Ma'ruf Amin Jenguk Gus Solah at the RSCM

- KH Ma'ruf Amin Tonight is scheduled to attend the PBNU event at Aryaduta Hotel, Jakarta. Before that, Ma'ruf visited the Caretaker of Ponpes Tebuireng, Jombang, KH Salahuddin Wahid (Gus Solah) at RSCM Kencana, Central Jakarta.

Ma'ruf left his house on Jalan Lorong 27, Koja, North Jakarta at 18.35 WIB, Thursday (08/30/2018). "Yes, look (Gus Solah)," Ma'ruf said to reporters.

AFP monitoring, Ma'ruf arrived at RSCM Kencana at 19. 02 WIB. He went straight into the building.

There has been no information regarding the pain experienced by Gus Solah.

Previously, Ma'ruf Amin today received a number of guests at his home after returning from performing Hajj in the Holy Land. Among the guests who came were, Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman, to Ketum PKB Muhaimin Iskandar.

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This is the Wish of the 2018 Asian Games Gold Winner for the Mother

- Serda's mother's face Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid , Dwi Erny Rahman looked bright that afternoon .His eyes sparked happiness.Time and time again, he thanked all those who helped his son win the gold medal at 2018 Asian Games .

"Alhamdulillah Rifki gets gold.Be grateful for the blessings given by Allah SWT.To the Commander of the TNI, to the Commander V / Brawijaya and PB PB forki East Java, Inka East Java and the Rifki Coach from childhood, to the National Board, "Dwi Erny Rahman told reporters at Makodam V / Brawijaya, Thursday (08/30/2018). br>
Dwi admitted that he did not think that Rifki's fight with his friend when he was a kid brought his child to be one of the talented karate players.At that time, Dwi was the one who suggested Rifki to learn karate so as not to lose when fighting.
Finally, Rifki was involved in the world of karate since sitting in grade 1 elementary school in Sawahan, Surabaya.

"Since elementary school, Rifki has been working on karate.Initially because I had a fight with a friend.Then you just want to join karate, "Dwi said.

Besides being talented in karate, Rifki who is now in physical and spiritual unity (Jasdam) Kodam V / Brawijaya was once at his school.At that time, Rifki was also adept at delivering verses with good lafaz.
"I used to be a dai in his school when I was in grade 1.Rifki was also selected among students in grades 5 and 6.At that time he could master the material quite a lot.Even when conveying the verses, the letter according to the teacher is good.Because of that he was elected, "he said.

Not only that, since he was in junior high school, Rifki had aspired to raise his mother's hajj.Dwi admitted that he was always moved when he remembered Rifki's dreams.

"I used to want to raise my Hajj when I was in junior high school.Mama, I hajj.I say, God willing, "Dwi said.
At the same occasion, Dwi hoped Rifki could win in the international karate event like the Olympics in the future.

" I hope in the future Rifki can be even better and can improve its ranking at the higher level of the Olympics.In order to make Indonesia proud, "Dwi said.

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There is a Companion, a Boy Persecuted by a Stepmother Now Cheerful

- Indah Mukaromah (7) now no longer looks moody.Smiles emanated from the face of the poor boy who had been persecuted by his stepmother for 5 years.

Now Indah is at the house of her grandmother who is the father of her father in RT 9 / RW 15, Desa Pangadegan, Kecamatan Pangadegan, Purbalingga.Indah also continued to get assistance from the Purbalingga District Social Service and the Protection of Women and Children of the Purbalingga Regional Police.

"To this day the development looks very different, from the narrative of the family it feels the difference.Currently more happy, his expression is happier, then there is a psychological difference too.So he is now more open to answering questions, "Nur Syah Fajar Cantika, Social Worker from the Purbalingga Social Service told reporters on Thursday (08/30/2018).

According to him, Indah was more silent, as in school and time with his stepmother.But at the moment these changes have begun to appear.

"Even the teacher who observes every day is surprised why Indah can laugh until he is very happy.So, since Monday it has been monitored continuously from the police station as well, "he explained.

He said that his party would continue to provide assistance until Indah could move as usual.Because at this time Indah had moved to school, so she had to start socializing with her friends.

"Right now it is restoring its condition and making Indah want to be open with family first," he said.

Even so, he said that the trauma obtained was extraordinary.Especially when viewed from the way of talking and when touched on the issue of physical violence, he was more silent and did not want to answer.

"If the trauma has a long effect, physically he often gets such behavior must have a long effect."But if the environment he supports for him to get up and no one reminds him, surely he can forget," he said.

From AFP observation, many people empathize with what Indah experienced.So besides the companions who continue to assist Indah, there are also many people who come to provide support.

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The Number of Ex-Corruptors Has Increased, This is the KPU's Response

- Former corruption convicts who will become legislative candidates will increase to 5 people passed by Bawaslu in dispute decision.KPU predicts the effect of snowballs.

"I have already told the first three cases that it will be a snowball, will continue to grow, and sort of facilitate or give way to other former prisoners of corruption who previously received an Eligibility (TMS) status to become a lawsuit same.For KPU, this snowball has been estimated by us since there are 3 Bawaslu decisions in Aceh, North Sulawesi and North Toraja, "said KPU Commissioner, Wahyu Setiawan, at the KPU, Jl Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018). br>
He said he would send a letter to Bawaslu to correct the decision.Wahyu said that the former corruption prisoner could escape his lawsuit because Bawaslu did not make PKPU about ex-prisoners of corruption prohibited from passing.

"Because they did not make PKPU a consideration.That is the problem, is that the Bawaslu and KPU's perspective on PKPU is different.The view of the PKPU's PKPU if it has been promulgated is binding on all parties including the Election Supervisory Body.That's KPU's perspective.Bawaslu's perspective does not prove that it is not a consideration in decision making."Of course, the KPU is in the position because PKPU is still valid and valid, so it becomes our working guideline," said Wahyu.

He regretted the attitude of Bawaslu who seemed to provide opportunities for ex-corruptors to advance candidates.Meanwhile, until now the KPU is still awaiting the decision of a judicial review regarding the rules of ex-prisoners of corruptors prohibited from passing.

"This is a facilitation for former corruption prisoners to sue because there is jurisprudence," Wahyu continued.

Previously there were three ex-prisoners of corruption who were passed by Bawaslu and Panwaslu in the regions to become legislators of DPRD and candidates for DPD members.The three former prisoners of corruption came from North Toraja, North Sulawesi and Aceh districts.

Furthermore, there are two former prisoners of corruption in Pare-pare and Rembang who were passed by the regional Bawaslu to become bacaleg.The former corruption prisoner from Rembang who was passed was M Nur Hasan.Previously he was a former convict in a corruption case for a mushola construction project worth Rp 40 million in 2013.

The five former corruption inmates escaped because of the decision of the Bawaslu or Panwaslu stating that their registration fulfilled the requirements.Previously the KPU had rejected the registration of the five former corruptors because they did not meet the requirements (TMS).Not accepting this, the five filed a dispute with Bawaslu and Panwaslu.

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Welcomed by Commander V / Brawijaya, This is the Bonus Received by Rifki Ardiansyah

-Pangdam V / Brawijaya will give bonuses to one of his outstanding soldiers.Yes, Serda Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid has made Indonesia famous in the 2018 Asian Games.Previously, Rifki had won the gold medal in a karate match.

