Hadang Begal Heroes, Men in Tegal Killed in Sharp Disabet

-A resident of Tegal City, Central Java, was killed by a sharp weapon from a beggars. He was snatched sharply when he blocked four beggars who were about to escape after grabbing the victim's bag on Saturday night.

Victim named Ilyas Mustofa (58) resident of Jalan Cucut Number 23 RT 04 RW 08 Tegalsari Village, Tegal Barat District, Tegal City. Ilyas died with neck and chest due to machete slashes. Ilyas's body was interred this afternoon at a cemetery near his residence on Sunday (09/30/2018).

This incident began when Ilyas tried to prevent four beggars from trying to escape after successfully carrying away a bag containing Rp. 1 million belonging to Jap Han Doko (45), a resident of Jalan Asem Tiga Gang 7 Number 21 RT 09 RW 04 Kraton Village , West Tegal District, Tegal City, on Saturday (29/9) night.

Four perpetrators armed with machetes using two motorbikes. They snatched a bag of Rp1 million. After successfully tapping the bag, the perpetrator ran away and the victim shouted for help. This shout was heard by Ilyas.

"Hearing the thieves' shout, Ilyas spontaneously blocked the perpetrators and fought each other with bags of two robbers. Unfortunately, when fighting over the bag, two other robbers came from behind to slam the machete on Ilyas's neck and chest until he fell on the side of the road. "said the Chairman of the local RT Radiono.

In a bloodstained condition, the victim was rushed to Kardinah Hospital, Tegal City. But his life is not helped.

Separately interviewed, Acting Criminal Investigation Officer of Tegal Police, Iptu Slamet said that his party was still carrying out an investigation to reveal the identity and whereabouts of the perpetrators.

"We have even been assisted by a team from the Central Java Regional Police to uncover this case. Until now, the police have been trying hard," he said.

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Paragliding National Athletes Lost Contact After the Palu Earthquake

- National paragliding athletes lost contact after the earthquake in Palu. Aero Sports Indonesia Federation Executive Board (FASI) mobilized a search.

Two of the paragliding national athletes were Reza Kambey and Ardhi Kurniawan. In addition, one foreign athlete from South Korea, Lee Dong Jin, could not be contacted after undergoing a superliga paragliding competition in Palu on Friday (09/28/2018).

Management of PB FASI Achievement Division, Hening Paradigma, explained that the two athletes are currently still in search.

"So there is a super league in Palu. Then we have finished the race after the free program competition. Some go to the mall, some at the hotel. Well, those who live in the Roa-Roa Hotel include those that take a lot of victims, "Hening said to Sunday (9/30/2018).

"PB has been exceptionally supportive. It was Friday afternoon and communication was very difficult. With limited information and Human Resources (HR), we will be at 14 o'clock tomorrow. 00 WIB, can evacuate by CN 295 aircraft. And this from PB is preparing a task force to support the disbursement of lost colleagues, "he explained.

"Today there is a team official. He was found dead. Earlier at 18. 00 Palu time. His name is Mrs. Rachmat Sauma," he said.

"Our best hope is to find all of our colleagues who have lost contact in living conditions. But unpleasant conditions can find clarity from them."

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This is the Reason for Jokowi to Review the Earthquake in the Indonesian Air Force Flight

- During his visit to Palu , Central Sulawesi to review the post-earthquake situation, President Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) does not use the Boeing Bussiness Jet (BBJ) presidential plane. Jokowi and his entourage used a Boeing 737-400 aircraft owned by the Air Force. What is the reason?

TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto explained the reason Jokowi used an aircraft belonging to the Indonesian Air Force due to the runway conditions at Mutiara Sis Al-Jufri Airport. Airport runway or runway cracks due to earthquake.
"The runway that can be used is only 2,000 meters from the 2,400 meter runway and yesterday the group used a Boeing 737-400 aircraft," Marshal Hadi said in a written statement from the Deputy for Protocol, Press and Media, the Presidential Secretariat, Bey Machmudin, Sunday (09/30/2018).

When in Palu, Jokowi and his entourage reviewed several earthquake affected locations such as Talise Beach, Balaroa Housing, and Wira Buana Hospital. Jokowi also led a limited meeting upon his arrival in Palu.
After reviewing the conditions in the field, Jokowi ordered the first treatment to be carried out was the evacuation of victims. Heavy equipment for the evacuation process is also estimated to arrive in Palu tomorrow (1/10).

"First of all, the most important thing I emphasize is to all the ministries of the TNI / Polri so that the first handling is related to evacuation," said Jokowi at Mutiara Sis Al-Jufri Airport in Palu, Central Sulawesi.

The earthquake that shook Palu and its surroundings occurred on Friday (28/9). Until the latest data from BNPB, 832 people died as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

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Pasha 'Ungu' Gratitude for the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami

- Deputy Mayor of Palu, Sigit Purnomo (Pasha) is grateful to be able to survive the earthquake and tsunami. He was at a location hit by the tsunami.

"Previously I was at the scene. If it was not my life and sustenance, I would have died," Pasha said in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Sunday (09/30/2018).
When the earthquake and tsunami hit Palu, Pasha was at his residence. However, because he felt insecure, Pasha and his wife Adelia Wilhelmina moved to refugee camps.

"I was at home when the incident happened. After giving directions to the sub-district head and the village chief about the rehearsal of the Palu city," explained Pasha.
Photos of Pasha and Adel in the expulsion of citizens have been viral on social media. They have been staying in tents since the first night after the earthquake and tsunami.

In viral photos, Pasha and Adel were seen sleeping with residents. Pasha is still wearing a civil servant suit.

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This is the Story of 8 of the 11 Malang Happy Parallel Athletes in Palu

-Among 11 athletes and paragliding trainers from East Java were in Palu during the earthquake and tsunami.But eight of them were finally found safe, while three other athletes were still missing.

The 11 athletes and paragliding coaches are indeed in Palu to attend the 2018 Parallel Cross Country Championship to commemorate the anniversary of Palu City.

After the earthquake and tsunami occurred, Chairman of the Batu City Paragliding, M Benny Pandangu claimed he could not contact his athletes.He felt panic too.

"Post-earthquake try to contact can not, Friday (08/28/2018) it.Only yesterday can contact them and tell the events that happened, "Benny told him on Sunday (08/30/2018).
From the story of the athletes, before the earthquake they were at the location of the Cross Country championship.Stepping on in the afternoon, the athletes return to the hotel to rest.

"The earthquake followed by a tsunami occurred when it was going to fall.Many athletes are in the hotel indeed after returning from the championship.Most of the survivors were in the hotel lobby, "explained Benny.

Of the three athletes who have not been found, Benny said that the three were unknown to others from the start.

" Other athletes also did not know whether Ardy and the other two are in the room or where.Hopefully, only lost contact and again found safe, "hope Benny.
Three paragliding athletes from Malang include Ardy Kurniawan from Batu City, Reza Cristanto who are ID cards of Malang City and Serda Fahmi , paragliding athlete who is also a member of Indonesian Air Force Abdulrachman Saleh.

