach the pocket deep enough. Because the policy in the country requires foreigners to buy home with a minimum price range of 1 million ringgit.

The value of 1 million ringgit is equivalent to Rp 3.5 billion (exchange rate of Rp 3. 545 / ringgit). This was conveyed by the Country Manager of the House. com Marine Novita when met at the Malaysia Property Show 2018 at Kempinski Hotel, Central Jakarta.

"Actually, if we (Indonesia) have a range (price range), if we want to buy property in Indonesia for example, then if we buy property in Malaysia for Indonesians at least 1 million ringgit, around Rp. 3.4-3.5 billion. That's the minimum price, "he said, Saturday (04/08/2018).

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Interested in Having a Home in Malaysia? Here's how to buy it

- Malaysia is currently aiming Indonesian consumers for the market properties on his country. For those who are interested, it turns out the way to buy it is not difficult, even almost the same as in Indonesia.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager Sheldon Fernandez said the main condition to buy home in Malaysia is taking into account financial conditions or. This financial factor needs to be calculated to obtain credit from banks.

"First check first, because look (see) able to not (able or not) buy. So if you want to be able to buy property in Malaysia, first there is a guarantee to make a loan from the bank, (or) credit , "he said when met at the Malaysia Property Show 2018 at Kempinski Hotel, Central Jakarta, Saturday (04/08/2018).

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Robert Kuok, a Malaysian businessman who can buy a gold boat for IDR 64 T

- The name Robert Kuok is said to be a Malaysian businessman who buys a gold-plated boat worth US $ 4.5 billion, equivalent to Rp. 64.35 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14. 300 / US $). Quoting Business Insider, Robert Kuok is a Malaysian who is most likely to buy the boat.

Who is Robert Kuok?
from Forbes, Saturday (04/08/2018), Robert Kuok is the richest businessman from Malaysia. The twisty businessman is the owner of the Kuok Group, a holding company engaged in hospitality, property, and commodities.

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Improve This Service, Pertamina Boosts 8 Awards at Once

- PT Pertamina (Persero) bought 8 (eight) awards at the annual customer communication channel service assessment, The Best Contact Center Indonesia 2018 organized by the Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA).

"We are proud of this year, for the first time, Pertamina is included in the Top 10 Champion among 54 Indonesian companies that continue to improve the quality of service to customers through means of contact centers," said Vice President of Corporate Communication of Pertamina, Adiatma Sardjito , in a written statement, Saturday (04/08/2018).

In the arena of national industry players in developing contact centers for these customers, Adiatma added, contact center practitioner associations continue to establish service quality standards and contact center operational performance, while encouraging increased employee participation in developing capabilities, creativity. and performance in managing contact centers.

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Ministry of Claims for Onion Production in West Sumatra Increases Rapidly

- The efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture () to boost national shallot production began to produce results. Not only capable of self-sufficiency, the last 3 years have also succeeded in exporting shallots with increasing volumes each year.

On the export of shallots on August 1, 2018, the Minister of Agriculture, said that in 2017, Indonesia could increase exports nearly 10 times from 2016. In 2018, it is optimistic that it can export shallots 15 . 000 tons or doubled last year.

Director General of Horticulture, the key to the success of red onion self-sufficiency is the arrangement and growth of production centers that are not only concentrated in Java. At present a large onion expanse is no longer only found in, Cirebon or, but has spread in Solok, Bali,, Belu, Malacca, Southeast Maluku, Tapin and other areas.

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Menaker Challenges Young Generation to Become Social Entrepreneurs

- Minister of Manpower, Hanif Dhakiri, said the government encourages the young generation to pursue their future to be sociopreneur or social entrepreneur. The presence of sociopreneur is considered very important, because its role is able to sustain national economic growth.

"So it is not only pursuing business profits, but also can provide maximum benefits to the community," he said in a written statement on Saturday (04/08/2018).

He continued, basically sociopreneur is an entrepreneurial activity that has full attention to community development in its environment. So that it can empower the community to produce a social change that leads to mutual welfare.

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In Bengkulu, Mendes Distribute Land Certificates to Transmigrants

- During his working visit to North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu Province, Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Eko Putro Sandjojo handed over land certificates to a number of transmigrants who lived in the Lagita Independent Integrated Area (KTM), Transmigration Area in the region .

