Here Is The Police Findings After Unloading the Grave of the Young Mother in Boyolali

- Police uncover the grave of a young mother in Boyolali. The body of a woman named Novi Septiyani (22) was buried for a week before the police were dismantled.

Novi's body was later autopsied and a number of scars were found. Invisible Criminal Police Boyolali, AKP Willy Budiyanto explained the findings from the autopsy carried out by the Central Java Police DVI team. "
" Neck bruises and bruises in the mouth, "Willy told reporters in his office on Monday (8/10).

Boyolali Police Chief, AKBP Aries Andhi added the same statement.
"Interim results from the examination of the DVI team stated that there were irregularities or there were traces of violence on the victim's body," said Aries.

However, Boyolali Police Station is still waiting for the official results of the Central Java Regional Police's DVI team's autopsy of the victim's body.
"We are still waiting for the official results. However, such information is provided temporarily (there are acts of violence on the victim's body)," he explained.

Now Novi's husband, Handoko has officially become a suspect. This was concluded from the results of the autopsy and information from several witnesses.

Among them are residents who purify victims 'bodies, their husbands, victims' parents. Also the neighbors who saw Novi's activities before the incident or before they died.
"Finally, the husband of the victim named Handoko admitted to committing acts of violence until it resulted in the loss of the life of another person, Novi's sister who was his own wife," explained Aries.

Blast of cattle is now detained and subject to Article 351 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and article 44 paragraph 3 of Law No. 23/2004 concerning the abolition of domestic violence and Article 338 of the Criminal Code.

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