While those who have been confirmed are Rizky Dermawan, Sulton Nurseha, Taufiq, Wahyudi, Gigih Iman, Viky Mahardika, and two coaches Sugeng Santoso and Yustira Ramdani.

"Viky suffered an injury to his junior and Gigih Iman athlete also from Batu City."They are returning home today with the athletes and coaches who are safe," Benny concluded
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Screams of Palu Earthquake Victims Awaiting Aid in Evacuation

-The victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Palu were displaced in the field in front of the mayor's office. However, they began to complain about limited assistance.

"Food is not available, water is difficult. We are evacuating just like this," said a refugee named Maya at the evacuation site, Sunday (09/30/2018).

The refugees took shelter from the heat of the sun under emergency tents with the same tarpaulin. For the base, they use mats or tarps.

They hope that assistance will come quickly, especially for the needs of children. Another refugee named Hendra said there were residents who had started to take food from the shops because assistance did not come.

"There were already those who were looted. How, there was no other choice. There was no toilet, it was impossible to also defecate near the tent," Hendra said.

An earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale (SR) shook Donggala and Palu on Friday, September 28 yesterday. The latest data from BNPB, the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in Palu recorded 832 people. This data is likely to increase as the evacuation process continues.

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Gerry Salim finished in 17th place

- Astra Honda Motor Racing Team (AHRT) driver, Gerry Salim, finished 17th in the first race of the sixth FIM CEV Moto3 World Championship series. Gerry hasn't gotten points yet.

The 6th FIM CEV Moto3 World Championship Series is held at Circuito de Jerez, Spain, Sunday (09/30/2018). Gerry started the race from 20th position.

In the first round, Gerry immediately surged to 16th place. But on the next laps the position is up and down.

The Surabaya rider even scattered in the 24th position, but then managed to rise again to 19th position. On the last lap, a number of riders were involved in an accident. Gerry who was stable in 19th position also rose to 17th position until finish.

Gerry's best time record is 1 minute 48. 108 seconds. On the last lap, Gerry finished with a time of 1 minute 48. 631 seconds, 0.004 seconds adrift of Kevin Orgis in front of him.

The winner of this race is Yuki Kunii, a Japanese racer from Asia Talent Team Honda.

By finishing 17th, Gerry has yet to get points. The minimum position given by one point is the 15th position, occupied by Kevin Zannoni. The second race will begin later this afternoon, Jerez time.

Before starting the race today, Gerry and the AHRT team also prayed for the victims of the Donggala earthquake and tsunami in Palu. At the grid start, Gerry held a paper that read "Pray for Palu and Donggala".

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Many buildings collapsed, BNPB hopes that volunteers will be trained in the hamlet

-A number of victims are still buried in collapsed buildings due to earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala. BNPB hopes that volunteers who come to the location are trained volunteers.

"We don't want volunteers to help, there need to be trained volunteers. Certified thanksgiving, professionals so that they can really help," said BNPB Head of Data and Information and Public Relations Center Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, in his office , Jalan Pramuka, East Jakarta, Sunday (09/30/2018).

The reason is that many buildings collapsed so volunteers who had the expertise to search for and evacuate victims or Search and Rescue (SAR) were needed. According to him the volunteers who came also had to have independent abilities and it didn't bother the residents at the location.

"Especially with the conditions that are there with the limitations that exist, clean water is limited. If you come in then you need to bring your own so that it is not troublesome, for the area that you are visiting," he said.

He said that at this time medical volunteers needed to help victims. He admitted that it would be better if volunteers came with their own vehicle capital and other supporting equipment.

"What volunteers did we need first, if our medical volunteers needed this time, we would bring them in. Especially with their own resources, using their own aircraft, own ships, own vehicles and carrying medicines including the tools. That's what we need, "he said.

Previously, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake shook Palu on Friday (28/9) afternoon. The earthquake triggered a tsunami wave of up to 5 meters. Then, the earthquake in Sigi occurred on Saturday (29/9).

Until Sunday (30/9) afternoon the victims died in Palu and Donggala reaching 832 people. The latest data was obtained from BNPB.

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Police Involved Prostitution at Gay Sunter Club

-23 People are secured by police for having a drug party at gay club , Sunter, North Jakarta. The police also explore whether there is prostitution in drug parties and same-sex sex.

"The fact is they are a party of all men. Prostitution is still ours, we are still dealing with the circulation of money," said Central Jakarta Deputy Chief of Police AKBP Arie Ardian Rishadi, during a press conference at the Central Jakarta Police Headquarters, Jl Kramat Raya, Sunday (09/30/2018).

Police have also determined 4 suspects. The suspects are DS, EK, DL and TF.

"As usual, according to what we do, article 114 (1) subscribes to article 112 (1) of the Narcotics Law with the threat of a 6-year user and a maximum of 20 years," he said.

Regarding the origin of drugs, the police suspect the demon pill came from Kuala Lumpur. Regarding the supplier, the police are also still hunting.

"Get ecstasy info from Kuala Lumpur is entered into Indonesia via a box of medicine mixed so as not to get caught that ecstasy, only 3 items obtained from ecstasy from Kuala Lumpur," he explained.

The raid was carried out on Sunday (9/30/2018) early morning around 01.30 WIB. When raided there were 23 men who only wore pants and officers found 27 ecstasy Casper and CK types.

Of the 23 people, 4 people were named suspects. They are DS, EK, DL and TF. While the homeowner and the wife of the homeowner are not at the location during the raid.

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Prabowo: Natural wealth brought to another country so that the poor

- Candidate number two, Prabowo Subianto visited Attauhidiyah, Giren Islamic Boarding School, Tegal Regency, Central Java.On this occasion Prabowo said that Indonesia's natural wealth was taken and taken abroad so that the people could not enjoy and be poor.

"Our natural wealth is taken and brought to other countries so that people cannot enjoy and are poor.Every day every week every month our wealth is taken and dredged continuously. "I've been talking like that for 14 years but I was teased to be insulted every day, but it's okay I keep fighting for the nation," said Prabowo, Sunday (9/30/2018).

Prabowo's group arrived in Giren at 13 30 and was greeted by shouts of "President Prabowo" by the students.Not to forget, the mothers and young women enlivened the atmosphere at the Ponpes location.They claimed to be deliberately present to see directly the presidential candidates.
The presidential candidate who was paired with Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno said he was very understanding and promised to realize the people's desire to live prosperously.

"Every male and female of any religion, any ethnicity or any tribe wants a good life.Enough to eat, you can go to school for your children and if you are sick you can seek treatment, "he explained.But during that time, said KH Ahmad, the people were still slaves in their own country.
"People are not able to do much just crying richly, but begging.Those from other countries come here as bosses.Therefore, I hope Mr. Prabowo will become the President of Indonesia so that we can become masters in our own country.This is a matter of self-esteem.Therefore, through Prabowo's hand, hopefully our self-esteem cannot be trampled on by anyone, "KH Ahmad Saidi said to the Takbir of the students on Sunday (9/30/2018).