Minister of PDTT Eko Putro Sandjojo said that he was given a mandate from President Joko Widodo to submit a land certificate to the community, because it was one of the commitments of the central government in the agrarian reform program to give certificates to the public.

"One of the President's commitments is agrarian reform, namely giving certificates to the rightful people. I have on behalf of the President given 600 certificates to the transmigrants," Eko said in a written statement on Saturday (08/04/2018 )

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Mendes Inaugurates Officials at the Transmigration Area Open Field

- Ministry of Villages, Development of Underdeveloped Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendesa PDTT) held a procession for the inauguration of echelon 1 officials in the Ministry of Education's PDTT on an open field stage in Lagita's Integrated Independent City (KTM) in the transmigration area of ​​North Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Friday (3/8 / 2018).

The first echelon official who was inaugurated was Hari Pramudiono who previously served as Expert Staff in Legal Affairs, plotted to become the Director General of the Preparation of Regional and Transmigration Settlement Development (Dirjen PKP2Trans).

Not only the inauguration, the Ministry of Trade also held a procession for the release of other echelon one officials, namely the Director General of Specific Regional Development (PDTU) Yohozua Yoltuwu Markus and the expert staff of the Ministry of Education PDTT Ratna Dewi Andriati who had already retired.

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Why Should You Buy a Home Away in Malaysia?

- Markets properties in Malaysia is currently targeting Indonesian consumers. While in Indonesia there are similar properties.

So, why do you have to go all the way to buy home in Malaysia?

Country Manager Home. com Marine Novita said that currently property prices, especially housing in Malaysia, are falling. Therefore, now is the right time to buy property in Malaysia before the price goes back up.

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Poverty Data, Most Reliable BPS

- The number of poverty issued by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) is called the most valid in Indonesia . In measuring poverty BPS uses the concept of ability to meet basic needs.

From this approach, poverty is judged by the inability of the community to meet basic food and non-food needs measured in terms of expenditure. Then the food poverty line (GKM) is calculated from the food and beverage needs of 2. 100 calories per capita per day.

Is this data the most reliable?

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Want to buy a house in Malaysia? Pay Attention to These Things

- One of the countries closest to Indonesia is Malaysia . Maybe not a few people intend to buy a house in the neighboring country. Well, before buying, pay attention to these things first.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager Sheldon Fernandez said before buying property in Malaysia, the important thing to note is determining the location. Prospective buyers must know which locations are worth choosing.

At least there are currently 4 developing regions in Malaysia.

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Who is a Malaysian Entrepreneur who Buy a Rp. 64 T Gold Tier Boat?

- History Supreme, the name of the gold-plated boat sold at exorbitant prices. The ship, designed by famous British designer Stuart Hughes, was valued at US $ 4.5 billion, equivalent to Rp. 64.35 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14. 300 / US $).

So, who is able to buy one of the most expensive boats in the world?

Quoted from Business Insider, Saturday (04/08/2018), the boat was bought by a Malaysian businessman who did not mention his name. However, not many people in the world are able to waste their wealth just for a small boat worth IDR 64 trillion.

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Chaotic Data on Poverty, Economists: Comparisons Must be Apple to Apple

- The number of poverty in Indonesia is still a conversation. Because there are a number of parties who use different data to measure the number of poor people in the country, thus creating a 'chaotic' in reading data.

INDEF Economist Enny Sri Hartati explained that currently there are still many parties who have different views regarding poverty rates in Indonesia. This happens because there are many indicators to calculate the poverty line.

Whereas the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) already has a calculation for the poverty rate. "There were those who issued statements of 100 million people even though the BPS data was 25.95 million people. Academically the BPS submitted the size was 2. 100 calories per day," Enny said when contacted by detikFinance, Saturday (04/08/2018).

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First Apply Gross Split, PHE is rewarded by SKK Migas

- Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) through its two subsidiaries, PHE Offshore North West Java (PHE ONWJ) and PHE Nunukan Company (PHE Nunukan) received two awards from the Special Task Force for Implementing Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Activities (SKK Migas). The award is given for the implementation of the PSC Gross Split and findings of oil and gas reserves.

"This award is proof that Pertamina has human resources capable of managing oil and gas fields," said PTH PHE President Director, Huddie Dewanto in a written statement on Friday (08/03/2018).

Huddie explained, PHE ONWJ was awarded the Exceptional Endevour in Implementing PSC Gross Split and Initiatives in Financial Compliance. This award was given because PHE ONWJ was the first company to implement the Gross Split PSC.

