Moeldoko Meets Lin Neumann: Democrats Don't Baper

- Presidential Staff Chief (KSP) Moeldoko had a chance to take pictures with Hong Kong media, Lin Neumann, and was questioned Democratic Party (PD).Moeldoko asked PD not to get carried away with the photo.

Moeldoko has told about the meeting with Lin Neumann behind the photo.He explained that his meeting with Lin Neumann was held in May 2018.Lin Neumann came in the capacity as Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (AmCham) aka Head of the American Chamber of Commerce.
"That there is a place, I don't.So do not rush to guess.Look at what the background looks like.Predicting, "said Moeldoko at the KSP office, Bina Graha building, Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (9/18/2018).

The palace was dragged into a polemic with the Democrats after Wasekjen PD Rachland Nashidik posted a photo Moeldoko with Lin Neumann.In the photo posted on his Twitter account, Rachland added, 'Is the Palace involved in defamation to SBY?'
Moeldoko asked the Democrats to be more thorough before revealing the issue.He then gave an allusion to the 'intelligence operation but how come it opened up'.

"If I were the one who would control the intelligence operation, I guess it was an intelligence operation, I was so stupid to open it.Maybe I could not become a TNI Commander then, "said the retired four-star general.

The former TNI Commander elected in the era of the 6th Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (AHY) confirmed that his meeting with Lin Neumann was not related with politics.He met Lin Neumann at an event between AmCham and the Presidential Staff Office.

"So there is no connection or politics whatsoever."It's only in the interests of the Presidential Staff Chief to be able to explain to investors, outside entrepreneurs, who have invested their money in the country," said Moeldoko.
"And we want to attract other curious investments about the situation of the country.That's the first point I want to convey.Do not associate with what is not, "he added.

As is well known, the Democrat Party is angry over the articles released regarding the Century Bank case.The article dragged the name of SBY, who was also Head of PD.Democrats have reported to the Press Council.

Lastly, Wasekjen PD Rachland Nashidik displayed a photo of Moeldoko with Lin Neumann.Not enough, PD also photographed Lin Neumann with President Joko Widodo.

"Our question: What is the hidden interest of the US trade organization when it is associated with Mr. Neumann whose media is actively defaming the stronghold of the rival Pak @jokowi ahead of the presidential election?" Rachland said while poking Jokowi's Twitter account.

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