Prabowo's visit to Ponpes this is a series of campaign activities in the Pantura region of Central Java.Prior to Tegal, Prabowo visited Pekalongan City and its surroundings.

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The Bahrain Contingent for Asian Para Games Arrives in Jakarta

- Seven days before opening Asian Para Games 2018, contingent participants began arriving in Jakarta. Bahrain became the first participant of 43 participants.

Bahrain Contingent arrived in Indonesia on Sunday (30/9/2018). They brought 14 disability athletes, five of whom were wheelchair users. They also brought eight officials.

Upon their arrival in Jakarta, athletes and officials were immediately escorted to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

"We welcome the Bahrain contingent. Today we are ready to welcome athletes and officials from Afghanistan and China," said INAPGOC Director of NPC Relation, M. Nasser Insanial in a release to

< br>
After Bahrain, the Afghan and Chinese contingents are scheduled to arrive in Jakarta today (30/9). The Afghan contingent landed at Soekarno-Hatta Airport at 15.40 WIB.

Meanwhile, a contingent from China will arrive in Jakarta today at 10:00 a.m. The bamboo curtain country contingent consists of 164 athletes in which 74 athletes are wheelchair users and 71 officials.

He called Kemayoran Athletes House officially opened on October 1.

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Maintenance of 900 Palu Earthquake Injuries Referred to Makassar

- Hundreds of victims injured in the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi, will be moved. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the care of hundreds of injured victims would be referred to Makassar, South Sulawesi.

"In connection with the injured victims some of the hospitals in Palu were handled, most of the 900 people were taken to Makassar, handled there," said Jokowi at Mutiara Airport Palu, Sunday (09/30/2018).
The evacuation of victims is constrained due to the lack of heavy equipment. To overcome this, the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) will send heavy equipment which is expected to arrive tonight.

"Tomorrow morning, God willing, Minister of Public Works has deployed heavy equipment from Mamuju, Gorontalo, heading here. Tonight is coming, tomorrow morning the evacuation we expect is a victim," explained Jokowi.
A number of Palu earthquake victims were treated at Antapura Palu Hospital and Bhayangkara Palu Hospital. Jokowi had a chance to see the condition of the victims at Antapura Hospital and Vatulemo Palu field.

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BNPB prepares land for the mass burial of Palu earthquake victims

- Hundreds of casualties due to the earthquake and tsunami in Palu, Central Sulawesi will be buried en masse. BNPB prepares the land.

BNPB Head Willem Rampangilei said the prepared land was on Jl Garuda, Palu. He and TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto had checked his condition.

"There is a land that can be used for mass burial. Now it is being excavated, tonight is also 10x100 meters wide but if needed there is still an opportunity to be widened," Willem said at Mutiara SIS Al Jufri Airport, Palu, Sunday (09/30/2018).

Basarnas prepares lights at the location so that the digging process can still be done at night. This has been consulted with local religious leaders.

"There are also suggestions from religious leaders at the funeral to be separated between men and women technically," he said.

Willem said that if people find the bodies of their family members, they can carry and bury themselves. This mass burial itself was carried out for religious and health reasons.

"This must be done as soon as possible for health reasons as well as religious reasons," Willem said.

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Accept Fire Asian Torch The Menpora Games: Keep It Never Extinguished

- The torch relay procession 2018 Asian Para Games arrived at the last stage, Kemenpora Office, Youth Gate. Menpora Imam Nahrawi accepts fire and expresses his hope.

Flame torch was paraded since morning at 7:15 a.m. from City Hall by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and a number of other national figures. Starting from olimpian, paralimpian, and state officials.

The procession was taken to the HI Roundabout, then headed to the parliament building, and the last place was the Kemenpora Office, Sunday (09/30/2018).

In his remarks, Imam likened the flame to the torch as an athlete's spirit that must be maintained so as not to extinguish until the 2018 Asian Para Games. At this multievent disability athletes throughout Asia, the government expects the Indonesian contingent could penetrate the last eight with a score of 16 gold medals.

"Encouraging the spirit of fire not to go out until the Asian Para Games are finished. We all maintain the trust of the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) to Indonesia so that it will truly delight and boast of Asia and the world. We all look after it and thank all the committee and all parties involved since in Solo, "Imam said.

"Today millions of people welcome the torch relay with great fanfare. Although at the same time as a nation we grieve, moan, and pray that brothers in Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi, are generally at the same time in West Nusa Tenggara. May Allah "I keep on caring for and at the same time giving my heart hardness, patience, and excellence," he revealed.

"We pray that the dead will be the noblest place in the sight of Allah. The injured will be immediately restored. The victims whose houses were destroyed may be rewarded and have a better place than they have today," the Bangkalan minister prayed.

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Tsunami Detection Tool in Indonesia Has Not Functioned since 2012

- An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 shook Palu and triggered a tsunami wave of up to 5 meters on Friday (28 / 9) afternoon.BNPB said that the Indonesian tsunami detection device or tsunami buoy had not been operational since 2012.

"So there is no tsunami buoy in Indonesia, since 2012 the Tsunami buoy has not been operating until now, no," Head of Data Center and Information and Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho at the BNPB office, Jl Pramuka, East Jakarta, Sunday (09/30/2018).

"So a tsunami buoy is needed to ensure that a tsunami exists and as part of an early warning system all so that the early warning is based on modeling," he added.

It is estimated that the buoy will no longer operate due to budget constraints.But for more detailed information he claimed he did not know because it was the authority of the BMKG.

He admitted that he was worried because the BNPB disaster management budget continued to decline every year.Meanwhile the threat of disaster is always there.

"Why hasn't it been held from 2012 until now, it may be very related to the origin of funding.If we look at it, let alone funding goes down every year."It used to be close to Rp. 2 trillion this year, only Rp. 700," Sutopo said.Buoys are one of the fastest early detection technology options regarding tsunami potential.

"Yes, if I think it is necessary, it really needs the Indonesian territory that is prone to tsunamis.Tsunami events often occur and cause many casualties, on the one hand the community's knowledge of the attitude of tsunami anticipation behavior is still very minimal, we need tsunami detection that is placed in the sea, "said Sutopo.

Previously, BNPB mentioned the death toll in Palu and Donggala , Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi), due to the tsunami earthquake until Sunday (30/9) afternoon reached 832 people.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235726/alat-deteksi-tsunami-di-indonesia-tak-berfungsi-sejak-2012
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Hector Garzo Kena Penalti, Dimas Ekky Start from Sixth Position

- Astra Honda Motor Racing Team (AHRT) rider, Dimas Ekky Pratama, starts the race on the advanced FIM CEV Moto2 European Championship series from sixth position. One rider gets a penalty.

5th Series FIM CEV Moto2 2018 European Championship was held at Circuito de Jerez, Spain, Sunday (09/30/2018) today. Dimas will start from row two in sixth position.