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To Bengkulu, Mendes inaugurated a number of projects in the transmigration area

- Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Mendes PDTT) Eko Putro Sandjojo, inaugurated a number of development projects as a driver for the welfare of transmigrant communities in the Lagita Integrated Independent City (KTM) in the Transmigration Area, North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu, Friday (3/8 )

A number of projects that were inaugurated included the 2.7-kilometer two-lane road, the construction of embungs, bridges, the first laying of the Islamic Center, and the construction of the Rice Milling Unit (RMU).

The construction of the RMU house will be done with a cash-for-work (PKT) scheme. With the construction of the RMU facility, it is expected to optimize the productivity of agricultural products in the Lagita KTM area which has an area of ​​agricultural land of about 579 hectares with production reaching 12. 169 tons of rice / year.

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Indonesia Needs New Indicators for Poverty Data

- Data poverty in Indonesia is still chaotic. Because many parties read the data poverty use different indicators. Even though the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has issued the March 2018 poverty rate of 25.95 million people.

Then how not to be confused in reading poverty data? What other indicators are needed to determine?

INDEF economist Enny Sri Hartati explained that for poverty data indicators one right size is needed to prevent misperception in some circles. He explained that the data indicator is not only from one variable as currently used.

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Reference Coal Prices Rise to US $ 107.83 per Ton in August

Fragile Papuan Bacaleg, whose Gift Defeats Hary Tanoe

- Wilhelmus Rollo's name was suddenly publicly discussed. The man who is advancing as a candidate for legislative (bacaleg) Papua DPD has assets that value reaches Rp. 20 trillion.

Of course it was quite horrendous. In the KPK website he became a bacaleg who had the most assets. Even Wilhelmus's wealth defeated the treasure of the Chairman of the DPD Oesman Sapta Odang (OSO).

Wilhelmus's wealth is also equivalent to the list of the richest people in Indonesia. The price is the same as Ciputra's wealth, even higher than Hary Tanoesoedibjo's wealth.

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Lapindo Manage Again Brantas Block Until 2040

- Lapindo Brantas will manage longer the Brantas working area (WK). Because, the government has just given a contract extension to the block.

On the contract signed yesterday, Lapindo will manage WK Brantas for 20 years. The contract period is effective on April 23, 2020.

Hearing Lapindo's name cannot be separated from the hot mudflow event that occurred several years ago. At that time, a number of houses were drowned by mud.

So, what is the reason for the government choosing Lapindo to manage the block? Here's the full story:
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Busyet! Price of Jengkol Equivalent Beef

- Jengkol lovers seem to have to spend more to be able to consume them.

Because, the price of jengkol is currently soaring, even reaching Rp. 100,000 / kilogram (kg) in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

The high price of jengkol is almost close to the price of fresh beef per kg.

Based on data from Jakarta Jakarta, Friday (08/03/2018), the average price of pure beef (stews) is Rp. 117. 024 / kg while the average price of beef has (thighs) Rp. 123. 500 / kg. From the price comparison, why is the price of jengkol currently expensive?

Here's the full story:

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Chaos of Poverty Data Not Complete

- Chaotic poverty data was warm in the public. This was preceded by the statement of the 6th Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) that there were still 100 million poor people in Indonesia.

Besides that Gerindra Party Chairperson Prabowo Subianto said poverty in Indonesia rose by 50%

While poverty data was released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). BPS noted that the poverty rate in March fell to 9.82% or as much as 25.95 million people.

The poverty rate is 633,200 people lower than September 2017 which is 26,58 million people or 10.12%.

Apparently the chaotic data is still rolling and responded by the minister in the cabinet work government to the DPR.

The following is complete information.

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Want to Start Saving Shares, How Do You Do It?

- My name is Jhony Hidayat. What if you want to buy BRI shares and only be saved for long-term investments (like saving money, every month buy some shares).

Thanks for the question. To buy BRI shares (BBRI) or shares of other public companies, you must have a securities account first.

To get a securities account, you can register online or come directly to a securities company that is registered as a Broker Dealer Representative.

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Let's Prepare a Pension Fund (1)

- Has it ever occurred to us that we will experience retirement and spend what time? Some of us may still be ignorant of this, because feeling retired is still long, so it is not important if discussed from now on.

Maybe we are not aware that there are facts that show that around 70% of workers or 7 out of 10 workers in Indonesia experience financial problems in retirement. Their money is not enough to cover the needs in old age.