"This is a historic moment for Kodam V / Brawijaya."Rifda Serda has made the name of Indonesia, TNI, TNI AD especially the Kodam V / Brawijaya proud," said Commander V / Brawijaya Maj. Gen. Arif Rahman in the post office on Thursday (08/30/2018).

For the achievements achieved by Serda Rifki, the commander promised to give a direct award during hospitality at the Prison Hall.The award is in the form of cash.Not only that, Rifki will also get a house from REI and an additional bonus from Governor Soekarwo.
"There will be an award from me later.Then from REI will give the house and province a bonus by Pak Karwo, "he added.

Arriving in Surabaya, Serda Rifki received a rousing welcome from the community to Kodam V / Brawijaya soldiers.From detikcom's observation, hundreds of residents filled the streets to the Kodam V / Brawijaya area.Rifki was also welcomed by the Commander of Brawijaya Military Command, Maj. Gen. Arif Rahman and his staff.

Meanwhile, when met, Rifki said he was happy to get a speech from Kodam V / Brawijaya. "Surely very happy."Greeting from the airport to Brawijaya Kodam V Military Command Center," Rifki said.
Rifki had a chance to tell about his grief when he won a gold medal in Karate sports.Initially he drove in the 60 kg Kumite class.While in the final, he got fierce opposition from world champion Karate and defending Asian Games champion from Iran.

"For the first against Thailand's AKF champion as well.The second is against China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the last one (Final) against karateka from Iran, the three-time world champion and also the defending champion of the previous Asian Games, "he said.

Rifki also told, in the race for the gold medal when against the karateka from Iran.Rifki's posture lost a lot.Even so, he did not fear against him.Because one of the keys is the support of Indonesian supporters.
"For fear there must be.I lost it because Ueforia from the audience made me not afraid.In fact it makes me more excited, "Rifki said.

After winning the gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games.Rifki admitted that he would focus on undergoing national training to prepare for the Olympic qualification. "Surely following an Olympic qualification," he said.

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It turns out that this is the one who discussed Sandiaga and Amien Rais in Yogya

- Bacawapres Sandiaga Uno met with senior PAN politician Amien Rais at Budi Mulia Dua Kindergarten Complex in Sleman, Yogyakarta, this morning. But Sandi rejected the contents of the meeting discussing practical politics.

"I am not talking about politics," Sandi said when asked by reporters whether he was discussing politics when meeting Amien this morning. Sandi got the question after visiting the residence of Ketum PP Aisyiyah Siti Noordjannah, Thursday (08/30/2018).

Sandi said, his meeting with Amien Rais only discussed the issue of education. He ensured that the meeting did not discuss practical politics, including the possibility of him joining PAN.

"No, not at all (not talking about the option to join PAN). We speak purely about education, and we want it to be a long-term investment in Indonesia in education," he said.
"That (education) of our escalators to eradicate poverty, eliminate gaps, and ensure the absence of ignorance on this earth of Indonesia. Therefore, we want to commit to massive mass investment in education , "he continued.
When asked about the possibility of Sandi anchoring to other political parties after withdrawing from the Gerindra Party, Password did not answer explicitly. He said that now his position was independent of all groups.

"I don't have that thought (joining PAN), and it seems that in this contestation I must be able to be a figure above all interests, especially political interests. Because I want to save and want to be really relevant, "he closed.

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The Government will Give Type 36 Houses to Asian Games Gold Winners

- The government has promised to give Rp. 800 million to Rp. 1.5 billion for gold medalists. -589215622 1531234657 "target =" _ blank "> 2018 Asian Games .In addition to the bonus money, the gold medalist will be given a type 36 house.

"There is a special house in our program.That's what we've been giving to fishermen, border officials.Well now the achievers can.Anyone who gets a gold medal can be a type 36 home.Depending on the village where, "said PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono at the Presidential Palace in Bogor, West Java, Thursday (08/30/2018).

The location of the construction of the house to adjust the athlete's domicile .Basuki also doesn't matter if the house is sold again.According to Basuki, type 36 houses are adequate for athletes who are on average single.
"he is a bachelor? (Are they bachelors all this?) Bachelors get 36," he explained.

Basuki gives orders to build houses for gold-winning athletes coming from Vice President Jusuf Kalla < / a>.He guarantees that the houses to be built are of high quality.
"Yes good, boss.The others are good too. (the same).It's better, "said Basuki.

Basuki plans to build the house this year or next year.The nominal value of each house is also different, depending on the region.
"I don't know.If there are still 2018 programs, if not 2019.The budget, special houses there, flats, there aren't many, "said Basuki.

So far Indonesia has won 89 medals
Asian Games 2018 .The details are 30 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 37 bronze medals.Indonesia is in fourth place.Three positions above are China, Japan and South Korea.

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Viral Zamzam 'Replace President' was divided into Jemaah Haji, PPIH Down Hand

- On social media a cardboard photo of Zamzam water is circulating with the words # 2019 Change President being distributed to pilgrims from Indonesia.The Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) is investigating the incident in the photo.

"Related to viral zamzam with that logo, we get the same information.We are collecting information from various parties, "said PPIH Saudi Arabia's Technical Controller Mastuki to AFP on Thursday (08/30/2018).

Men who daily serve as Head of Public Relations Bureau This Ministry of Religion Data and Information states that the Indonesian government has an agreement with the government of Saudi Arabia (ta'limatul hajj).One of them regulates the clause that each pilgrim gets a five-liter quota of zamzam and is given at the arrival airport.

"All regular pilgrims who are the responsibility of the Government (Ministry of Religion) leave and return from the Hajj airport (the airport is prepared specifically for pilgrims)," said Mastuki.

For regular pilgrims, Mastuki continued, it is certain that PPIH officers will always be served.Mastuki ensured, the incident of giving Zamzam with the president's change logo did not happen to regular pilgrims who numbered 204 thousand worshipers.

"Hajj officers (PPIH) exist at all departure and arrival airports.So it can be ascertained if there are suspicious signs that our officers will detect.So we convey, so far the regular pilgrims we have handled have not done anything like the viral image, "Mastuki said.

Outside regular pilgrims, there are special pilgrims numbering 17 thousand people.The special pilgrims are served by Special Hajj Providers (PIHK) or commonly called travel bureaus.

"Ministry of Religion has coordinated with airport officials, contact with BPIH officials and PIHK.Monitoring at the airport is more intensive return and arrival.We will study the case.If there is indeed a PIHK or KBIH (Hajj Guidance Group) involved in the case, we will impose sanctions according to the rules.But if that is a personal initiative, certainly not our authority, "Mastuki concluded.

Outside the pilgrims who use official quotas (regular pilgrims and special pilgrims) in reality there are also furoda pilgrims in the field.This congregation is a congregation that receives Hajj visas from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia independently without going through a mechanism stipulated in Law 13 of 2008 concerning Hajj.Furoda pilgrims are not treated by PPIH.

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Malay dance for the 2018 Asian Games to Stay Surge in Jakabaring

- 2018 Asian Games enters the last days. In order to Jakabaring Sport City (JSC) keep up, performances like Malay dance are wrong one way.

From detikSport's observation, Thursday (08/30/2018), the JSC arena is still enlivened by school children invited to the completion of the 2018 Asian Games.

On the other hand, at some points the area is visible quiet. The school children prefer to cluster in the front of Jakabaring, or in crowded zones like at the Asian Fest.
At that area at least the excitement is at least still maintained along with the performance of Malay dance performed by Rumah Elok Studio. 13 days the art studio has provided entertainment to visitors.