Of the two qualifications held on Saturday (29/9), Dimas actually got seventh position. But, Hector Garzo, who obtained the qualifying session, was disqualified from the second qualification.

Source : https://sport.detik.com/sport-lain/d-4235725/hector-garzo-kena-penalti-dimas-ekky-start-dari-posisi-keenam
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1,000 Students in Compact Angklung in Dago Bandung

-A total of 1,000 students from 25 elementary schools in the city and regency of Bandung compact played angklung in the Dago Car Free Day (CFD) area on Sunday (09/30/2018).

The students appeared in the framework of 30 years of Puwacaraka Music Studio with a theme. They performed nicely by performing a number of songs and got a lively appreciation from the citizens.

The first time these students performed Padamu Negeri songs by being directed by Purwacaraka. The large number of participants who participated in making the sound from the angklung echoed throughout the CFD, as a result more and more people watched.

In addition to performing national songs, students also appeared charming by performing three other songs, one of which was titled Sabilulungan.

Met after the event, Purwacaraka said the participants who played angklung came from 25 of 108 elementary schools who had received musical instruments from Purwacaraka Music Studio.

The provision of musical instruments is nothing but a form of education so that students love and are adept at playing music. The concert this time was none other than as a show of skill from the results of their learning.

"In essence we want to say that our trip has been 30 years since 1988. It is not big from the name Purwa who is famous on TV, but runs from idealism," said Trie Utami's older brother.

This mustache man also feels proud and does not believe that the music school he has built has reached the age of 30 years and spread throughout almost Indonesia. "I don't dream I can until now, I'm proud. Many awards and championships have been achieved," he said.

The event this time, said Purwacaraka, is not the peak of the celebration in the framework of the 30th Anniversary. A number of events and competitions will be held, one of which will be held in Jakarta on November 3 with the title Three Decades will also be held in the framework of the 30th Anniversary.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita-jawa-barat/d-4235721/1000-pelajar-kompak-main-angklung-di-dago-bandung
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Prabowo Visits Ponpes in Tegal, the Santri Shouts: President!

-President Prabowo Subianto visited Attauhidiyah, Giren Islamic Boarding School, Tegal Regency, Central Java. Prabowo admitted that he really understood the wishes of the Indonesian people to live prosperously and promised to make it happen.

Prabowo's visit to the pesantren is a series of campaign activities in the Pantura region of Central Java. Prior to Tegal, Prabowo visited Pekalongan City and its surroundings.

The group arrived at Giren at 13.30 and were greeted by the shouting of "Prabowo president" by the students. Not to forget, the mothers and young women enlivened the atmosphere at the Ponpes location. They claimed to be deliberately present to see directly the presidential candidates.

Caretaker of Attauhidiyah Islamic Boarding School, KH Ahmad Saidi in his remarks stressed that Indonesia had long been independent. But during that time, said KH Ahmad, the people were still slaves in their own country.
"People cannot afford to do much, only crying richly, begging. Those from other countries come here to become bosses. Therefore, I hope Mr. Prabowo becomes President of Indonesia so that we can become masters in the country "We are alone. This is a matter of self-esteem. Therefore, through Prabowo's hand, hopefully our self-esteem cannot be trampled by anyone," KH Ahmad Saidi was greeted by Takbir of the students on Sunday (9/30/2018).
The presidential candidate who was paired with Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno in front of the students stated that he was very understanding and promised to realize the people's desire to live prosperously.

"Every man and woman from any religion, any ethnicity and any tribe wants a good life. Just eat, can go to school for their children and if they are sick they can get treatment," Prabowo said.

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Jokowi: First Handling Is Evacuation!

-President Jokowi directly reviewed the disaster location earthquake in Palu , Central Sulawesi. Jokowi ordered the first treatment to be carried out was the evacuation of victims.

"First of all I emphasize, to all ministries of TNI / Polri that the first handling is related to evacuation," said Jokowi at Mutiara Airport SIS Al-Jufri Palu, Central Sulawesi, Sunday (30/9) 2018)

Total deaths based on the latest information are 610 people. Not only that, there are several villages that have not been evacuated due to heavy equipment constraints.

"Tomorrow morning Insya Allah, Minister of Public Works has deployed heavy equipment from Mamuju, Gorontalo, heading here. Tonight comes tomorrow morning evacuation which we expect there is a victim," he said.

The injured victims are currently handled by Antapura Hospital Palu. Jokowi had a chance to see the condition of the victims at Antapura Hospital and Vatulemo Palu field. He distributed groceries in the last area.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235712/jokowi-penanganan-pertama-adalah-evakuasi
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Joining the Championship in Palu, Three Malang Parallel Athletes Lost Contact

- The search for three paragliding athletes from East Java was carried out after the earthquake and tsunami hit Central Sulawesi. They departed with a group of athletes and coaches from East Java to attend the 2018 Parallel Cross Country championship to commemorate the anniversary of Palu City some time ago.

"There really are, our paragliding athletes from Batu City who were in Palu during the earthquake and tsunami. Their whereabouts are unknown," said Chairman of the Batu City Paragliding, M Benny Pandangu, on Sunday (30 / 9/2018).
Benny admitted, one athlete who was not known to exist was Ardy Kurniawan, a senior athlete from Songgokerto, Kota Batu. Besides Ardy, there are two other athletes, Reza Cristanto, who is a KTP of Malang City and Serda Fahmi, a paragliding athlete who is also a member of the Air Force Abdulrachman Saleh.

"There are still three known whereabouts, one Ardy from Batu City, Reza Malang KTP, and Fahmi is a member of Air Force Abdulrachman Saleh who is also a paragliding athlete," explained Benny in a telephone connection.
According to Benny, three athletes from Batu City who departed for Palu to take part in the 2018 Parallel Cross Country Championship commemorate the anniversary of Palu City. "
" They along with East Java athletes participated in cross country paragliding championships, from Batu there were three people, "he explained.

In total there are 11 athletes with trainers from East Java in Palu when the earthquake-tsunami disaster occurred. They mostly stayed at the Roa-Roa Hotel, which is now collapsing and rescue efforts are being carried out for the buried victims.

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Residents Queue at the Airport, Flocking Leave Palu

-The city of Palu, Central Sulawesi (Central Sulawesi) flocked to the airport. They intend to evacuate to other cities.

From monitoring at SIS Al-Jufri Pearl Airport in Palu, Sunday (9/30/2018), residents were waiting to wait in line to board a plane to evacuate. They even stayed at the airport since Friday (28/9) after the earthquake.

"From yesterday (waiting at the airport)," said a resident named Jamaludin when met.

He claimed he wanted to go to Makassar. Jamaludin was reluctant to stay in Palu for fear of aftershocks.

Another resident named Zulhan also claimed to want to take a plane to Makassar. Since after the earthquake, he was in refugee camps and finally decided to move to another city.

"The condition of the house is destroyed, (want to go to Makassar because) there is a family," said Zulhan.