When working well but when retiring the opposite. So naturally, many workers still want to work again in retirement arrived. Work, work, work continuously, how long or not? Do we want to be part of the 70%?

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Poverty Program Budget This Will Be Raised To Rp 32 T

- The government plans to increase the value of Family Hope Program (PKH) to Rp 32 trillion from the current Rp 17 trillion. This means an increase of almost 2-fold, and policies taken to reduce poverty.

It was announced by Minister of Social Affairs (Minister) Idrus Marham in a press conference at his office, Central Jakarta.

"I want to say so, so the government policy in the future, PKH program budget policy is projected twice, Yesterday Rp 17 trillion, to the next around Rp 32 comma umpteen trillion," he said Friday (3/8/2018 ).

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Kemnaker Requests BPJS Service Procedures Make It Easy

- The Ministry of Manpower (Ministry of Manpower) encourages BPJS Employment and BPJS Health service procedures to be simplified and accelerated. This is needed as an implementation of social security to improve the protection and welfare of workers and the general public.

"We encourage workers and people who have employment problems such as work accidents, illness and so forth so they can be served as quickly as possible without any procedural difficulties," said Staff Expert Staff Mantri Irianto Simbolon when accompanying Commission IX DPR RI in a working visit to Berau District, East Kalimantan, in a written statement, Friday (3/8/2018).

Irianto added, efforts to simplify and accelerate the process of service to workers and the community is a form of state concern for workers and the general public and their families.

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Corn Production until July 2018 Reached 19 Million Ton

- Indonesian Corn Farmers Association (APJI) recorded the realization of corn production as of July 2018 reached 19 million tons from the total target of 30 million tons.

Chairman APJI Sholahuddin said it is optimistic corn production until the end of the year can reach the target. Because he considered the harvest in this year covers a vast land. "The target is around 30 million tons, now reaching 18-19 million tons per July.It reaches 12.5 million tons in the first quarter, Insha Allah achieved because the harvest end of the year is now widely planted once," he said. at the Ministry of Agriculture, Friday (3/8/2018).

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Interest Participate Bimbel Test CPNS? Segini Rates

- Applicants for job vacancies for potential civil servants ( CPNS ) begin preparing for selection. One of them joined the special tutoring for the test CPNS .

How much is the tariff?

One of the leading providers of Access services provides a bundled program with varied rates. Rp 980. 000, Regular Rp 3.280. 000, Executive Rp 3.680. 000.

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Social Minister: Era SBY and Jokowi, BPS Method Determines Same Poverty

- Minister of Social Affairs (Minister) Idrus Marham responds to the problem of poverty data. Idrus emphasized that the method used by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) from one government to another is still the same.

According to Idrus, the method used by BPS in recording poverty for 10 years SBY led Indonesia, remains the same as that used in the era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The chaos of poverty data begins with the statement of the 6th president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and Gerindra Party Chairperson Prabowo Subianto. SBY said there are still 100 million poor people in Indonesia. While Prabowo said poverty in Indonesia rose 50%. While the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released poverty data as of March 2018 fell to 9.82% or lower than September 2017 which was 10.12%.

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Vacancies Want To Be Opened, Special CPNS Leaders Start Invaded

- The government plans to open candidates for civil servants ( CPNS ) 2018 in the near future. Tutoring services (bimbel) was started by many people who wanted to become CPNS .

One of the leading services labeled Access CPNS, has been invaded even since the beginning of the year. Credit Marketing Officer (CMO) Access CPNS Yustamar K. Hatmanto delivered since early 2018, people have prepared themselves with guidance before taking the CPNS test.

"From the beginning of the year it was crowded, 1. 500 participants from the current 23 branches," he said when contacted, Jakarta, Friday (08/03/2018).

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BI Confident of 20% Biodiesel Policy Fixed Transaction Deficit

- The government is currently working to reduce current account deficit (/ CAD). One way is to optimize the use of biodiesel 20% or B20.

This plan is expected to reduce the use of foreign exchange and help maintain the stability of the rupiah exchange rate. Bank Indonesia (BI) Governor Perry Warjiyo said the plan could reduce the volume of oil imports in a faster way.

According to him, the increase in the use of B20 can boost production and increase the export of palm oil that can increase the country's foreign exchange. If controlled imports and exports increase then the current account deficit will improve.

