Legal Becak in Jakarta, Hanura: Governor's Mindset Backwards

- DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will revise Regional Regulation Number 8 of 2007 concerning Public Order to accommodate discourses to allow rickshaws. According to Secretary of the DKI DPR Hanura Faction, Veri Yonnefil, the mindset of DKI Governor Anies Baswedan retreated 28 years ago.

"I think that the governor thinks I will back down, go back to 28 years ago. So like our era of ignorance," Veri said when interviewed on Tuesday (10/09/2018).

Veri explained, without the need for street pedicabs in Jakarta already jammed. He explained, there are many accommodations for public transportation in Jakarta.

"Now the pedicab, without a pedicab, has been jammed and has asked for forgiveness. Hence the governor's way of thinking back 28 years ago. Try to see the debate," he said.

He agreed that the Becak Regional Regulation was revised but only for the Monas area. However, if you are in the settlement, Veri does not agree.

"In the settlement there is no benefit," he said.

DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan previously said that he had not completed the rules related to becak operations. But he said he would soon complete it.

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