On the airport runway, there were parked several Indonesian Air Force aircraft which were alerted to send logistical assistance. The current airport condition operates manually visually so that it can only serve passengers until the afternoon.

The latest data from BNPB, the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami in Palu recorded 832 people. This data is likely to increase as the evacuation process continues.

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Asian Para Games Torch Assembly to Make People Care for People with Disabilities

- Fire torch Asian The 2018 Games enter the last city in Jakarta. It is expected to be an opportunity to introduce athletes with disabilities and care for their needs.

Asian torch relay The Games from the city of Pangkal Pinang are taken to Jakarta, to the City Hall and its surroundings on Sunday (09/30/2018). Among the torchbearers of the Alamasah Fire Fighting athlete, involved. He will also drop at the multievent of Asian disability control athletes.

"This event is very proud for the disabled. Especially for athletes with disabilities as well. Because all divisions are here. So I am very proud," Denih said, after taking the torch flame.

"At least this inspires enthusiasm to introduce disability to the wider community," he said again.

It is said that the facility for persons with disabilities has not been fully optimal. In fact, not many people care.

"I ask for equality from public facilities, sports, and everything else. So there is no hard word for disability. For example, public facilities. For wheelchair users it is still difficult. In Jakarta some have socialized, some are already there. But for malls and banks there is no, "said the resident of DKI Jakarta.

In connection with that, Denih also expects him and his team to provide the best performance at the Asian Para Games.

"Even though the sport is new but we have very good coaches and ex-players from America like Donald Santoso. He is my friend. So God willing, get medals," he hoped.

[Overview: 20 seconds video]

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Putin Until South Korean President Condolns the Earthquake in Palu

- A number of world leaders condemned the earthquake and tsunami that hit Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi.Starting from Russian President Vladimir Putin, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres expressed concern.

"Russia shares the sadness with the Indonesian people who are friendly and sympathetic to the victims and the families of the victims, and support the rapid recovery of the city," Putin said as seen on the Russian government's website on Sunday (9/30/2018) .
The condolences also came from South Korean President Moon Jae-in.He hopes the search for victims is smooth.

"I really hope that the search and rescue of lost victims can be carried out smoothly.Hopefully the Indonesian people will be given the courage to rise from sadness and hopefully the situation in Indonesia will recover quickly, "said Moon Jae-in in a written statement received.
Singapore President Halimah Yacob also said the same thing.Halimah said the Singapore government was ready to provide assistance to victims in Palu and Donggala.

"Our thoughts with the Indonesian people during this difficult period.Singapore is ready to offer any assistance for ongoing recovery efforts, "Halimah explained as reported by Channel News Asia.
Country leaders from West Asia also sympathize with the calamity that befell residents of Palu and Donggala.United Arab Emirates President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Dubai Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum sent messages of condolence directly to President Jokowi.

In fact, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also sympathized.He claimed to feel the same sadness as the victims and their families.
"The Secretary General was very saddened by the terrible damage and casualties and injuries caused by the earthquake on Friday, September 28, in Central Sulawesi.The Secretary General expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and to the Indonesian government, "Antonio said through UN spokesman general secretary, Stephane Dujarric, as reported by Sputniknews.
BNPB Head of Data and Information and Public Relations Center Sutopo Purwo Nugroho previously said the temporary loss of life due to the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala amounted to 832 people.The number is spread in Palu as many as 821 people, and in Donggala 11 people.

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Another photo on Karl Marx's grave, Fadli Zon: I am anti-Communist!

-Photo pilgrimage of Deputy Speaker of the House Fadli Zon to the tomb of Karl Marx was brought up again. Incidentally or not, the moment of pilgrimage is discussed again ahead of the commemoration of the September 30th movement (G30S).

In the circulating photo, young Fadli Zon brings flowers in front of the tomb of the communist figure. Fadli also responded to the scattered photo again. He agreed to have a pilgrimage to eating Marx, but he asserted himself anticommunist.
"Indeed, I have pilgrimage to the graves of Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao, even to the home of Stalin. I read their books because my undergraduate studies Russian. But I am # beautiful," said Fadli in an account. Twitter, Sunday (09/30/2018).

The photo has actually been circulating since 2014. Gerindra's politician emphasized that his pilgrimage did not mean he was amazed by the originator of the Marxist notion.
"If I go on a pilgrimage I don't have to be amazed. I actually criticize it a lot. Because many theories fail. So it's only a pilgrimage for knowledge. The hobby," said Fadli after becoming a speaker at one of the symposium in Jakarta, Thursday (02/06/2016).

"I am a hobby of pilgrimage, a pilgrimage to all national figures from left to right. All of my prophets are pilgrimage. So I have pilgrimage to Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Ibrahim, Prophet Jacob, including me to visit Bethoven, Karl Marx, Lenin, "added Fadli.

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BNPB: Central Sulawesi Sets 14 Days Emergency Response Period

-BNPB calls Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola set an emergency response period for 14 days.The emergency response period has been set since 28 September 2018.

"The Governor of Central Sulawesi has set a 14-day emergency response period from 28 September to 11 October," said Head of the Center for Data and Information and Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB ) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho at BNPB office, Jl Pramuka, East Jakarta, Sunday (09/30/2018).

He said that by stipulating the emergency response status of the regional government and the central government has easy access in logistics, personnel and budget deployment.Determination of the emergency response status was carried out based on the Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo's letter.

"The Minister of Home Affairs has issued a letter of wire ordering the local regional head to determine the status of the emergency response period so that there is ease of access so that the handling can be done quickly," he said.

Sutopo said the Central Sulawesi Governor had appointed the Korem Commander 132 Tadulako as the commander of the emergency response to the handling of earthquake and tsunami disasters in Central Sulawesi.The emergency response post for handling the earthquake in Central Sulawesi was placed in Makorem 132 / Tadulako Palu.

Meanwhile, there are 4 earthquake affected areas namely Palu city, Donggala district, Sigi district, Parigi Moutong district.He said the national disaster status had not been issued because it was the authority of President Jokowi.

"The status and level of the disaster is determined by the regional head if at the district level such as the regent and mayor, if the province is the Governor, if the President is national.The President must have received a complete report regarding the current conditions of the BPNPB, the National Police Chief, the TNI Commander, the ministers from there. The President can examine what it is like, "he said.

" Of course (the President) also spoke with the Governor if we see the condition is not totally paralyzed, unlike Aceh.We see that even though such cities still have safe areas.The mayor and his regional device still do not collapse completely.This means that there is still handling.Indeed for the central government assistance, "he said.

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Nirina Zubir: Initially Not Knowing the Asian Games Now Enthusiastically Want to Watch

- Artist Nirina Zubir is proud of not playing can be involved in the success of the 2018 Asian Para Games.It is an opportunity to introduce the event to children.

Nirina is Asian Para Games' seventh torch relay runner from the first stage of City Hall to the second stage of Bundaran HI, Central Jakarta.He got a torch relay from Sheryl Sheinafia before Nirina gave the next runner, Dimas Beck.

For Nirina this experience became the first.He was enthusiastic.