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Improve Services, Guaranteed RupiahPlus There is No Leaked Customer Data

- RupiahPlus is aware of any issues related to data confidentiality and breaches of standard operating procedures or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for loan collection as reported in the media.

We are very concerned about the convenience of our customers and the basic principles of respecting customers and being fair. Where in this case, the customer's personal data is kept confidential and we will continue to strive to provide the highest quality services.

Our main focus now is to continue to maintain and improve our services. Our team has conducted an internal investigation and has taken several steps to address the issue, including:
We also coordinate with related parties including the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to ensure that every step and activity undertaken by RupiahPlus complies with Government regulations applicable. We have provided more than 1 million loans to our customers while at the same time we are actively educating and advocating about financial literacy or financial literacy through the application of RupiahPlus, social media, and seminar activities. RupiahPlus provides micro loans worth Rp 800,000,000 to Rp1,500,000 for consumers and micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM). To date, RupiahPlus has also provided services for over 300,000 customers in a period of 12 months where most of our customers are our old customers.

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Prize Shopping Photo Contest on Transmart Carrefour!

- Do you like shopping and like to take pictures? If so, don't miss the opportunity to take part in a prize contest held by Transmart Carrefour.

"This photo contest program lasts for 2 weeks, from August 1 to August 14. There are 2 programs in this photo contest activity and both go together," said Vice President Corporate Communications PT Trans Retail Indonesia, Satria Hamid, Friday (3/8/2018).

These two activities are a photo contest from Lion Star Plastic and United Bike Group bikes.

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What Infrastructure Projects Delayed? This said the Head of Bappenas

- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) plan to stop some infrastructure projects . This step is taken because the government wants to reduce material imports.

Indonesia's trade balance is still deficit due to higher import value than exports. According to the Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of Bappenas Bambang Brodjonegoro the government will first check projects with high import content.
One of them is a power plant, but the financing has not been agreed yet.

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Social Minister: Poverty in the End of Jokowi Period 9%

- The government is trying to reduce the numbers of poverty to 9% by 2019. Previously Central Statistics Agency (BPS) record the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) to record the numbers poverty March 2018 9.82%, down from the previous 10.12% in September 2017.
Minister of Social Affairs (Social Minister) Idrus Marham said the government is committed to reducing poverty to 9% or at least 9.3 %.
"So we projected we can press poverty at the end of the period of President Jokowi up to 9-9,3% That we will see," he said Friday (08/03/2018).

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The New Director of Pertamina Is Still a Puzzle

- Puzzle who will be the definitive chief director of PT Pertamina (Persero) still not to the point of light. Although, not long ago Nicke Widyawati as Plt visited the Presidential Palace, Central Jakarta.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Rini Soemarno reveals, determination the figure of the leadership of Pertamina is still in process.

"Still not in process," said Rini in Komplek Istana, Central Jakarta, Friday (3/8/2018).

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Jengkol Prices Predicted Newly Down November

- Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Whole Market Merchants (APPSI) Ngadiran predicts jengkol prices will return to normal by the end of 2018. According to him, jengkol plants will enter the harvest in November and December.

"If Jengkol harvesting season is every six months, and last three months ago, it will be crowded again in November and December," he said to, Friday (3/8/2018).

Ngadiran said that currently jengkol production is stalled because it has not yet entered the harvest period.

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Segini Gas Production Brantas Block Re-Tilled Lapindo

- Lapindo Brantas Inc, together with PT Prakarsa Brantas and PT Minarak Brantas Gas, have a contract extension to manage the Brantas working area. Lapindo received a contract for 20 years from April 23, 2020.

Lapindo Brantas Inc. President Director Faruq Adi Nugraho said, with the contract it would encourage gas production in the Brantas Block. Currently, he said, the production of 20 to 25 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCD). He added, production will continue to rise to 30-35 MMSCFD by the end of the year.

"Currently our production is in the range of 20-25. Our target at the end of this year is to increase at 30-35," he said at the ESDM Ministry in Jakarta, Friday (08/03/2018).
Next, the gas production will increase to 100 MMSCFD in 2022-2023. Five years after the contract extension, gas production will be driven up to 150 MMSCFD.

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How BI BIF Exporter In order for US Dollar Conversion to Rupiah

- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) some time ago asked entrepreneurs to record and silence export proceeds (DHE) domestically. This is to help maintain the stability of the rupiah exchange rate against the US dollar.