So far the dance is still successful in entertaining visitors. Evidently there are still many school children who are busy recording dance series with their smart phones. Those who did not watch it, preferring to take shelter on the edge of the area.
The heat of the sun makes many school children choose to take shelter. The boom of dance music comforted those who looked tired.

At Jakabaring, sports that are still competed are kayak, thriathlon, sepak takraw, women's football. Only a few days remain when the 2018 Asian Games are closed on September 2.

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Kaling Buffalo in Riau Killed by Mass

-Most buffaloes, Nasril (40) in Kampar, Riau were killed mobbed by mobs . People who are upset, also burn the car belonging to the perpetrator.

"The culprit was two people, one person fled. One actor who caught another hand raising buffalo to a gran max car was killed by a mob," said Kampar police chief, AKBP Andri Ananta told reporters on Thursday (30/8 / 2018)

Andri explained, this event occurred on Wednesday (29/8) at 22:00 WIB. Nasril's perpetrator and his partner stole a buffalo belonging to Jamal, a resident of Rumbai Island Village.

"Jamal, who checked his buffalo, no longer told the other residents. Then the buffalo owner along with the people were busy looking for it," said Andri.

That night residents got information about stolen buffalo often in the Tibun Oto village. Residents were busy looking there. Until Thursday (30/9) at 01.00 WIB, finally the residents found the buffalo tied to a tree.

"Residents did not immediately take it, but waited for who would take it. Soon the perpetrator's car came to enter the buffalo," said Andri.

Seeing the perpetrators coming, said Andri, residents who initially hid immediately surrounded the car. One perpetrator managed to escape from the siege.

"Nasril was arrested when he was questioned by residents trying to escape too. But then he was arrested again. At that time the residents attacked the victim, and his car was burned," said Andri.

Getting this action, the local police team went to the scene. When the team arrived at the location the victim was dead. "
" The perpetrators who have passed away were taken to the Bhayangkara Riau Police Hospital, "Andri concluded.

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Rifki Ardiansyah, Gold Games Winner at the Asian Games Paraded by Thousands of Soldiers

- Roads to Kodam V / Brawijaya this afternoon seemed crowded.Hundreds of residents lined the roadside while standby to capture the moment with their cellphones.Meanwhile, hundreds of soldiers from Kodam V / Brawijaya were also on the roadside.

This is not without reason because all welcomed the arrival of one of the gold winners of the karate sport at the 2018 Asian Games, Rifki Ardiansyah Arrosyiid .Rifki is a member of the Indonesian Army with the rank of Serda, from the Physical and Spiritual Unit (Jasdam) Kodam V / Brawijaya, who is also a graduate of the 2016 Prajutit Career Career.

Brings the name of Indonesia, the Surabaya-born karateka struggled to defeat the Iranian athlete , Amir Mahdi Zadeh, in the 60 kg kumite class and scored 9-7.

When I arrived in Surabaya, Rifki's arrival was greeted with fanfare by various elements at Kodam V / Brawijaya .Rifki was even more dashing when paraded with combat vehicles from the Gunungsari toll gate to head to the Makodam V / Brawijaya headquarters.
In the procession, Rivki was also accompanied by 2 Anoa combat vehicles, 6 Nimog units, 2 PJD Raider 500 units and 100 Babinsa personnel riding motorbikes.

Upon arrival at Makodam, his arrival was immediately greeted by Commander V / Brawijaya Maj. Gen. Arif Rahman.Arif also put on a flower arrangement as a sign of being proud of Rifki's victory.

"Today, Rifki, who won the gold medal, was cut off by karate.Today we welcome the extraordinary, at Kodam V Brawijaya, "said the commander at Makodam V / Brawijaya, Thursday (08/30/2018).

Not there, welcoming Rifki was also enlivened by hundreds of students up to Army soldiers who lined the roadside.All line up starting from the Brawijaya V Kodam complex, to the Pangdam's lobby.

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Malaysia investigates the deaths of dozens of rare Rare Elephants in Sabah

- Authorities of Malaysia are investigating the deaths of dozens of pygmy elephants belonging to rare and protected species in the Borneo forest.Some of the stunted elephants were found dead with gunshot wounds to their bodies.

Mentioned by the Director of the Sabah Wildlife Department, Augustine Tuuga, to Thursday (08/30/2018), that at least 25 dwarf elephants died in the territory of Sabah , Borneo this year.

"This is the highest number recorded so far," said Augustine referring to the number of dwarf elephant deaths every year.

Added Augustine that more than 100 other dwarf elephants died in Sabah in the last eight years.The WWF conservation group estimates that only 1 500 remaining dwarf elephants remain.
Pygmy elephants who have faces like baby elephants, have big ears and long tails that hang.Pygmy elephants can be found in Borneo or Kalimantan, which is divided into three countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam.

Habitat loss is the biggest threat to the survival of dwarf elephants.The rise of deforestation and the rapid expansion of oil palm plantations have contributed to the declining population of dwarf elephants.

Not a few dwarf elephants die in the hands of hunters or get caught in traps that are intentionally installed to catch them.

Local authorities have not been able to find the exact cause of the high number of dwarf elephant deaths this year.But Augustine said most dwarf elephants were outside the forest and more often inside the plantation area.
The latest death of dwarf elephants in Sabah occurred on Saturday (25/8) local time.At that time, wildlife authority officials found the carcass of a female dwarf elephant that had rotted inside the local plantation area.The dwarf elephant had a gunshot scar on its temples.

Before that, two other dwarf elephants were reported dead as a result of being shot and several others died from injuries sustained after being caught in a trap.

According to Augustine, it is not easy to arrest and try the killers of these dwarf elephants.Especially because of the remote location and lack of information and eyewitness information.Augustine said that there were absolutely no witnesses who appeared despite the stipulated reward of 120 thousand Ringgit (Rp. 427 million).

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7 Men with a Bebo, Refuse Declaration # 2019Are the President in Aceh

- Video of seven bersebo men who stated that they rejected the declaration # 2019GantiPresiden in Banda Aceh viral on social media .The seven men who have not been identified yet also pose a threat at the end of the video.

The 35-second video began to be discussed by netizens in Aceh since Thursday (08/30/2018) afternoon.Some Instagram accounts that usually post information about Aceh, also upload the video.From the comments column, netizens challenged the seven men to appear without sebo.

In the video seen by AFP, seven of the men in the sago stand neatly in a location.One man wearing a shirt spoke in front of the camera.At the beginning of the video, he introduced the group but his name was not clearly heard.

"We are troops ... (voices are not clear) Aceh refuses your arrival to declare a presidential change on September 1, 2018 in Banda Aceh.Don't try to interfere with the peace of the Acehnese, "said the man at the beginning of the video.

In the next sentence, the man threatened the declaration of # 2019. The President was not held.He spoke in Indonesian mixed with Acehnese.

"If you insist on coming to Aceh to declare the replacement of the president of the Aceh hana 'kure ureung' (we Acehnese do not) guarantee your safety in Aceh.Allahu Akbar, "he explained.

As is well known, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) of Aceh will hold the declaration # 2019GantiPresiden in Banda Aceh.Fill in the hashtag # 2019 Change the President Mardani Ali Sera and Sang Alang are called to attend.

