Improve Services, Guaranteed RupiahPlus There is No Leaked Customer Data

- RupiahPlus is aware of any issues related to data confidentiality and breaches of standard operating procedures or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for loan collection as reported in the media.

We are very concerned about the convenience of our customers and the basic principles of respecting customers and being fair. Where in this case, the customer's personal data is kept confidential and we will continue to strive to provide the highest quality services.

Our main focus now is to continue to maintain and improve our services. Our team has conducted an internal investigation and has taken several steps to address the issue, including:
We also coordinate with related parties including the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to ensure that every step and activity undertaken by RupiahPlus complies with Government regulations applicable. We have provided more than 1 million loans to our customers while at the same time we are actively educating and advocating about financial literacy or financial literacy through the application of RupiahPlus, social media, and seminar activities. RupiahPlus provides micro loans worth Rp 800,000,000 to Rp1,500,000 for consumers and micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM). To date, RupiahPlus has also provided services for over 300,000 customers in a period of 12 months where most of our customers are our old customers.

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