"Before (Asian Para Games) in Indonesia I don't know yet.But I know there are athletes because I have been cycling with M.Fadli and his wife and heard the story, "Nirina said after the torch relay.

" It's quite touching, quite proud, it's nice to know them.So there is a new spirit because sometimes we like being tired, tired, complaining ourselves.Uh, see them who are we to complain huh?None of them complained about achieving, "he explained.

" In fact, I am really happy and want to join them because one of the Asian Games is getting more and more athletes known, especially now the Asian Para Games.Yes, it's the same, "he added.

Now, this moment doesn't seem to want to be enjoyed by itself.The 38-year-old woman also began to introduce sports and athletes with disabilities to her two growing children, Zivara Ruciragati Syarif and Elzo Jaydn Anvaya.

"Now this is good because there are paralympic events for children now more aware.So there are posters everywhere, that there are swimmers but have one leg, there is one-legged cyclist, it makes me have the opportunity for children to explain.Even though they have limitations but do not discourage them to continue to make achievements, get excited, and achieve their dreams, "said Nirina.

" It's good now that the show is easy for children and they are hardworking, mamah we want to watch what, swimming, archery, I just have the responsibility to clear the schedule, "he added.

[Overview: 20 seconds video]

Source : https://sport.detik.com/sport-lain/d-4235634/nirina-zubir-awalnya-tak-tahu-asian-para-games-kini-antusias-ingin-nonton
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Tommy Kalah, Indonesia Without a Champion in the Korea Open

- Indonesia failed to bring home the champion of Korea Open 2018 . The only representative in the final, Tommy Sugiarto, ran aground in the hands of Chou Tien Chen.

In the match at the HK Handball Stadium on Sunday (30/9), Tommy became the hope of Indonesia to return with the title. But, Tommy was defeated by Tien Chen with a score of 13-21, 16-21.

The defeat made Indonesia fail to win the title. The results also failed to match Korea Tebruka's last year by creating in the men's singles sector. Anthony finally won the title after defeating Jonatan Christie in the final of the Korea Open 2017.

In addition, Indonesia won the mixed doubles title through Praveen Jordan / Debby Susanto. They became champions after defeating Yilu / Huang Dongping in last year's final.

This time, for a while, Japan has collected two championships at the 2018 Korea Open. The female single, Nozomi Okuhara, became champion after defeating Zhang Beiwen from the United States (USA) 21-10, 17-21 and 21-16.

Japan also won the men's doubles title, Hiroyuki Endo / Yuta Watanabe. They beat compatriots, Takuro Hoki / Yugo Kobayashi with a score of 9-21, 21-15, 21-10.

Source : https://sport.detik.com/raket/d-4235388/tommy-kalah-indonesia-tanpa-gelar-juara-di-korea-terbuka
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Gay Party at Sunter Raided by Police Named 'North Fest Club'

-Police raided a house used for drug parties and same-sex sex. There were 23 people who were secured by the police during the raid on the gay club .

"They named themselves North Fest, North Fest Club. They said that this club held activities more often outside Indonesia, only held it once, this was based on the information of the perpetrators, still deepening," said Central Jakarta Deputy Police Chief AKBP Arie Ardian Rishadi, during a press conference at the Central Jakarta Police Station, Jl Kramat Raya, Sunday (09/30/2018).

Arie added that 23 people arrested were on average acquainted with social media. The police are still exploring whether they also have activities outside the city or only in Jakarta.

"The information is only there once, related to the way he is acquainted through the average acquaintance on social media, (outside the city) we are studying," he explained.

Police are also still exploring whether there are elements of prostitution within the club. "We are still investigating the prostitution, we are still dealing with the velocity of money," he said.

The raid was carried out on Sunday (9/30/2018) early morning around 01.30 WIB. When raided there were 23 men who only wore pants and officers found 27 ecstasy Casper and CK types.

Of the 23 people, 4 people were named suspects. They are DS, EK, DL and TF. While the homeowner and the wife of the homeowner are not at the location during the raid.

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Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235636/pesta-gay-di-sunter-yang-digerebek-polisi-bernama-north-fest-club
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PKB Calls the Healthy Way to Be Immediate in CFDs Not Campaigns

- PKB Chairperson Muhaimin Iskandar ( Cak Imin ) and several PKB elites attending the sarungan healthy walk event in the Car Free Day (CFD) area this morning.PKB stressed that the action was not a 2019 election campaign.

The event moment was uploaded by PKB and Cak Imin DPP on social media accounts today.Healthy walk starts from Monas to HI Roundabout and returns to Monas.
"Commander of Santri Nusantara @ cakimiNOW leads #JalanSehatSarungan together with thousands of santri and the community starts from the West Door of Monas Monument to HI Roundabout and finishes again at Monas. # HariSantri2018" wrote the PKB DPP on Twitter.

Cak Imin and healthy walker participants wearing T-shirts that read 'Santri Satukan Negeri' and number 1.As is known, PKB has number 1 in 2019 Election.

Even so, PKB insists its party and Cak Imin are not campaigning on CFDs.The program was specifically mentioned about santri day.

BPJS TK Give Treatment Services for Palu Earthquake Victims Unlimited Costs

- The earthquake and tsunami that shook Donggala and Palu, Central Sulawesi, has brought deep sorrow to the people of Palu and all Indonesian people.Basarnas and all elements of society continue to work to provide assistance and assistance needed by victims.

Until now, it is estimated that there are still many victims who have to be evacuated and given medical help.BPJS Employment as a public service also continues to provide the best services to the participants who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster.
Director of BPJS Employment Service Khrisna Syarif revealed that BPJS Employment continues to provide services to the community, especially to those affected by the disaster.In addition, BPJS Employment also collected data to ascertain the number of participants who were victims in the disaster that occurred on Friday (9/28).

"BPJS Employment also mourns the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Donggala and Palu.Hopefully the families of the victims affected by the calamity in the face of this disaster.We have collected data on our participants who were victims of this disaster and will provide pick-up services to companies and families to ensure that all participants affected by the disaster get their rights as Employment BPJS participants, "Khrisna said in a written statement on Sunday (30/9 / 2018).

In addition to data collection services to the field, BPJS Employment also opens contact center services on the telephone number 1500910.It could also be through the nearest branch office in Donggala and Palu to get services from BPJS Employment.

"It is hoped that through this service the community can help inform us if there are families, neighbors, or relatives who become our participants affected by the disaster," he added.
He also mentioned that the BPJS Employment will provide care and treatment services without limitation of costs to participants who are working when a disaster occurs.

"Participants who are working at the time of the disaster will receive care and treatment services until healed without a cost limitation according to medical indications and for the deceased victim will receive compensation of 48 times the wages reported to the BPJS Employment and rights others as BPJS Employment participants, "concluded Krishna.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235630/bpjs-tk-beri-layanan-pengobatan-korban-gempa-palu-tanpa-batas-biaya
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Post Tsunami Palu, Mineral Water For Sale Rp. 15 Thousand / Bottle

- The 7.4 SR earthquake that rocked Palu, Central Sulawesi, severed vital routes of logistics distribution. The Palu residents began to worry about food shortages and fear of looting.