"We will hold a declaration, Alhamdulillah we are doing preparations.For permits in the process in Polresta (Banda Aceh) and Polda (Aceh), then we have prepared the stage, "said the Chair of the Declaration Committee # 2019. Then the Mustafa T President MY Arrived when asked to confirm the reporter on Thursday (08/30/2018). br> Declaration # 2019The President's place will be held at Dimurtala H Stadium, Lampineung, Banda Aceh, Aceh on Saturday 1 September.In addition to Mardani and Sang Alang, in the declaration will also be attended by members of the House of Representatives Nasir Djamil and DPD member Rafly Kande.

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Stepmother Doing Persecution in Purbalingga Apologies

- Amanah (45), a stepmother who carried out the persecution of Indah Mukaromah (7) claimed she was wrong. He also apologized for inappropriate behavior and actions.

"I am mistaken. Very sorry. Everything I apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I apologize for my mistakes," Amanah said after being examined at the Purbalingga Police Satreskrim room on Thursday (08/30/2018 )
Amanah said this by stammering and regretting her actions when she was about to be herded back to the Purbalingga Regional Police detention room after being detained. He is also currently named as a suspect due to mistreatment of a 7-year-old child who is his stepson.

From the information obtained, after the detention of him since Wednesday (29/8) yesterday afternoon. He kept crying in the cell.
Purbalingga Police Satreskrim determines the perpetrators of torture against a 7-year-old child as a suspect. Determination of the status because it has fulfilled the article on child protection and domestic violence.

"We have set a suspect and have been detained since yesterday afternoon," said Purbalingga Police Chief Kasatreskrim, Poniman AKP.

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When JK becomes a photo contest at 2018 Asian Games Arena

- Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK) this afternoon visited the arena of the event Asian Games 2018 at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK), Jakarta.JK also became a bone of contention for visitor photos.

Monitoring at location, Thursday (08/30/2018), JK came to the culinary zone of Zona Atung.He seemed to be accompanied by a number of his staff, including the Chairman of the Vice President's Expert Team, Sofjan Wanandi.

JK went to one of the restaurants.Visitors who were aware of JK's presence seemed enthusiastic.A number of people were seen waiting for JK who was eating satay and rice cake.

Seeing many people waiting, JK then came out.He served the Asian Games visitors who asked him to take a photo together.There were some who invited JK's photos to be schoolchildren.

"Sir, his mother also wants photos," said a mother asking to take pictures with JK.

JK also had time to offer food to visitors.

It is not clear whether JK will watch the Athletics match which will be followed by Lalu Muhammad Zohri tonight.Zohri et al managed to advance to the 4 x 100 meter men's relay final of the 2018 Asian Games.

"Oh yeah Zohri," JK said.

Meanwhile, the GBK arena is still lively.Even though it was nearing the end of the event, it seemed that the euphoria of the Asian Games was still being felt by the people.

Asian Games merchandise store area is flooded with visitors.Even many are willing to theater only to buy bhin bhin, atung, and kaka dolls.

The performers in the festival area are also not less enthusiastic.They sang lively to entertain visitors.

In the Asian Games area there are also several games to entertain children.A number of visitors also enlivened the atmosphere, including dozens of mothers who danced along with a beautiful song.

It was also seen that Thai audiences were fighting over visitor selfies.

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Add More! The KPK Again Determines Suspects of Bribery in Malang DPRD

- Suspects in the alleged bribery case against members of the Malang City DPRD increased again.The investigation warrant has been signed.

"There are additional suspects, sprindics (Investigation Order) I have signed two days ago," KPK Chairman Agus Rahardjo told AFP on Thursday (08/30/2018).

However, Agus has not explained who was named as a suspect.He also did not mention the position of the new suspects as bribes or givers.

This case originated from the KPK's entrapment in the 2014-2019 Head of the Malang DPRD M. Arief Wicaksono and the 2015 Malang PU Chief, Jarot Edy Sulistiyono.Both are undergoing trial at the Surabaya Corruption Court.

KPK said Anton gave a Rp 700 million bribe to Arief via Jarot.After that, Arief was called to distribute Rp. 600 million to the members of the Malang DPRD related to the discussion of the APBD Amendment of Malang City Government (Pemkot) in 2015 Fiscal Year.

The KPK then developed the case and determined 19 suspects, namely Moch Anton as Malang Mayor of 2013-2018 and 18 members of DPRD for the period of 2014-2019.Now the suspects have been transferred to the court to undergo trial.

KPK said Anton gave a Rp 700 million bribe to Arief via Jarot.After that, Arief was called to distribute Rp. 600 million to Malang DPRD members.

If summarized, there are 3 PDIP politicians, 4 PKB, 1 Gerindra, 3 Democrats, 2 PAN, 1 PPP, 1 Hanura, and 3 Golkar.Here is the full identity:

1.Moch Anton - Mayor of Malang is inactive
2.Suprapto - Member of Malang City DPRD - PDIP - 3.Zainuddin - Deputy Chairperson of Malang City DPRD - PKB
4.Sahrawi - City Member of Malang DPRD - PKB
5.Salamet - City Member of Malang DPRD - Gerindra
6.Wiwik Hendri Astuti - Deputy Chairperson of Malang City DPRD - Democrats 7.Mohan Katelu - Member of Malang City DPRD - PAN
8.Sulik Lestyowati - Member of Malang City DPRD - Democrats 9.Abdul Hakim - Member of Malang City DPRD - PDIP - 10.Bambang Sumarto - Member of Malang City DPRD - Golkar
11.Imam Fauzi - Member of Malang City DPRD - PKB
12.Syaiful Rusdi - Member of Malang City DPRD - PAN
13.Tri Yudiani - Member of Malang City DPRD - PDIP - 14.Heri Pudji Utami - Member of Malang City DPRD - PPP
15.Hery Subiantono - Member of Malang City DPRD - Democrats 16.Ya'qud Ananda Gudban - Member of Malang City DPRD - Hanura
17.Rahayu Sugiarti - Member of Malang City DPRD - Golkar
18.Sukarno - Member of Malang City DPRD - Golkar
19.Abdulrachman - Member of the Malang City Parliament - PKB.

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Cak Imin: Kiai Ma'ruf Healthy and Ready to Work Hard to Win


Chairperson of the National Awakening Party Muhaimin Iskandar said the state of the Kiai Ma'ruf Amin after the Hajj is healthy. After that Ma'ruf was ready to work to decide the 2019 presidential election.

It was revealed after meeting with Ma'ruf Amin on Jalan Lorong 27, Koja, North Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).

"Yes Alhamdulillah after returning from Hajj, Kiai Ma'ruf has fixed, is healthy and worked hard to win Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin and we will start with hard work welcoming the welcome of the scholars who enthusiastically support," he said.

Cak Imin said that in the near future Kiai would travel around Indonesia to safari. He said that Kiai not only met with ulama but also met with all community groups.

"With the near future Kiai Ma'ruf will also travel throughout Indonesia. All community groups. We will also invite him to meet across religions. Cross religious leaders. There will be a meeting with PGI, KWI," he said .

Cak Imin said that the meeting was not aimed at the campaign. He said only ordinary friendship.

"Ordinary hospitality, connects togetherness that has been built. To cross religion to show a very pluralist NU," he concluded.

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Prabowo Gathered Indonesian Gerindra DPD in his Home

- General Party Gerindra at the same time will presidential candidates Prabowo Subianto held internal meeting with the Gerindra Party DPP and DPD Administrators throughout Indonesia.The meeting was closed.