Therefore, entrepreneurs, aka exporters, must convert their income in US dollars to rupiah.

Governor Bank Indonesia (BI) Perry Warjiyo explained that there were several efforts that would be carried out by BI to encourage exporters to convert their income into the rupiah.

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Social Minister Explains 3 Poverty Factors in the Single Digit Jokowi Era

- Minister of Social Affairs (Social Minister) Idrus Marham explains the causes of poverty in the era of government President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) < / a> down to a single digit. The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) records poverty figures March 2018 reached 9.82% , down from the previous 10.12% in September 2017.
According to Idrus it is natural that the poverty rate in the Jokowi era fell below 10%, because social assistance has so far been an effective government program.

"Our response to the results of the survey, we have discussed earlier, we conclude what was achieved based on the facts and reality of the socio-economic life of the people, so that BPS said prosperity was increasing," he said at a press conference in his office, Jakarta Center, Friday (3/8/2018).

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Jengkol Prices Approach Beef, This Is the Cause

- Jengkol prices are high, even almost equal to the price of fresh beef. In Pasar Minggu, the price of jengkol is priced at Rp. 100,000 / kilogram (kg).

Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Market Traders Association (APPSI) Ngadir said the high price of jengkol was due to not entering the harvest season. According to him, this only affects the lovers of jengkol.

"Yes, if there is no harvest, there is no (the item), yes the price (so) is expensive. There is no substitution, yes, actually the item doesn't exist and the person isn't jengkol mania, it's fine. Mending to eat the other, "he said, to, Friday (3/8/2018).

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Lapindo Works Again Brantas Block, Location Near Mudflow?

- The government has just awarded the extension of the Brantas working area contract (WK) to Lapindo Brantas Inc. This was marked by the signing of the contract that took place today.

With this contract, Lapindo Brantas can manage Brantas bolk for 20 years since April 23, 2020. So, is the location managed adjacent to 'Lapindo Mud'?

Director General of Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Djoko Siswanto explained, Lapindo activity is different from the location of the mudflow.

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Benchmark Egg Prices Up 10%, This is the Response of Chicken Breeders

- The government plans to raise the cost of goods sold (HPP) of chicken meat and chicken eggs by 10%. How the farmer's response?

Chairman of the People's Insanity Association (Pinsar) Singgih Januratmoko said the price increase is a positive thing. Because, if not it certainly feels detrimental.

Currently, the dollar exchange rate against the rupiah is strengthening and influencing various things, including transportation costs.

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Treasures Bacaleg Papua Rp 20 T Equals Ciputra, Defeat Hary Tanoe

- The presence of prospective legislative members ( bacaleg ) DPD from Papua Wilhelmus Rollo astonishing. He reported his wealth of Rp 20 trillion.

With so much wealth, should Wilhelmus Rollo on the list of richest people in Indonesia. Foreign media Forbes who diligently make a list of the richest people just do not catch the radar man.
Wilhelmus wealth is even equivalent to the wealth of leading property entrepreneur Ciputra. According to Forbes data, Ciputra has a wealth of about US $ 1.4 billion, the figure is equivalent to Rp 20.02 trillion. In the list of the world's richest people in 2018, Ciputra occupied the 1650th position.

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BI Economic Prediction Grows 5.15% in Q2-2018

Lapindo Manage Again Brantas Block, ESDM: Others Are Afraid

- The government gives contracts for 20 years working area (WK) Brantas to Lapindo Brantas Inc. The contract was given by the government because there were no other investors who wanted to manage the block.

Director General of Oil and Gas (Oil and Gas) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR) Djoko Siswanto explained that investors are worried that the case of 'Lapindo mud' is repeated again. So, only Lapindo volunteered.

The other one is not afraid of blow out again, the noise is so rich Lapindo the only one who thanks go on, others do not dare because Lapindo mud case, "he said in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Jakarta, Friday (08/03/2018).
"Nothing (his opponent), no one dare, if it again," he added.

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Bulog Rice Stock Secured Safe, Reaches 2.2 Million Tonnes

- Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution reveals that Bulog's stock of rice will reach above 2 million tons by the end of 2018.

It is also reported to President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) at Merdeka Palace, Central Jakarta. "Now Bulog has a stock of almost 2 million tons, and this harvest is still running in some areas, so at the end of the year we see at the end of the year Bulog's stock is above 2 million tons," said Darmin in Komplek Istana , Jakarta, Friday (3/8/2018).

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