"We are afraid now, many minimarket shop stores are visited by residents and their food is taken," said residents of Balaroa, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Idha, told AFP on location on Sunday (9/30/2018).

Idah says drinking water is the most important logistics today, besides other staple foods. Moreover, LPG cylinders have also begun to become scarce in Palu.

"The most important is drinking water. Looking for drinking water is now difficult in Palu and the price is very expensive," he said.

AFP monitoring in Palu, a mini market looks surrounded by the masses. The shop glass was broken on the right and left side. The front door starts to be crowded with residents. They were seen picking up items inside the shop.

Not only that, almost all shops that sell staple goods are closed. There were not one food stall that was open and served buyers.

For a 500 ml bottle of drinking water, the sellers who are still trading sell it at a price of Rp. 15 thousand. Or the price of small bread is valued at up to Rp. 10 thousand.

Not only is the looting of food, looting and theft of property belonging to residents also starting to be feared. When detikcom passed in the Sigi and Pasangkayu areas at night, it was seen that residents had begun to block the main access road to their homes.

"The situation is uncontrollable, sir. Fear of someone taking the opportunity to do theft," he explained.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235626/pasca-tsunami-palu-air-mineral-dijual-rp-15-ribubotol
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Many are still asking for help behind the building rubble in Palu

- The day after the 7.4 SR earthquake that hit Palu, Central Sulawesi, there were still many victims who were allegedly hit by rubble. They even continued to send rescue signals to local residents.

"In Ramayana there is still a signal for help. He is still living there," said Head of Basarnas Operations Sub-Division, Agus Hariono in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Sunday (09/30/2018).

Basarnas continues to seek evacuation of victims by providing food and drinks so that victims can continue to survive.

Meanwhile, Director of Basarnas Operations Brigadier General (Mar) Bambang Suryoaji said there were several locations that were the evacuation center of his party. At these locations, there were still many survivors who were killed despite the debris of the building.

"The location is at the Roa Roa hotel, Balaroa National Park, Talise Beach, and Ramayana Supermarket," he said.

Especially for Roa-roa and Ramayana hotels, it is estimated that there are still many corners that have not been successfully evacuated there.

"Our guess is that there are still many victims still alive," he continued.

Until this morning, the death toll recorded by the Basarnas numbered 388 people and the residents were successfully evacuated totaling 138 people.

"This data is what we have received and has not been integrated with the data in the main command post," he said.

[ Gambas: 20sec video]

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235617/masih-banyak-yang-minta-tolong-di-balik-puing-bangunan-palu
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4 Areas Experiencing Post-Earthquake Liquidation in Palu

-The phenomenon of liquefaction (liquefaction) or 'building and trees running' appears seesat after the earthquake in Southeast Sulawesi . BNPB said that there were 4 regions that experienced liquidation.

"There are some that are due to 4 places liquefaction on Jl Dewi Sartika Selatan Palu, in Petobo, Biromaru (Sigi), Sidera, (Sigi)" said Head of Data and Information Center and Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB ) Sutopo Purwo Nugroho at BNPB office, Jl Pramuka, East Jakarta, Sunday (09/30/2018).

Sutopo said the phenomenon of liquefaction is a natural event. Where there is mud coming out of the ground causing the building and trees to collapse.

"There are videos circulating in houses and trees that seem to be running, it happened during the earthquake not one day or two days. Including the house in Balaroa housing, the condition collapsed," he said.

"Causing buildings to collapse and so on. Phenomena of liquefaction. That is a natural phenomenon," he said.

Previously there were viral videos that saw trees and buildings moving due to the appearance of mud. Sutopo said after the earthquake in Sigi, Central Sulawesi, there was a phenomenon of soil erosion. As a result, the foundation of the collapsed building caused it to collapse.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235615/4-daerah-alami-likuifaksi-pascagempa-palu
LABEL : [liquefaction, earthquake hammer, earthquake earthquake, tsunami hammer]

Edge of PPP, Timses: Prabowo's relationship with NU figures is very good

- Ketum PPP Romahurmuziy (Rommy) mentions the presidential / vice presidential pair number 02, Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno does not have a close relationship with nahdlatul ulama (NU). Rommy's statement was denied by the Prabowo-Sandiaga camp.

"Pak Prabowo's gathering with NU figures, pesantren is very good, with NU figures very good. There is no problem. The tendency of Prabowo-Sandi voters is getting bigger because the economic conditions are not profitable, the same as when PPP cadres are crowded - For example, choose Anies Baswedan, "said Coordinator of the Prabowo-Sandi National Winning Agency, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak when contacted on Sunday (09/30/2018).
According to Dahnil, the political choice of a particular group or community is not merely in line with the direction of the leader. He claims there is a PPP base that supports Prabowo-Sandiaga, instead the PPP officially supports Joko Widodo- Ma'ruf Amin .

"A simple example, many PPP voters chose Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno. For example, how many PPP voters did not vote for Ahok, for example. Or in North Sumatra, the PPP supported Djarot, but there were those who chose Edy Rahmayadi," said Dahnil .
Previously, Prabowo met with Maimoen Zubair who was a PPP and NU figure in Rembang on Saturday (29/9). Prabowo-Sandiaga also increasingly aggressively maneuvered to win the NU votes. Rommy was not worried about the maneuver because he said Prabowo-Sandiaga did not have a strong bond with NU.

"There is no historical link between Prabowo-Sandi and NU. It's hard to imagine NU people coming to them. It's a rejection factor," Rommy said when talking to him on Saturday (9/29) night.

[ Gambas: 20sec video]

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235589/tepis-ppp-timses-hubungan-prabowo-dengan-tokoh-nu-sangat-baik
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Police Raid Drugs at the Gay Club in Sunter

- Police raid a drug party in a house that is used as a club in the Sunter area, North Jakarta. The club is suspected of being a gay club .

Central Jakarta Deputy Chief of Police AKBP Arie Ardian Rishadi, said the raid was carried out on Sunday (9/30/2018) early morning around 01.30 WIB. When raided there were 23 men who only wore pants and officers found 27 ecstasy Casper and CK types.

"There are 23 people we have secured and 4 people are obviously suspects because we get the ecstasy found in these 4 people so we raise the suspect's status," Arie said at a press conference in Central Jakarta Police Station, Jl Kramat Raya.

Arie explained, 23 of these people had already done urine tests and the results were positive using drugs. When raided, these 23 people only wore underwear.

"They are just wearing underwear. The urine test results are positive for all drugs, only 4 of these people have found ecstasy and the rest are tested positive for using ecstasy," he said.

"This is a gay club or what?" the reporter asked.

"We still understand it, but it is suspected that they have deviant behavior," Arie answered.

Arie explained, the club is like a private house. The results of the examination, the perpetrators who were safeguarded claimed to have held activities in the house once.