Monitoring at the location, Prabowo arrived at his residence Jl Kertanegara, South Jakarta, at 17.10 WIB, Thursday (08/30/2018).Gerindra Sugiyono's vice chairman seemed to be accompanying him.

Soon, Gerindra Rachmawati Soekarnoputri's Deputy Chief of Staff also arrived at Prabowo's residence.Then, followed by the Gerindra Party Board of Trustees Djoko Santoso and the cadre of the Gerindra Party Rachel Maryam.
At around 6:00 a.m., Sudirman Said looked out of Prabowo's residence.Sudirman revealed this afternoon meeting in order to gather the Gerindra DPD throughout Indonesia.

"There is an internal meeting.All DPDs were invited, "he said.

Nevertheless, he admitted that he had not participated in the meeting.His arrival was only to report the development of volunteers in Central Java.
"Yes, I'm still around Central Java, besides getting ready for the electoral district, I also keep maintaining relationships with volunteers.This was the last week there was a meeting of figures in Central Java and then asked, they proposed that a volunteer be formed immediately, "he said.

" So this came from below and I said this earlier.He gave directions just run.Because it will move two elements.The elements of parties and volunteers are just that, "continued Sudirman.

Previously, regarding this internal meeting, Waketum was also revealed Gerindra Fadli Zon.Fadli said that the Meeting would be followed by the Board of Trustees of Gerindra at the residence of Prabowo Subianto.
"We just want to have an internal meeting again, I think the preparation is for the meeting with the coalition.If the coalition meeting with the secretary-general-secretary-general, I think that is more technical to collect the names of candidates in the national campaign team, "said the vice chairman of Gerindra Fadli Zon in the DPR building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (8/30).

"Yes (in Kertanegara).It's just the Board of Trustees, "said Fadli.

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Lion Air Still Checks Pilots until Flight Attendant about Neno Use Mik

- Lion Air is still examining aircraft pilots and cabin crew who gave permission to Neno Warisman to use a public address system (PAS). Pilots and cabin crew will be re-educated if proven to violate the procedure.

"Later if there is no understanding of the procedure, this compliance will be trained again, the class will be entered again," said Managing Director of Lion Air Group Captain Daniel Putut at Lion Air Tower, Jl Gajah Mada, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).
A total of 7 people were examined by Lion Air. Namely, pilots, co-pilots, 1 steward, and 4 flight attendants.

Daniel explains that the internal inspection process usually takes two weeks. During inspections, pilots and cabin crew are grounded or not allowed to fly.

"We give sanctions to be grounded not in quotation marks, but on the ground, first to not fly for a while to go through various inspection processes. This is done intensely by us," he said.

However, Daniel has not explained in detail the internal inspection process. He was also reluctant to speculate regarding further sanctions against the aircraft's pilot and cabin crew.

"It hasn't arrived there (dismissal, ed.). It's still an examination and is underway. Maybe the complete results are already finished," he said.
Lion Air previously denied that the pilot who flew JT297 aircraft, which brought Neno Warisman from Pekanbaru to Cengkareng, was Capt Pribadi Alisudarsono. Meanwhile, the figure of Personal Capt has been crowded so the conversation on Twitter.

"Flight JT297 carrying 176 (one hundred seventy six) passengers and manned by 2 (two) pilots namely Capt Djoko Timboel S and Mirza Marenda," said Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air Danang Mandala Prihantoro in a statement written, Wednesday (29/8).

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161 Thousands of Semarang Residents Released from Land and Building Taxes

- Semarang City Government frees Land and Building Tax (PBB) against 161,860 residents. The conditions are the Tax Object Sales Value (NJOP) below Rp 130 million.

The Mayor of Semarang, Hendrar Prihadi or who is familiarly called Hendi, said the policy had been socialized and valid since March 2018.

"UN-free citizens number 161. 860 people to date," said Hendi at Semarang City Hall, Thursday (08/30/2018).

With this policy, the Semarang City Government must give up Rp. 12.5 billion of original regional revenue. According to Hendi the amount could still be closed.

"With the development of the tourism sector in the city of Semarang, lost revenue can be closed from an increase in the tax sector related to tourism," Hendi explained.

In addition to the release of the United Nations, the Semarang City Government also abolished tax penalties on UN arrears until the tax period of 2017. The policy applies from 1 August 2018 to 31 August 2018.

With these provisions, the public does not need to submitting an application or looking for an old SPPT.

"Simply come to the payment place in each sub-district or regional post by mentioning the tax object number and the name and address according to the SPPT," he said.

Hendi added, at present, in addition to the United Nations, Semarang City Government's largest revenue earners are BPHT taxes, lighting taxes, tourism-related taxes, and advertisement taxes.

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PKPI: Roy Suryo Can Destroy Jokowi-Prabowo Gathering

- The Democratic Party Deputy (PD) Roy Suryo linked the moments of embrace of Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto at the Asian Games with imaging. PKPI regrets Roy's statement.

"The statement that the Asian Games are a mere political imagery is very tendentious, injuring all those who sacrifice and work hard, and has the potential to damage the knit relationship that continues to be built by Pak Jokowi and Pak Prabowo," said PKPI Secretary General Verry Surya Hendrawan , Thursday (08/30/2018).
Verry considers that all parties should be able to think more clearly, wisely, and honestly in looking at the moments of embrace of Prabowo and Jokowi. Verry asked that brotherhood and national pride be prioritized over the 2019 Presidential Election.

"If we are reluctant to recognize the superiority of others, we are actually digging a hole for ourselves," he said.
Previously, Roy suspected that there had been an attempt to make the achievement of the 2018 Asian Games a political imaging event. The signs are that there has been a forced compilation between the results of President Jokowi's reigning Asian Games and the achievements of previous years.

"It is also for us at the same time not to be satisfied and proud of ourselves, let alone be a fan of the results of the current Asian Games, let alone instead make it a political imaging arena for the benefit of 2019," said Roy, who is also the former Minister of Youth and Sports .

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Funny, There Are Petitions Asking Jokowi to Extend the Asian Games

- 2018 Asian Games , including the action of Jonatan Christie bare chest, has given happiness to the people of Indonesia. Now a petition appears asking for the event to be extended.

The petition appears on the change site. org. Appearing photos covering Jonatan Chrsitie without clothes, the petition is clearly intended to be just for fun .

The petition was made by Laksmi Prasvita. The initiator of the petition only targeted 100 people to sign, while until this afternoon 45 people had expressed their support.

The petition asks President Joko Widodo to extend the Asian Games, with the remaining two days remaining.

The initiator said that the Asian Games could increase the happiness index of the Indonesian people. Although there are side effects, too, the dish is burnt because many mothers are transfixed in front of the TV when Jonatan Christie plays.

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Public Discussion Ratna Sarumpaet Was Also Denied in Palembang

- Plan Ratna Sarumpaet's public discussion and Rocky Gerung in Palembang, South Sumatra, again received rejection.This discussion was rejected because it was alleged that it could interfere with the 2018 Asian Games.

The Chairman of the Civil Alliance in Palembang Andreas called the rejection after the distribution of the 'Save Indonesia' discussion brochure.The discussion was held at The Zuri Hotel on 1 September and will be attended by figures from South Sumatra.

