Timess Jokowi Denies Making RBT 'Jokowi Only'

- Related information (RBT) entitled 'Jokowi Saja' is widely circulated through a poster.Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin's team denied that the RBT was made by them.

"No (from the campaign team).That's a creative idea.The form of creativity of the community, "said Secretary of the National Campaign Team (TKN) Jokowi-Ma'ruf, Hasto Kristiyanto, in Central Jakarta, Tuesday (9/18/2018).

In addition to RBT, Hasto said there were songs made by people who are considered creative.For now, according to him, it is something that is natural and permissible.

However, the conditions will be different after the presidential and vice presidential candidates have been appointed by the KPU.Hasto quoted the results of Jokowi's timses discussion with Bawaslu which was held this afternoon.

"That's fine.But it was from Bawaslu itself when we invited, yes, after September 23, all the things that are inviting, voting, voting."It has been regulated in KPU regulations," said the Secretary General of the PDIP.

Previously reported, news about the RBT was initially circulating widely in the WhatsApp instant messaging application.There is a photo of President Jokowi and the words 'Jokowi Saja' in the picture about the RBT information.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics responded in a written statement on Tuesday (09/18/2018).The Ministry of Communication and Information has arranged RBT in the Minister of Communication and Informatics Regulation No. 9 of 2017 signed by Minister Rudiantara on January 24, 2017 and promulgated on February 7, 2017.

"In connection with the existence of political tones in several days, The Ministry of Communication and Informatics believes that this is possible given the cooperation between cellular operators and content providers is important, not important to violate the ban, "said Acting Head of Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Ferdinandus Setu.

also tried to register the RBT according to instructions from the circulating posters.When tried from the XL operator, the reply appears 'Sorry, your request is not available and cannot be served'.

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