"This private house, ordinary house, and based on some information is often used as a place for them to gather there, so that people are restless and provide information to us and we take action," Arie said.

Source : https://news.detik.com/berita/d-4235578/polisi-gerebek-pesta-narkoba-di-klub-gay-di-sunter
LABEL : [gay, drug party, gay sex party, sex party]

Carrier Ship Assistance for Earthquake Victims Palu Arrives Tomorrow

-A number of assistance for victims of the earthquake in Palu, Central Sulawesi were sent using ships from Kalimantan. The ship is expected to arrive tomorrow.

"Yesterday afternoon we had departed the KPLP ship which is currently on the Tolitoli ship and tomorrow it has arrived and it was only at 2:00 a.m., departing the navigation ship, the large KN Niang ship from Samarinda. It was estimated that it would arrive tomorrow morning 09.00 with the help of 31 kinds of food, clothes, underwear, generators, blankets and so on, "said Director of Navigation of the Ministry of Transportation, Sugeng Wibowo, in his office, Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta, Sunday (9/30/2018) .
Ministry of Transportation will also send one more ship carrying assistance to the victims. The ship is predicted to arrive on Tuesday (2/10).

"And later in the afternoon one more ship, navigation boat, peacock ship will depart from Bitung. If from Bitung more than 30 hours, until maybe tomorrow, the day after tomorrow," explained Sugeng.
BNPB Head of Data and Information and Public Relations Center Sutopo Purwo Nugroho previously explained the urgent needs of victims in Palu and Donggala. The needs of victims include fuel, drinking water, tents, blankets and lighting equipment.

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Sandi Invites Volunteers and Mothers to Pray for the Sulawesi Earthquake Victims

After visiting the Al Amin Islamic Boarding School, Sandi also met with hundreds of Sumenep residents who were waiting for him since morning at Graha Adi Poday, Sumenep City.

The former Deputy Governor of DKI also traveled 1 km along with the bicycle and ma'am community in the salt-producing city of Madura to go to Graha Adi Poday.
Arriving at the location of the campaign, Sandi invited volunteers and mothers to pray for the victims of the Donggala earthquake and the Palu tsunami in Central Sulawesi.

"Let's pray together for our brothers in Sulawesi, Donggala and Palu. Hopefully the deceased will be accepted by Allah SWT," Sandi invited, Sunday (9/30/2018).

Sandi added that in this time of grief, it's time for all Indonesian people to unite themselves as a nation. "Hopefully there will be wisdom behind this disaster, continued Sandi.

Regarding the purpose of coming to Sumenep, Sandi also advised the community to create a cool campaign and not divide the nation.
< br> "Let's embrace, create a cool campaign," closed Password.
After the meeting, Sandi had difficulty getting out of the building. It took more than 30 minutes for the vice presidential candidate supported by PAN, Gerindra, PKS, Democrats and Workers came out of the meeting room. The participants, who were mostly mothers, continued to push and invite Passwords to take pictures.

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Jokowi Estimates New Fuel Stocks Up to the Next Hammer

- BBM is one of the urgent needs for earthquake victims in Palu and Donggala, Central Sulawesi. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) estimates that the new fuel stock will arrive in two days.

"I expect the new fuel can reach here in two days. Currently, heavy equipment from Mamuju and Gorontalo are already on their way to the disaster location," Jokowi said via Instagram on Sunday (30/9/2018 )

The earthquake and tsunami caused the road to be cut off, the airport was not fully operational and new electricity was partially alive. Jokowi asks people to be patient.

"I hope the community is patient. We are working on this together. After the situation has recovered, we will rehabilitate and reconstruct people's houses as soon as possible," he said.

Jokowi held a limited meeting at Palu Airport. He also visited the Balaroa National Park, Talise Beach, Undata Hospital and refugee shelters in Vatulemo Square.

BNPB recorded the death toll up to now is 832 people. In addition, hundreds of people were injured and dozens of thousands were displaced.

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Help earthquake victims, Makassar UMI students go to Palu

- Industrial Technology Faculty (FTI) Student UMI Makassar, South Sulawesi departs for Palu using 1 bus unit.They became humanitarian volunteers for the Palu earthquake victims.

"Want to go to Palu, the aim is to meet family and help disaster victims in Palu.There is my grandmother, my Uncle, aunt and brother.Only partially reported.Grandma also hasn't, just told me, "said Nur Ismi, met at UMI Makassar Campus on Sunday (9/30/2018).

Not much different from Gina, this FTI UMI Makassar student must also return to Palu as a volunteer and also looking for his parents who up to now have not received clarity regarding his condition.

"I plan to go to Palu there, parents."I'm here to study, we go to Palu. The accommodation is sheltered there, volunteers, but prioritize the families of the victim's students and after that from the family for the general public," he explained.

Gina said she had contacted her family but only a few seconds later the communication broke until now.

"Not afraid because there are also parents who want to see, there is only one contact a few seconds.There are ante as well as cousins, which is important to parents, "he added.

Meanwhile, Near the Industrial Technology Faculty (FTI) UMI Makassar, Zakir Sabara said the presence of students in Palu was involved in handling earthquakes and tsunamis Hammer.He will also open a disaster post by collecting aid from Makassar. "
" A group of 35 students will open joint posts and other teams coordinate in Makassar and Alumni, "he explained.

In addition to departing for Palu, the FTI UMI Makassar Students also brought assistance to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.Among them are blankets, carpets and instant food.

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Palu Airport Only Operates Until Afternoon

- Mutiara SIS Al-Jufri Airport in Palu has been operating again, but only manually visually. Commercial flights have also been opened.

But airport operations can only be done until late afternoon. Because, the navigation system is still damaged so that only through visuals.

"Therefore, visual manual, and therefore entering the plane is attempted to enter the morning until the afternoon," said the navigation director of the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) Sugeng Wibowo in his office, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, South Jakarta, Sunday (30/9/2018 )

Although it has been opened for commercial purposes, there are no aircraft from various airlines. So far according to Sugeng the aircraft that entered the airport were related to assistance for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

"There are currently no information (commercial flights) coming in, but Hercules assistance through Halim and Makassar has entered, the private sector has not entered, maybe tomorrow," Sugeng said.

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The airport in Halmahera is closed due to volcanic ash

- North Gamar Malamo Airport in Halmahera , North Maluku, was closed today. The closure was done because of the volcanic ash from Mount Dukono.

"Herewith is informed that according to Notam Number H0787 / 18, Gamar Malamo Airport in Galela was closed since 30 September 2018 at 14.34 WIT," said the Head of Cooperation and Public Relations Section at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Sindu Rahayu , Sunday (09/30/2018).

He added, the airport in North Maluku is likely to be closed until Monday (1/10) at 11.00 WIT, but this is still situational.

"Closing up to estimate 1 October 2018 at 11.00 WIT because of the impact of volcanic ash from Mount Dukono," he said.

Gamar Malamo Airport is an airport located on Halmahera Island. The airport serves pioneer flights.

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