Singapore Suspends License Agent Mastermind 'Sales' Online PRT

-Government Singapore suspends the license of a domestic worker agent (PRT) regarding ads sales of domestic workers from Indonesia on the Carousell trading site.The PRT agent named SRC Recruitment LLP was identified as the party responsible for online advertising called 'not dignified'.

The Singapore government also threatened to prosecute the domestic worker agent for the advertisement.In the latest statement, as reported and, Thursday (09/20/2018), Singapore Ministry of Labor (MOM) confirms that the license of SRC Recruitment LLP has been suspended.This means that the domestic workers can no longer place foreign domestic workers for employers in Singapore.
Not only that, the Singaporean authorities are also investigating the domestic workers' agents and considering prosecuting criminal charges under the Employment Agency Act (EAA).The suspension of the license applies during the investigation.

"MOM is committed to protecting the welfare of FDW (foreign domestic workers) in Singapore.We strongly condemn the advertisement of FDW services (foreign domestic workers-ed) in an undignified manner, "said the Commissioner of the Manpower Agency in MOM, Kevin Teoh.

" Advertise FDW (foreign domestic workers-ed) on the internet platform to trade goods, it is inappropriate and unacceptable.Such actions constitute a violation under EAA, "he added.
" The Ministry is taking this issue very seriously and we will not hesitate to take legal steps against the unclear employment agency, "Teoh said in a statement .

The MOM first revealed the existence of an Indonesian domestic worker ad on the Carousell trading site on September 14.The MOM said that Carousell, which operates in several Asian countries, had removed the advertisement post that had drawn strong protests from the Indonesian government.

In this case, one of the Carousell users with the account name 'maid. recruitment 'shows a number of Indonesian domestic workers accompanied by their names and ages.Some advertisements that display the faces of domestic workers are labeled 'sold' or 'already sold'.This triggered a strong reaction from the Indonesian government which then sent a diplomatic protest note to the Singapore government.
In its statement, MOM added that it always communicates with the Indonesian Embassy and always informs the progress of the investigation into this case.

Separately, Singapore's Minister of Manpower, Josephine Teo , also stated his criticism." Advertising and marketing FDW in such a dignified manner is not only insensitive, but also unacceptable.I strongly condemn willing actions, "he stressed via Facebook.

" It is painful to imagine that FDWs, many of whom are daughters of someone, sisters and maybe a mother, have been marketed in this way.We are required to treat them with respect, "he said.

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