"Palembang is different from other regions in Indonesia.Here the community is peaceful and peaceful."Don't be confused with the presence of two national figures who are now controversial," explained Andreas to reporters on Thursday (08/30/2018).

Andreas considered the presence of these two figures in Palembang was deliberately packaged in the concept of public discussion.But it is still believed to have certain goals, even he is worried that the discussion will later disrupt security stability.

"Everyone knows what their purpose is to come, what will be discussed here."One of them is definitely the # 2019 hashtag. It can be a presidential candidate and this is feared to cause turmoil like in other regions, Babylon and Pekanbaru," said Andreas.

"Therefore, we rejected the second presence this character in Bumi Sriwijaya firmly.Moreover, now Palembang is hosting the Asian Games, so we don't want this to be used, "said the South Sumatra activist.

As an effort to refuse, he claimed to have coordinated with the police.He asked the police not to give permission to conduct public discussions during the Asian Games.

If the discussion continues, he and hundreds of people claim to be boycotting right at the intersection towards Palembang's SMB II Airport.

"If not these two figures, I don't think there is a problem to want to discuss, just go ahead.These two figures are what we think will cause turmoil and disturb the conducive situation during the Asian Games, "he said.

Previously, on August 25, Ratna Sarumpaet's discussion in Babylon was rejected.Head of Public Relations of the Bangka Belitung Islands Regional Police AKBP Abdul Munim, said the discussion event with the theme of the presidential change in 2019 was rejected by a number of groups.

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Jokowi-Prabowo Hugs, Fahri Hamzah: Don't Dream of being Stupid Stop

- Initiative of martial arts athlete Hanifan Yudani Kusumah embraced Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Prabowo Subianto is considered to ease political tension ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election.Representative of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah considered that there was a public desire for this political atmosphere to be heated up.

"There is a kind of longing to see this commotion end," Fahri said in the parliament complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).

But Fahri reminded the public not to be too late in this euphoria.Because, in a democracy, chaos is a necessity.Moreover, these days are approaching the 2019 Election.

"As a democratic society don't ever dream that a commotion will stop.Because democracy is a continuous match, especially before the election, "he said.

" There was no commotion in the election, the name trias politica.Independent judiciary, development executives, and legislative oversight.The check and balances system means checking each other, meaning interfering with each other, "Fahri continued.

Although 'noise' was considered normal, Fahri reminded about democratic signs.In the context of the 2019 Election, he appealed to supporters and people around Paslon to know the limits.

According to Fahri, there is often a commotion that does not come from fighting candidates.

"Pak Prabowo he knows the limit, Mr. Jokowi also maybe he knows the limit.But the audience and the people around it don't know the limit, "said Fahri.

" That is what is seen now.It seems like watching more enthusiasm than the competitor.This is what we need to improve in a democratic culture."Don't be too excited in the sense of breaking the law, getting out of the way, getting out of bounds is dangerous for our democracy," he concluded.

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Campaign Period Opened 23 September 2019, This is the Rules for Billboards

- The campaign period 2019 Election will be opened soon. Election Commission ( KPU ) will facilitate billboards and billboards.

"Today we invite LO (liaison officer) election participants from political parties participating in the election as well as the presidential and vice presidential candidates to coordinate entering, exploring the campaign period soon, starting on September 23, 2018," Commissioner of KPU Wahyu Setiawan at the KPU office, Jl Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).

The KPU will facilitate teaching aids for the presidential and vice presidential pairs as well as administrators of political parties participating in national elections. The teaching aids facilitated by the KPU are billboards and billboards.

Wahyu said, the size and material of teaching aids were also regulated by the KPU. Meanwhile the design of billboards and billboards is made and financed by the election participants according to the specifications specified.

Wahyu calls the design and campaign material on billboards and billboards can contain the names and serial numbers of election participants, symbols and serial numbers of election participants, vision and mission, and election participants program.

"Design and materials are also welcome to include photos of candidate pairs, individual DPDs, and photos of political party administrators or figures attached to the self-image of election participants, or signs of political parties or joint political parties , "said Wahyu.

Later the placement of billboards and billboards will be done by drawing with the campaign team and witnessed by Bawaslu. Meanwhile the schedule for the installation of campaign props for political parties participating in the election will begin on September 23 for 3 months. While the installation of presidential and vice presidential campaign props will begin on October 1 for 3 months.

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Campaign Period Opened September 23 2018, This is the Rules for Billboards

-The campaign period 2019 Election will be opened soon. General Election Commission ( KPU ) will facilitate billboards and.

"Today we invite LO () election participants, both political parties participating in the election and the presidential candidates, to coordinate entering, exploring, the campaign period will begin, September 23, 2018," said KPU commissioner Wahyu Setiawan at the KPU office, Jl Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).

The KPU will facilitate teaching aids for the presidential and vice presidential pairs as well as administrators of political parties participating in national elections. The teaching aids facilitated by the KPU are billboards and.

Wahyu said that the size and material of teaching aids were also regulated by the KPU. Meanwhile, designs and billboards are made and financed by election participants according to the specifications specified.

Wahyu calls the design and material of the campaign on billboards and can contain the names and serial numbers of election participants, symbols and serial numbers of participants in the election, vision-mission, and program of election participants.

"Design and material are also welcome to include photos of candidate pairs, individual DPD, and photos of political party administrators or figures attached to the participant's self-image, or a sign of a political party or a combination of political parties , "said Wahyu.

Later the placement of billboards and will be done by drawing with the campaign team and witnessed by Bawaslu. Meanwhile, the schedule for the installation of campaign props for political parties participating in the election will begin on September 23 for 3 months. While the installation of presidential and vice presidential campaign props will begin on October 1 for 3 months.

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Car Riders Mass-Destructed in Positive Large Mango in Drugs

- Police found evidence of drugs in a car that hit the busway separator at the Mangga Besar bus stop in West Jakarta when trying to escape after the hit motorbike. The driver of the car was also tested positive for drugs.

"After a urine test, it was tested positive for drugs," said the Head of West Jakarta Police Agency AKBP Ganet Sukoco when contacted on Thursday (08/30/2018).
The driver named Franky is currently being secured at Tamansari police station. Franky was arrested on Jl Hayam Wuruk, Tamansari, West Jakarta, after the car he was driving was caught in the busway separator hit by him.

This event took place this afternoon around 1:00 a.m. WIB. Franky drove his car on the busway because he tried to run away after crashing into a motorbike.
The mob chasing the car immediately surrounded and beat the car when Franky was trapped. The car with B-1965-UIQ police number was damaged after crashing into the separator and beaten by the masses.

In the car found evidence in the form of three strong medicines, four sedatives, two bottle caps used as methamphetamine suction devices, two empty plastic clips of methamphetamine, one pipette, used aluminum foil, matches, and straws.

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The Seconds of a Car Destroyed by a Mass at the Mangga Besar Bus Stop

- A car was damaged by a mob after crashing into a motorbike at the Mangga Besar bus stop on Jl Hayam Wuruk.This is the moment the car entered the busway, crashing into the barrier, until it was damaged by the mob.

The furor on Jl Hayam Wuruk, Tamansari, West Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018) was recorded by a number of road users and the video was viral on social media.There are at least two videos recorded from two different sides.

The first video was seen recorded from the TransJakarta bus stop.The Grand Livina car with the B-1965-UIQ plate appeared to be between the TransJakarta bus and another car.

