Muhammadiyah Will Build Hundreds of Earthquake Resistant Huntara in Lombok

- The Muhammadiyah organization will build hundreds of temporary shelters with the concept of earthquake resistance in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). The construction of shelters will be accompanied by architecture from Muhammadiyah universities.

"If Muhammadiyah as a whole in Indonesia (will build) around 465 shelters in Lombok. Especially from PWM DIY we will take 40 shelters," said Chairman of the Yogyakarta Special Region & LPB PWM, Arif Jamali Muis told reporters on Tuesday (18 / 9/2018).

Arif said, the shelters to be built by Muhammadiyah were deliberately designed to be earthquake resistant. The hope is that if the shelters become permanent residences, then the shelters can perfect them.

"If it's (temporary) then it will actually become a permanent residence. Then you can get help from the government. So the construction doesn't start from zero again," he said.

For shelters to be built with earthquake resistant concept, Muhammadiyah collaborates with architecture from universities in Muhammadiyah, one of which is UMY. The architectural team is tasked with providing assistance.

"We (PWM DIY) deployed a civil engineering team (UMY) to then plan there, conduct an assessment there. So we will have development supervisors there," he said.

According to him, so that the shelter assistance does not become a polemic, the community is welcome to deliberate to determine who is eligible for assistance. After it was agreed, the community together with the Muhammadiyah team worked together to build a shelter.

"We want to make the mosque as a center to move the community, including building the shelter through community consultation, which one should be built. If we (PWM DIY) will build 40 shelters in Gangga (North Lombok)," he concluded.

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