The Livina car can't get out of the busway because there is a barrier to the left.The car had to go back and forth on the busway.Some people seemed to swarm the Livina car, some seemed to swing the helmet into the car.

Already crowded, Livina's car is still trying to escape.Had to retreat to take a swing, he drove fast and crashed into the busway barrier and stuck.

The longer, the crowd grew louder and the horn sounded.A number of people also still beat the car with various items.

The second video appears to be recorded from across the Mangga Besar stop, the scene.From the video, it was seen how the mob gathered and pelted Livina's car with goods.

Invisible West Jakarta Police AKBP Ganet Sukoco said Livina's car was driven by a man named Franky.After crashing into a motorbike, Livina's car was chased by a mob and shouted by a thief.

"As soon as there was a member of mine who went to the scene, there was evidence of a suction device, bong," AKBP Ganet Sukoco said when contacted on Thursday (08/30/2018).

Other evidence found in the car were three strong medicines, four sedatives, two bottle caps used as methamphetamine, two empty plastic clips of methamphetamine, one pipette, used aluminum foil use, matches, and straws.

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Starting on Saturday Tomorrow the Semarang Terboyo Terminal Is Closed

Terboyo Terminal Semarang starting on Saturday (1/9) will be closed.The transfer of bus stops and city transportation was put into effect.

Terboyo Terminal is closed and will be converted into a freight transportation parking lot.Inter-provincial Inter-City Buses (AKAP) will be moved to Mangkang terminal.While the Inter-City-In-Provincial Bus (AKDP) switches to Penggaron Terminal.

"We have already socialized so that on September 1 the AKAP bus will go to the Mangkang terminal, and AKDP to the Penggaron terminal," said the Kadishub of Semarang City, M Khadik to AFP on Thursday (08/30/2018).

In addition to buses, there are city transportation including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Semarang.The transportation will stop at the Banjardowo Market Terminal, which is located before the Terboyo Terminal if from the direction of Demak or East.
Khadik continued, besides transportation, traders at Terboyo Terminal will also be relocated to Banjardowo Market.On Monday (3/9), traders who have large kiosks will take a lottery to determine a new kiosk.

"The small kiosk we prepare.So that the progress of the construction of the freight transport terminal can be carried out immediately, "he continued.

There will be officers who direct the first day of the transfer of buses and public transportation at Terboyo Terminal.
" Our Saturday have prepared officers along with the police to direct according to the direction card to Mangkang or Penggaron.Until the conditions are in accordance with the allotment, "explained Khadik.However, Dishub will also provide shuttle buses for confused passengers.

The first bus shuttle is at the gas station at the end of the Kaligawe Toll Road and the next shuttle bus is at the Supermarket Banyumanik.In addition, the Khadik suggested that passengers who want to go downtown can use the Trans Semarang Rapid Transit (BRT) Bus.

"We have set the BRT, if you want to move to the city, you can ride the BRT," he said.

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West Java Democrats: Deddy Mizwar Becomes Jokowi's Spokesperson Only Issue

- The Democratic Party of West Java's DPD insists that Deddy Mizwar is still a Democratic cadre. Even the former West Java Deputy Governor still served as Chairman of the West Java Democrats Regional Consultative Assembly (MPD).

"Because there are issues, Mr. Demiz (Deddy Mizwar) calls me, so we clarify now," said Chairman of the West Java Democratic DPD Irfan Suryanegara, at the West Java Democratic Office, Jalan Sutami, Bandung City, Thursday (30 / 8/2018).

Irfan revealed that from the results of the meeting, his party confirmed that Demiz had not become a spokesman for the Jokowi Dodo-Ma'ruf Amin national campaign team (TKN). Because, Demiz has not yet received the letter of appointment of Jokowi's spokesman.

"There is no news that he received a decree to become a spokesman. His words which I received were only the Decree of the Chairman of the West Java MPD. Until this afternoon, Mr. Demiz was still a Democratic cadre. (So the matter of being a spokesman) was only an issue," said Irfan.
His side is reluctant to imagine about Demiz's political direction in the future. Irfan firmly stated that Deddy Mizwar would comply with the policy of the party bearing the Mercy.

"De jure and de facto Pak Demiz is the Chairperson of the Democrat MPD West Java. Mr. Demiz has not become a spokesman. I do not want to imagine the obvious Mr. Demiz if he is still a cadre of the Democrat Party and Chairman of the West Java Democrat MPD," said he.

Even so, Irfan added, his party has basic household rules that all cadres must adhere to. If it violates, of course there are sanctions prepared starting from reprimand to dismissal as cadres.

"So far there is still a cadre of Democrats, except (Mr. Demiz) had brought another resignation letter. For sanctions there are certainly warnings, until dismissal. So there are stages," said Irfan.

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A Woman in Lamongan Becomes a 'Breast Begal' Victim

- Never commit indecency to the opposite sex if you don't want to suffer like a young man in Lamongan. This young man is determined to breasts a female motorbike rider. As a result this young man is dealing with the police.

Information compiled, Thursday (8/30/20180, Lamongan youth who have to deal with police officers, Fahmi Rizal (26), from Plosowahyu Village, City District. Fahmi who is now staying at the Prodeo Mapolres Lamongan hotel.

Fahmi's harassment began on Tuesday (08/28/2018) then, when it was a victim, call it Bunga (20) on the way to work and crossed the road in Karanglangit Village, Kota Lamongan District, with riding a motorcycle.

When crossing the Toyo Hamlet road, suddenly there was a black Honda Beat motorbike driver number S 2616 LB who was driven by Fahmi who immediately grabbed the victim's motorcycle.

Not only pinched the victim's motorbike, Fahmi also immediately extended his hand squeezing hard and pulled the victim's breast to the right, until the victim's motorbike was shaky, the victim who was in pain immediately shouted until he almost fell. almost falling, Fahmi yan g had squeezed the victim's breast instead of helping the victim, but instead overtook the victim casually and without sin.

The victim immediately recorded the police license of the perpetrator and told this incident to her future husband. "They then reported this incident to the police," said Paur Public Relations of Lamongan Police, Suparno.

The victims, in addition to recording the police license of the perpetrators, said Parno, also had time to catch the perpetrators but were unsuccessful. "Armed with this vehicle license, the police finally succeeded in securing the perpetrators and now the case is handled by the Lamongan Police Resort," he explained.

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Dutch police arrest man who threatens to attack Geert Wilders

- Police Netherlands arrested a man who threatened to attack controversial politicians Geert Wilders .The threat was raised regarding Wilders' controversial plan to hold a cartoon competition for the Prophet Muhammad.

As reported on Thursday (08/30/2018), the identity and origin of the captured nationality of the man was not revealed to the public.Only mentioned that he was 26 years old.A spokesman for the Dutch Police, Jan Rensen, said the man was arrested at Central Station, The Hague on Tuesday (8/28) local time.
The man is believed to post a video on Facebook on Monday (8/27) local time, which states he is only a five-minute journey to the Dutch parliament building in The Hague.

"Only the blasphemer is my target," said the man in his video, referring to Wilders.The video footage was broadcast on Dutch national television.

"I'm sure God will help me to be successful ... they make jokes about Rasulullah (SAW)," he added.
In June, Wilders, known as anti-Islam and anti-immigrant, announced plans to hold a competition cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad .The competition was actually held by the Freedom Party or PVV led by Wilders.The PVV is now an opposition leader in the Dutch parliament.

The competition will be held at the PVV office in the Dutch Parliament Building.Also affirmed by the PVV, the competition was approved by the Netherlands Terrorism Eradication Agency or NCTV.The exact date of the Prophet Muhammad's cartoon competition was not announced, but is expected in the fall of this year.

Meanwhile, Wilders' own figure has long been controversial.Previously he had called for the Koran to be banned and called Islam a totalitarian belief.Not only that, Wilders also called for Muslim mosques and schools to be closed.
Wilders has responded to the arrest of a man who wants to attack him via his Twitter account.He claimed to be very relieved to find out that the potential attacker had been arrested. "It's crazy that this kind of thing happened after announcing a cartoon competition," he said.

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Mr. Menpora, How much is the Bonus for Silver and Bronze 2018 Asian Games?

- So far there has been no clarity on the bonus nominal for silver and bronze winners of 2018 Asian Games . But Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi has already begun counting.

For the 2018 Asian Games, the gold medalists will get a bonus of Rp 1.5 billion for the single number, Rp. 1 billion for each double player, and Rp. 800-900 million for the team.

On the other hand, there is no definite information about bonuses for silver and bronze medalists. Also a bonus bonus for coaches and assistant coaches whose guided athletes won medals at the 2018 Asian Games.

The previous government promised that the bonus amount would be greater than that given to medalists in Incheon at the 2014 Asian Games. silver winners can get Rp. 200 million and bronze Rp. 100 million.

"Later I will announce officially because at this time I am detailing to coaches, assistant coaches, individual trainers, double coaches, and team coaches," said Imam at JIExpo, Thursday (08/30/2018) afternoon WIB.

"We will detail everything until the details. Don't let the numbers go wrong," he said.

So far Indonesia has won 89 2018 Asian Games medals. The details are 30 gold medals, 22 silver medals and 37 bronze medals.

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PD Cadre Question 'Hijacked', Grace Natalie: Mas Andi Arief Don't Be Sad

- Chairperson of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Grace Natalie responded to Wasekjen's cuitan Democratic Party (PD) Andi Arief who mentioned PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto hijacking cadres PD to enter Jokowi's success team.Grace said that PD could not maintain its cadres.

"Everyone has a consideration, meaning Democrats are not able to keep these people or those people do not have (party loyalty)," Grace told reporters at the Bawaslu DKI office, Sunter, North Jakarta, Thursday (08/30/2018).

Grace suspects that there are several factors that have caused PD cadres to switch to support Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin rather than following a PD that supports Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.The first factor he mentioned was because the cadre had nothing in common with his party.The second factor, the cadre does not have loyalty to the party.

"If my cadre is hijacked and we have experienced it, it means for me they are not loyal cadres we mean."Andi Andi Arief should not be sad because it is natural selection, it is good for Democrats to be caught by anyone who has no loyalty to PD," he added.

Grace also mentioned that there may be Democratic cadres who are disappointed because PD choose to support the Prabowo-Sandiaga pair so that the cadres choose different choices from their party.He said that perhaps the PD at that time took the decision to take Prabowo-Sandiaga not with careful discussion so that the choice between PD and his cadre was different.

"People sometimes join a party because they feel they have the same struggle, have the same values ​​and when those values ​​are perceived as incompatible, then people can turn around. That means maybe Democrat cadres are actually disappointed that Democrats join the coalition Prabowo went away, "Grace said.

"If there are people who move, especially when they are caught, the presidential candidate who is supported by each party means that the Democrats themselves don't like that choice," he continued.

Elite PD Andi Arief had previously 'attacked' directly PDI Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto.Andi alluded to Hasto's move that brought Deddy Mizwar to be spokesman for Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin.Demiz is a PD cadre and has an elite position in the PD West Java DPD.

"I do not understand why Ms. Megawati approved Hasto who diligently hijacked Democrat cadres to join Jokowi's team.Is PDIP already very poor quality cadres? "Andi said via Twitter, Thursday (8/30).

Through the tweet in the @ AndiArief_ account, Andi asked Megawati to discipline Hasto because it was said to want to destroy existence Democrats.

"We are not only angry, but are already at a low level," said Andi.

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Gus Ipul Choose Prabowo or Jokowi in 2019 Presidential Election?

- After the arrival of the Deputy Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar became the spokesman (spokesperson) of the Jokowi winning team in the 2019 Presidential Election, Deputy Governor East Java Saifullah Yusuf has not yet decided.However, Gus Ipul has not yet made his choice in 2019 whether to Jokowi or Prabowo.

"First I was still serving as Deputy Governor of East Java until February 2019, if Deddy Mizwar had not become Vice Governor.The rules are not permissible, not leave, but the governor and vice governor may not be spokespersons, "said Gus Ipul, his nickname when he was met in his office at the East Java Governor's Office, Jalan Pahlawan, Surabaya, Thursday (08/30/2018).

While the second factor, until now there has not been one candidate who officially requested to become a spokesman.When asked about his decision if someone asked for a loan, Gus Ipul still couldn't confirm because he claimed he was still waiting old kiai's direction.

"There hasn't been an offer until now, if I have an offer, I don't know, see later," he said.

While until now, Gus Ipul is still awaiting the direction of Kiai elders because for him the decision of the kiai is important because all this time, it was the kiai who accompanied his political journey.

While referring to the support trend of the kiai, Gus Ipul added that there were several kiai who had decided their support for Joko Widodo, some were going to Prabowo.However, there are also many scholars who have not made their choice.

"Third, I am still waiting for the decisions of the ulamas and the kiai.Indeed, there are kiai who have determined their support for Pak Jokowi and also determined his support for Pak Prabowo.But many have not decided yet, "he said.

According to Gus Ipul, the ulama and the kiai still want to follow political developments in the next two to three months.Moreover, two candidate pairs, both Jokowi-Maruf and Prabowo-Sandi, both have close ties with the ulamas and kiai in East Java.

"But there are also many pesantren caregivers who are still waiting for development.See the next two to three months.Why? because they really want to get answers in the future about what will guarantee the people's economy to improve, "he said.

Gus Ipul mentioned some of the older kiai who had been the references are KH Nawawi Abdul Djalil, Sidogiri Pasuruan KH KH Idris Hamid Pasuruan KH Mutawakil Allah Genggong Probolinggo KH Zainuddin Jazuli KH KH Nurul Huda Jazuli Ploso Kediri KH Anwar Mansyur Lirboyo Kediri KH Ubaidillah Faqih Langitan , Tuban, as well as a number of other elderly Kiai.

After holding a meeting some time ago, Gus Ipul added that the kiai were grateful because Jokowi had chosen KH Ma'ruf Amin.Hopefully Kiai Ma'ruf can play an effective role.

Because, in the first period of Jokowi, the Kiai were quite upset after the issuance of the Full Day School policy which was quite troubling for education in madrasas.Even though it has been revoked, the policy's impact is still felt today.

Not only that, the Kiai also want to ensure Prabowo-Sandi has a strong desire to accommodate the aspirations of the pesantren ulama and Kiai.

"In the last meeting the Kiai gave congratulations because Pak Jokowi chose Kiai Maruf.The Kiai also gave congratulations because Pak Prabowo chose representatives who were young and understood economically.Both are the best candidates, "said Gus Ipul.

In the 2014 presidential election, Gus Ipul was one of the Prabowo-Hatta teams.However, in the 2018 East Java Pilgub, Gus Ipul advanced with PDI-P support.

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